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#ineffable husbands
7sunny07 · a minute ago
Tumblr media
Genderfluid Crowley. Because yeah - I think we all need a demon in a black dress on our dashboard. ;)
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aziraphales-library · 40 minutes ago
Lost Fic #79
1. Hello! I'm looking for a fic (that I forgot to save) in ao3 where aziraphale confesses his love to Crowley then finding out that Crowley thought they are already been dating for the last 6000? Years. I believe it's a 2-3 chapters. Thank you in advance ~anon
2. hey, i lost a fic where gabriel gave crowley a potion that made him a human baby, and aziraphale found out human baby crowley was being abused so he became a human boy too. their human names were ezra and tony. tony can't remember his previous life but aziraphale can ~ @lov-lyness2
3. Hi! First I just want to say I really love and appreciate this blog, and have discovered so many talented authors from it! I am looking for a fic i read a while ago, where Crowley has a crush on aziraphale thinking he’s just a human book shop owner and doesn’t realize he’s an angel. Crowley is still a demon. Have you heard of it? ~anon
4. The was a fic I read a while ago where Aziraphale was a Fae and Crowley was a human. Crowley was being bullied by the other kids and ran into the woods where he met Aziraphale. Crowley didn't figure out what Aziraphale was until much later and fell in love with him. I can't remember if it was only posted to tumblr or if it's on ao3. ~@myusernameispie
5. I read a fic a while ago and now I can’t find it! Basically, Crowley thought that Aziraphale didn’t like certain like when his hair is long so he tries to avoid looking like that. However, Aziraphale really loves them and works to show Crowley how much he likes it. Do you or anyone else know what this fic is called? I would love to reread it! ~anon
If you know one of these fics, please leave the number in your response!
~ Mod G
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chouly-stuff · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
April Patreon request : Az as Hades and Crowley as Persephone, but I misread the comment ^^, so I has reverse it >3< (But I redid it right , I’ll show you later <3)
Patreon // Kofi // Shop // Good Omens Comics
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rud-anna · 42 minutes ago
Ineffable husbands 😈😇
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fledglingdoodles · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Small Omens - AMA!
In the interest of keeping up with daily posts (I anticipate my second vaccine dose is going to lay me out, and I'm hustling to wrap up a bunch of Zine projects before that!) - I'd like to answer your Small Omens questions!
Got any what-ifs? Character questions? Let me know in the replies or in my inbox!
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sunshine-tattoo · 3 hours ago
oh my god.
so I have really dry skin. Especially in the winter and during allergy season.
this can make my skin super itchy and miserable unless l basically drown myself in lotion.
So I'm just picturing poor Crowley during his morning routines at home and aziraphale is just like "dearest why so you need so much lotion?"
"angel do you have any idea how itchy I get if I don't fucking hydrate this reptile skin? I look like I'm covered in corn flakes."
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goodduckingomens · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Angelic Confections, Demonic Confessions now up on AO3!
This fic is an add-on to the Wedding Fic, but can be read stand alone.
Rating: G          Wordcount: 1336
Crowley had a plan.
A perfect, well-thought out, infallible plan, that could absolutely not flunk like the last few ones concerning this specific problem had.That problem being, once again, his damned tongue that did not want to cooperate with his brain’s humble requests as to what to say in face of his beautiful, angelic boyfriend and kept instead putting out the default ‘Nnghk’.
Which Aziraphale did appreciate, but did not in any way convey what Crowley wanted it to. The three little words that people usually expected almost a year into a relationship. To be fair, Aziraphale absolutely hadn’t pressured him, no quite the opposite, he had reassured him many times that saying them wasn’t an obligation, even if Crowley never felt like it. No, the issue was that Crowley really badly wanted to say them and couldn’t get them to leave his mouth.
Thus, the plan. Which was about to be set in motion.
The doorbell went off and Crowley jumped, the sound unexpected even though Aziraphale was as perfectly punctual as always. He ran to open it, leaving the mess in his head to be cleaned up later, and opened the door slightly breathless.
“Hello.” Aziraphale smiled, and pulled him into a kiss with his free hand. “Happy Valentine’s day, my dear.”
“Happy Valentine’s, angel,” Crowley said, barely getting his brain to give command to form words after a kiss like that. He was getting better at that though. “Uhm. Come in?”
“Don’t mind if I do,” Aziraphale answered, heading straight for Crowley’s kitchen, where he put down the big bag he was carrying.
“Good gosh, Aziraphale, what’s all that?” Crowley said, holding back a chuckle as Aziraphale pouted.
“Just the most important things for decorating! Piping bags, and the tips, and the good sprinkles, oh, and I pre-made the icing so it can properly set, and then I brought some uncoloured in case you wanted different colours…” Aziraphale stopped to look at the bag, which had fallen onto its side and was starting to spill out various pieces of decorating equipment. “I might have gotten carried away a bit,” he admitted with a flush.
Crowley smiled and hugged him to his side, gently leaning his head on Aziraphale’s.
“I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic about this idea. Thought it might be a bit boring for you, seeing how baking is literally your job.”
“Oh, yes I suppose it is. But I don’t get to do it often with you.”
At that, Crowley couldn’t help but pull Aziraphale into another kiss, which the other happily leaned into. Only to push him away a few seconds after.
“Oh! The icing, I need to put it in the fridge!
”Crowley smiled as he watched Aziraphale putter about in his kitchen as if it was his own, putting things away and dragging other things out. Yes, this plan had been a good idea.
A few hours later they both were sat on opposite sites of the table, each of them with their own tray of heart-shaped biscuits in front of them, separated by a mountain of decorating supplies. They were supposed to to decorate them and then give them to each other. Aziraphale had found the idea incredibly charming, and Crowley had formulated the plan.
He might not be able to say the words. But he could damn well write them.
Though, looking at the giant bag of pink icing, he suddenly wasn’t as sure that he could do so with icing.
He carefully set the tip of it down onto the edge of one of his biscuits, deciding to do a few test runs first, simply filling out the heart shapes.
About ten biscuits in, he realised he needed to change plans, because somehow the closest he’d come to a heart was the blob of icing that looked kind of like an anatomically correct one if you squinted and turned your head.
“Do you need any help?” Aziraphale offered from across the table.
“No, no, no!” Crowley squeaked, panicked and grabbed a butter knife.
He would make this stuff work for him. Somehow.
About thirty minutes later he looked down at his tray, which had no undecorated biscuits left, feeling slightly dejected.
There were several where he’d spread out the icing with the knife and then had tried to form the words with sprinkles. Those looked nice-ish as a biscuit, but were completely unreadable. Then there were the ones where he’d tried the small tube with the icing, which, to be honest, looked more like some sort of tiny creature had emptied itself over them. There was the half decent one with the chocolate letters he’d found, but. Those simply were too big to fit the entire message. And he did NOT feel like using “Luv u” as his first ever confession to Aziraphale, the man who still insisted on signing off his messages with his first and last name, thank you very much. The letters he’d tried to make himself out of fondant were mostly readable but just looked jagged and askew and decidedly not-pretty. And then there was the last one, where he’d pretty much given up and just. Written into the icing with a toothpick. And tragically that was his best.
“Are you done? Can I see?” Aziraphale asked from his side of the table.
“I guess,” Crowley said picking up his tray, and brought it over to Aziraphale’s side of the table.
“There you go, angel. I tried my best, but I think I might have just gained even more respect for your skills.”
“Don’t be silly, they look lovely-” Aziraphale started, and then, as he got a good look, fell silent.
Crowley felt his tongue tying itself into knots again and his throat going dry and was filled at least with the spiteful glee of having bested himself. He could barely look at Aziraphale.
“Oh, Crowley,” the other whispered, and then slapped a hand to his mouth.
“It’s alright if you want to laugh, angel, they do look pretty terrible-”
“Oh, do shut up,” Aziraphale said, and then made sure of that himself by kissing him.
And kissing him some more. And holding Crowley so very tight. Crowley’s head was kind of swimming at this point, but he did have enough presence of mind to congratulate himself on a plan well executed.
“I love them,” Aziraphale said when they separated. “And I love you. And, oh wait, let me-”
This train of thought regrettably lead to the other letting go of Crowley and bustle over to get his own tray of biscuits.
But before he could mourn the loss too much, Aziraphale was back at his side and Crowley saw his biscuits.
Crowley looked at them. Blinked. Kept looking at them. He was a bit too well-kissed to find a good thing to say right now.
“What. How?”Aziraphale’s hearts all said ‘I love you too’.
“It’s funny how well that fits now. I had no idea that you would do yours!”
Crowley, brain and mouth still mostly offline, raised an eyebrow in question, and Aziraphale blushed.
“Ah, why. Well, you see. I felt that you were getting a bit frustrated about this, and I just, I just wanted to tell you that you’ve already told me a hundred times. Yes, maybe not with words, but I know you have. Every time you bring me more flowers, every thoughtful gift, every time you drive me somewhere in that terribly fast car of yours, every time you text me to ask how I am. It shines through in everything you do. Why, if I go by this, you started saying it a lot earlier than I did! So I just wanted to tell you that I hear it, even when you aren’t articulating it. There hasn’t been a day you haven’t made me feel loved.”
Crowley, not knowing how else to react, pulled Aziraphale in for a hug, and they just stood there, silently embracing.
Sometimes, you really didn’t need words.
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prettybirdy979 · 5 hours ago
Aziraphale, reacting to the news: "Someone tried to fight a squid at the aquarium today!" Crowley: *saunters in,covered with ink* "Well, maybe the squid was being a dick."
Please feel free to send me any prompts. More of my fics here.
Aziraphale likes to read newspapers from the middle to the front, then from the back to the middle. That way he saves the more interesting, most whacky, most human stories for last. It’s a good way to read the paper, if anyone were to ask him.
But no one does. Well, Crowley does when very drunk but by then he’s too drunk to appreciate the answer.
This therefore means he is just getting to the wackiness of the stories when he hears the shop door open, dinging like it only does for Crowley. ‘In the back!’ he calls absently, engrossed in this story.
‘Did you hear my dear? Someone tried to fight a squid at the aquarium today! The whole place is in an uproar, everyone is so upset. What on Earth would possess a human to do something like that to a squid?’ 
Aziraphale looks up as Crowley saunters in, covered with ink. ‘Well, maybe the squid was being a dick,’ he says as Aziraphale tries to find words. ‘Deserved every punch.’
‘What did you do?’
‘Punched a dicksquid, keep up angel. Do you have a towel? I can’t seem to miracle this stuff off.’
Snapping, Aziraphale hands over the towel he bought up from Hell. ‘You better not have dripped on my books,’ he warns as Crowley rubs the ink off his face.
Crowley waves a hand, the ink having the sense to fall onto Crowley’s clothes rather than be flung around the room. ‘Books are fine. Had to walk here though, no cabbie would take me and I am not risking the poor Bentley.’
‘Crowley why?’
Shifting, Crowley buries his face in the towel. ‘It was being a dick, said so angel.’
Aziraphale sits back, reading the embarrassment in every inch of Crowley. Well then. ‘Next time, do try and win the fight with the squid.’
‘Oi! I won!’
‘You are covered in ink. In what world is that a win?’
Crowley grinned. ‘The one where I don’t have a future as calamari.’
‘...I thought octopus was calamari,’ Aziraphale lies and watches Crowley’s face light up with the promise of an argument.  He also discretely miracles the poor squid a calamai free future, because nothing deserves Crowley’s inspired vengeance.
‘Octopus is just octopus angel!’ Crowley takes the bait.
Ha. Bait. Should use that soon, Aziraphale thinks as they settle into an argument, while Crowley cleans off the last of the ink. Not a bad morning, really.
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Demons don’t do apologies, huh? So did we all collectively hallucinate that bit in the documentary where you apologised to Aziraphale? You did it then, so why not now?
Speaking of, have a watch of it yourself again and freeze on Aziraphale’s face after you saved his books. When your back was turned. That might give you an idea as to why he’s upset that you threw some of his books away. At the very least, replace them, please. I imagine that’ll help a lot with smoothing things over.
(  Anonymous said: Crowley, you're making such a fuss about saying the "S word", but, if I remember correctly, I saw you apologize to Aziraphale in the documentary, when you were trying to convince him to run to Alpha Centauri with you. )
Crowley: I’ve done several things in the past that I’ll never do again. You learn from your mistakes, don’t you?
Aziraphale: That’s not the only time that you’ve apologised though, Crowley dear.
Crowley: Okay but they don’t know that so shush!
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alex232227 · 7 hours ago
Hey, Beloveds!
I've posted the very first chapter of the story. I guess it might be a little confusing at the beginning, but it will get clearer with time.
Please, tell me what you think about it!
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justavengers3000 · 8 hours ago
Don't talk to me about the greater good sunshine I'm the archangel FUCKING Gabriel
was he Gabriel ? or was he the archangel who was fucking gabriel
who was he?
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thismakesartisticsense · 10 hours ago
hehehoho they're wives
Yeh them presenting fem together never leaves my brain
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also HERE, I've made a speedpaint of the first drawing✌️😩
<3reblogs over likes<3
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ngk-they-said · 15 hours ago
For the WIP game, @shipping-vaguely-downwards requested "South Downs non-interference pact"
This is an old WIP that hasn't made it far past the outline stage.
The premise is that Aziraphale and Crowley made a pact when retiring to the South Downs that they would not magically interfere with the humans there. (Not that they'd never do miracles or influence humans, just that they'd keep their hands out of the small community they plan to live in forever-ish.) Over time, this agreement is really hard for them to maintain, and they slip into an "emergencies only" policy.
One day, Aziraphale meets a youth in the town who is in a bad situation, and he wants to use a miracle to help them, but Crowley disagrees and there are Feelings and an eventual happy ending.
Thanks for asking, @shipping-vaguely-downwards ! I'd really like to get back to this one and now I feel a bit more inspired.
WIP game post is here, I'm still open to asks.
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crowley-world · 16 hours ago
Mpreg: Aziraphale found a book on motherhood. He takes note of all the advice he just found in the back of his mind. And in his reading, gluttony is welcome
Tumblr media
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aeritus · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Its serotonine tiiiiime.
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unfortunately-aziraphale · 19 hours ago
They collapse together onto the sofa, hair askew and clothes wrinkled. Aziraphale’s bowtie is long undone, and he’s popped two buttons. Crowley settles into an exhausted approximation of his usual sprawl, arm thrown behind Aziraphale’s shoulders—a closeness neither of them acknowledge. 
“Whatever happened,” Aziraphale says after they’ve caught their breath, “to leave it to me?”
Crowley can’t help but laugh at that, loud and open, and Aziraphale can’t help but join in. 
It had been a long day. 
“Do you really think we can do this?”
Ah. Right. The boy.  
Aziraphale puts a bit more space between them. They would do well to remember that this is still war, and it is usually frowned upon to putter off to the country with someone on the other side.
“I hope so.”
Nevermind that this is near exactly what he pictures when he allows himself to daydream:  A study he can retreat to on sunny afternoons, a window with a view of the greenest meadows and the horizon beyond. A garden for Crowley to spend the summers tending--the human way, no more growling and posturing necessary. A kitchen where they’ll learn to cook together with everything he’s grown. That bed, that wretched down-pillowed bed and its temptation.
The picture books and nappy-changing are an adjustment, but it’s no labor for an angel to make room in his heart for it. As much as he might not want to admit it, Adam’s way of seeing the world with wide, curious eyes and reaching arms (and his desire to put everything--except for vegetables--in his mouth) is beginning to grow on him. If one were to squint, well. They’re almost a family. 
But they aren’t, not really. They’re playing at it, but at the end of the day, Aziraphale is an angel, and Crowley is a demon, and they stand on different sides of the same line they have for millennia. The same inches between them, here, never touching. 
And they both have a job to do. 
He knows what he might lose, if this ludicrous, last-ditch plan fails. Crowley had listed them off one-by-one that night, counting them off on his fingers like he’d thought through it a million times. Sushi and snuffboxes and charming little cafes, nights at the theatre and watching as the humans lived their lives, going on loving and being clever and making mistakes in the way that only humans can. He hadn’t ever mentioned the possibility--perhaps the most frightening possibility of all--that they’d never see each other again. That he was in for an eternity of only white walls and the whispers of other angels for company, or for no eternity at all. That no matter what Aziraphale does, Adam will decide to end the world after all. 
What he wants doesn’t really matter, in the face of all that.
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goodomenscelebration · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is the list of themes for the 2021 Good Omens Celebration.
This year we decided to combine some of the general ideas and produce a limited yet more broad list of themes for the weekends of the Celebration. We hope this gives folks that wish to spend more time before they share that opportunity and our more completionist participants a manageable list. Any theme can be as loosely interpenetrated as you like.
A new Archive of Our Own collection has been created for the 2021 Celebration. You can find it here or add your work to the collection by searching for it under "Post to Collections″.
Not a fan work creator? Not a problem! While everyone is welcome to make fan works for the event, you don’t need to do that to participate. This is a celebration of all things fandom. We’re encouraging everyone to have fun with it. Post and share whatever you like that makes you think of Good Omens, it’s fandom, and how it’s affected your life.
Text listing below the break
May 1st: Comedy
May 2nd: Tragedy
May 7th: Past
May 8th: Present
May 9th: Future
May 14th: Land
May 15th: Sea
May 16th: Air
May 21st: Dark
May 22nd: Light
May 23rd: Colorful
May 28th: Mind
May 29th: Body
May 30th: Soul
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