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#incorrect unsolved
incorrectunsolved · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
trigger warning: very loud!!
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dammitjas · 8 months ago
incorrect unsolved quotes
*after the sallie house*
Father Thomas, talking about the flashlights: “Any idea what set them off?”
Shane: “...demons, probably”
Father Thomas: “Come again?! What did he say?”
*shane and ryan speaking over each other*
Shane: “Demons!”
Ryan: “Nothing!”
Shane: “Demons!”
Ryan: “Nothing!”
Ryan: *gives Shane a look*
Shane: *shuts up*
source: Supernatural 05x03  “Free to be You and Me”
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*slams table* is a hotdog a sandwich?
It is if you make it like this!
Tumblr media
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Shane: what’d you have?
Ryan: Alien/Supernatural theories!
Shane: NO!
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chloesmom2011 · a year ago
Surely the ultimate shittycryptid is the genital announcement that destroys California by fire?Why has it not yet been reported?
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thezestywalru · a year ago
Tumblr media
So, my dog Ceílí got this squid for Christmas. We named him Shane after Shane Madej because this family loves them some unsolved mysteries and demons. Also because of how big his head was. Well, I have many photos of her with Shane and I thought y’all would enjoy it
Update: Shane has passed away and she is very sad. 
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unsolvedtho · 2 years ago
ryan: did you like the food i made?
shane: no it was discusting
ryan: i put my heart and soul into that!
shane: no wonder it tasted so bitter.
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incorrectunsolved · 10 months ago
trigger warning: fatal leukemia
Just saw this on Twitter.
Please consider donating (even if it's just a small amount). They're only 17, and have accepted the fact that they may not have very long left. All they ask is for some funds, so that they can make the best of what time they have left (link at the bottom of this post). Also consider sharing this post!
Thank you 💞
Tumblr media
sophie magerl's go fund me
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saintorhypocrite · 2 years ago
‪ryan: gini kata pak ustad‬
‪ryan: barang siapa yang ketinggalan‬
‪shane: terus?‬
‪ryan: jawab goblok barang siapa yang ketinggalan‬
‪shane: anjing kirain lagi ceramah‬
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exceedinglyregular · 3 years ago
Steven: Sorry I broke your pen.
Andrew: It's okay, I stole it from Adam.
Adam: Actually, it's Shane's.
Shane: I took it from Ryan.
Ryan: I believe the pen's yours, Steven. I got it from your desk 'cause I needed one urgently.
Steven: You're all going to hell.
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Something a lot of people ask us is whether I finally believe in ghosts.
The answer is
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bisexualcroissant13 · 2 years ago
Shane and Ryan at a "haunted house"
Shane: This isn't even scary, I can't even get threatened with death!
Ryan: *gets scared of prop and jumps* WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN???
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unsolved-witxhes-blog · 3 years ago
News Headline: drunk man steals yatch and yells "i'm jack sparrow!"
Ryan, looking at TJ: did Shane come home last night?
TJ: nope
Ryan: oh shit
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ashleyxd10 · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Didn't know I needed this two dorks speaking Spanish, until I got this two dorks speaking Spanish.
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tidal-void · 3 years ago
I am aware that both Shane and Ryan are completely human but I really love that concept that they are both demons trying to pretend to be humans, and I just imagine that one scene where scarface ghost mob dude was like "look at these two" is actually because he is aware of what they are and finds it absolutely comical
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