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salt6x5 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
from howard y bernadette
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tupayapsina · 3 months ago
Ruby: If we were frogs would you let me share your lilypad, be honest
Weiss: [sighs] But we're not frogs...
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rwbybutincorrect · 4 months ago
Weiss, knees Ruby in the ribs while sleeping: 
Ruby: ow! you knee’d me!
Weiss, sleepily: yeah, I do need you
Ruby, voice cracking: okay
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thepalestrose · a month ago
Ruby: Oh no, I wonder why there's mistletoe hanging above us! I guess we have to kiss now.
Penny: *Holding the mistletoe on a stick above Weiss and Ruby*
Weiss: If you want a kiss you can just say-
Ruby, sweating: I don't know what you're talking about JUST KISS ME
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short-wooloo · 4 months ago
Ruby: "Behold! The Schnaco!"
(Cue Weiss wrapped in a blanket like a burrito)
Weiss: "first of all, I am clearly a burrito, second I'd stab you if I wasn't so comfy"
Ruby: "I Love You Too!"
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rwby-rambles · 4 months ago
Weiss: i don’t know, Ruby just doesn’t seem interested in me like that
Blake: did you like, talk to her
Weiss: do what
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astraskylark · 3 months ago
Ruby: Your hand looks heavy, may I hold it for you?
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yangscutebutt · 7 months ago
Whiterose- wiess is nice
*getting back from a mission*
Weiss: You didnt do bad today!
*pats rubys back*
Ruby: *gawks mouth wide*
Weiss: what? You weren’t totally incompetent!
Ruby: Weiss? What are you- are these supposed to be compliments!!?
Weiss: *breathes air through her braced teeth* Are they not?
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basicallyxneptune · a year ago
Ruby: Weiss, I want you to look at me straight in the eyes and-
Weiss: You can’t make me to look into those sparkling silver eyes of yours and expect me to be straight.
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levigribble · a year ago
Waiter: How would you like your steak cooked?
Ruby: Like winning an argument with my wife.
Waiter: Rare it is.
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itsraith · a year ago
Weiss: So why did Ruby have to unban Blake from the server?
Yang: She put her bed next to Sun's.
Blake: It was a joke.
Yang: So I banned her for treason.
Weiss: You two share a bed in reality.
Yang: Treason. How would you feel if Ruby put her bed next to Penny's.
Weiss: I'd set the house on fire.
Ruby: Like she's able to get rid of me.
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tupayapsina · 2 months ago
[Yang and Blake flirting]
Yang: I talk a lot, huh?
Blake: Yeah, but it's nice. I love hearing your thoughts
[Ruby and Weiss flirting]
Ruby: Grapes are easy to acquire and easy to eat
Weiss: If you say anything else on this topic, I'm going to murder you
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rwbybutincorrect · 12 days ago
Weiss: *Laying down next to Ruby, who is asleep*
Ruby, still asleep: *Cuddles closer to Weiss*
Weiss, holding back tears: N I C E
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thepalestrose · 2 months ago
Ruby: *Uses her silver eyes*
Weiss: How do you do that?
Ruby: I'm fearless.
Weiss: I saw you run from bees yesterday. You flailed around and tripped over a chair. It was both moderately humorous and sad.
Ruby: I'm mostly fearless.
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short-wooloo · 6 months ago
Weiss, seeing Ruby try to cook Spaghetti with a Hairdryer: "You're insane"
Ruby: "Y'know People used to think Yang was insane, UNTIL SHE STARTED KICKING ASS!"
Yang: "Hell Yeah!"
Blake (not looking up from her book): "Get em babe"
Weiss: "What?"
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rwby-rambles · 10 months ago
Nora: So how did you meet your partners?
Ruby: When I found Weiss, it was like an angelic choir sang down from heaven.
Blake: I found Yang wandering outside a taco bell at 2 am.
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snowtaku · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌹 - Weiss, why do I smell... Cookies?
❄️ - I dunno what you're talking about.
🌹 - So you wouldn't know anything about that cookie scented shampoo, in our shower?
🌹 -... No
Inspired by a post on Twitter😅😁 (really messy sketch, but oh well😅 felt lazy to draw it digitally😅 sorry for the shadow of my phone blocking some of the words and for the trash quality😅😂)
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yangscutebutt · 7 months ago
Whiterose- Weiss asks for help
Weiss: Ruby! I need your help!
Ruby: *emerges from around the corner* you need MY help?
Weiss: That’s what I just said *annoyed*
Ruby: oh well how can I help?
Weiss: the zipper to my dress is stuck
Ruby: you want me to take your dress off? *gay and confused*
Weiss: if you dont help me right now ill go find blake instead
Ruby: no no! I got it *undoes zipper, *flustered, covers her eyes with both her hands*
Weiss; you’re such a child, I have a bra on. * rolls eyes and walks away*
Ruby: *yells after weiss* you COULD say thank you!
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basicallyxneptune · 4 months ago
Ruby: We’re going to get into Atlas or die trying!
Weiss: Ruby, *sighs* nobody's dying.
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itsraith · a year ago
Ruby - Yang is friends with this girl, Blake, who works at the same place she does, and when she drops by our house, she goes straight up to her room and they nap for a few hours.
Weiss - Umm
Ruby - That's the kind of friendship I aspire to have someday
(Two days later)
Ruby - Nevermind, they were definitely not napping yesterday.
Weiss - Oh sweetie
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