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On a platform overlooking the dining room of a Wiltshire cottage is this extravagantly colourful four-poster. The surrounding rust-red walls carry a subtle traditional pattern. The bed posts were once street lamps and they carry a canopy of appliqued cotton roof-cloth from India, enriched with silk tassels.
Terence Conran’s New House Book, 1985
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passion-fruitxx · 8 hours ago
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yashieverlore13 · 2 months ago
The last dialogue just hit my feminist nerves.
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But still.. Devi, you're insane
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madhurart · 7 months ago
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This just started off as a fun practice to try out new CSP brushes, but then it turned into 8 hours of drawing embroidery 
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is-weird-me · 8 months ago
How to write an Indian Character by an Indian person.
Disclaimer: when i say Indian, I don’t mean native Indian. I mean INDIAN INDIAN. You know from that large asian country that’s shaped like a kite? Yeah, that Indian. 
 1. India is a large country not all Indians are Hindu.
2. Not all Indians are vegetarian.
3. Not all Indians are math wizards.
4. Not all Indian people are nerds who don’t know how to date.
5. Not all Indian people are straight and cis. (if you’re writing about Hijra or Kinner character then please do a lot of research into their culture before you write them, Hijras and Kinners are often misrepresented in Indian society to be evil and such other things)
6. We don’t eat curry, curry is not a real thing. You have to be more specific than just curry. Like please for the love of god.
7. The name of the language of India is Hindi, not Indian.
8. India has many other languages other than Hindi. Eg. Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi and many households prefer to talk in their native state/city languages rather than Hindi.
9. Indian cuisines vary from region to region. So not everyone in India likes to eat the same thing. North Indian and South Indian cuisines are very different from each other.
10. Not all Indians celebrate the same festivals but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them all.
11. Many people’s Indian accents are a lot more subtle than you think.
12. Different regions in India have different cultural clothing.
13. Not all Indian people look like your typical brown skin black hair, northeast Indians more often than not have features very similar to Chinese people. (But remember when you write northeastern Indian characters, many of them are discriminated against in mainland India and some of them don’t really believe themselves to be Indian)
14. Most Indian don’t use toilet paper (look into this yourself, I’m not gonna go any further)
15. Indian English is more similar to British English than American. Indian English has its own slang too.  Some Indian English things to know:  - Duffer = slang for stupid  - We a lot of the times have problems differentiating between the pronunciation of V and W. - A lot of people pronounce the G in gesture how you pronounce the G in Grapes instead of pronouncing it like a J  - We say rubber not eraser.  - Schedule is pronounced Shehdule not Skedual.  - Mother promise is a way of saying pinky promise.  - Eating my brain means you’re irritating. Eg. “Stop eating my brain” which means stop irritating me.  - Senti is slang for sentimental  - Dickey refers to the boot of the car (please don’t ask)  - Cheatercock is a person who cheated in a test, or an exam or did something to gain advantage in life (not a cheater as in in the romantic/sexual sense)
16. We have a tendency of saying yaar or na after things. Even when we text.
17. ‘Are yaar’ is an expression that can have multiple meanings depending on the context you use it in. But it usually is a saying of exasperation. 
Indian characters can be very hard to write depending on which religion, region, gender, sexuality you choose for them to be. India is a large country, when writing Indian characters, remember that this is the second largest population in the entire world, not all Indian characters are the same, especially the ones you see these days in mainstream western media. 
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kabiraaa · 6 months ago
concept: two indian high school girls fall in love, desi dark academia style. imagine them carefully braiding each other’s hair in the school restroom while discussing mughal history. sneaking an old ipod to school and listening to sufi and carnatic music together on the weary bus ride back home. doing everything together, they’re as inseparable as two girl best friends can get. going to book stores or libraries on weekends and spending hours reading sitting next to each other, and then having an intense discussion over chai and vada pav at a small stand. coming back from coaching classes in the evenings, holding hands as their jhumkas twinkle under the streetlights. texting each other at 5 in the morning while stuck on homework. holding hands, hugging ten times a day and cheek kisses are normal, and they never realize their feelings for each other until an accidental forehead touch in a doorway, glancing at each other’s lips and breathing heavily. not choosing to date for fear of ruining their academic careers and remaining best friends. finally getting together when by a stroke of good luck, they both make it to their common dream college and have a celebratory kiss when one goes to the others house to break the good news in person. just, two desi girls falling in love; enamored by the world around them, its knowledge and each other.
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coolblogremy · 6 months ago
SHILPA SETHI  ⮡  instagram
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