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#incorrect umbrella acadamy

Klaus: why I would fuck a demon? Simple: the status. Imagine you and your friends arriving at the gates of hell, they’re all crying, scared to death and you just walk into the arms of your sugar demon. Legendary

Diego: it’s 3am what the fuck—

Five: no

Five: continue. You have a point

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❝ One with the violin. ❞

My name is Vanya Hargreeves, the last name seems familiar to you since you know my father and his prodigies.

The umbrella academy, the six kids with gifts and one very ordinary regular kid. The ordinary one was your very own, Vanya Hargreeves.

The outsider, the useless one. I was just the groupie, the one who helped dad watch the others, I was hidden in the shadows.

I was ashamed of, non important to the world and to my family.

So, I became the one with the violin.

The violin actually helped me find myself, I always felt connected with the sound.

Growing up, I always had these dreams. One good and one bad. The good was always me being on stage amazing people with my violin, then the bad with me being locked up in darkness, being behind bars, feeling trapped. It was a never ending dream, a nightmare that occurred more often than it should have.

I would always wake up to the sound of my screams stirring me awake.

During my free time from playing the violin, I would occasionally write, it started out as poetry, then turned into stories, those stories then turned into my life story becoming number 7 the ordinary Hargreeves.

Truth was, my family was devastated I shared the true meaning of our family. They hated me, still saw me as an outsider.

After all that, I was still treated the same as I was when I was a child.

I may as well never been existing to this world, my family doesn’t own me, and I’m just here being no one.

Am I even considered a Hargreeves? No…. I’m not. I’m just Vanya. The girl who’s a writer and violinist.

Nothing special about me.

Until I met someone, his name was Leonard.

He was honestly the one thing in my life that gave me courage, made me believe in myself, telling me the medicine was hiding my true self.

I took it for anxiety, but Leonard said I didn’t need it, and truth was, he was correct.

Without the medicine holding me back, I grew more confident. I had believed in myself and I achieved first chair.

However with myself learning more about who I was, I had discovered I wasn’t ordinary, I was special.

I was like them all a long, but my abilities made my father fear me, he had my sister rumor me to think I was ordinary.

I felt so much anger towards Allison for telling me, I had used my ability and slashed her throat.

I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was lead to believe I had murdered my sister until the day I saw her standing at my recital cheering me on.

Little did I know. My ability afterward took over my soul creating madness and having the world come to an end.

That’s right, your ordinary girl named Vanya destroyed the world.

Little did I know, Five took us back in time to stop whatever madness came.

I at least hope he did it. I can’t really remember much, just that there was a lot of darkness.

Now being woken up, I find myself somewhere else. I could hear distant chatter amongst others.

Rubbing my eyes, confusion settled inside. It all felt like a horrible nightmare gone wrong. Was it? Or did it really happen?

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Klaus: You are, my fire
Allison: The one, desire
Diego: Believe, when I say
Luther: I want it that way
Klaus: Tell me whyyy
Vanya: Ain't nothing but a heartache
Klaus: Tell me WHHYYYY
All: Ain't nothing but a mistake
Klaus: Now number 5
Five: ...
All: ...
Klaus: It was number 5! Number 5 killed my brother!!!
Five: I swear I didn't mean to!
All: ...
Klaus: Did you- did you kill Ben?
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I was thinking about Luther…

Okay so…. I’m watching TUA again. When I first watched it, I wasn’t angry with Luther, and I didn’t really had a problem with him. When I came up to tumblr and Twitter everyone has been hating on him and that’s when I started to dislike him.

Now I’m watching it again and Luther is not the evil. Reginald made him number 1 and it’s psychology… Reginald gave Luther “power” over everyone in the family with the name and if you gave people power, they will use it without realizing it. It made him think he had to do everything and has to lead everybody even if they don’t need it. That’s big pressure.


I love our little knife boi and you can see his soft side through the series. I understand why he talks to Luther the way he talks to him, BUT the way he talks to Luther in episode 4 is unacceptable and no one talks about it. I know Luther said shit to him in this scene as well, but this is fucked up:


And Vanya nearly kills (accidentally, and we love her ❤) his first and only love. So we shouldn’t be so surprised when he locks Vanya up to protect his family.

Also… some of you say, that he’s the reason why the apocalypse happened. If someone see my page, they know, that I adore Klaus, he’s my baby, but when I first watched The Umbrella Academy and I saw the scene where Harold finds the diary I laughed so hard, because you can say, that Klaus caused the apocalypse, just to have some money that he can spend on drugs 😂❤.


Anyway Thank you for coming to my Ted talk😅😂

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I have decided that my stupid hc that klaus memorized everything Nikki lyric before going to the 60s this season is real because


That’s very obviously hands which could easily be a concert that he’s the main act at. I would certainly pay to see klaus rap Nikki Minaj lyrics and in the 60s? They were used to good music, sure but Nikki Minaj would blow them away you can’t tell me I’m wrong.

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HEY! It is me again. ✌🏽

I will leave you some new Wallpapers made by moi. I hope you like them, they are simple but I loved them and decided to share them with you. ☂️
  • BTW, they have similar editions but they all look differently beautiful

Please like or reblog if you save/use. 🌈❣️

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Klaus: Hey, Patch! *gets down on one knee* Will you be my sister in law?

Patch: Did…did you just propose to me?

Diego: For me?!?!

Klaus: well, someone had to do it

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Right now Vanya is letting Klaus do her makeup while they listen to the Beetlejuice Musical soundtrack. After all those years of ignoring Vanya, Klaus is hellbent on making sure that his sister knows that she’s not alone anymore.

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