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#inej's closet
ravkanfashion · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ventillated corset for sportswear, 1890s
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genyaakostyk · 3 months ago
i won't hesitate
Request by @maggiescarborough: Hi love 💛 I need to request these two, pretty please! 1) of the prompt list for Kaz and 3) for Jesper, platonic or romantic relationships, I don’t mind either 😊Thank you so much, love!!
A/N: here you go, my love! Ye olde Kazzle Dazzle x
Tumblr media
They thrived on chaos. It was the one consistent variable in their lives and the one thing that they could rely on. Chaos was a guarantee - from the chaos of Jesper losing a bet to the chaos of Y/N and Inej being chased through Ketterdam by a man with a grudge.
Kaz's plan had been dodgy from the start - resembling a Jenga block tower just before it collapsed. There were too many what-ifs and unexpected complications for the plan to be considered secure.
So it was no surprise to Y/N when she found herself hiding inside a too-small closet with a claustrophobic Kaz in the opposite corner. She'd pressed herself up against the wall to try and give him as much space as possible but Kaz still looked like he was about to either throw up or pass out.
Footsteps ran past their hiding spot, the shadows of the guards plunging the closet into darkness as they ran past the light that was outside the door. Y/N pressed herself further into the corner, trying to be as quiet as possible despite her racing heartbeat.
Kaz shuffled and winced, his eyes squeezing shut.
"Are you alright?" Y/N asked him, noticing his wince.
"Stop talking, Y/N," Kaz said, barely managing to say the words without throwing up.
"Yes, sorry," Y/N said, detecting his tone and the underlying warning to shut up and leave him be. So, she pushed herself further into the corner of the closet - honestly, if she kept going she'd probably end up in bloody Narnia - and kept quiet.
Another minute passed and then another and no one walked past the doors to the closet. Y/N moved forward and slowly pushed open the door, poking her head out.
There was silence from the corridor. She opened the door wider and stepped down from inside it. Y/N quietly snuck to peer around the door, pulling her revolver from its home at her hip. She twirled it around her finger and crept along the corridor, checking each room and door way.
No one was left.
"Clear," she called.
Kaz practically fell out of the closet, tripping over his own feet in his desperation to get out.
"You good?" Y/N asked, eyeing him with raised eyebrows.
"Do not touch me," Kaz warned, moving back.
Y/N held her hands up. "Wasn't planning on it, Brekker."
Kaz rolled his eyes. "Come on," Kaz grunted, limping out the room surprisingly fast.
Y/N followed after him, constantly looking over her shoulder as they walked through the now empty house and to the back door where Jesper and Inej were waiting.
Jesper looked up as they approached and frowned slightly as he took in Kaz's sweaty face and Y/N's panicked eyes. "What happened, you alright?"
"Let's just say I'm never getting into a closet with Kaz again," Y/N muttered, leaning against the wall and sighing heavily, wiping the sweat off her forehead.
Jesper looked between them, flabbergasted. "I... what?!"
"Doesn't matter," Kaz muttered. "Come on, before we're noticed again."
The gates surrounding the house were locked and bolted shut. Which Kaz had not planned for judging from the amount of swearing that came from him as he shook the gates.
"Give me the lockpicks," Y/N said with a sigh, holding out her hand.
"No, I can manage," Kaz snapped, crouching down so that he was level with the lock.
"I didn't say you couldn't, I just wanted a go," Y/N replied, frowning. She made a 'gimmie' gesture with her hand. "Come on."
"Kaz, please."
"Oh, please, Kazzle Dazzle."
"Y/N, listen, I stabbed you once before, I won't hesitate to do it again, just try me," Kaz snapped, standing up and glaring at her.
Y/N held her hands up, stepping back to Jesper's side. "Alright fine, Saints."
"I'm sorry," Jesper said, putting a hand on Y/N's arm. "Kaz, what do you mean you stabbed her?"
"Yes, I for one would like to know this story," Inej chimed in, crossing her arms.
Y/N rolled her eyes. "Ok, technically, it was my fault -"
"Oh, now she admits it," Kaz muttered, fiddling with the lock.
"You still stabbed me, Kaz!" Y/N exclaimed.
"Lightly stabbed, you are so dramatic!"
"You were panicking."
"Yes, because you were getting blood on my floor," Kaz drawled, unlocking the gates and pushing them open.
"Oh, sorry was my bleeding to death inconvenient for you?" Y/N asked, stepping through the gates.
"Yes, actually," Kaz replied, shutting the gates behind them and locking them once again.
Jesper groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Alright, can you two stop arguing and just explain what happened?"
Y/N crossed her arms, looking pointedly at Kaz. "Kaz?"
Kaz sighed heavily. "Fine. It was three months ago."
Tumblr media
In Kaz's defence, it wasn't all his fault. He just happened to be the one wielding the knife.
It'd been a slow afternoon at the club. Not many people were around and Y/N had hidden in Kaz's office to avoid being accosted by the creepy men who'd been hanging around outside the club all week.
Kaz had been deep in his thoughts ever since Y/N had walked in and sat on the window sill, barely acknowledging her presence. Y/N didn't mind, however. The silence was a blessing. Kaz had quietly gotten on with his work and Y/N had gotten on with hers, both enjoying in the quiet.
"Hey, Kaz," Y/N called, turning her head to look at him.
Kaz was silent. His head was bowed and he looked engrossed in a piece of paper on his desk. But his hand was clenched into a tight fist and his jaw was clenched shut. Y/N hopped off the window sill and quietly approached him, slightly worried.
"Kaz?" Y/N asked softly, trying to resist the urge to poke him with a stick. "Hey, Kaz?"
Usually, Y/N knew not to touch Kaz. He was like a wasp - upset the wasp and you get stung. Leave the wasp along and it, hopefully, buzzes off after a while. Attack the wasp and, well, you get stung.
Y/N reached out a foot and gently tapped Kaz's foot with her toe. His reaction was instant. One second Y/N was standing there, worried for her friend, the next she was stumbling back into the wall, a knife sticking out her thigh.
Kaz blinked and stared at her, mounting horror in his eyes. "Y/N, I -"
"I cannot believe you just stabbed me," Y/N said, gaping at him. She awkwardly slid down the wall, wincing as her leg hit the floor. "I just nudged your foot!"
"I've told you before not to touch me!"
"Kaz, I thought you might be dead!"
"Well, I'm not, am I?!"
"Clearly since you just stabbed me!"
"Why are you yelling at me?!"
"Because you fucking stabbed me, Kaz!" Y/N yelled, a hand wrapped around her thigh. She inhaled through her teeth. "Saints, this hurts."
Kaz faltered, his anger and upset fading. He hadn't meant to stab her. His reaction reflexes, more often than not, acted before he even had time to register what was happening.
"Kaz, throw me that towel," Y/N said, hissing as she shifted closer to the wall, leaning against it.
Kaz forced himself out of his head and hobbled over to the basin, grabbing the towel folded next to it and throwing it to Y/N. Y/N wrapped the dark blue towel around her thigh, leaving the knife sticking out for now.
"That can't stay in there," Kaz noted, watching from afar.
"I am aware," Y/N said, gritting her teeth. "I'm just searching for the courage to pull it out."
Kaz took a hesitant step forward. "I can do it."
His brain suddenly stopped as he realised what he'd said. Y/N seemed to have stopped functioning as well as she took in what he'd just said.
Kaz inhaled slowly, clenching his gloved hand into a fist. "I'll pull it out... if that helps, I mean -"
"Just come and yank this thing out before I pass out," Y/N snapped, leaning her head back to rest against the wall.
Kaz limped over to Y/N and knelt down in front of her, a fairly large gap between them for both his benefit and hers. He wrapped a hand around the hilt of the knife and looked up into Y/N's eyes.
"Ready?" He asked, his voice quiet.
Y/N locked onto Kaz's eyes. "Do it."
In one, swift movement, Kaz pulled the knife out of Y/N's thigh. Y/N let out a squeak of pain but managed to keep herself quiet, not wanting to attract the attention of the entire club. But her hand was clenched so tightly the skin around her knuckles was bloodless.
"Breathe, Y/N, I don't need you passing out as well as getting stabbed," Kaz said, pressing down onto her thigh with the towel, ignoring the looming wave in the back of his mind.
A loose laugh escaped Y/N's lips. "Shut up, Brekker."
Tumblr media
Jesper stopped walking and stared at them both. "You told me you'd stabbed yourself," he said, pointing accusingly at Y/N.
Y/N shrugged. "I wasn't going to tell you the truth, was I? I'd never hear the end of it."
"So, Kaz stabbed you in the thigh, which was why you couldn't walk for a week," Jesper continued. "And why I had to carry you up and down three flights of stairs."
"Basically, yeah."
"Did you get him back for it?"
"For Saint's sake, I didn't mean to stab her!" Kaz exclaimed, turning to glare at them all, holding his cane threateningly.
Y/N, however, was smirking. "I kind of did."
Tumblr media
Y/N hated being in dark rooms by herself. Every single sound set her on edge and despite having gone to the loo before they'd left, she found herself needing to go again.
The silence was the worst thing. It was a heavy, death-like silence - one that only came after someone had died. Which made sense since they were at a graveyard and Y/N was hiding in the tombs underneath the church.
Somewhere above, a gate squeaked. Y/N shivered and scuffed her foot on the floor. Her nerves were on edge and she was certain that she was beginning to hear things.
Y/N yelped, spun on her heel and threw a knife at whoever had just spoken before she'd even realised. Kaz's eyes widened as the knife sliced through the sleeve of his coat, pinning him to the wooden archway he was standing under.
"Oh, Saints!" Y/N exclaimed, hurrying up to Kaz. "Shit, sorry, Kaz."
"I guess I deserved that," Kaz admitted, eyeing the knife.
Y/N frowned, pulling the knife out and twirling it between her fingers. "What? I didn't mean to throw it! You try being down here on your own - in the dark. I think I'm going mad."
Kaz sighed as he inspected the hole in the sleeve of his coat. "You owe me a new coat."
"I can just stitch it back together, stop making a fuss," Y/N said, putting a hand on Kaz's arm and poking the hole.
Kaz rolled his eyes again - Y/N was concerned that if he kept doing it he might lose an eye to the back of his skull - as he dropped his arm. "Can we go or do you want to try and kill me again?"
Y/N considered his offer for a moment and then sheathed her knife. "You may live another day."
"Oh, wow, your generosity astounds me," Kaz drawled.
Tumblr media
Inej snorted. "I really need to teach you how to throw knives without killing someone."
"Hey! I avoided his head!"
"And put a hole in my coat," Kaz added, glaring at her.
"I fixed it, did I not?" Y/N asked, looking pointedly at the neatly stitched hole on Kaz's right sleeve.
Jesper looked at them, bewildered. "Do you two have a contest as to who can injure the other the most? Because I'm getting concerned."
"Says the man who almost shot me, last week," Y/N said, glancing at him over her shoulder.
"That was an accident!" Jesper exclaimed loudly. "And I've said sorry!"
"Sorry doesn't fix my wall, Fahey," Y/N reminded.
Kaz smirked and a huff of a laugh escaped his lips. "I was wondering where that hole had come from."
"It came from Jesper almost blowing my brains out," Y/N said, winking at Jesper when he made a noise of protest. She laughed, throwing an arm around his shoulders. "Look, we've all almost killed each other. It's a sign of affection around here! Kaz stabs me, I almost stabbed him, Jesper almost shoots me, I shoot his shoe, Inej..." Y/N trailed off.
"What about me?" Inej asked, frowning.
"You know, I don't think you've actually tried to kill me," Y/N said, turning to face her.
"She's tried to kill me," Kaz muttered quietly.
Just not quietly enough.
"She did?!|
Kaz closed his eyes at the joint surprised exclamations from Jesper and Y/N. He was beginning to regret a lot of things in his life.
"Why do I put up with you two," he said exasperatedly, limping off down the street in a bid to escape them.
Y/N jogged after him. "Hang on, wait, Kaz, come back, I want to know the whole story! Slow down, will you! Saints, you're fast!"
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magpiencrow · 4 months ago
Good Food
kaz brekker x reader - good food
summary/request: “Heey, I’ve had this idea in my head that just can’t shake so I’ve decided to sent it here, hear me out, cooking with Kaz, like, late nights, just him and the reader, idk it may not be the best idea but I love it, anyways, love your writing, hope you have a nice day!”
warnings: none? other than profanity, fluffy slightly ooc Kaz
word count: 2k
A/N: OKAY I loved this request so much I had to base a fic around it - I think this is as soft as I’ll ever write Kaz lol. This was a challenge because fluff isn’t my thing + this is really dialogue heavy
Tumblr media
The steaming cup of coffee in Y/N’s hand nearly dropped to the floor when she heard the Slat’s back door, located in the kitchen, creak open. In the darkness she fumbled for a knife, fingers dancing over the countertops as a black shrouded figure entered the doorway. There shouldn’t be anyone awake at this hour, other than her.
Grabbing the hilt of a knife she whirled around to face the intruder, ready to attack. “Get out!”
“It’s just me.” the figure deadpanned, voice heavy with annoyance. A familiar voice - Kaz.
“Saints,” Y/N sighed and turned on the lights, “I could have killed you, you know? One throw and poof, it would have been right between your eyes.”
“You wouldn’t.” Kaz stated with a slight smile as he shrugged off his heavy woolen coat.
“Oh, I would. What are you doing anyways?”
“What are you doing?”
Y/N picked up her mug, “Coffee.”
“Coffee… at night? Wouldn’t a chamomile be more suitable?”
“Since when are you so judgemental?”
“Always have been,” he teased. “I just haven’t said all of my thoughts aloud.”
“Seriously,” Y/N stated, her face growing stern as she leaned against the counter, “What were you doing?”
With a sigh, Kaz flopped down into a chair and ran his fingers through his hair, “I was hungry. All the diners are closed at this time of night apparently.”
Y/N felt a smile growing across her face. “You could have just asked me to make something for you.”
“Really?” Kaz seemed surprised, eyebrows raising.
Somehow, in the dim candlelight, Kaz looked more like a boy than the thief she knew so well. For a second, she almost forgot who he was, what they did as a crew. The sharp, rigid lines that typically made up his form simply seemed to fade away as Kaz slouched in the chair, eyes droopy with exhaustion. The warm golden glow from the candlelight danced across his face, wicking away the usual ice cold stare. But he was still Kaz, her Kaz.
“Of course, Crow boy.” She threw him a wink and walked over to a closet that had become a makeshift pantry, large enough to hold food for the entire group of Dregs living at the Slat. “Consider yourself lucky that your girlfriend is such an amazing chef.”
Sorting through boxes of various goods in the pantry, her hands froze the moment that word left her mouth. It hung in the air, circling overhead like a vulture, ready for the prey to die. Y/N gulped as Kaz was silent, not responding. She wasn’t lying - a girlfriend was what she was, his girlfriend. But they hadn’t really talked often about it. Kaz more often than not felt like a million miles away, untouchable. He hardly ever showed he cared for her, unless she was hurt on a job - then he became a complete basket case. But other than those few moments, Y/N hardly felt a step above Inej and Jesper.
“You’re right. I’m insanely lucky to have you.”
Those simple words sent Y/N’s heart soaring and the weight upon her shoulders instantly lifted. With a grin she plucked a box of spaghetti noodles off the shelf and turned around, “Spaghetti?”
Kaz nodded eagerly and leaned forward, his elbows resting on the countertop. Y/N pulled out pots and pans, going through her regular routine of spaghetti making. She could feel Kaz’s eyes following her every movement, definitely memorizing the steps.
Soon the pasta was boiling and the sauce was simmering in another pan. The peaceful quiet, just the slight bubbling of the water, was calming. It was just her, Kaz, and no one else.
While Y/N dug fingers into the salt jar, Kaz finally spoke up, shattering the silence. “Be careful, Jesper switched sugar and salt one night. It screwed up everyone’s coffee and I had to start all over.”
Y/N froze playing those words over in her head. Everyone’s coffee, everyone’s coffee. Realization struck her like a train. Whirling around, she faced Kaz and gestured with the sauce pan spatula, “Oh my Saints… it’s you!”
“You’re the mysterious coffee person!” Y/N practically squealed, “You know, the coffees that always turn up after a successful job.”
“No, no.” Kaz answered, anxiously shaking his head.
“Inej and I swore it was Matthias.” Y/N sighed and then paused, “I’ve lost a bet to Jesper, damn it.” Y/N dramatically waved her spatula midair, exasperated. Red sauce went flying through the air, landing with a splat on Kaz’s nose.
A wide, glorious grin played upon Kaz’s lips as his eyes twinkled. It was unlike anything she’d ever seen before. After all this time, she thought she’d grown to know him so well that nothing would ever surprise her. But here he was, a foreign expression upon his face, making him look like a stranger
Softly, he wiped the sauce off his face with a light laugh and then he tasted it, “Wait… that’s good, like really good.”
“Glad to know you have so little faith in me Kazzy.”
The man simply laughed in response, throwing back his head as the walls that surrounded him came tumbling down. It was an exhilarating feeling, the change in the air as Kaz seemed to switch personas. Typically when he walked into a room, it became charged with the feeling of power, greed, and revenge. It was a tense feeling, like the calm before the storm lashed out.
But now the room felt warm. It was how she felt in the winter months, curled up in front of the roaring fireplace, a warm cup of cocoa in her hand as she lounged in her favorite pair of pajamas. She liked this feeling, seeing this new Kaz.
Pulling herself out of her thoughts, she quickly made up two plates and slid one across the counter to Kaz who stared at it with wide eyes.
“Thank you,” he quickly stated before immediately digging in, swirling the noodles around the fork in his hand.
Y/N waited with bated breath, eager to hear his response. Her heart beat a little faster as Kaz placed a forkful into his mouth.
“Fucking hell,” he groaned after swallowing, allowing his head to fall back. “That’s so good. The best thing I’ve ever eaten.”
“Really? Better than the diners?”
“Hands down, absolutely. How’d you learn to cook like that?”
“Picked up little things along the way,” Y/N spoke with a smile and took a bite of her own food.
“Can you teach me?”
“Of course.”
As time went on, the seasons changed but their late night cooking sessions stayed the same. Together they worked in harmony as two silent kitchen mice. Kaz was a dutiful student, somehow recording all of the instructions and tips in his mind without ever writing a single note down. Of course Y/N helped, hovering over his shoulder like a concerned mother, but the dishes he made were spectacular, truly.
One night Y/N pulled herself awake one bell after midnight. Exhaustion racked her body and her muscles were sore, begging for rest, but she knew Kaz was waiting. He always was, waiting there in the kitchen, either nearly giddy with excitement or desperate for a distraction. There was hardly any in between. Y/N was growing used to that black and white feeling. She had to when daytime Kaz and nighttime Kaz were practically becoming two separate people.
The moment her bare feet stepped over the threshold and into the kitchen, Kaz pounced, clapping his gloved hands onto her shoulders. His eyes gleamed with happiness as he steered her towards a lone barstool next to the counter.
“Sit, sit.” he urged with a smile and then walked to the opposite side of the counter.
“What are we making tonight?” Y/N asked, settling herself upon the stool.
“No, no,” Kaz scolded, shaking one finger in the air, “I am cooking for you.”
“Don’t you remember what day it is, love? It’s been a year since that wonderful spaghetti. Now it’s my turn.”
A smile creeped onto Y/N’s face as she stared at him, leaning against the counter. “You don’t have to.”
He pointed a finger at her and spoke, “No, none of that tonight. I want to.”
It was odd, sitting back and watching Kaz flit around the kitchen instead of helping him. But Saints, did she relish in the feeling. He looked so much younger, not so serious, when he wasn’t wearing the full layers of his suit. Even now, his gloves were stripped off, leaving him in simple black trousers and his black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. She liked seeing him like this - happy - as if all the worries in their world were gone.
Y/N never thought she’d ever see Kaz so domestic. But here he was, mixing up ingredients, making a mess and getting flour on the tip of his nose. The mere sight made her heart flutter rapidly.
“What are you making?” she finally asked, leaning forward to try to take a peek at the recipe card sitting next to a mixing bowl.
Immediately Kaz tutted, “No looking, it’s a surprise.”
Y/N rose from her chair and slinked over to his side, “Tell me, please?”
Kaz shook his head no but she didn’t miss the smirk on his face, “No.”
“Oh, c’mon Kaz.”
His gaze met hers, soft and warm, and she knew right then, he didn’t have it within him to deny her. “It’s brownies.”
“You spoil me, Kaz,” she grinned and took a step forward, but then froze. With regret, she turned away and retreated to her seat. Saints how she wanted to touch him, to pull him into a hug to show exactly what she felt. But she couldn’t… she wouldn’t force him.
“Anything for you,” he sighed as he slipped the tray of brownie batter into the oven. The air was tense, rippling with the emotions both felt. Minutes ticked by, the little clicks from Kaz’s pocket watch sounding more like loud bells.
“Is there anything I can do to help?” Y/N asked before sipping on her cup of coffee.
“No,” he insisted, leaning forward over the counter top, both hands splayed across the stone. “This night is about you. I swear on the Saints if you so much as lift a finger, I’ll be so pissed.” The tone of his voice was serious, reminiscent of the condescending attitude he assumed during the daylight hours. But the grin upon Kaz’s face said otherwise - he was teasing.
“You don’t believe in the Saints.” Y/N replied with a coy smirk, eyeing the man in front of her.
“Fine, I swear on all the kruge in my safe, I’ll be so pissed.”
“That sounds more like it.”
Light laughter rang out in the air, consuming the cozy kitchen, but Y/N’s trailed off rather quickly. Face dropping to a smile of pity she whispered, “I like seeing you like this.”
Kaz hummed in response as he quickly redirected his attention to retrieving the now done brownies from the oven.
“I’m serious,” Y/N clarified, voice becoming slightly stronger. “I like seeing you this happy.”
“I’m glad,” Kaz finally confessed, but his voice wavered as though he was unsure. “It feels…” A thick silence filled the air in that pause before he broke it, staring right at Y/N. “It feels good, honestly.”
A smile of relief broke out across Y/N’s face at that revelation. A matching one appeared on Kaz’s face as he dished out the steaming brownies and took a seat next to her.
Between bites, the baked good practically melting in her mouth, Y/N spoke, “You’re officially the brownie and coffee man. These are devilishly good.”
A wicked grin broke out across Kaz’s face, “Should we transform the Crow Club into the Crow Bakery?”
Taking another bite, Y/N shook her head no, “I don’t want to share you and your talents with the world.”
“Keeping me all for yourself, darling?” he teased in a shockingly flirty tone, gazing at her from the corner of his eye. Y/N felt the sharp warmth of a flush creeping it’s way up her cheeks.
“Yes, the world would ruin moments like this.”
“I agree - it’s easier when it’s just us.” Kaz confessed with a soft smile.
“Us and some damn good food.”
Kaz taglist:
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parkersbliss · 5 months ago
Tough | K. Brekker
Tumblr media
pairing: kaz brekker x reader
warnings: blood, cursing, kaz being a simp
wc; 2K
synopsis: mission gone wrong… gone right?
prompts: 028: “hey, hey, hey, I’m right here.” 030: “you could’ve died!”
a/n: I don’t know how I always end up so off track
Masterlist | Taglist | Prompt List
“This is ridiculous,” Jesper hisses, looking between you and Inej. “Someone tell him that!”
You raise an eyebrow at him. “Tell Kaz to back out of a job? No way.”
“I prefer to keep my head,” Inej said.
Jesper rolls his eyes. “You’ll lose it either way at this point!”
“Jesper, it’s fine.”
“No, it’s not! Do you realize how-”
“Shut up, Jesper,” Kaz scowled through the earpiece.
Jesper mumbles something under his breath, but you don’t catch it.
“How’s everything looking, Kaz?” Inej asked.
“One last round of guards, and then you two can come in.”
You nod, securing your gun in place as you stand up.
“If you two don’t come back, I told you so!” Jesper said.
“If we don’t come back, we probably ditched you,” You quip back.
Jesper scoffs, standing up. “At least I still have Wylan.”
“No, you don’t,” Wylan responded through the earpiece.
Jesper throws his hands in the air, “No one appreciates the voice of wisdom around here.”
“(Y/N), Inej, go.”
Inej takes the lead, climbing the gate and dropping safely on the other side. You follow after and make a run for the main entrance. You hide behind a column, holding your breath as two guards walk back to their posts. A hand sticks out from the opposite column on you, and Inej makes a hand signal that means go.
With what you hope are quiet footsteps, you emerge from behind the column and follow Inej to the hallway to the left. You patiently wait as two Grisha emerge from the bedrooms, and in the span of a few seconds, it takes the door to close; you both rush in.
Inej opens the closet, throwing you a kefta, and you gasp at the softness of the fabric.
“Do you think we can keep these?” You jokingly ask.
“Unless you want to be an even bigger target in Ketterdam: I’d advise not.”
“They’re bulletproof and warm,” You said, slipping on the blue kefta with red and yellow detailing.
Inej only hums as she slips hers on, which has green swirls embellished on it.
“Tidemaker,” You said.
“Inferni,” Inej replied. “Suits you.”
You both walk out of the bedroom, the kefta’s making it easier to walk through the palace undetected. The Grisha all automatically assumed you belonged there. They didn’t bother to take a good look at your face.
“Status?” Kaz asked.
“On track,” You said softly, passing by two Grisha’s.
Kaz nods on his side, dressed as a guard inside of the palace. He waits patiently by the door for the two of you. He can just barely spot Wylan in the distance, acting as a servant to the Queen.
She was too stuck up to ever notice or acknowledge any of the servant's names. Similar to the Mercher’s back in Ketterdam.
What snobs they are.
Kaz watches as you and Inej round the corner. The Kefta’s fit both of you surprisingly well. He nods at you two, giving Wylan one last glance before going to unlock the Queen’s room. His fingers and quick, and the lock cracks open in a few seconds.
In those few seconds, someone screams. You can hear Wylan laughing nervously before being pinned down by a guard.
Kaz instantly stops what he’s doing as you all watch the scene unfold. They disarm him, grabbing a remote and throwing it across the floor.
“Get back!” Kaz shouts as the button lands first onto the ground. There’s a moment of silence, utter stillness as you and Inej look toward the Queen’s room, and then it explodes. The blast echoes through the castle and shatters everything. Pieces of rumble rain down as the building begins to shake.
You slam against the adjacent wall, coughing at the dust and groaning. Blood trickles down from your forehead, and your entire body aches.
A low moan catches your attention, and you look up to see a crystal chandelier, cracks surrounding the ceiling it was attached to.
“(Y/N)!” You can hear Kaz scream as it gives way.
You don’t have enough time to get away, you know that. Your vision was still blurry, a loud ringing in your ears. You were too disoriented to even comprehend the idea of being pierced with the decorative piece.
But Kaz isn’t.
He lunges forward, tackling you to the opposite end and shielding you with his body. He’s holding his breath the entire time, counting in his head and reminding himself that it’s just you. If he lets go, then you’ll be dead.
Don’t let go. He repeats it like a mantra inside his head, focusing on the sound of glass shattering as you both skid across the floor.
Sharp glass shards pierce his jacket and skin, but he’s barely fazed by it. It gives him something else to focus on other than the feeling of you.
“Don’t move,” You said quietly, and you can see his eyes widen because by saints he needs to, or he’s going to pass out. “Kaz, if you move, you’re going to push a piece of glass further into yourself.”
He starts shaking his head because the feeling of you breathing under him is overwhelming. Your voice had snapped him out of his daze, and now he was fully aware and fully scared. He doesn't know why. It's you and you were the one person he wishes he could be able to touch, but right now, he can't.
“I can’t,” He whispers.
“Kaz, don’t.”
“Hey, hey, hey, I’m right here,” You assure. “I’m alive, okay? Just breathe slowly until I can get out.”
Kaz closes his eyes and breathes deeply. Every nerve in his body is screaming. It’s worse than the shard of glass sticking out of him. He can’t do it.
“Kaz!” You scream as he rolls off of you and onto the floor.
Almost instantly, the glass pierces through him, and he groans. There’s a huge shard sticking out of his stomach, and you can feel panic surging through you.
Your instincts overwhelm the pain, and your senses come rushing back to you. There’s no way you can grab the glass without cutting yourself in the process, and Kaz would bleed out before you can do anything.
“Kaz Brekker, don’t you dare die on me.”
“I’m not trying to,” He hisses back.
“Inej!” You shout, searching for the Suli girl through the rubble.
“A healer,” Kaz coughs out. “You look Grisha, call for a healer.”
You blink, still amazed how Kaz’s mind is still working, before standing up. “Healer!”
On cue, a girl with a red kefta and silver detailing runs over from the area where Wylan was. You don’t want to imagine how many others are hurt. Behind her is Inej, who nods at you, and you thank the saints for her.
“I need to get the glass out," The healer said.
You look at her, then back to Kaz. “Okay. I can do that. Trust me."
“What you did was stupid,” You said to Kaz, kneeling down by his side once more.
“You were going to die,” he protests weakly.
You slowly grip the glass tightly, trying to ignore the sharp sting of it as the jagged sides cut through your skin.
“You could’ve died!” You scowl, but Kaz could hear the fear in your voice. “You still could.”
“It’s better me than you.”
“No, it isn’t,” You reply, “Kaz, how can you not see it?”
“See what?”
“That I'm in love with you!”
His eyes widen, and at that moment, you grab the glass and yank it out. Kaz screams out in pain, shutting his eyes. “Fuck!”
It’s the first time you’ve ever heard him curse.
The healer jumps into action. She leans over Kaz, and with a single motion of her hand, stitches him up.
She looks at you, and before you can say anything, she heals the cut on your forehead and the gashes on your hands.
“Thank you,” You said.
She nods, and Inej thanks her as well before turning her attention back to you and Kaz. “We need to go, like now. Wylan’s already running out the door as we speak.”
You nod, looking to Kaz. “Okay, can you walk?”
Inej hands him his cane, and he uses it to steady himself. “I can.”
“Okay… can you run?”
“I don’t think we have much of a choice,” Inej said, tugging on your kefta and gesturing to the guards eyeing you down.
“We’re running!” You announce, taking off with Inej and Kaz on your heels. The guards immediately start pursuing you, and you try to lose them in the many hallways.
“Where the hell is Jesper when you need him?”
“Right here!”
“I’m here as well!” Nina shouts, coming to a stop behind him. “The Kefta’s suit you two.”
Jesper winks before beginning to fire as Nina drops their heart rate.
“I take it the mission was unsuccessful?” Nina asked, turning to run when the guards become too many.
“I wouldn’t say that,” Jesper said.
“I would,” Kaz seethed.
“Yes, well, you happen to be the most pessimistic person here,” Jesper replied, firing a shot at an approaching guard.
“(Y/N) confessed her love for Kaz,” Inej said through labored breaths, finally reaching the exit.
Nina whirls to face you, “What?”
“About damn time,” Jesper grumbled, ignoring the look Kaz gives him.
You roll your eyes at him, grateful to see your getaway carriage on time.
“And then she pulled a piece of glass out of him,” Inej added, opening the door and hopping into the carriage.
“Oh wow, that’s really the cherry on top of it, isn’t it?” Jesper asked sarcastically.
“You guys are the only people that gossip while being chased down with guns,” Your driver, Matthias, chuckled.
“When else are we supposed to be doing it?” Nina asked, getting into the seat next to him and grabbing the reins.
“Oh sorry, didn’t realize there’s a time and place for it. I’ll stop being a criminal and getting chased now,” You sassily replied, climbing in behind Kaz.
“Just go!”
Nina and Matthias don’t have to be told twice, and you all take off, leaving empty-handed, or so you thought.
Jesper and Wylan sit across from Inej, you, and Kaz. The curly-haired boy holds a bag tightly to his chest, and you’re not oblivious to it.
“What’s in the bag?” Inej asked.
Jesper grins. “Why thank you for asking. Care to share, Wylan?”
The boy rolls his eyes and opens the bag, revealing a crown.
“Oh my god,” You gasp.
“I told you we weren’t leaving empty-handed,” Jesper smirks, leaning back and ruffling his boyfriend's hair.
“How?” Kaz asked.
“Stole it from the queen after the explosion and quite literally ran for my life.”
“We taught him well.”
The ride back to Os Kervo is long, and most of the Dregs fall asleep, except for Nina and Matthias, of course.
Inej rests her head against the window, using her hoodie and scarf as a pillow. Jesper does the same, with Wylan resting on his shoulder.
However, you’re wide awake, not finding a comfortable position to sleep in.
“Did you mean it?” Kaz whispered, turning to face you.
His features stick out more in the moonlight, casting sharp shadows across his face. His blue eyes feel like they're piercing you in a single gaze.
“Mean what?”
“What you said before you yanked the glass out of me, or was it just a distraction?”
“Oh,” You said softly. “I meant it.”
“I mean it too.”
You raise a questioning eyebrow at him.
Kaz realizes he has to say it back. It wasn't that he didn't want to, but he felt like a child once again. There were butterflies in his stomach as he speaks. “I love you too.”
“Is that so?” You ask, a slightly teasing tone to your voice, and he knows it.
“I don’t risk my life for just anyone.”
“No, I suppose you wouldn’t.”
“I also don’t offer my shoulder to sleep on to anyone.”
Your eyes brighten. “Kaz?”
He gives you a small smile, “I can take it.”
“Are you sure?”
“If it means both of us get some shut-eye, yes.”
A slow smile spread across your face as you pull up your own hoodie, having shed the Kefta long ago. It was too bulky for you.
You slowly let your head fall onto his shoulder, and his breathing stutters for a brief moment before relaxing again when he can feel your heartbeat. It should freak him out, and it does, but he stays strong. That’s what you do for the people you love.
You tough it out.
That, and Kaz falls asleep a few moments later with his own head resting on yours.
— END —
🏷 Kaz Brekker Taglist: @ms-awkward @kykymyeon @alcottsangel @kaqua
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triptuckers · 3 months ago
Love language - Kaz Brekker
Request: nope Pairing:  Kaz Brekker x reader Summary:  with a little help of the crows, you figure out Kaz’ love language  Warnings: none Word count:  934 A/N: ok I got this idea and it made me so s o f t oh god someone stop me from writing love sick fluff aaaa enjoy reading!
You finish buttoning up the shirt Kaz gave you as he’s cleaning the floor. Even though Kaz assured you it wasn’t your fault, you still feel a bit guilty and above all very stupid for spilling coffee all over the floor because you sneezed. 
It was still fresh and very hot, so you had let out a string of curses as you tried to get the coffee off of your shirt. Kaz had simply walked over to his closet and handed you a shirt of his to wear. 
‘I’m sorry.’ you said again, watching as Kaz was cleaning up the mess you made.
‘It’s alright.’ says Kaz. ‘At least it fell on the floor and not all over my desk.’
‘I’m gonna go downstairs to get a new cup.’ you say. 
You’re silently cursing yourself as you walk downstairs. Only you could spill coffee al over yourself because you sneezed. 
It’s still early in the morning, but there’s already people having breakfast downstairs. You wave at Jesper, Inej, Wylan and Nina when you pass them to get a fresh cup of coffee.
While you’re opening cabinets looking for a mug, you had failed to notice how everyone fell silent. It isn’t until you turn around with a mug in your hand, you notice they’re all staring at you.
Jesper is the first one to speak up.
‘Is that Kaz’ shirt?’ he asks. ‘Hmm?’ you say, looking down at the shirt you’re wearing. ‘Oh, yeah.’ ‘How did you get it?’ says Jesper.
You frown at his words. ‘Kaz gave it to me.’ you say. ‘How else would I get it? It’s not like I’d dare to rob him.’
The four of them all exchange looks as you’re pouring yourself a fresh cup of coffee. You take a sip of your coffee and they’re still staring at you.
‘Kaz gave you his shirt?’ says Jesper, visibly confused. ‘Yes?’ you say, getting confused as well. ‘Because I spilled coffee on mine.’ ‘So he gave you his shirt?’ says Jesper.
‘Yes.’ you say. ‘Why are you so confused about it?’
You really didn’t get how Kaz giving you his shirt seemed like such a big deal to them. 
‘Your room is only one floor below Kaz.’ says Jesper. ‘You could have easily gotten a new shirt from your own room, but instead he gave you his.’ ‘And last week he gave her his coat on our way back to the Slat after a job.’ Inej chimes in.
‘Don’t forget abut the time he gave her his hat because it would be “less suspicious” when we were at the docks a couple of days ago.’ says Wylan.
‘Or when you had just a tiny hole in your shirt, Kaz gave you his shirt as well.’ says Nina.
They’re all recalling times you had worn Kaz’ clothes. You don’t know why they seem to take notice of it. After all, you didn’t think it was such a big deal. Kaz often gave you his clothes to wear when yours had stains on them or when you were cold and hadn’t brought a coat. It wasn’t such a big deal, right?
‘I don’t see how me wearing Kaz’ clothes is such a big deal.’ you say, taking another sip of your coffee. To your surprise, they all chuckle. Was there some inside joke you didn’t know about?
‘Darling, it’s adorable how oblivious you are.’ says Jesper. ‘Kaz sharing things is his love language. He’s basically telling you he loves you every time he gives you his clothing for you to wear.’ 
You’re quiet upon hearing his words. Sure, there was something unspoken going on between you and Kaz, but love? You hadn’t thought about it like that at all.
‘He loves me?’ you say softly, more to yourself than to your friends.
‘You should hear the way he talks about you when you’re not around.’ says Nina. ‘Honestly, it’s really sweet. You see a side of Kaz no one expected him to have.’
‘I have to go.’ you say and you make your way to the door to the hallway.
You hear Jesper yell ‘Get him, girl!’ but you ignore him and head up the stairs. You’re trying to run up the stairs without spilling your coffee again. 
In front of Kaz’ door, you take a few seconds to collect yourself before knocking on the door.
‘Come in.’ says Kaz’ familiar voice.
You open the door and enter his office. He’s sitting behind his desk, already going over piles of paper. He briefly looks up at you before going back to work.
‘Do you love me?’ you blurt out.
Kaz looks up and slightly narrows his eyes at you. ‘Did you talk to Jesper?’ he asks.
‘Yes, he asked me why I was wearing your shirt.’ you say. ‘I told him because I spilled coffee on mine, so you gave me one of yours. Jesper says that’s your love language.’
You look at Kaz, waiting for his answer.
‘Does he now?’ says Kaz. You can practically see the wheels running in his brain. ‘I suppose it is.’ he mumbles, turning back to his work.
You smile and walk over to sit in the chair in front of his desk. 
‘Do you want to know why I love wearing your clothes?’ you say. ‘Tell me.’ he says. ‘They smell like you. I love it.’ you say. ‘I love you, Kaz.’
He looks up and smiles at you. A rare smile, that he only reserved for you.
‘That’s good to know.’ he says, continuing to work, but with a faint smile on his face. 
A/N: If you want to request something, make sure to read my house rules Here’s the list of characters I write for. Everything that I have written can be found on my masterlist. Please don’t repost my work, as I spend much time and effort on it!! Thank you for reading! Much love, Marit
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mrs-brekker15 · 2 months ago
You're Cute
Based off this request: Hi!! Your writing is absolutely BEAUTIFUL <3 I saw your requests were open! I was wondering if you could write something with Kaz Brekker and numbers 7 and 26 from your prompt list :) ~ @im-constantly-fangirling
7~ Person B always wears Person A’s clothes. Person A ends up saying ‘keep it’ cause Person B looks so cute.
26~ “I don’t like you enough for that.” “What do you mean you don’t like me enough? We’re married!”
A/N: I hope you like it!! This was really cute and fun to write! Thank you for requesting it! Sorry it's on the shorter end...
Please feel free to reblog, comment (I love hearing what y'all think!), and let me know if you want to be added to the taglist. And my requests are always open!
Story below the cut :)
Word Count: 603
Warning(s): none, ooc kaz? my horrible writing :)
Taglist: @melody13522 @gemma-collins-ily @hellomyweirdos @im-constantly-fangirling
Tumblr media
Y/N had a habit of stealing clothes.
The victim is always the same. Kaz.
He never really minded, honestly. He only started getting slightly annoyed when he started running out of clean shirts to wear. Which today was one of those days.
“Y/N?” He walked into the bedroom seeing her sitting in bed reading a book, wearing one of his button up shirts.
She looked up and smiled as she heard him walk in the room, “Hi, love. What can I do for you?”
He walked to the foot of the bed and sat down, “Do you happen to know what happened to all my shirts? I can’t seem to find any.”
She smiled shyly and looked at her book again. “I have no idea.”
Kaz chuckled, “You know, I do need shirts. I sorta need them everyday. A new one everyday.”
Y/N rolled her eyes and smiled, “And you're saying I need to stop stealing your shirts?”
He nodded and looked at her expectantly.
She gasped, “But your job is to let me steal your clothes!”
He rolled his eyes, “I don’t like you enough for that.”
Her eyes widened and she laughed, “What do you mean you don’t like me enough?! We’re married!”
Kaz threw his head back laughing, a sight only Y/N was able to see.
He only ever allowed himself to let loose and be… free when he was with her.
She watched him with nothing but adoration and love in her eyes.
Kaz looked back at her with a questioning look in his eyes, she shook her head, “Well, Mr. ‘I-need-a-clean-shirt-everyday’ I just finished the laundry. There are more clean shirts on the dresser.”
He smiled and kissed her forehead. “Thank you.”
He walked to the dresser, “I’ll let you keep wearing my shirts. Only ‘cause you’re cute. Plus they look better on you.”
Tumblr media
“Y/N/N! Come on! I want waffles!”
Y/N laughed as she came running down the stairs with Kaz’s black coat in hand. “Okay, let’s go.”
Nina, Inej and Y/N start walking to the door to go out for dinner when Kaz calls, “Y/N! Go get your jacket. I’m going to run to a shop right now.”
She just wraps the coat tighter around her, “You have two more in the closet though…”
Nina grabbed her arm, “Yeah, Kaz. You have two more in the closet. Go get one of those. Now, I swear, if one more person keeps us from getting my waffles…”
She trailed off as she dragged both Y/N and Inej out the door.
Before the door closed Y/N blew a quick kiss to Kaz then continued walking with the girls.
“I swear, they are still teenagers half the time.”
Jesper laughed from where he was sitting at a table with Matthias and Wylan. “Yeah, they will never grow up.”
Wylan looked at his boyfriend, “As if you’ve grown up much either.”
Jesper rolled his eyes but smiled anyway.
Kaz chuckled and started walking back up the stairs to grab his other coat.
When he opened the closet he saw a few new shirts with a note on them.
‘Can you start wearing these? That way we both have more shirts to pick from.’
He chuckled and put the note down.
Yes, Y/N annoyed him sometimes.
Yes, she stole his clothes all the time.
Yes, he wouldn’t change his life for anything in the world.
He knew he was a lucky man, and he was reminded every morning he woke up with his beautiful, amazing, kind, caring wife next to him.
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bookishdream · 7 months ago
A/N: I finally did something, hope you like it! Again if you notice any mistakes, let me know! Enjoy
TW: few cursing words
kaz brekker x fem!reader
You were sitting on Kaz's lap, one of his hands was placed loosely on your waist and the second one was turning a kruge coin between his slim fingers. The brown-haired boy hadn't taken his gloves, saying he wouldn't need them. You'd looked at him with sparks of doubt in your eyes, thinking how this work could go down, just because he wouldn't take them.
"Are you sure, Kaz?" You'd asked, eying his bare hands, while he'd been dressing his coat. "This job is important, you said it yourself."
"I'm touched by your worries, y/n. However, I think you should keep this pretty nose of yours out of my business" he'd replied, passing you and opening the door behind your body. "Now, shall we?"
"You're unbearable, Brekker."
"That's what they say, love" he'd smirked.
You hadn't said a single word about his so-called business since then, the beautiful red dress was closely tugging to your body, making men and women to look twice into your direction. The cloth was long, you couldn't count how many times you stumbled because of this stupid thing. And because of your shoes. But you closed your mouth firmly, so Nina wouldn't feel bad, since she had helped you choosing the outfit.
You and Kaz were watching a guy, who apparently robbed Per Haskell, while both Inej and Jesper were close to the doors in case he wanted to escape. And to handle the other part of your plan.
Your eyes were focused on your cards, and sometimes you were lifting your vision to analyse faces of other men sited by the table. They were so sure they would win, little did they know, the croupier was from the Crow Club. You kept your face blank and unreadable. Your target had brown hair, and deep blue eyes, probably in his mid-30s. His eyes were focused on you, trying to read your expression. From time to time, Kaz's palm was tightening on your hip, you could feel the goose bumps on your arms and you were positive, the bastard could see them. He would be teasing you after because of this.
After a while, all men beside the table groaned when you won for the third time that evening, your smirk only grew wider, when you saw your target getting up and leaving the table. Your plan was working.
You simply got up, fixing your dress, Kaz after you. He stretched his hand for you to take it and you did. Leading you towards the exit, you two left the stuffy club and met the chilly night in Ketterdam. According to the plan, you should go after Inej and Jesper to check if they did what they had to, not like you didn't trust them. Kaz had to make sure everything was done.
You heard how he breathed out the air in his lungs, you took a peek at him and saw how pale he got. You wondered if he was that pale while you were playing. You looked down and noticed his shaking hands.
"For fuck's sake, Kaz." you gently took his arm, and lead him back to the Crow Club.
"I don't want to hear that." he groaned, the sweat on his forehead shone. You frowned, fastened your pace.
You huffed and didn't say another word. Seeing you were close to the club, you felt how Kaz was leaning on you, practically letting you carry him.
"No, no, no, Brekker. You're heavy, and there's no way I'm going to bring your ass upstairs," your neck was wet, and the dress wasn't the best to doing this kind of activities. "of course, you don't have your cane, when you're needing this."
He cursed at you and tried to stand steadier on his legs. You held him by his waist, his body tensed.
You entered the club, and as fast as you could went to his room. You helped him sit down on his mattress. Quickly you tried to remove his shirt, but he slapped your hands away, doing it by himself. You poured him a glass of water and handed it to the brunet.
You sat on the other side of his bed, looking at him.
"Thank you." you heard his raspy voice. "But if you say I told you so, I'm going to kick you out."
You chuckled, locking your eyes into his. “So, I can stay?"
His eyes lingered on your face for a few seconds. "Please."
"Fine, just let me change into something more comfortable." you said, getting up and heading to the door.
"You can borrow one of my shirts." his voice little, you stopped in your tracks, thinking you hallucinated.
"I still need pants, be right back. You should lay down." you exited his room and promptly went to your room, to grab a pair of black bottoms. You came back to his room and went to his closet. Kaz was lying on his bed, eyes closed and face still pale. You noticed he hadn't covered his hands. A quiet sigh came out of your mouth.
You tried to strip out of you dress, but the bodice of it was tightly tied on your back. You would kill Nina when you meet her next time.
"Kaz, can you please help me with this stupid dress?" your question came out muffled, probably because of closed door of the closet.
You heard his steps, they sounded heavily as he came closer to you, you felt his fingers untying the strings. With every second, even though the corset was getting looser, you still were feeling your breath hitched in your throat. Kaz's hands were gentle when he unclasped the last one of the buttons on your corset, you had to keep your hands on the front of the bodice, in case to don't show too much.
You turned around, meeting with boy's chest. First two buttons of his shirt where unhooked. You looked into his eyes and the fire in them was mirroring yours. You felt his hand on your chin, gently lifting it up, Kaz pulled up and you slowly leaned even closer.
You felt his lips on yours, first lightly but when you responded to him, the kiss got heated. You still held your dress close to your body, not sure if you should let it go and touch him or wait until he does the next step.
You felt his bare hands first on the back of your neck, pulling you closer to him. You let go of your dress, placing your palms in his hair, you waited for him to tense but nothing happened. Your bodies were so close, that dress was still in its place.
"What the fuck?" you stopped kissing and both of you looked at the direction from where the voice came from. "I thought you died when you didn't show up on the bridge, I was running here!" Jesper exclaimed, his face slightly red, guns in his hands. "Only to see you are making out in the closet?!"
You laughed, taking your hands of Kaz's neck, if you had looked at him, you would've seen how he tried to stay calm. He slowly turned around, eying Jesper.
"Get out." his voice even more raspy than usual. "Or it was your last run in your life."
Jesper huffed, hiding his guns into his gun-belt. "I won a bet, by the way. Nina won't be pleased."
"Get. Out."
"Fine, fine." black skinned boy closed the door after him with a small thud. You used the time when he wasn't looking into your direction and dressed up one of his black shirts, buttoning up.
"You're unbearable" you said with a small chuckle. He turned around and look at you, looking you up and down.
"So, I heard" he smirked, doing up the last button, closest to your neck. He placed his hand on the place when he could feel your pulse. "You were running too? Your pulse is pretty high." he left, feeling of his hand still on your skin.
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just-a-human-witha-pen · 3 months ago
Can I request a Kaz one-shot? The female reader is an archer and is skilled in the art of stealth. She is a member of the Crows. She and Kaz are a couple. She’s slowly helping him get over his touch phobia. So far he’s only comfortable holding hands. On a mission with Jesper and Inej, a distraction is needed and the reader pins Kaz to a wall and kisses him before he can say or do anything. Turns out Kaz enjoyed the kiss but he’s too stubborn to admit it. I realize this may be out of character.
I'm gonna be honest I have wanted to write something like this with Kaz but had no idea if anyone would want it. Yes of course I'll write this for you anon!
Pairing: Kaz x reader
Word count: 1,762
Tumblr media
Four of the crows sat at a table. Jesper, Inej, Kaz, and (Y/n), they were finalizing details for a new job, a quick lift, that's what it was supposed to be. Kaz had let Nina, Matthias, and Wylan stay out of it, this job was all about stealth and he knew the four of them could handle it on their own. The more that he thought the more stress seemed to take over him, absentmindedly he reached out to (Y/n) who'd been sitting next to him. Her hand was resting on her knee curved ever so slightly for him to be able to slip his hand into hers. (Y/n) turned her hand around so their fingers intertwined, the two seemed to take a deep breath in sync. No matter how simple it was, any form of touch form Kaz was a milestone. They had been working on it together for months now at his request. He knew the risks but he was sure he was ready to at least try and (Y/n) had always been so patient with him she never pushed him to do anything he didn't want to, she took whatever he felt ready to give.
"We should have everything covered. Once Jes gives the signal Inej will move to her area, and get copies of the maps, I'll head to my position and keep an eye out for you while you grab the package?" (Y/n) looked at him, his gloved thumb traced invisible circles around the top of her hand reassuringly, he nodded. "I should go get in some target practice then, are we done?" her tone was nervous, he could feel it. Kaz nodded dismissing them all to get ready for that night.
"You never miss dove, you really don't need the practice," he said hand still holding hers. She smiled at him lovingly a small glint in her eye.
Later that evening they stood just outside a large museum.
"We meet back at the Slat when it's done." Kaz said looking at each of them individually. They nodded in tandem when Jesper spoke up first "No mourners."
"No funerals" A whisper of good luck before they separated waiting for the plan to begin.
Everything that could have gone wrong went terribly wrong. Jesper was late with the signal, so Inej had to take out several men who had been occupying the room with maps, this of course set off an alarm that got almost every guard in the building on their ass. This caused a panic as there were still many guests, merchers placing bets mostly, in the building.
"Shit..." (Y/n) mumble reaching back to grab another arrow from the quiver at her back, she knocked the arrow, aimed at the guard closest and let it loose. It flew silently through the air before it hit its target, the guard was dead, painless, she had hit him in the heart without fail. (Y/n) jumped down from her perch grabbed her arrow form the dead guards body and dragged him into a nearby closet. (Y/n) entered the room as Kaz was flipping through various documents, "Okay anytime now please, I only have so many arrows boss." She said exasperated feeling behind her for the amount she had left, two.
He looked her in the eyes, the crazed look he usually had on jobs softened when his eyes met hers. "How many do you have (Y/n)?" He quizzed.
She shook her head as she became aware of the sound of footsteps drawing closer to the room they were in. "Not nearly enough, now hurry it up." She walked over to him to help hurry up the process hoping the footsteps would fade.
They didn't, and soon the doorknob jiggled, it was locked. (Y/n) knew it was locked as she had locked it when she walked in. she threw her bow and quiver into a closet in the room making sure it wouldn't be seen. I have to do something, if we get caught here we're dead. She knew exactly what she had to do.
The next thing Kaz knew he was being pushed against the wall. this was fine, it had happened on a couple missions where (Y/n) was getting him out of the way of gunfire or other things nothing new. Except the next thing he knew he heard the door opening and felt her lips meet his.
To say he was stunned would have been an understatement. They both knew that surprise affection was absolutely out of the question right now, he couldn't do it, but he found himself after a few moments noticing that no fear flooded his mind, he kissed her back, hesitantly at first but eventually his hands wound their way around her waist to pull her closer to him. He found himself not wanting to let her go but eventually she did pull away at the sound of the door closing again. He looked down at her stunned at the action unable to get the feeling of her out of his head.
"Kaz I..."
"We can talk about it when we get back."
They worked in silence to get what they needed. "Grab your bow, we need to leave." He said after a few minutes, she couldn't read the tone of his voice, couldn't look in his eyes and tell if he was angry with her, or even if he was panicked. She couldn't read him and he needed it to be that way, he needed to know she couldn't tell that he was replaying the kiss over and over in his head. He kept thinking of the way her lips felt on his, warm, soft, and alive. The way her body melded into his when he pulled her closer, he couldn't let her know that he couldn't get her out of his mind.
They went out through a window in the next room he watched as she took out a guard noiselessly with her bow, she never missed, something he loved about his dove.
"Son of a bitch." He looked at her eyebrow quirked in question, "That was my last arrow."
"I'll buy you a new one with the payout lets just go." He remained toneless.
(Y/n) walked up to their shared room in the attic once they made it back to the Slat. She too had been relaying the moment in her head, it was perfect, except for the part where she felt like she ruined their entire relationship. She had crossed a major boundary, they agreed to take it slow, it took months of work for Kaz to be able to tolerate anything other than holding her hand. They shared a room but had one of the biggest beds of all the crows to make sure they didn't touch while they slept. The two did everything they could to make this work and (Y/n) felt herself ruin every single step they worked to help him get through his touch aversion.
He entered their room quietly, (Y/n) looked up at him carefully. He walked over to the small sink and mirror where he usually set his gloves. She watched him as she always had before but couldn't tell what was going through his head. She watched as he took the gloves from his hands and set them down to the left of the basin, as he came over to his side of the bed slowly, she could tell his leg had started to bother him after tonight. When he sat down adjusting his position as needed he held out a hand for her to take, this too was a nightly occurrence.
(Y/n) took his hand, their fingers intertwined, not separated by anything, Kaz shivered slightly at the contact but still, nothing seemed to creep in, his girl was warm, soft, alive, nothing like what he feared. After hard missions when they were both too tired to speak they would sit in bed, hand in hand, quietly together, it was the closet to cuddling that they had gotten thus far.
(Y/n) was first to speak. Just a soft apology. He looked at her eyes softening. She took a deep breath before she continued, "I crossed a major boundary tonight. One that I never should have crossed without knowing you were entirely okay with it. I'm so sorry Kaz. was quick thinking the guard was coming in and I didn't know what else to do so I thought we'd be safe I.." She looked at him, genuinely scared she may have caused him to relapse into the boy he'd been few months ago. "I'm sorry love." she finished.
He took his hand from hers and brought it hesitantly to cup her cheek. "Don't apologize dove. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it." His eyes moved from the hand on her face, to her mouth remembering the soft feel of her mouth against his. "I wouldn't be opposed to doing it again sometime, maybe in a scenario that isn't life or death?"
She felt the world shift as he leaned closer to her, their noses touched briefly before he bridged the gap between them. The softness of his mouth met his, a sharp contrast to everything else he had in his life but that was (Y/n), she was the softness he needed in his life, she was warmth and life and beauty and everything he thought didn't exist in this world he found they all existed in her. It was like she was made for him and him alone. She was his dove, his girl, the love of his life and the feeling of her mouth on his again felt like everything at once. He moved his hand to her hair to pull her as close to him as he could get and even then it wasn't enough.
They pulled away from each other breathless. "My love you are everything to me. I love you so damn much." He said forehead touching hers as their hands intertwined again, (Y/n) smiled and kissed him softly once more.
"I love you too, more than you could know Kaz." She said
They laid down still far from being able to being able to sleep intertwined in each other, but closer than they were the night before, things had changed between them, they took a step forward in their relationship and the two drifted off with smiles on their faces and they fingers intertwined.
I really enjoyed writing this anon, I really hope this was what you wanted. I love the idea of lovesick Kaz so much it's so cute.
As always requests are open, I try to get them out pretty soon after I get them. You can also ask me questions and feel free to vent in my inbox if you need advice or anything.
Likes, re blogs and comments are always appreciated it warms my heart when I see you guys leaving things on my posts it really does.
Have a nice day/night, eat, sleep and drink water if you haven't
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ravkanfashion · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tweed suit, 1895
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thedelusionreaderbitch · 4 months ago
Kaz Brekker x Reader - Comfort
A/n: This anon is a genius I lovvvvvve this request! Most people would want the opposite but I really like that it's reversed so thank you!
Warnings: Sad Kaz, some mentions of blood, mentions of gangs, it has Kaz Brekker in it so... I think that's it? You have been warned!
Request: Could I get a kaz brekker x reader where the reader has to leave for a job and kaz misses them so he starts wearing their clothes (like scarves or oversized sweaters that actually fit him well or shirts of his that the reader wore) and the crew starts to notice and start teasing him about it?
Kaz is way too ooc in this, it's really bad so... Sorry!
Tumblr media
"Be careful!" Nina yells as Y/n gets on the boat.
"I will!" They yell back as the boat starts to take off.
Kaz longs to say something to yell out to them like the rest of the Crows. Really, what he longs for is to get on that boat with Y/n. This mission is needed to keep everything in order though. He just wished he could go with them. But wish's were for children.
Come back.
He turns on his heel and starts limping towards the Slat while his (closet he would get anyways) friends sighed at Kaz. He understood really, but he was still the bastard of the barrel with a reputation to uphold.
Come back to us.
Kaz woke up the next day noticing he only got an hour of sleep. A single hour of rest. Usually, Kaz didn't sleep much but it was in between 2h - 5h. So what was wrong?
Y/n wasn't here.
He grumbled as he started to get out of his bed. But even if he looked angry, his heart was longing for the person that was now across the sea.
Little things like this popped up everywhere and it was starting to drive him insane. Everything would remind him of them and it had only been four days. And they were supposed to be gone for four months.
He needed something... Something to take comfort in, to hell with being Dirtyhands. He couldn't if he was unfocused. Then everything would get burned to the ground he needed something- fuck the best thing would be Y/n being here but that would be impossible.
Without meaning too he finds himself in their empty room in the Slat and he has to remind himself that they are not dead just away for a bit. Taking a glance at their dresser he spots a black, leather, trench coat hanging up. Perfect for Ketterdam weather and he wonders why they didn't bring it with them.
He limps over to the coat and he takes it in his hands not really knowing what he's doing. Shrugging his own jacket off he puts Y/n's on, and- By the saints, he can smell them.
Their scent is like sunshine, with a bit of a woody smell to it. It fills his sense's and he can smell the storm of wildness that comes with them and he can't get enough. It's just enough to remind him that they're alive.
He looks around their room trying to find some more clothes that he could wear without looking suspicious and while still having the comfort that comes with them.
For the first two months, the crows didn't realize what the Brekker boy was stealing or more so, wearing. But when he started wearing Y/n's clothes from once a week to something every day they all started to notice.
"Is that Y/n's shirt?" Kaz looked down and it was indeed Y/n's shirt. It was a black button-up that was ginormous on them but fit him perfectly. Almost too perfect to be true.
He just shrugged his shoulders, what was he supposed to say to that? Yes? That would be terrible and he sighed internally about even the thought of saying yes.
If it was Y/n you would. A voice whispered. Oh shut it. He thinks back. It must have been Kaz Rietveld, he thought that part of him was gone. Forever drowning in the harbour along with Jordie's corpse.
"Oh, my gods it is!" Nina exclaims shooting up from her chair to narrow her eyes down at him inspecting Kaz.
"Who are you and want have you done with Kaz Brekker!" Jesper fake gaps.
Kaz rolls his eyes a faint blush sitting on his cheeks and goes to stand up with his cane helping him a bit.
"You love her." Inej states. He curses the Wraith's skill for observation at that moment and made a mental reminder to keep her in check later.
"Don't be absurd Inej."
'Don't be absurd Brekker you know you love me.'
"Don't deny it Demjin it just waste's valuable time."
'I won't waste my time on ignorant things like love, L/n.'
He opens the door harshly hitting Nina and Matthias on the way out. "Get back to work."
'We don't choose to love Dirtyhands, it just... Happens. You can't live life without it.'
He's making choices without thinking again, he doesn't know how but somehow he ended up at a water fountain. He sits down knowing this is one of the many hidden places among Ketterdam that 85% of the people that live here don't know it exists. Most people can't find their way back to it in the end. Kaz always could though, he used to come here with Jordie when he was younger.
He looks around and his gaze lands on some flowers, their Y/n's f/f and he can't help but think it's a sign. He must be spending too much time around Inej.
He realizes that he also grabbed Y/n's coat on the way out and he groans knowing the teasing would definitely not stop.
"Did you miss me Brekker?"
He whips his head around to spot Y/n coming closer to him and they come and sit down beside him.
He keeps his gaze down not meeting her eyes scared, no terrified that she would see the inevitable. That he loves her. Oh Ghezen, he love's her.
"Why are you back so early?"
Y/n sighs looking disappointed but not a bit surprised.
"Finished early. So I booked a trip back home as soon as I could."
He raises his eyebrow, "And waste my money on already buying you one?"
Anger flashes and their eyes and Y/n stands up abruptly and stomps right over so they're directly in front of him between his legs. His heart skips a beat and he can barely breathe with them this close.
But wants them to be closer.
Y/n had been gone for two months and a week and he could barely think without them there. The only thing that brought him some form of comfort was her clothes because it was the closest he could be to them. Though now even with his touch aversion the longing was always going to be there.
"I don't care for this hot and cold shit you have going on Brekker but figure it out because I'm done."
They go to walk away but he stands up and catches their bare hand with his gloved one.
Please don't go. It was a silent message because he couldn't bear to say the words out loud.
Y/n slowly turns around facing him chest to chest. Even closer than before. Kaz leans in a bit realizing at that moment he couldn't think when she was so far still he also couldn't think when she was right in front of him.
Their lips touch and Kaz feels like he's home.
The comfort he had been searching for, for weeks is there and he feels it finally and holy fuck, their lips glide together and he can taste their chapped lips on his.
Quickly they pull away and it isn't perfect because this isn't some cliche. He still has his gloves on, and they both pull away not to bring up bad memories just in case.
"Is that my coat? Aw, you really did miss me, Kaz."
Words 1254
Shadow and bone taglist: @kaqua @rika90 @thefandomplace @musical-theatre-obsessed-dumbass @gallysonegoodlung @navs-bhat @sumsebien
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anordinarymuse · a month ago
Hi love!! I've got this idea stuck in my head and I can't take it out. Hear me out:
Kaz Brekker x fem reader. They're in Kaz's office trying to plan the next heist but it's a bit late and he is tired, so she wants him to rest a bit. When he gets up from his desk the girl grabs a piece of paper (he thinks it's the map) and tease Kaz. She run out of his office and went down to the Crow Club with that piece of paper, so Kaz is trying to catch her up.
They run all over the club (it's closed for some reason) while the crows are watching the funny thing. For a moment she disappears and leave Kaz alone, so he hide in some kind of corner.
A moment later she appears and he catches her and both fall to the ground. He tickles her for some time and she give up.
When he goes to his dorm, he see a cup of tea with some cookies and a note from her.
Sorry if it is too long, but I can't stop thinking about this ♡
i love this i'm so sorry it took me so long to get to it :3
Kaz Brekker x Fem!Reader
Summary : request
Warnings : fluffff; unedited
Word Count : 566
A/N : nada <3
the masterlist.
request here.
"Kazzzz," you said with yawn as Kaz took a spare sheet of paper and began writing on it.
"Mhm," you hummed, watching as Kaz's gaze flickered to meet yours. That never failed to give you butterflies. "Maybe we could enter from the guards entrance? Might be tough, though. . ."
Kaz made no response, only kept writing on his paper.
"What are you-?" You, who was sitting opposite of Kaz, leaned over his desk, peering at his paper. He attempted to conceal his map, or what you thought it was, but you were to quick.
You slipped it out form underneath him, giggling, holding it up high in the hair.
"Y/N- give that- give it-" Kaz practically jumped out of his chair, scrambling to get the paper that you were waiving around like a flag.
"Catch me if you want it," you laughed, running out of his office and stomping down the steps to get to the main floor of the Crow Club. Nobody but the Crows were there, so you didn't mind making Kaz trail you like a headless chicken.
"Y/N!" Kaz shouted behind you, you could hear his thundering steps down the rickety wooden stairs.
"Run Y/N!" Nina cheered, looking up from her whisky.
"You heard Nina, Y/N!" Jesper laughed, as Wylan shook his head as he watched Kaz race behind you, but he could not hide his smirk.
You caught Inej's wink to you as you flew past her and Matthias' almost choking on his drink as Kaz ran, hobbling, after you.
Laughing, you take a sharp turn down a hallway and hide in a closet. You hear Kaz's footsteps pass you and you stifle a giggle.
After a while, quietly, you leave the closet and tiptoe up the back staircase. You could've sworn you felt someone behind you but when you look back nobody's there.
Turning back to face forward, you misplace your next step and trip over the handrail, somehow managing to fall face forwards towards the ground.
You try to turn but the fall isn't long enough so you wince your body, bracing for the fall, but the fall never hits, until it does.
When you open your eyes, you find both you and Kaz splayed out on the floor. Kaz beneath you, but quickly moves on top.
"I believe this is mine?" He says with a raised brow, attempting to swipe the note from your fingers.
"H-hey- th-that's-" you can't finish your sentence since as soon as Kaz got his note back he had begun tickling you incessantly. But you manage to keep the note in your hands, keeping it close to your body.
Both your laughs filled the room, echoing off the hard cement walls of the Crow Club. Eventually you give in and let Kaz take the note, but only after a fight.
Back in his office, he sets a cup and kettle of tea in front of you. You sit heavy-breathed in your seat, downing the piping hot tea.
"Here," Kaz said suddenly, holding out his hand, gripping the small piece of paper you had run around with folded in half.
You take it, opening it carefully. When you've opened it you see that it's a sketch of you smiling. Looking back up, with the same smile Kaz had drawn, he shakes his head laughing as you're wide-eyed and grinning at the portrait.
taglist : @marimorena06 @missryerye @agirlwholovescoffee @nicole198205 @blackpinkdolan @siriuspvdfoot @hufflepuffflowers-blog @thatguppienamedbae @peachykeen3502 @youngblood199456 @oranee @bobbyjohnsonbeat @jasgreen101 @will-to-live-who @bellatrixscurls @krishavania @thegirlwhocriedlupin @mrsaliciamalfoy @wwweasleystan @modernvellichor @westantheweasleys @lolaperezb @zaraskyla @v4l3nt1n44 @sirisuorionblack @rinbyo @xdancinggurlx @lupinsravenclaw @hogwarts-boys @inglourious-imagines @siriuslyslyslytherin @the-abyss-gazed-back @eunoia-kth @kaqua @erinruby003 @famdomhideout @rudypankowisdaddy @story-scribbler @youreso-golden @grishaverse7 @aus10-matthews @mrs-brekker15 @losers-club6 @chewiethecatus @i-padfootblack-things
The Gryffindor Common Room - A03
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maeves-writings · 4 months ago
id kill for you |kaz brekker|
Summary: Your life in the Geldestraat was never much of a choice, but the life you chose among the Dregs was one of your own. But when the gilded life among the richest faces of Ketterdam turns into a nightmare, Kaz Brekker is willing to go to brutal lengths to keep you safe.
Pairing: Kaz x reader
Warnings: abuse, blood, Kaz being a simp, definitely some blood
Word Count: 4.5k
ignore the caption on the gif, black and white just hits different with him :) this was just a little (long) blurb I made after I dreamed up some dialogue and really wanted to write it out!!
Tumblr media
“I’ll kill him.”
She turned to him, glancing back with a playful glare.
“Kaz, don’t be ridiculous.”
The boy leaned back in the velvet seat meant for tea parties and not so much comfort, looking as if he already had it all planned and seemed a little too enthralled with the idea. 
“Fine, I’ll make it look like an accident.”
Little did you know, Kaz would have done it in a heartbeat no matter how many times he threatened the idea. You could never fathom the lengths he’d go for your happiness and your safety.
You stood before the body length mirror that nearly swallowed you whole, wearing a black, long sleeved gown tailored to every curve of your body and a cut that was not revealing, but mine as well have been as it just barely left your shoulders bare and collarbones exposed. It was beautiful to anyone else, but you looked at it with a frown. It wasn’t meant for the guests at dinner parties, but rather a prized possession to be shown off like it were a party trick for the people of the Geldestraat.
As if you wanted to become less flattering, your arms awkwardly reached behind your torse to zip it up.
Kaz could laugh at you as he watched you try.
Their levels of comfort and intimacy were stark in contrast. Kaz would briefly take his gloves off in your presence whereas you would casually undress in front of him as you went through your entire closet in minutes trying to figure out what to wear. Not that it mattered tonight anyway as your attire had already been chosen for you.
Kaz would always look away, but today was different though, and the boy found himself standing up.
You were struggling, grunting as your limbs bent awkwardly, and when you glanced up in the mirror, the shadow that was the Dirtyhands appeared behind you to your surprise, and you laughed nervously.
“I promise I don’t need any help. I almost got it.” you assured.
Kaz’s face was stoic, and he hesitated briefly, caught off guard by the scent of the sea still fresh in your hair, having only just come back from staking out the Fifth Harbor with Inej. If he thought your hair was strong, the sent of the rosemary and mint soap you had just used was suffocating him, leaving him frozen in place as everything became tangled in his chest and the inner workings of his mind. You were the one thing on this world that could clear his mind as well as send it spinning.
Holding his breath, the tips of Kaz’s gloved fingers pinched the zipper and you went still, eyeing him in the mirror as his gaze fell on your bare back.
Your skin was littered with faded, yellow bruises, the fabrikator personally hired by your family able to hide the ones that would have been exposed. They were the only thing keeping Kaz’s focus away from your skin and the revulsion that came from the energy buzzing between his fingertips in your spine.
Time seemed to slow as he zipped it up, wanting to get it over with as fast as he could, this one little step towards tearing down his own walls nearly making him collapse on the floor.
But, as Kaz’s gaze remained on your back, you sighed knowing he had seen the bruises.
“My foot got caught on my gown and I slipped down a few stairs last week.”
Kaz didn’t push you, only nodding as he stared into your eyes but even as he looked at you through the reflection, his mind was elsewhere, imagining digging his cane into the neck of your fiancé. The whole ordeal enraged him to an extent that almost matched his hate for Pekka Rollins, yet, there wasn’t a single thing the Bastard of the Barrel could do about it. He made his snide remarks about the pompous and manipulative man that swept you away, but he knew to keep his distance.
“I’ll be sure to scout the riches they wear tonight.” you grinned, attempting to take his mind off of it.
You dreaded the evening, but you didn’t want Kaz here to remind you of it, only wishing he could keep his spirits up until you were dragged away. You didn’t know it, but Kaz sent Inej to keep an eye on the dinner tonight.
Inej wasn’t listening for secrets or looking for prized possessions, but looking out for you.
“Should I expect you at the Crow Club tonight when it’s over?”
You turned around, a cheerful smile plastered upon your lips, and masked your miserable state with the excitement of being able to play the tables tonight with Jesper. That was the only thing seeing you through it.
“As always, Mr.Brekker.”
Kaz was looking down at you, a look of indifference upon his face and the more you stared back at up him, your misery found its way through the cracks and in that moment, the two of you felt your worlds separating. Kaz would be in the barrel while you would be sipping tea with the ladies of the Geldestraat, but both of you knew where your heart belonged.
A knock at the door made you jump, and your body stiffened as you recognized the heavy hand. Without a word, you sped towards your door and glanced back, wondering what trick Kaz had used to disappear so quickly, and you took a deep breath before opening it to find the man you hated most waiting upon the other side ready to whisk you away.
“I told you my maid would bring me downstairs.” you greeted, tilting your chin up to him.
“And I told you I don’t enjoy waiting nor listening to your servants.”
Those words were enough to straighten you out, and without another word, you lowered your head begrudgingly and slipped out of the room, glancing back to find Kaz’s cane against the wall of the far corner of your room before you shut the door behind you.
Van Eck’s mansion wasn’t the biggest home of the Geldestraat, but all the riches of the world seemed to be regurgitated along his walls and floors as you sat in the dining room with a dozen other families.
At least you were able to share your misery with Wylan for the evening.
A while ago, Kaz mentioned Van Eck’s son to you, asking you to keep an eye on him for reasons you did not know. But tonight, you wanted no parts of Dreg business and only to get through it.
On either side of your, your father and fiancé sat, eating away that the luxurious display of food on their plates and your stomach was too tight to have an appetite of any sorts. They talked trades and shares and everything you weren’t allowed to have a say in. Your father was a nice man, coming to Ketterdam with nothing and working his way to sit at tables like these. You thought you loved your father once, it was always so nice when it was just the two of you and all the friends he made. You knew you could no longer stand him though when he arranged for you to be married to Finn in one power hungry betrayal to his own blood.
But in those days before you were shoved into etiquette classes and tutoring with the other children of the Geldestraat, you lived in the Barrel. It’s where you met Kaz.
“Don’t be rude, YN. Eat.” said your fiance's harsh whipser in your ears with a sweet smile on his face.
Looking at the hearty meat and vegetables before you, you sighed. You could be sick at the thought of eating with him there and the spiteful eyed of the other girls you grew up with. All of them wanted him, wondering how a girl like you could be chosen by someone like him.
“YN, let’s see the ring Finn proposed with!” said Marielle from across the table, her shrill voice filled with her horrible intentions.
She had only just got done whispering with the other girls at her side as they cast her their narrowed glares.
Sucking in a deep breath, you felt your father nudge you carefully, and your hand shot out from where it sat on your lap and you smiled as you held it out.
Everyone looked at it, gasping and whispering about the diamond that sat upon your finger. You smiled, but only because you thought their poorly staged excitement was hilarious. Even Wylan looked at it but his eyes were sad, and he didn’t bother pretending to be happy for you.
“Hm, I thought it would be bigger.” Marielle shrugged.
Your eyes narrowed.
“When will you be wed, Marielle? Did Henrik ever propose?”
The girl’s face went as bright as the tomatoes on your plate and if looks could kill, you would have dropped dead in your seat but you sat there with a pleased grin, knowing Henrik had slept with another one of her friends and ruined the whole ordeal.
Suddenly, Finn's hand squeezed around your wrist so tight you wanted to scream. But you merely squirmed uncomfortably in your seat, breathing sharply through your nose before he finally released it.
“Oh, that is just lovely! When is the wedding again?” asked Wylan's mother, nearly jumping from her seat at the end of the table, paying no mind the girls drama.
“June. We will have it out on the countryside at my family’s summer estate. We leave in a month.” Finn answered for her.
A familiar pang resounded through your chest, overwhelmed with dread.
You knew you had no intentions of leaving Ketterdam, but part of you already accepted the defeat that would come when you tried to stay.
There was a trick the most monstrous bachelor’s of the wealthiest families use to secure the wealth of the family they were marrying into. Until they were married, it wasn’t proper for you to leave your father’s side as it was just the two of you. But she’s heard whispers of girls being snatched away after the sudden death of their legal guardians, making it easier to speed up the process of sharing wealth. It was a rumor, not even one you paid attention to.
It was a nightmare you couldn’t even fathom until your father started to cough beside you, and a simple clearing of his airway was not the case when his face started to turn blue and his hands were clutching his chest.
“Father?” you gasped, turning in your seat.
He looked at you with bulging eyes as he began to gasp for her and you jumped from your seat, your chair falling behind you and the silence in the room went into chaos as everyone realized what was happening.
“Someone call a healer!” you shouted at them as they all watched without a clue of what to do.
Frantically, your shaking hands loosened your father’s tie and you tried to lay him back, tears burning your eyes as you stood there helpless.
Finn pulled you away as one of Van Eck’s indentured Grisha came in the room.
You backed away, your future laying out before you eyes as you shrugged out of Finn's grasp.
This was meant to happen all along, you thought. The stories of girls being swept away became a child’s tale turned into your reality now. You glanced at Wylan who was too much of a boy, unexposed to these extreme circumstances, and stood there frozen as you did.
A healer finally entered the room but your father’s lips were blue and his eyes were wide open. If this were to be his last moments, you couldn’t stand and watch. Time slowed for you as the men took charge, leaving you on the outskirts, your chest heavy. Like any ordinary woman in this room who waved their paper fans and acted as if this was the most horrifying thing they’ve ever seen, you slipped into their circle, backing away until you were in the wide open hallway.
If this was to be your father’s last moments, you knew Finn would only be a few feet behind you.
You ran upstairs to one of the several bathrooms the mansion held, finding the one where a gaping stain glass window stood over the porcelain bath Once the door slammed shut behind you, your back pressed against the door and a wave of sobs that racked your body came pouring out.
You were never one to cry. In the face of Finn nor the face of whatever job you pulled off with the Crow's.
But now, your hand was clutched over your mouth as your back slid down the wooden door, sitting upon the cool, sand colored marble floors.  
Footsteps could be heard from the hallway just out of earshot, and everything in your body seemed to stop, even your heart knew the danger that lingered as it came to a halt.
You had to escape now or else your fate would be sealed forever.
Springing up from the door, you cut across the bathroom to reach for the window, only to hear the sound of the door opening behind you.
“YN!” Finn shouted.
Glancing back at his enraged face, you turned quickly, ready to drive through the window if you had to, but his strong hand caught your already bruised wrist and tugged you back.
“No!” you screamed out, your attempt to cry out cut short as his hand clamped against your mouth.
There was no wall for you to be pressed on to keep you from escaping, but instead, your body collided with the vanity behind you and the shrill sound of glass breaking, cracking against your shoulder vlase in head made you go still. For a moment, you felt nothing but Finn's grip and squeezed your eyes shut as your head spun, and the pinpricks of pain erupted where glass found its way onto your exposed skin.
“What was your plan, YN?” Finn seethed. “Jump several stories from a window and make me look like a fool?!”
The hot tears streamed down your face, and your body went weak under his hold, the sobs returning.
“You can’t take me away, I won’t let you!” you shouted through your tears, only to be met with his laugher as he stood there inches from your face.
Suddenly, his hand shot out to your throat, pushing your further into the shattered mirror and you winced in pain, hands grabbing the edge of the table.
“You’re going to clean yourself up and we’re going to return downstairs. I’ll tell everyone you could not bear to see the sight of your father dying, and you ran. Then, we leave.” he threatened.
At your finger tips, you felt a shard of glass, and as you stared defiantly into his cold and empty eyes, your hand wrapped around the broken piece.
In what felt like hours, your mind tore itself apart as you contemplated your next move. You thought of Kaz, Inej, Jesper and the rest of the Dregs, their faces flashing before their eyes with the memory of all the horrible things you’ve done together.
You were a Crow, you wouldn’t show fear.
“I told you, I’m not letting you take me anywhere.” you croaked out.
The shard of glass cut into your palm as you dug it into his stomach. No pain phased your mind as Finn finally released your throat. A savage instinct surfaced as you grasped the glass harder, watching him stagger back as you continued to slash at him, crying out as you moved with no thought to the pain you inflicted upon him.
You wanted to give it all back to him now and suddenly, you became lightheaded and when Finn finally backed away.
His face was contorted, having the audacity to look at you like you were the monster now.
Finn’s hand withdrew and he slapped you across the face and now you staggered back, eyes wide as the rage in his own returned. Knowing that he wasn’t going to leave here without you, part of you accepted what was to come next as he charged at you and you shut your eyes.
It never came though, and a cloaked figure swooped in through the window, more glass shattering across the floor and swinging down on Finn who was kicked across the room..
The figure removed their hood, and you gasped at the sight of Inej.
“YN!” Inej said, throwing her arms around your shoulders.
But you stood there, choking up on the air and tears that clogged your airways, and you couldn’t find it in yourself to hug her back as the shock began to creep up your spine.
“Inej.” You stammered, your voice trembling with the relief of seeing her. “Get me out of here. Please.”
“Come on, I have a way down.”
Your body had gone numb, simply going through the motions of your escape as the blood dripped from your hands.
Not even as you walked all the way back to the Barrel could your mind find a way to wrap itself around everything that happened. The only thing you could fathom was that you could breathe without the fear of Finn being ten steps ahead of you, but you still feared every corner you passed, knowing he wasn’t going to give up so easily.
Was he even still alive.
“YN…” Inej said softly as they approached the Slat.
But you shook your head, no words able to come through your lips.
You wanted Kaz, you wanted your bed at the Slat, you wanted Inej to stay at your side and you wanted to hear Jesper's witty remarks. You needed to feel like you were safe when they were at your sides.
At the same time, however, you wanted to be entirely left alone.
The entire time you lived among the Crows, living your life between them and your home in the Geldestraat, you never spoke of how horrible it was. You never complained to them, not even Kaz who saw every minute detail of your life as he snuck his way into the Geldestraat when you couldn’t make it to the East Stave.
You didn’t want them to see what had come of you now, perhaps your own fault for not stopping this nonsense any sooner.
It was the last thing you wanted to drag them into.
Entering the Slat, Inej rushed you to the kitchen where she left you to run and grab a medik kit.
You stood there, staring at your bloody palm and the deep gash across it that was oozing blood, dripping onto the floor and on your dress. Blood never bothered you, but as you watched it pour from your own hand, your stomach churned and the color was slowly draining from your face.
“Saints…” Inej whispered, shaking her head as she entered the roo..
Turning slightly, you stared at her, watching her eyes flicker to the bruise upon your neck, but as you felt a small trail of liquid run down your back from the glass that cut into your hair and shoulders, you wondered what other wounds littered your body that you couldn’t see.
“Just please, fix it, Inej. I can’t look at it any longer.” you croaked out, shaking your head. “Don’t tell anyone. Please.”
Nodding, she rushed to prepare cleaning swabs and bandages, but the sound of the wooden stairs creaking with every step made you tense. There was an extra step in the movements; a cane, and when Kaz came into view his eyes widened.
Kaz thought he heard their voices, only coming down after hearing Inej barrel through her bedroom door and run back down the stairs.
But he didn’t expect to see YN, standing in the kitchen with the eyes of a petrified child and her hands out before her, one painted red. For a moment, all he could do was stand there and take her in, remembering how she stood before the mirror in her room just this afternoon, pretending to smile as she hated to admit how much she liked the dress and only hating the occasion it was for. He remembered her bending awkwardly to zip up her dress, laughing at herself.
Kaz felt lighthearted then, every breath he took easier than the last, even as he choked on how wonderfully she smelled from across the room.
But now, Kaz’s face became red hot with anger, lips set in a firm line as his eyes found the bruising around her neck.
Inej looked at him like she had saw something unspeakable tonight and the way you stood there, speechless and on the verge of tears, he couldn’t imagine what had gone wrong. She turned away from him to begin cleaning her hand.
“YN.” Kaz said slowly, his own body trembling with rage, approaching her and leaning on his cane.
Her eyes instantly landed on his.
“Who did this?”
You knew the sound of that voice, the murderous look in his eyes.
Of course Kaz knew who did it but you couldn’t find the words to speak let alone a sound to make as the tension loomed in the air.
“Where is he?” he asked, firmer this time.
“I don’t know!” you blurted out.
You knew what he wanted to do, and you wanted to fight against it.
“Stay here with her until I get back.” Kaz said to Inej, turning sharply on his heel.
“Kaz!” you called out, catching his attention immediately.
Kaz had taken on much worse monsters in the Barrel, and you weren’t trying to protect him, you only wanted to keep him here and not to get involved with your own misfortunes. The only thing you wanted was for him to stay.
“Just stay here, please.”
The tension riled up in his shoulders and his hard set face seemed to loosen, and you pleaded with your eyes as you watched him turn away from the door now.
“This isn’t your fight.”
Kaz didn’t say a word, and you watched Inej carefully wrap your cleaned hand now. The more you felt more like yourself again, the more you craved sleep away from the Geldestraat—away from everything that life had brought upon you.
“Where’s Jesper?” you ask softly.
Inej looked up at you. “He doesn’t know. He should be back soon.”
You just shook your head.
“It’s fine.” you sighed. “I’m sure he’ll know what’s happened when he sees me in my old room for good now.”
Kaz’s face perked up slightly, not expecting to hear you so willing to stay. On the worst nights when you’d slip into the window of his room, telling him you were going to be at the Slat for the night, he knew you would be gone before the sun rose. You never stayed for more than a few days, having to balance such drastically different lives.
You looked at him knowingly.
“I’ll go leave you some clothes.” Inej said to you, her hand gently squeezing your unscathed hand with a sad smile.
You nodded at her as she slipped away, leaving Kaz and you to stand just a meter apart, unsure of what could be said at this point.
Kaz knew there was trouble between you and your fiancé that your father had arranged you to marry. The day you found out, he found you at the Crow Club consuming more liquor than even the strongest livers of the Barrel could handle and all you wanted was to play a card game or two. It was bad for business though when your drunken state was becoming too rowdy, even for the club and Jesper carried you up to his office that night, simply telling him to deal with her. He knew something was wrong the moment not even Jesper could bring you down.
“I’m getting married.” was all you said to him.
That was months ago when the brisk winter air suddenly became sufferable when the chill that spread through Kaz’s bones swallowed him whole. He was selfish at first, brushing it off as if she had a choice in the matter, and told her to just stay at the Slat. But he knew better, you cared too much for your father to say no to the arrangement knowing how stressed he was over financials.
As her stared at you now though, his eyes glancing at the bandages stained with the blood from your wound, he shuddered at the thought of just how much pain you were truly in to fight back without even caring if your hand came off in the process.
“I won’t make you stay…” Kaz spoke slowly, eyes lingering back to hers. “But you’re safe here. I’ll make sure of it—we all will.”
You nodded, almost too quickly. You never had much of a choice for the past few years of your life, but life with the Dregs was the one thing you had full control over.
Kaz had a choice too, and the choice he made was to protect you at all costs. But there was a deeper part to him that made him doubt if he’d ever be enough. He was amazed at the way you could already pick yourself up, your shoulders already set back and the determination in your eyes already settling in. He knew that there was something else you needed—a warm hand to hold, someone to hold you when everything felt like it was falling apart.
There was a time when Kaz needed that too before the Barrel shaped him into someone who couldn’t care for it anymore.
But as your bandaged hand rested upon the countertop, Kaz’s gloved hand slowly lingered over yours.
You looked down at it, the need for his hold, even if it was separated by the leather fabric, making your heart race. If anyone knew about boundaries, it was you, so your hand remained still as you watched the contemplation in his eyes before your hands finally touched.
For the first time tonight, a smile fell upon your lips and you looked at Kaz who was seemingly holding his breath.
“One day I will hug you so tightly, I think all of our broken pieces might just come back together.” you said softly.
Kaz tore his eyes away from your hand as you gently laced your fingers with his.
“One day, YN.” he exhaled.
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kazbrekkersdekappel · a month ago
Nina: No, see, you don't get it. Inej is like, she's so confident and cool, and somehow she just draws you in by being aloof. Y'know, you just see her and you're like "Ah, I wanna be like that."
Nina: And then, you see her wearing overalls, and you're like "Oh, maybe I want overalls," and then suddenly you have a closet full of overalls that don't look as good on you!
Kaz: ...
Kaz: What the FUCK are you talking about
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triptuckers · 4 months ago
Secret admirer - Kaz Brekker
Request: yep “Hello☺️! can you please write something for Kaz where the reader loves to read, and she keeps finding books she's mentioned wanting to read on her bed and she doesn't know where they are coming from, but it turns out Kaz has been stealing them for her? you don't have to, but I think it would be sweet. thanks tons!!!!” Pairing:  Kaz Brekker x reader Summary:  you’re trying to figure out who keeps sending you books Warnings: none! Word count:  1.6K A/N: this request is so sweet omg!! thank you for requesting it, enjoy reading!
It’s a rare, slow day. You’re sitting around a table with Nina and Inej, sharing a plate of waffles with them. Nina is eating most of them, though. You’re talking to them about a book you read a while ago, but you lost your copy.
‘How does one lose a book?’ says Nina through a mouth full of waffles.
‘Nina, this is Ketterdam. People lose things all the time. Half of the time they get robbed.’ you say.
‘Okay, let me rephrase that; why would anyone steal a book?’ says Nina.
You shrug. ‘Maybe they liked it too so they stole it. Maybe I just lost it. It’s very possible that it’s collecting dust in the corner of my room as we speak.’ you say.
‘Why not buy a new copy?’ asks Inej.
‘Every time I visit the bookstore, I look for it, but they never have it.’ you say. ‘I re-read it a lot of times, it was a really good one. Guess I’ll have to find a new favourite.’ 
Nina pushes the plate of waffles toward you. ‘You can have the last one.’ she says.
‘Thanks.’ you say, smiling at her and taking the waffle as you get up to go to your room.
Maybe your book would show up, maybe it wouldn’t. It was the least of your worries these days. 
You walk up the stairs to your room, putting the last bit of waffle in your mouth. Tomorrow you’d try the bookstore again, even though you knew it would probably be useless. They never had it, and you doubted they’d have it tomorrow. 
And you didn’t even have that much time to read anyway. Still, you like to go to the store to check. You like the little store with books cramped into every corner. You’re pretty sure you’re the only regular customer. Most of the people in Ketterdam who read books go to the university on the other side of the city. They went to nice, big stores. Not like the small one located near you.
You get up early the next day. After putting on some clothes and gathering your weapons, you quickly head out the door. It’s a nice sunny morning. It’s not too cold or too hot, the temperature is exactly right.
You’re enjoying your walk to the bookstore and wave at the owner as you enter.
‘Still looking for it?’ they say. ‘Of course.’ you say. ‘I didn’t get it.’ they say. ‘Always worth looking for it anyway.’ you say, moving to scan the titles of the books on the shelves. 
Every time you’d come in, the owner would tell you they didn’t get it, and you’d go and look for it anyway. It was a nice routine you’d settled into. With your life consisting only out of chaos, it felt good to have a routine. Even if it was just looking for a book you knew wasn’t there.
After looking for it and not finding it, you head out the door, back to the Slat. You walk up the stairs to go and get Nina so you could have breakfast together. When you walk past your door, you pause.
You take a few steps back and look at your door. You’re certain you locked it when you left earlier this morning. Your hand rests on your weapon as you slowly twist the door knob.
You open the door to find the room empty. You open the doors of your closet and are met by the familiar mess of clothes, no one is hiding in it. Just as you’re moving to leave your room again something catches your eye.
On the bed is a small package. You slowly approach it. Why would anyone break into your room and leave something behind instead of taking something? You eye the package suspiciously, then pick it up.
It’s heavier than you expected it to be. You frown and shake it a little. It doesn’t make any sound. You look up when you hear a knock on your door.
‘Ready for breakfast?’ says Nina. ‘Hey, what do you have there?’
‘I don’t know.’ you say, turning your attention back to the package in your hands. ‘I just got back from the bookstore and my door was unlocked and this was on my bed.’
‘Well?’ says Nina, walking over to you. ‘Open it!’
‘I still find it surprising that your curiosity hasn’t gotten you killed.’ you say, making Nina snort.
‘You’ll never know what it is if you don’t open it.’ states Nina.
‘You’re right.’ you say. You carefully unwrap the package and your eyes land on a book with a beautiful deep blue coloured cover. Nina leans over your shoulder to read the title. 
‘Hey!’ she says. ‘Isn’t that the book you lost?’
‘Yes.’ you say, confused. You turn the book over in your hands. It looks brand new.
‘Maybe someone found it for you and gave it back to you?’ says Nina.
‘No, this isn’t my copy.’ you say, opening it. ‘This one looks new, and I write my name on the first page of any book I own.’
‘Maybe the bookstore owner got it for you and had it delivered?’ says Nina as the two of you walk downstairs.
‘No, I visited them today, they said they didn’t have it.’ you say. ‘Maybe they wanted it to be a surprise?’ says Nina.  You shake your head. ‘No, they would have told me.’ you say. 
You spend the entire day trying to figure out who could have possible gifted you the book. And it turned out it was only the beginning. After every conversation you’d have about a book, you’d find a copy of it on your bed. 
You were a bit flattered and still confused. One day, you get downstairs with yet another new one.
‘Got another one.’ you say to the rest of the Crows as you sit down between Wylan and Nina.
You put the book on the table and Jesper picks it up, letting out a low whistle. ‘This looks expensive.’ says Jesper.
‘It is.’ you say, helping yourself to a cup of coffee. ‘I don’t get it. I can only think it’s someone who knows me and talks to me. That’s the only way they can know exactly which books I like.’
‘Maybe it’s the bookstore owner?’ offers Wylan. ‘The bookstore owner is old and by that I mean at least twice my age if not more. And I'm pretty sure they haven’t left the store since they bought it.’ you say, shooting his idea down.
‘What if it’s a student from the university? They could get the books from one of the bigger stores.’ says Inej. ‘I’ll eat my hat if some student comes all the way to the Barrel, listens to my conversations, heads back to the university, buys expensive books, walks back to the Barrel, slips into my room and places the books there.’ you say.
‘Well, they certainly put a lot of effort into making you happy with these books.’ says Wylan.  ‘Oooh!’ says Jesper, wiggling his eyebrows at you. ‘Y/N’s gotten herself a secret admirer!’ You scoff, taking the book from him. ‘No I don’t.’ you say.
‘Didn’t you just tell us that book is ridiculously expensive?’ says Jesper. ‘Yes, but-’ ‘And whoever gave it to you, has bought you a lot of books already. They’re spending serious money for you.’ says Jesper.
‘Well then, that rules you out.’ you say. 
Jesper places his hand on his chest and pretends to be in pain. ‘Ouch!’ he says. ‘Rude!’
You laugh and finish you coffee. ‘Maybe they’ll show themselves, maybe they won’t. I’m getting nice books, so I’m not complaining.’ you say. 
‘I bet it’s that kid that joined two months ago. He’s been eyeing you.’ says Nina. ‘You’re making that up.’ you say. ‘He has been eyeing you, Y/N, Nina’s got a point.’ says Inej. ‘He’s what, 15? And if he can buy me books he can buy himself a new coat that doesn’t have holes in it.’ you say and you get up. ‘I’ll leave you to figure this out.’
You head up to your room to get your coat before you go outside, and a new package catches your eye. You smile as you walk up to it. It’s wrapped in the same brown paper, but this time there’s a note attached to it.
You pick up the note and fold it open.
“They aren’t expensive if you don’t pay for them. K.”
Your jaw drops as you read the note again and again. K. Was Kaz the one that had secretly been sending you books? 
They aren’t expensive if you don’t pay for them. Of course he wouldn’t. 
You smile to yourself as you unwrap the package. And as expected, the latest book you mentioned is in it. You softly laugh to yourself and shake your head. Who would have guessed that the bastard of the Barrel would do something like anonymously send you the books you talk about?
You never really thought he was listening to you. You thought his mind was all about heist and how to make more kruge. But apparently, he did hear you. You set the book down next to your other books, and put the note in your pocket.
You grab your coat and head back downstairs. Just as you reach the last steps, you run into Kaz, deep in conversation with one of the Dregs. 
He briefly looks at you before continuing his conversation. You take the note out of your pocket and hold it up. You mouth a thank you and he nods at you.
You look at the rest of the Crows, who are still discussing who they think would send you books.
‘I figured it out!’ you say.
But before they can ask you who it is, you’re out the door, smiling to yourself. You’d keep this little secret between you and Kaz.
A/N: If you want to request something, make sure to read my house rules Here’s the list of characters I write for. Everything that I have written can be found on my masterlist. Please don’t repost my work, as I spend much time and effort on it!! Thank you for reading! Much love, Marit
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mrs-brekker15 · 2 months ago
Sunshine to His Storm
Based off this request: Ayye you got through your first day, congrats😂 Can I request a Kaz Brekker x Reader fluff where they're married and everyone is just shocked at how differently Kaz treats her from everyone else?? ~@im-constantly-fangirling
A/N: I hope you like it!! This was so much fun! Thank you for requesting it! It's a bit short, but hope that's okay! :)
Please feel free to reblog, comment (I love hearing what y'all think!), and let me know if you want to be added to the taglist. And my requests are always open!
Story below the cut :)
Word Count: 755
Warning(s): none, ooc kaz(?), my horrible writing:)
Taglist: @melody13522 @gemma-collins-ily @hellomyweirdos @im-constantly-fangirling @ilovemarvelanne1 @subjecta13-thefangirl
Tumblr media
Y/n and Kaz Brekker.
The definition of opposites attract.
Kaz was this dark and brooding being while Y/N was literal sunshine.
When they first met Kaz would constantly get overwhelmed by her cheerful tone and her inabitily to see just how dark Ketterdam is. But after a while he grew fond of her rambling about her day or the slight skip in her step.
And then it got to a point where he couldn’t go a day without seeing her bright smile.
As his tolerance for her went up his tall wall came down.
He became a softy for his wife, not that he would let anyone find out…
Tumblr media
Y/N walked into the Slat, arms full of this week's groceries.
The rest of the crows were sitting down around the main room talking, “Hi, Y/N/N! You need any help?” Nina moved to help her when Y/N declined her offer.
She continued her walk to the kitchen when Kaz stood up and followed her swiftly, “I’ll help you.”
“Kaz, I said I got it- no, Kaz- okay, or not.” She chuckled and followed him into the kitchen.
“Let me just take one! Please!”
“No. I got it.”
They’re voices faded as they got to the kitchen.
Jesper watched the whole scene wided eyed before turning to the rest of the group, “Did-did her just offer her help?”
Nina slowly nodded her head, “Yes…? I didn’t even think that was possible… Even if she is his wife.”
Matthias rolled his eyes, “Even if he is Kaz Brekker, I’m sure he has a heart…” Jesper and Nina gave him a look, “Okay, at least for his wife.”
Inej couldn’t wipe the fond smile off her face, “He really loves her. He would go to the end of the earth for her. I saw them cuddling on their couch one time.”
Jesper’s head snapped towards her, “What? When did you see that?”
She hummed in thought, “I think it was last week, Kaz asked me to bring him some details on something and when I came to their window Y/N was fast asleep while they both were on the couch. It was actually really sweet. I’m so glad Y/N decided to put up with his stubborn ass.”
“Who's a stubborn ass?” Y/N chuckled as they walked back to the couch Kaz was sitting on before.
Kaz sat down and lifted his leg to rest on the coffee table infront of them as Y/N sat down next to him and slightly leaned into his side.
“No one. Anyway, how was your day Y/N/N?” Nina was quick to ask her with a smile.
“Oh, it was good! I went to the market to get groceries. Then on the way back I saw this man with a small crate of bunnies! Oh my saints! They were the cutest little things I’ve ever seen! Which leads me to my question,” She turned to look at Kaz, “Can we go back and get one? I asked him how long he’ll be there and he said for another two hours or so. He’s still there! Please, Kaz! Can we get a bunny?”
He sighed, “Who's going to take care of it?”
Y/N smiled, “Well, I would! Please, Kaz?”
He ran a hand down his face, trying to hide his smile, “Okay, we’ll get you that bunny.”
Y/N jumped up and kissed his cheek, “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!”
She ran to the hall closet to grab their coat, but before she rounded the corner she heard Jesper teasing Kaz, “You actually caved in.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Yes you do! Just two weeks ago you said no pets. And now you are getting Y/N/N a bunny. You caved.”
Nina, Wylan and Inej all laughed at Kaz’s expense.
“I did no such thing.”
Y/N smiled to herself.
She knew he became a softy for her, it wasn’t hard to figure out. But it was funny hearing Jesper pick and poke at her husband.
“Okay, Kaz. Let’s go!” She pulled him up and started walking towards the door.
Kaz muttered something that made Y/N throw her head back laughing before they were completely out of view from the rest of the group.
Nina smiled, “They really are good together, aren’t they?”
“Yeah they are. It’s funny though ‘cause they are so opposite.” Wylan chuckled.
Inej nodded, “She is the sunshine to his storm.”
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bookishdream · 5 months ago
Kaz the Crow
this is a request for @coffeehousedragoness thank you for a message! enjoy xx
kaz brekker x reader
Your hand was full of cookie crumbs, you had a slight smile glowing up your face. Every evening, when the only job you had to do, was making sure everything in the Crow Club worked, you sat in your window and fed the crows. One crow in particular. The bird was black like a pitch, you had problem with distinguishing its eyes and its feathers. That crow was the only one who looked after you, literally.
Once, when you’d been walking around the Ketterdam, buying stuff for Kaz’s new job, two guys from rival gangs had wanted to ambush you. And you’d been oblivious to what had been happening. But you’d heard your crow squawking rapidly, you’d turned around and you’d seen two guys with hands on their pistols. You had been really lucky that you’d made friends with this one, little, black crow. Since then, it was your friend, you fed the bird and the crow was keeping you safe from its distance.
You weren’t even surprised, when you named it Kaz. The crow even looked like him, all angles and sharp edges making it looked dangerous, but in the inside, the bird was trying to keep you safe.
Leaving your thoughts, you reached out to those few crows who were on your roof, Kaz the Crow was sitting on the edge, you thought about making it a small walking stick and a hat, but your crow would probably get upset with you had you done that. You made a little chip chip sound to make this little bastard come closer in order to feed him.
When your hand got empty, you took the next cookie from the box that was laying beside you on the windowsill. You crumbled the cookie and you looked after your crow. You looked down and you noticed how it was right under your nose, waiting for its food. You reached out and placed your hand carefully under its beak. Kaz the Crow looked at you and after that it started eating the crumbs. You gently put your finger onto its feathers, stroking them. The bird was still eating, when the rest of them flew away from your roof. Crumbs on your palm were gone and after that, the crow walked to the edge of the roof.
“Goodnight, Kaz.” You said, smiling. In return, Kaz the Crow squawked loud and clear and flew away as well. You closed your window and got into your bed, you had work the next day.
When you woke up, on your nightstand was a tray, with a plate full of sandwiches and two cups of hot cocoa. Your sleepy eyes didn’t register Inej, sitting where you were the night before, her long, brown hair braided and her brown skin was glowing in the early sun light. You lifted yourself on your elbows and looked at her, puzzled expression on your face.
“What are you doing here?” you asked, reaching out to the cups of cocoa. You took one for yourself and the other one for the Wraith. “Not that I’m complaining.”
Inej chuckled and took the cup from your hands. “Jesper said that Kaz wanted you in his office as soon as you wake up, thought you’d like to have a nice morning before meeting with him.”
You laughed, taking one of the sandwiches. It had a cucumber and paprika on it. You took a bite and chewed while thinking about what Kaz might’ve wanted from you. You looked at Inej and then at the plate, offering her one but she shook her head no and left, sending you a smile. You sighed, weren’t sure if you were ready to start with the day.
As you thought, Kaz’s jobs weren’t easy. Rob the Emerald Palace here, kill a Black Tip there. No boredom and a lot of fun. Your limbs were tired, you’d prepared yourself only for a few hours of some petty thefts and lying, but when Kaz had said he had one more job for his Crows, you groaned.
“I’m in pain, Kaz,” you commented, placing your knife in your thigh belt. “We’ve been here for a whole day.”
“Stop with this bad mood, y/n,” Jesper fell into step with you, he placed his arm around your shoulders. “We’re alive, we’re together. What would one want more?”
“Peace and silence of my own room,” You said, rubbing your sore arm. It got hit while running from one of the clubs you robbed. You hadn’t registered when you hit it, but it hurt as hell. “Kaz will be furious if I don’t feed it.”
You didn’t know why you said that. Perhaps because of your tiredness and numb feel of pain radiating from every inch of your body. But your tongue wasn’t cooperating with your brain that night. You looked up and saw four faces, gazing at you. You felt your face heat up.
“My crow,” you whispered, embarrassed. “Not Kaz Kaz, Kaz the Crow.”
“You have a pet crow?” Nina asked.
“You named a pet crow after me?” Kaz questioned, with a smirk.
“I will not say anything more.”
You remained silent for the rest of the day, you still felt a little bit embarrassed, but you brushed it off. You were too tired to actually think about being ashamed. When eventually, you came back to your own room, you promptly went to your windowsill and sat there, opening your window as wide as you could. The cold breeze got into your nose. Scent of pollution and screams of drunk men came into your senses. You removed hair from your forehead and took one cookie from the box beside you. You crumbled it and threw it out, so the crows could feed. You didn’t notice your favourite crow.
You heard silent knocking, but before you could answer, the person behind them let themselves in. Kaz had taken of his coat and hat, and had left only his black trousers and white button up. His palms without gloves, and he wasn’t holding his cane. Your eyes got wide.
“What are you doing here?” you asked. “And without your gloves?”
“My hands needed some rest,” he answered, smirking. “I came here to meet the crow that is named after me.”
“Don’t be so cocky, Brekker,” you made some room for him on the windowsill, so he could sit. He walked and sat beside you. Both of you were sitting silent and just looking. “He’s not here.”
“Perhaps he knows I’m here and feels intimidated,” he joked, placing his palm on a window frame. His fingers were slim and his hand was pale. “He doesn’t want to make a fool out of himself, when I’m here.”
“You’re not funny.”
“I’m hilarious.”
When you wanted to say something, you heard loud squawking, and you saw Kaz the Crow. His deep black wings were moving fast and steady. When it landed, it ran straight to you. The bird looked at Kaz, curious. His black, hardly noticeable eyes were looking alert, judging if Brekker was dangerous.
“Do you want to feed it?” you offered, reaching out the cookie to Kaz. He nodded his head and carefully crumbled the biscuit. He was cautiously looking at the bird like it was going to do something to him. “It won’t bite you.”
“Are you sure?” he doubted, reaching out his hand.
When you saw Kaz the Crow eating from real Kaz’s palm, gloveless, palm you got up from the windowsill and made your way to your closet. When you were changing your pants, you heard a small, surprised yell.
“You said it wouldn’t bite me!”
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aelingalathyniusrailme · 5 months ago
the grishaverse characters sexualities in my opinion
alina-bi with a preference for men. you can’t tell me that nothing was happening between her and genya
mal-straight. was a little homophobic that sometimes ur like is he fruity. has now come to terms with his wife’s sexuality
darkling-honestly to be determined. may be pan. idk. definitely aromantic. alina was the closet thing he got to love but he just doesn’t feel it
zoya-straight. as much as I wish she wasn’t she just doesn’t have the fruity vibes
nikolai-definitely a bisexual you can’t tell me he didn’t have a thing for his childhood best friend in kos because i won’t believe you
genya-a lesbian. look david is the exception, he is her soulmate but besides that this girl is 100% gay or maybe that’s just me wishing she was but it’s fine
tomar-non-binary and a lesbian. maybe uses she/they but could be they/them
toyla-aroace, bisexual and uses he/they.
david-he’s straight but a great ally. when you come out to him he would not blink twice. our unbothered king. i miss him
kaz-pan but let’s be honest he will only ever have eyes for inej. he lowkey thought jesper was hot but nothing more.
inej-also pan. has never had time to explore her sexuality with all genders. even if she never dates or hooks up with a women she is still pan.
jesper-our double bi-con. both biracial and bisexual. he likes both and is not afraid to admit it. definitely very flirty. and we all know he had a huge crush on kaz
nina-our other bi-con. but waffles over people any day. inej made her blush once in a very non straight way.
mathias-straight but just like he had to unlearn that grisha were inhuman, and women were weak, he had to unlearn that same sex couples are wrong. and now is super supportive
wylan-he’s a twink and we all know it. he’s so gay it hurts. honestly it shocks me that daddy van eck cared more about his dyslexia then his sexuality. also it’s not surprising, if i was a guy i’d be in love with jesper too.
kuwei-girl we been know he was gay.
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brekkers-multi · 6 months ago
Stay. I Want You to Stay- Jesper Fahey
Fic type- angsty fluff
Warnings- mentions of a bullet wound, alcohol drinking, and mentions of medical suppies.
Tumblr media
Jesper wanted to hate you; he’d tried with all his might since the moment you two had met, since the day he looked at you, hate was all he wanted to feel, knowing that any other emotion would probably get him nowhere. 
But he couldn’t hate you, not then, not seeing you with a hand clutching aimlessly at your stomach, your white shirt stained blood with what he knew belonged to you, despite his hopes that it were someone elses. He found himself completely and utterly incapable of hating you when you leaned against the frame of his door, grimacing with every inhale and slight movement. 
“I’m sorry to bug,” you rasped. “I just--Jesper--I just didn’t know where the bloody hell else I was meant to go.” He forced himself to chuckle as he let you into his room, quickly and quietly ushering you over to his bed so that you could lay down on it. 
As you got comfortable, he rushed about the room, grabbing tweezers off the wash basin, whiskey from a small table near a window, and a first aid kid from a shelf in his closet. 
“You came to the right place,” he grabbed the needle, thread, and gauze from their respective places in a sewing kit given to him by Inej, praying that your screams wouldn’t wake up the entirety of the Slat and then some afterward. “I’ve dealt with my fair share of bullet wounds. Where’d you get this one?”
“Never, ever, should I have agreed to try to teach Wylan anything about using a gun,” he chuckled at that, gently tearing the fabric of your shirt to get to the wound better. “I love him, I do! Best demo guy we’ve had in ages and he’s whip smart to go with it, but dear lord, he cannot aim with a gun to save his own skin!” 
“Yeah,” You sat up a little, just enough to be able to properly drink the whiskey he’d placed on the bed without getting it all over the sheets. “He’s great with bombs, but with bullets? I’m not so sure.” He passed you the whiskey and you brought the mouth of the bottle to your lips, taking a swig of it as he poured rubbing alcohol over the wound.
“Shit,” you grumbled. “That feels worse than I remember it!” You took another sip of the whiskey as Jesper laughed, gently cleaning the wound with a shirt he’d left lying on his bed. 
“Tweezers next,” he picked them up, holding them to your eye level and clicking them together a few times. “This’ll hurt like a bitch, by the way.”
“Worse than the rubbing alcohol?”
He snorted, “a lot worse than the rubbing alcohol.” You brought the bottle of whiskey to your lips again, tilting your head back and downing a third of the bottle as he rummaged around for the bullet.
When he got it, the whiskey was gone and the only other alcohol around was the rubbing alcohol, but you weren’t ready for another near death experience, so you settled for gripping Jespers shoulder as he tossed the bullet with the piece of your shirt that he’d ripped. 
He glanced at you as he dropped the tweezers, and, unable to think of anything besides how your lips looked in the moonlight, pressed a gentle kiss to them and let a finger glide along your chin. 
“Just gotta stitch you up now,” he whispered. “After that, we’re done.” You nodded, a little in shock.
Not because of Jesper kissing you--that was something you’d been dreaming about since shortly after you’d met him-- but because of how right it felt. It was almost as though your lips were made for his, like your souls were two that were meant to meet. 
He stitched the wound closed and pressed a kiss to your forehead before taping gauze over it. “It’s just in case a stitch rips,” he murmured, trying to keep his voice down. “If it does, you come to me or go to Inej if I’m not around.” You nodded with a laugh, carefully standing as Jesper cleaned up his room.
“I tried to hate you, you know,” in the short while it took you to get to the door, Jesper had successfully cleaned up the mess and rinsed the bullet used to shoot you. “But I can’t. I can’t do it.”
“I hated you at first, too,” you confessed. “You were too flashy, too hyper, too energetic.”
“And now?” You turned to look at him, watching as he grabbed a clip and put a single bullet into one of his revolvers. 
“I like it,” you admitted. “It’s nice to have a bright light in a place so dim. It’s pretty great to have someone that constantly combats my exhaustion.” He smiled at you, resting his revolvers on the table and climbing into his bed. The sheets were stained with a little bit of your blood, but that didn’t matter to him. They could, and would, be washed in the morning, after he’d woken up. 
“Well, I’m not really in the mood to be combative right now,” your cheeks redden at the implication of the statement, and your hand secures on the rusted door handle. 
“I-I should be going now,” you whispered. “I didn’t mean to wake you, Jesper.” He sighed, exasperated, and you heard him flopping onto his bed. 
“Saints sake, Y/N,” he grumbled. The tone forced you to turn around again, meet his gaze. “Stay. I want you to stay.” He made grabby hands, and that about made you laugh as you stumbled through the room, over to his bed and into his arms.
“Wylan should accidentally shoot you more often,” Jesper whispered, pulling you into his arms and tangling your legs together in the process.
You released something between a laugh and a scoff, “I’ll make sure to tell him that, Jes.” 
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