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dndclassesquotes · 3 months ago
Ranger: Yeah I'm pretty tough... I don't really cry about stuff
Fighter: Just today you were crying about dragons
Ranger: *crying and holding a small dragon* They can’t blow out their own birthday candles!
Fighter: *yelling* WHY THE F-CK WOULD THEY NEED TO?!?!?
Ranger: *still sobbing* Dragons have birthdays too, Fighter!
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dndclassesquotes · 3 months ago
[Wizard and Rogue talking on the third floor]
Rogue: When it comes to winning, Barbarian has no self-preservation skills.
Wizard: That can't be true.
Rogue: It is, watch this.
Rogue: *yelling* Barbarian! I'll race you to the 1st floor!
[Crash is heard from the window across the hall followed by a grunt from below]
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