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#incorrect untamed quotes

Drunk Lan Zhan: You know what I really wanna do with you?

Wei Ying: Uh-huh. Ethically speaking, I don’t think we can do that with you in this state.

Lan Zhan: Have a baby.

Wei Ying: ‘Kay, we will make a baby as soon as you sober up.

Lan Zhan: Oh no, not make a baby. Have a baby. Like I wanna have like a little baby with you. And we could just love it and hold it and bounce it.

Wei Ying: Yeah, that’s a…that’s a big one-eighty.

Lan Zhan: You would be such a good dad.

Wei Ying: Have we met?

Lan Zhan: I wish you were my dad.

Wei Ying: Okay, now we’re just spiraling off in all directions.

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I’m overly impressed with myself for the homicide/whore-micide pun.

A bonus outtake from this episode.

For those of you who aren’t fans of The Untamed, I’m referencing Jin Guangyao and the murder of his dad.

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Jiang Cheng: You guys realize you live in a sewer, right?

Wei Wuxian: Perhaps, but perhaps your civilization is merely the sewer of an even greater society above you!

Jin Zixuan: No. We’re on the top.

Jiang Yanli: Daylight and everything.

Wen Qing: It must be wonderful.

Jiang Cheng: Meh.

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