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blorbocollection · 12 hours ago
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he loves to suffer
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hanz-xd · 2 days ago
nothing cracks me up more than “aziraphale ziraphale fell” and “anthony janthony crowley”
one shared brain cell and neither one is ever in possession of it
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noxequusart · 2 days ago
Pets and owners
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alicerovai · a day ago
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Five pages from Purple Hours, my latest GO, NSFW short comic from Patreon! 56 pages and it’s now finished! I’ll soon sell the PDF! Consider joining my Patreon to get access to extra NSFW works! 💕
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kuramoriz · a day ago
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Aziraphale and Crowley baking together and making a mess with flour
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mischievous-thunder · 2 days ago
Person B: Fill my holes and drill me so hard that I can't feel a thing afterwards.
Person A, a dentist: O-okay...
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razzbarry · a day ago
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I love this song
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fledglingdoodles · a day ago
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My dear Patr0n’s (link in pinned post) have a 1940’s inspired poster posted for them today (and will be posting publicly next week!)
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ervyfell-arts · 2 days ago
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srslyarts · 2 days ago
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originally made this little icons for a “know my ship” meme but I still find it cute so here’s a little gif :)
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mizuki-aandm · a day ago
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I remember seeing a picture of Crowley holding a picture of Aziraphale
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ofpineapplesanddawns · 3 days ago
Drawing prompts:
☀ Aziraphale and/or Crowley in summer clothes
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Aziraphale dresses like a grandpa and Crowley is literally wearing my outfit right now (the button up is rainbow tie dye btw)
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wiggleonzine · a day ago
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Preorders are open for Get A Wiggle On 2, the second volume of our snake!Crowley-themed Good Omens zine! We have 100+ pages of amazing snontent (snake content) made by our wonderful contributors, as well as physical merch. Orders will be open until the end of June, with all proceeds going to charity.
Our order options are:
Zines Physical (+ PDF): $25 Digital PDF: $10
Merch Pin: $10 Double-sided charm: $5 Sticker sheet: $4 Postcards (2): $2 each Merch Bundle: $20
Full Bundle Physical zine, PDF, and full merch bundle: $37
Vol. 1  Physical Zine (SFW edition): $25 Digital PDF (SFW and NS//FW editions): $10 each/$12 both (note: listings for the zine are split by physical and digital, not volumes)
Sponsorships We are offering the option of a sponsorship fund to help support fellow fans who may not be able to afford our zine. If you’d like to lend your support, there is a listing in our store to donate in $5 increments. If you would like to be sponsored for help covering costs of the zine and/or shipping, please fill out this form to apply. We’ll be in touch near the end of preorders to see if we can help.
This zine contains mature content, and by purchasing this zine, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older.
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sab-draws · 2 days ago
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Definitely not inspired by that Friends episode ‘The One with the Nap Partners’
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aziraphales-library · 2 days ago
Kind of follow-up to the powerful Zira request: Are there any recs for powerful Crowley?
Let me tell you, anon, that there are not enough powerful Crowley fics, because there is not an official tag for it on ao3. I found a few for you though...
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by EdosianOrchids901 (T)
Aziraphale is attacked by a group of humans who want to control his powers. He’s incapacitated by magic and unable to defend himself, totally helpless. But something dark and powerful bursts out of the shadows to rescue him.
Looking Skyward From Hell by crow_of_crimes (T)
Crowley’s love had always burned like hellfire.
Fierce, powerful, all-consuming. It moved too fast for anyone to stop, devoured everything in its path, could turn Holy water to impotent steam.
His love burned. Anyone who came close could feel it, feel its heat, see the tongues of flame licking against his pupils. How he was not already aflame from the force of it was impossible to understand.
Surely such a love would hurt to touch. Surely it would destroy the very thing it burned for.
Demon of the Lamp by ImprobableDreams900 (G)
The lamp of the (mighty and powerful) djinn Crowley has fallen into the hands of a human named Aziraphale. Now Crowley has to grant him three wishes. Or two if Aziraphale is merciful enough to set him free.
Rise and Fall by WorseOmens (NR)
Satan has gone by many names in his life: Lucifer, the Morning Star, the Devil, The Great Dragon, Father of Evil... and most recently, one Anthony J Crowley -- and Aziraphale has no idea. Strangely, though, that might not even be the biggest problem on Crowley's plate right now.
(Good Omens Crowley-is-Satan AU)
i’ll never be lonely by john1513 (M)
Aziraphale summons a demon to his bookshop to demand (*politely ask) a little favor of him. Was it a great idea to summon a literal demon from hell to be your friend for a bit? Maybe not. But Aziraphale has been a bit lonely lately, and he's tried everything, really. Turns out the demon he calls is less Demon and more Grumpy, Cuddly Man, but, hey. He's not complaining.
Aziraphale sells his soul in exchange for friendship, and gets more than he bargained for.
Between Horns and Halos by Dalantis (M)
Crowley is a Prince of Hell. Aziraphale is a demoted angel banished to serve his sentence on Earth. This is an alternate version of their love story, in which Crowley is a powerful badass and Aziraphale is obliviously adorable until he's not.
- Mod D
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mischievous-thunder · 23 hours ago
Person B, as an interviewer: Now, tell me something about your hobbies.
Person A:
Person A, sweetly: Is it absolutely necessary? Because I really, really need this job.
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alx12-0 · a day ago
Hello there, today I have Crowley with his snake. I don't know, I think is cute.
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fledglingdoodles · 2 days ago
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WIP Wednesday - I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I drew the Terror!husbands… (I am also writing a little ficlet about them but that might take a while to get polished in between all of my other things)
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sometrasno · 2 days ago
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[ID/ A digital cartoon drawing of Aziraphale and Crowley in their musical renditions dancing. Aziraphale stands on one foot as he wiggles his hips and fans himself with one hand, the other on his waist. Crowley shakes his upper torso up and down as he energetically plays air guitar. /End ID] My present to @thegoodomensdumpster from a gift exchange! The musical boys bust out their best moves
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boneless-loafcat · 14 hours ago
listen… it’s the way they look at each other sometimes….
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