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buginacup · 4 months ago
My game Tynk! and the Final Phonorecord is officially LIVE on Indiegogo! Sharing your art has never been so tough!
You can also play the demo for free on the Tynk! website. The first few days of a campaign are most important, so if you can back it it'd mean the world to me! ^_^
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reachartwork · 2 months ago
Hello, everyone! I made a card game. It's called "Watching Us", and it is a survival horror card game for 2-5 players and 1 DM, themed after old slenderman shows, analog horror, and creepypasta.
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I do not have the ability to pay for physical cards at the moment so you will need to print and cut the cards yourself, but because of that it is also completely 100% free. It's free! It's free! Go play it with your friends, because I do not know enough people IRL who like card games and horror to playtest it.
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It is a macabre combination of Truth or Dare and Elder Sign. It's like a party game for masochists! I highly recommend it.
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Did I mention I made almost all the art for it, and also, I made all the card templating for it myself, and also, it's completely free?
What do you have to lose? A dollar's worth of paper and printer ink, maybe? Go! Give it a shot! You'll have fun, I promise.
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robynahaley · 11 months ago
All my life I've loved video games, and Nintendo has held a special place in my heart. My partner and I not only worked our butts off and burned through all our savings putting our hearts into developing Mythic Ocean, but we persevered through rejection, dejection, and doubt. Tooth and claw we were finally able to accomplish what at times felt impossible, and I'm so happy to say that our game is now available for the Switch.
It's a dream come true and I want to be able to share our game with as many people as possible. Would really appreciate anyone checking Mythic Ocean out and spreading the word. Getting our work out into the world and on a Nintendo platform is a dream, but discoverability is still a nightmare.
*Edit: for all the peeps lamenting their lack of Switch, it’s available for PC too and coming soon to XBOX One and PS4!
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ambertailgames · 4 months ago
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Happy Valentinesaurus! 🦕🧡🦖 We’ve made some cute n’ cheesy Amber Isle Valentines cards to celebrate!
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amethystblack · a month ago
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After ten years of development, the final content release of Pokemon Reborn has finally been completed and is publicly available.
Reborn is an Emerald-styled game known for its difficulty, featuring all Pokemon through USUM, 18 badges to collect, and a fully fleshed-out terrain system to give you and your opponents a strategic edge in battle.
Maybe give it a look?
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frankiesmileshow · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The caverns that run below the city of Malison now teem with a strange fungus. Its toxic spores take root in the bodies of its victims, which it repurposes into large mushrooms for locomotion and the further spread of its spores.
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nightschoolstudio · a year ago
OXENFREE II: Lost Signals Just announced at Nintendo Indie World Showcase
Five years after the events of OXENFREE, Riley returns to her hometown of Camena to investigate mysterious radio signals. What she finds is more than she bargained for. Developed by Night School Studio. Published by MWM Interactive.
Add to your wishlist:
Nintendo Switch
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icemanzek · 5 months ago
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Today I woke up and went to the mall.
[please look in notes.]
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karmicpunishmentgames · a month ago
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Don’t Toy With Me
A free horror visual novel on itch.io. [Find it here.]
15k word story. About 1.5 to 2 hours in length.
Two branching routes with two endings each
5 CGs to collect with variations of each
A mix of meaningful and flavor choices for a varied story experience.
⚠ Content Warning!: Contains themes of emotional abuse, manipulation, violence, and visuals of body horror in non-human characters.
For a long time now, Dahlia has lived by herself in the Dollhouse with only the stuffed rabbit Wisker for company. One day the owner of the toys decides to present her with a new companion, a sad clown puppet named Huxley. She's delighted for the company but, as the owner soon realizes, it's not so simple to introduce a new friend to the household.
What happens when you play favorites? Are you really in control of the Dollhouse? Or are the toys about to get out of hand?
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kcamberart · 4 months ago
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This Summer: Get Boggled
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monkeywiki · 4 months ago
reminder that I'm making a game where you kiss knights and you should check it out and play the demo
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du-buk · 2 months ago
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8:11 Chapter 1; Bust Sprite update post!
✨The following characters had some modifications to their bust sprites; Accardi, Juliek, Gabriel, Dakota, Wankou, and some others. These changes range in details. 
✨ Additional expressions were generally added to most characters. Just so replays won’t feel too similar
✨ New characters that got bust sprites were Juliek’s daughter, Amalia, and a secret unrevealed character! 
✨ Limited number of scenes have centered, and slightly bigger bust sprites [Seen in the last image]. Context varies, but I find it fun to look at haha
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hollowmoor-game · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
A cozy home for a couple of owls and a place to soak up some knowledge.
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blabberf · a month ago
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I was reading a list of D&D epic spells, and one of them was called Nailed to the Sky and literally just sends enemies into low-earth orbit. I thought that was pretty cool so I added it to my game.
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viktorthegreat · 14 days ago
Demo is LIVE!
the demo for Lobby Loitering is now live!
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yes, the game i've been lightly teasing for the last few weeks now has a public demo! pleeeease go give it some love.
reblogs are very greatly appreciated, i will give you my whole heart <3
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