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Adrien: I like everything about you. Just the other day, someone asked me who the most beautiful person in the world was. You know what I said?
Kagami, blushing: What did you say?
Adrien: I said... [sees Marinette with binoculars in a tree outside the window] Marinette?
Kagami: You said Marinette?!
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Rena Rouge: If you had to choose between Chat and all the money I have in my pocket, which would you choose?
Ladybug: Depends. How much money are we talking?
Chat Noir: My Lady???
Rena Rouge: Eleven cents.
Ladybug: Sold.
Chat Noir: MY LADY?!?!??!
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Arthur: Merlin?

Arthur: MERlin?

Arthur: Merlin!

Arthur: MERLIN

Arthur: MERLIN!!!!

Merlin: for the last time, Arthur. i am RIGHT HERE!!!!

Arthur: *surprised* what? MERLIN! you can’t just sneak up on me! Go away

Merlin: ?!?!?!?!


Arthur in the distance: MER~LIN

Merlin: *complaining* he does this ALL DAY!!!!

Gwen at Merlin: I think he just likes saying your name

Morgana: More like screaming your name. Maybe you should give him better context ;) *wink wink*

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