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MINNEAPOLIS — Leanne Reyes had heard about the video of George Floyd’s final minutes, but she could not bring herself to watch it.

Almost fourteen years ago, her father, Wayne Reyes, died after police opened fire on his truck — six officers, 43 rounds, in four seconds. They said her father had pulled out a shotgun when they pulled him over in response to a report that he had stabbed his girlfriend and another friend in a domestic dispute.

The gunshots destroyed the truck and severely damaged the facade of a building just blocks from where the younger Reyes now lives on the city’s south side, the brick wall still marked by bullet holes.

Reyes and her relatives were horrified to see the name of one of those officers show up in the news all these years later: Derek Chauvin, the now-former Minneapolis officer filmed with his knee on Floyd’s throat.

“I already knew what kind of monster that man is,” Reyes said. “And all I could feel was heartbreak that this had happened again.”

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if anyone was needing any good news today, in western Australia an indigenous people won exclusive title to their native land by unanimous vote in high court, against a billion dollar mining company. and yesterday the high court rejected the mining company’s request for appeal 🎉

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I would LOVE to get to the point as an indigenous canadian where when I see a news story abt some dead Indians it isnt the only fucking time im being introduced to my now deceased relatives

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You scream “ALL lives matter” when someone says “Black lives matter”

But I don’t see all lives mattered.

Mexican Families being ripped apart. And kids in cages.

Asians here are better beaten and stabbed because the virus started where there from.

Cops murdering so many innocent lives just because there black.

Indigenous people fighting for THERE land and getting attacked. Plus there people going missing or being murdered

But all lives matter huh?….

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fire is a weapon when wielded by a white man // s.w. — may 30, 2020

the city i live in built it’s bones on land stolen from native americans in 1858 —this city has burned to the ground so many times there’s nothing left to remind people of the history this city was built on: theft and murder and arson. do not forget that.

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