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Oh suuuure, don’t listen to crazy ol’ Strange, because one time he stole a Zamboni and joyrode it around town!
And tried to take it through a McDonald’s drive-thru, and then they wouldn’t serve him so he drove it into the front of the McDonald’s and they called the cops! And then there was a Mexican standoff!
Yeah, sure, whatever! Don’t listen to HIM! What? ‘Cuz what? ‘Cuz he might steal a Zamboni again? Look out, it’s Zamboni Thief Strange!
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Tony, I told you to stop doing that with the knives.
Tony, with knives taped to his knuckles
But Wolverine has-
I said stop.
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7. What element of writing do you struggle with most?

I’ve talked about this a bit, but dialogue. I’m not too bad at coming up with the words, but I am always asking myself, “Is this how this character speaks?” (I could never write a character who spoke in pop culture reference because your bitch don’t know any). And sex scenes are difficult. They just take a lot of my time and energy.

13. First fandom you ever wrote for?

When I was 13 I wrote a Doctor Who fic about evil versions of the 10th and 11th having sex. It may or may not still exist somewhere in the internet. Good luck finding it.

21. Favorite pairing to write for? (platonic or romantic!)

I’ve written 30 ironstrange fics, and I’ve really enjoyed writing for them! 

That said, I do feel a bit wrung out from focusing so intensely on one fandom for so long, so right now I’m diversifying a bit and writing some cherik fic.

34. Copy and paste an excerpt you’re particularly fond of.

This is like, a whole scene, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

Erik would never forget the night they met.

He knew how other people felt about telepaths. Even Raven was likely to snap at her brother if she suspected he’d gone snooping around her head. But the first time he’d felt Charles’s mind in his hadn’t felt like an invasion, hadn’t seemed unnatural. No, it was the most natural thing in the world. One moment, he had been drowning, determined to kill Shaw even if it meant tearing himself apart. The next, he was surrounded by the burning warmth and light and sensation that was Charles Xavier, and the world had new meaning. The submarine ceased to exist for him. His universe narrowed down to this one man, this person like him, with his blue eyes and his red lips and his kindness. He’d never felt anything like that.

He wondered if Charles Xavier could make him feel like that every day.

After they’d boarded the Coast Guard’s boat and headed below deck to change into dry clothes, they’d been standing alone in a small, poorly lit room as they undressed. Erik stretched awkwardly for his zipper. Charles hadn’t even asked, hadn’t said anything at all before walking over and unzipping the wetsuit himself, deft hands peeling the rubbery material off. Erik should have been annoyed, should have snapped at him to keep his clever fingers to himself.

He didn’t.

If Erik was honest with himself, he’d known he wanted Charles even then. But he didn’t said anything, didn’t try to reach out when the telepath laid gentle, understanding hands on his scarred skin. His body was a live-wire, raw nerves laid bare to the other mutant. Any other person in the world, and he would have flinched away, would have growled and grabbed their wrist and twisted until it snapped—

But Charles didn’t have taking hands. His fingers were gentle in a way that was foreign to him. He wouldn’t touch Erik to hurt him, would never take anything that wasn’t offered. Before either of them had even realized what they were doing, Charles was brushing his fingers through Erik’s still-wet hair before drawing them down his cheek and neck, tracing the harsh jut of his collarbone before winding back up. He stopped when his hand was cupping the other man’s cheek and Erik, despite himself, leaned into the warm touch.

It took him a minute to open his eyes. When he did, Charles was staring back at him. The words from earlier rang through Erik’s ears. You’re not alone, you’re not alone, we’re not alone—

Nothing else happened between them that night. The boat was swarming with CIA agents, and there were questions to be asked, mutants to meet, Shaw to track. Then they were on the road, trying to find others of their own kind. There must have been a thousand opportunities then. When he slept, he descended into dreams of Charles’s pink lips, lithe body, and clever fingers. Looking back, he thought Charles must have avoided looking at Erik’s mind after the first time he said to, because he never seemed to know the thoughts Erik had, the desire to reach out and take him. Erik knew that he could have had the other mutant any time he wanted, but it had seemed too risky, their connection too fragile. Charles was the first person he’d cared about since his mother died. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t tell how broken Erik was, that he didn’t see how everything he touched cracked and turned to ashes in his hands. Charles may have looked into his mind once, but it was obvious that he was too idealistic to see Erik for the monster Shaw made. After that first night, he didn’t touch Charles again for months.

No, nothing else happened between them until the night after the satellite dish.

Erik wasn’t ashamed to cry when Charles brought that memory forth. He hadn’t even realized he still had any untouched good memories, that he could even feel happiness like that anymore. Two things happened then. The first was that he realized that Charles saw him, truly saw every part of Erik, the good and the bad (and he hadn’t even believed there was any good left in himself). But he didn’t leave, didn’t flinch or look away. The second was that he realized that he could feel that way again, that he could be happy with Charles. It was a revelation. Never before had he imagined a future before himself after killing Shaw. After that day, he started to think there might be one.

That night, Erik gathered all his will to knock on Charles’s door. The telepath answered immediately. He’d probably sensed Erik’s arrival long before, had stood there waiting for the minutes it took Erik to force himself into action, but he waited for the other man to make the first move. He waited until Erik was ready.

That, as much as anything, confirmed what Erik already knew.

He walked into the room and shut the door behind him. They looked at each other, long, drawn-out stares unaccompanied by words. Then Charles was in his arms, red mouth soft against Erik’s chapped lips, hands holding him like he was scared to let go, and it felt like coming home.

He always said Charles had given him a home.

- Chapter 7, A Treatise on Evolution and Extinction 

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3. What do you think makes your writing stand out from other works?

Oh, I don’t know actually. I like to think that my fics are generally strong, but I’ve received compliments on my characterization - which is great because I worry about that constantly. 

6. What element of writing do you find comes easily?

I think narration comes easiest to me - that is, pretty much everything not dialogue. With dialogue, I’m always worrying about whether or not this is something a character would actually say. I like scenes with description and detail and inner-character thoughts. 

27. What’s the nicest comment you’ve ever received?

I don’t know, I’ve gotten a lot of comments over the years (not at all humble brag), but a here are a few that stood out to me:

“omg ROFLMAO <3
I was a bit hesitant going in - fem slash usually doesn’t do much for me - but considering the two women involved I decided to go for it and…..
now i am cleaning coffee off my laptop and trying not to choke on breakfast ;-)
This was relatable, hot, and funny AF!
The best part? You managed to surprise me every time I thought I had a handle on this deliciously naughty tale - KUDOS!!!!“

- from Athenasbubo on Seduce Me (MCU, Pepper/Christine)

“Do you know how many times I had to stop reading to breathe or because I was crying too much? Each paragraph. You annihilated me. Thank you!
I read this fic at least thrice to give you an idea of how much I love it! It’s really one of my favourite! You managed to grasp the characters so well and their character development is super realistic! It is really amazing!
I have loved every part of it. The parts where my heart ached and the parts where it laughed and the parts where it filled with love for these two idiots. I can’t believe it’s over. I feel like I’ve reached the end of the line. I was so terrified of finishing it that I had to re-read all over again and wait a few hours to start reading the last chapter.
I have loved the end too. The thing I’m afraid of with fix-it is that they completely leave out Tony’s sacrifice. I mean him snapping his fingers had two consequences. Saving the universe and dying. I can’t imagine a fic without the first one but I can do very well without the dying part! Your fix-it was perfect! It illustrated how much these two love each other and how far they’re ready to go to protect one another. I loved it!
Also, I’m so happy that you managed to include Morgan! This kid is precious!
To conclude, I am so grateful for this fic and I, honestly, feel so sad that it’s finished. Anyway, part of the journey is the end. All I can say is thank you 3000!
Wow… too much references in two sentences… that’s tell you how emotionally exhausted I am because of you!

- from  Athenaskywriter on From the Top (MCU, IronStrange)

“I’ve always believed that Charles’ greatest strength is to love people beyond the confines of his genetic family. His mother shared his DNA, but that never guaranteed love. I love how that’s brought about in this chapter. I love that Charles loves and Wanda and Pietro like he would love his own children, and I love the fact that Wanda feels the same. Thank you for a lovely chapter! 😬Looking forward to the next one!“

- from JackyJango on A Treatise on Evolution and Extinction (XMCU, Cherik)

“its 2:30am currently, i binged this fic in roughly about five hours and im now going to make all of my friends read it because this is such a quality fic that i will never forget.“

- from ghostlyeris on Stay A Thousand Years (Doctor Who, SpyDoc)

35. Ramble about any fic-related thing you want!

One of the things I love to do is come up with symbolism and foreshadowing and little things that have meaning that most people probably won’t notice, but then people don’t notice, and it drives me insane! This is something I desperately want to talk to someone about with my current WIP, A Treatise on Evolution and Extinction, but it’s all spoilery so I CAN’T. I just keep telling myself it’ll be worth it even though it probably won’t be worth it. 

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I feel like I’ve read a fic like this, but I checked my bookmarks and couldn’t find it. I desperately want a fic like this right now

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The thing about Tony and Stephen is they have so much potential for interesting and even contradictory dynamics. They’re an asshole/comedic duo. They’re self-sacrificing victims of trauma. They’re irreverent and caring. They’re casual and serious. They’re sarcastic and romantic. They’re fun to play around with because you can do so many completely different things with them, and they’re equally realistic. I could make a post about several hundred word post about the parallels between their physical and emotional trauma, then make a chat post about Stephen being a slutty bottom in the supremefam group chat and both are valid

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Ok ok ok! People! People! Highschool/College AU

Tony the most popular kid in class , cool, rich and popular but doesn’t socialise much outside his friend circle

On the other hand, there’s this kid Stephen Strange,long hair, intimidating, gloomy, uninterested and has no friends…. No one likes him, he’s short tempered and absolutely cannot be interesting!

Tony gets creeped out by him all the time spreading gloomy vibes till… Till… Till he goes to a club oneday where rock bands are going up against eachother and Tony sees Stephen…. But.. but but. He’s neither gloomy nor boring! He’s got his hair pulled back and tied , tattoos all over his arm,chest, back and abdomen…. And God his voice!

Tony is crushing hard but how are things going to work out if Stephen has dual personalities at different places?

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here are some ~fluffy fics for ya’

(there ended up being a lot, so they’re under the cut)

Keep reading

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I’m not super attached to Illyana, but for fun, I’ll say lesbian. She just gives me that kind of vibe, you know.

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Why would you give a knife to Harley?!
He said he felt unsafe!
Well now I feel unsafe!
Tony, reaching inside his pocket
You want a knife?
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I’m just saying that the plan was genuinely dumb, as many of our plans are, I now realize.
What about your whole speech about ‘I have the grace of a falcon, and I’ll be in and out like a demon’s whisper’?
Dude, you stood up on your chair and said that speech for everybody.
It was a damn good speech. It was very persuasive, but I regret it now.
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My kink is women rejecting marriage proposals in period dramas.
Luckily for Mr. Darcy, that also turned out to be his kink.
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I remember the first time I saw Stephen. I was like “holy shit, I’m gonna fall in love with this guy”.
Oh, that’s sweet! Stephen, what did you think the first time you saw Tony?
I thought “Oh shit - this guys gonna hit on me”.
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Sorry, what was I talking about?
You were apologizing.
Really? That doesn’t sound like me.
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