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#indie rp

Looking for a long term partner!

Hey all! My name is June and I’m 18, looking for anyone interested in a Marvel/Walking Dead crossover! No super powers or anything, just a few Marvel characters in a Walking Dead universe.

My OC’s name is Laura Reyes, and her bio is here–ihkD1TuFn7_A62GY4z4lBE2dx8mUecLifWh4w0gIw

I’m looking for someone willing to play Steve! Since there’s no super powers, he’ll just have been in the Army pre-apocalypse. I’m also down for doubles! I’ll play Steve, Bucky, Peter, Wanda, or Natasha. I’m also willing to try a few others if none of them interest you.

I love angst, and I’m okay with established and developing relationships, romantic or platonic. I will do NSFW, but only if our characters really seem to click and I can see them going somewhere. It will not be the sole plot of the rp.

Please be literate!! My replies range from a large paragraph (usually at the start of the rp) to a few sentences. I’m not expecting a novel reply, nor will I always be sending one of that length. I’m a little detail oriented, and would like someone who replies more than a few times a day. I’m in the US, so US time zones preferably, but I can work around that if needed. Also, please be 18+! If you’re under 18, and want to do NSFW, sorry, I don’t feel like going to jail so it won’t happen, even if you’re portraying an over age character. Same goes for underage characters, no NSFW.

I’m on discord, and my tag is June#3954. If any of you are interested, message me on here or add me on discord!

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 “Look, just…sit down and I’ll break it down for you. Folks are concerned about your performance around here.” Warren sighed and removed his glasses, gesturing towards the seat in front of his desk. “I don’t get it–you were so efficient when you first got here. What’s changed?”

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                        ❝ forget it girl - - he’s Roxanne’s.


                                               R O X A N N E

                                                                                       RECOGNIZED FROM DISNEY’S
                                                                                                          A GOOFY MOVIE

                                                                                                                                              (temp. credit)

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Independent multi-fandom oc for 

                TVD, Shadowhunters, GoT, PJO, DC, Marvel, Arrowverse                                        Anastasia the Musical/History, Criminal Minds and More

Loved by Hayley 

                  Promo credit to the wonderful @capciclecommissions

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if someone gave me a toxic ship based off the entire after hours album that would be 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

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“hear me out! hear me out! hear me out!” a distinctive southern drawl rolls off her tongue as hands clap together during each little chant. it’s as if her loud, boisterous voice wasn’t enough to get the attention of her company. there’s a glass of wine beside her. it’s not a rare sight to see the girl drinking, especially in the comfort of her own home! what’s bizarre: it’s only one o’clock! she has reasons. she has excuses. hands are clasped together now as she goes on with her explanation. “i know that it’s only one o’clock but also i’m an adult. i can do what i want.” probably not the best reasoning. she’s sticking to her grounds here! what a stubborn girl nova can be.

there’s a secondary reason though. possibly one that’s even better.

“also i have a show later.” meaning in roughly five hours but she’ll digress. it’s a better reason than: i’m an adult. i do what i want. she’s picking up the glass now, staring the red wine down. “it’s good to get a little loosened up before the show. gets rid of the nerves.” teeth shine as she continues talking, pearly whites shining in their unnaturally white state. “besides, makes it more fun, you know?” with that, she takes a sip all while peering at her company.

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SOMEDAYS  I’M  MORE  WOLF,        some  others  i’m  more  of  a  woman.      
                                                              and  i’m  still   LEARNING   to  stop  apologizing  for  MY  WILD.

         BOOK   BASED   TANYA  DENALI     /      TWILIGHT  NOVELS.  
                  ♕    MADE   JUSTICE   BY   SWAMI.    
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open: m/f/nb

connection: stranger. 

muse: blade 

tw: blood

the night’s brisk air was cool against blade’s skin. a sly smirk falling upon his face as his tongue flicks out to lick the liquid falling from the sky. it was raining blood tonight. a rare blood moon was present - blades’ favorite occasion. and there stood the innocent bystander. of course, blade didn’t know why they were out past curfew, but he frankly didn’t care either. he was enticed, happy, radiating with bliss. vampires were the strongest whenever the blood moon was in the sky. blade could feel his skin tingling and ripple with every move he made. he could feel his hands trembling from excitement and anticipation. it’s as if everything as magic as if he could see their veins right underneath their skin. and oh god – he could see every artery where he knew he would get the most blood, where he could feast and enjoy.

my oh my,” he whispered gently coming forward to be seen. there’s a hint of lust in his eyes. every human knew better than to venture out alone during the blood moon. every human knew better than to risk the possibilities of running into someone immortal. his footsteps are gentle against the black concrete, the red liquid below his feet seem to glisten underneath the moonlight. he may not know who they were - he hadn’t caught a glimpse of their face yet - or what they were doing. but he did know one thing and one thing only – 

he wanted them

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Who wants to do a thing?

I am REALLY feelin the need for violence. My little brat subs need a lesson. I am in the mood for the current genres:

Medieval/ Historical/ Royal/ GOT-esque

Marauders Era and AUs


Master/Slave my char is a sub/slave

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