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Damn I totally forgot to mention I had new shirts, as demonstrated by this lovely lady in this photo. 😉 hit me up if you want one…. Especially if you have the old version. No charge. All I ask is you take a pic of you wearing it and tag @dffect1 #dffect #rapsuperhero #rapantihero #rap #rapper #tshirt #hiphop #music #kansascity #kcmo #kck #instadaily #instagram #instakc #comics #eminem #KCLevelUp

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Tag yourself as one of these movies, assigned to each month of the year (part one)

all songs can be found on my upbeat indie playlist here

January: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

‘To Be Misunderstood’ by Vacation Manor

gripping onto the glassy memories you thought once to be shattering but now see the pane is only marked with scratches, vibrant love and passionate voices that pierce like rose thorns, mediocre art layered with years of symbolism and care, gripping onto numb lips for warmth

February: 500 Days of Summer (2009)

‘Mariana’ by The Royston Club

taking your chisel and attempting to chip away at a marble statue until it becomes the shape you desire, empty words backed by painful memories, watching those around you through a stained glass window

March: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

‘Tangerine’ by Anarbor

genuine laughter that tumbles through the silence of the museum, attempting to hold a concrete face while making prank phone calls, the feeling of anonymity sunglasses give you, golden threads of unspoken loyalty tying you to those around you

April: Book Smart (2019)

‘Sunshine’ by The Velvet Cab

fresh glasses of orange juice as the lukewarm morning sun warns you of the start of the day, craving the glittered mess of teenage years, feeling the panic of the speeding hourglass, fragmented nights embroidered together by unforgettable memories

May: Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

‘Ruby Slippers’ by Thinking Caps

being awoken to the thick scent of freshly baked bread, stepping into the uncharted world hoping the concrete will be made of felt, crisp aprons and crimson velvet hair bows, blindness to the tickled pink feelings sprouted towards you 

June: Midsommar (2019)

‘Rachel’ by Steppes

napping under the golden sun and feeling the hours slip away from your grasp, feeling the world beneath you become unsettled for reasons unaware to your mind, bewitching flowers in shades of pastel watercolour that smell rotten

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“I was born black
I live black
And I’m a die probably because I’m black
Because some cracker that knows I’m black probably gonna put a bullet in the back of my head”

- The Spook Who Sat Next to the Door

🎼 - STAND UP from Bohup Vol 2

Follow @bandofthehawk_
Available on and all streaming platforms or CLICK LINK in BIO
#Bandofthehawk #boombap #BOHUP #undergroundhiphop #explore #lofi #blm #protests #hiphopmusic #hiphop #hiphopculture #indie #music #Beats #rap #black #cuba (at Havana, Cuba)

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@rack_tome se armó un #BassCover de “Mundo” en esta iniciativa rumbo al #BandCampFriday 🍊 recuerda que puedes comprar “Willis” en y obtener contenido especial 🎁
Video completo en 🎥
#BandCamp #habitantes #Somoshabitantes #artistsupportartists #covid9 #bass #musicman #bajo #cover #gdl #rack #indie #indierock #rock #altrock

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