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#infinity train
dragonladdie · 11 minutes ago
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flamboyantanime · an hour ago
i and j?
I - Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why
YuuMori! It's a decent transformative work with gay pining, "eat the rich", anti-nobility sentiments and a canon trans character. But... Reading some people's thoughts have left me feeling very disillusioned about it. That, and there are a number of fans being homophobic, transphobia and arophobic, which makes engaging with fandom very un-fun when you consider the queer coding/overtext/subtext of the certain beloved characters.
J - Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr
Chainsaw Man (meh). The fanart for this series was just gorgeous. I was so disappointed when I read it only to find that the manga itself was an incredibly generic shounen story with a simple-minded protagonist.
Highrise Invasion (meh). I saw some people in my fandom circles hyping up the anime when the trailers came out and thought I'd check out the manga. The writer also wrote the first volume of Ajin so I thought it would be fun, fast-paced and interesting. Much to my dismay, this series is full of cheesy fanservice and ridiculous plot armor. I think the things that kept me reading so long were the mysteries and the fact that the blonde and dark-haired girl reminded me of Mary and Yumeko from Kakegurui a bit.
Tower of God (god tier). I saw it on Webtoon first but I had not read it for all the time I had it saved. Then I saw some stuff about it on Tumblr and decided to check it out. It's really amazing, actually. The MC is an OP hufflepuff who believes in the magic of friendship and the rest of the cast is very interesting. Definitely worth checking out! It made me cry a lot :;-)
There are a few series I'm interested in checking out because I see them on my dash a lot, too: The Magnus Archives and Infinity Train.
I think that's about it. Thanks for the ask!
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hawkfurze · 2 hours ago
Tumblr slowly hinting that I should draw more JonGerryAgnes friendship
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rhyanabbott · 4 hours ago
So the opinions on book 4 are mixed? I get that it was different and more lighthearted than book 3, but it was still a lot of fun. I love character studies and this season was a lot more rich in that regard I’d argue. Min and Ryan’s relationship and growth is a joy to watch.
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prosperpiines · 4 hours ago
im gay but ryan akagi is the prettiest boy ive ever seen <3
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mmikmmik · 7 hours ago
I looooove Kez's bad boy denizen friends from The Party Car, like, what a concept!!!! a pack of rebel burnout denizens wandering aimlessly through personal growth puzzles looking for good parties... I love them. I support them.
I think an au where Lake got to meet those dudes or another friend group like them would be so funny djaljaskdf. screw those boot-licking normie denizens who are trying to be clingy with passengers or bend over backwards to help them with their dumb life problems or whatever, it's time to join the cool kids' table
I'm not thinking of it as "the Apex, but with passengers and denizens swapped" - I don't like the idea of them being, like... bad? even as an offhand AU. I don't like the idea of "punishing" Lake for trying to fit in with other people like them, or villainizing denizens who don't fit in with normal train stuff. So from a drama perspective I'm picturing it more like, hanging out with them helps Lake realize they couldn't be happy on the train even if they joined denizens like that and were able to live as a cool wanderer outside the passenger/denizen system. And maybe the rebel denizens are kind of jerks like those guys were to Kez, but it's in an insensitive or selfish way and not anything deliberately manipulative or harmful - overall the vibe is "oh my god this angry little punk kid is so cool."
I like the idea of Lake bonding with another denizen who has a body kind of similar to theirs? Like someone else who is made of metal or stone who also has to use power tools if they want to change their look or give themselves piercings. They're very impressed with Lake's haircut method - so creative and bold! - and help brainstorm some ideas for how Lake might be able to give themself a tattoo (or something like one, at least).
In a lighter scenario, I'm picturing Lake losing it with excitement about their cool new friends and Jesse being very brave and stifling jealousy/fear of abandonment about Lake's cool new friends, but each of the cool new friends is something really stupid like a giant chicken. (in the end of course Lake has two bestest buddies already and they're happiest with them, even if it's really exciting to spend some time with some new friends too.)
also if we're literally talking about the book four punk denizens, given the deleted scene from that episode, I'm imagining them reacting to Alan Dracula like he's an old high school party buddy they've randomly bumped into the first time in years, while Jesse and Lake are just like "???????" lmao
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mytho-nerd · 8 hours ago
It just occurred to me that all the gods should definitely go on the train ( from infinity train)
I dare you to name one that shouldn’t
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the-aggro-crag-car · 9 hours ago
Chapters: 10/? Fandom: Infinity Train (Cartoon) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Jesse Cosay/Lake | Mirror Tulip, Lake | Mirror Tulip & Tulip Olsen, Jesse Cosay & Tulip Olsen Characters: Lake | Mirror Tulip, Jesse Cosay, Tulip Olsen Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Road Trips, Post-Canon, Nonbinary Lake | Mirror Tulip, Separations, what if the doors stayed two portals, and lake had to follow through on her promise to get off the train and find jesse, Mutual Pining, Fluff, Slow Burn Summary:
It actually worked. Reflecting Jesse's number in her hand, they watched as two nearly identical doors opened in the air. Two portals side by side. One showing the sun setting over a peaceful lake lined by pines, the other showing a sparse forest, the sky dark with the moon hanging high overhead and a small stream glittering in the distance. They were leaving, but they weren't leaving together.
Lake made a promise. She swore to Jesse that she would find him, and that was exactly what she was going to do.
This was going to be a lot easier said than done, wasn't it?
new chapter up!
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punk-63 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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via-rant · 11 hours ago
My favorite quotes/speeches from cartoons and movies:
Catra: *high pitched laughing* So here's the thing. I've done this. The whole threatening people bit? The intimidation? I've been there. And I just. Don't. Care anymore. Some people have a bad day. I've had a bad. Life. If I want something, it's taken from me. If I win the fight, I lose the war. Threats only work on people who have something to lose. But me? I've already lost it all!
- "She-ra and the Princesses Of Power"
Entrapta: I'm not good at people. But I'm good at tech. I thought that if I could help with tech, people would like me more.
- "She-ra and the Princessess Of Power"
Lake: I'm not a sliver!! I'm not any of the names you wanna give me!! I. Am. A. Person!!
- "Infinity Train"
Marcy: Andrias, this wasn't the plan. You said no one would get hurt!
Andri-ass: I would've said anything if it meant you'd deliver me the box fully charged.
Marcy: But..... But.....
Anne: Mar - Mar, what's he talking about?
Sasha: yeah, what "plan"?
Marcy: He promised he'd take us with him! To the new worlds, that... That we could have amazing adventures just like this one. Forever and ever!
Anne: But.... Why?
Andri-ass: Why indeed? Enough lies Mar - Mar. If you won't tell them the truth, I will.
Marcy - You wouldn't!
Andri(-)as(s): Did it ever occur to you - Anne, Sasha - that one of you knew more than she was letting on? That one of you got you stranded here on Amphibia? On purpose?
Sasha: You have got to be kidding me.
Anne: No. It can't be.
Marcy: I did it for us.
Marcy: The day we left, your birthday, they told me my dad got a new job out of state! They were making me move away, they were gonna tear us apart!
Anne: Marcy-
Marcy: I..... I-I found the box, I had no idea that it would actually work, but i-i-it did!! And.... And it sent us to a place where we would never have to grow apart, where the three of us can be friends forever, together!!
Anne: How could you? I've been missing my parents, my life!
Marcy: But look at how much fun we've had! Look at how much you've both grown, look at Sprig, I gave you this, I gave you everything!!!
Marcy: I just...... Didn't wanna be alone.
- "Amphibia" (I know this is the whole scene and yes I fucking memorized it but fucking hell the facial expressions, with the voice acting, and the animation man!!!)
Amity: Human! Do you see me going to the owl shack and..... Fry up owls?!
Amity: Well, I'm not sure what you do there!
- "The Owl House"
Catra: It'S a NoRmAl SnEeZe!!
- "She-ra and the Princesses Of Power"
And now.... Amity Blights gay moments -
Amity: Luz! You're here! Well obviously you're here. This is school and you go here now. With uh... Me. I've been talking for too long.
Luz: Amity, we need your help.
Amity: Yes, I can help! With.... What exactly?
Luz: What about you, Amity?
Amity: Me? On a..... team with.... You? Running around in cute uniforms? SwEaTiNg?! *Becomes a tamatoe* i GoTtA gO!!! *Runs off*
Amity: She always gets in over her head. She can be so stupid! Which I love. I-I mean hate!! In any case, she needs you right now! Which is sweet. I mean I hate it!! And it's dumb!!
Gus: You lost me.
Luz: Are you sure? I can help carry you if it really hurts.
Amity: I-I'm fine! Wh-wh-who's Amity?!
Luz: Aaaaand scoop. *picks up Amity*
Amity: Oh........ Wow...... Sports.
(Those were all in the same episode. Amity has four gay panics in one episode.)
Luz: Woo! Teamwork baby! *hugs Amity*
Amity: *blushes*
Luz: Azura book club? Azura book club?!
Amity: *blushes* As long as it's a secret club. Okay?
Edric: It's not a secret!!
Emira: We're gonna tell everyone!!
Amity: So you two go to the same school now. That doesn't change anything! *deep breath*
Amity: Watch it! Nitwit!
Amity: Oh. Hi Luz and co. Sorry about that.
Luz: Here. You're note. Man, we got some quick grabbers.
Amity: It's just. It's.... Private.
Luz: Repeat after me. We can fix this together. Come ooooon.
Amity: We can fix this together.
Amity: You look.... Nice. Strange. But nice.
Luz: So.... Who did you wanna ask out?
Amity: Oh.... It's not important.
Amity: *Notices she's holding Luz's hand and blushes*
Amity: Stay away from MY LUZ!!!!
- "The Owl House"
Luz: Talk to the glyph, witch!!
- "The Owl House"
Marcy: I..... I-I'm sorry. For everything.
Anne: MARCY!!
- "Amphibia"
Grace: I'm not responsible for your problems!
- "Infinity Train"
Sprig: Have you killed a man Hop Pop?
- "Amphibia"
Eda: You think throwing your life away is going to help me? Well it won't. You helped get Kings crown when you barely knew me. You stopped me from turning to stone and you even got me talking to my sister again. So.... Unfortunately for you, my life is pretty great. Because I'm friends with Luz the human.
- "The Owl house"
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asexuelf · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
i just think they should kiss 👉🏽👈🏽
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kai-borg · 11 hours ago
Infinity train character idea I gotta write up sometime:
A passenger who’s number broke so he can’t leave
Whatever his lessons were that he needed to learn, during the final one something happened that caused his number to skip past [0] to [-1] or something in the negative range (and yes the colours are like that for a reason, just love red=code error/etc stuff)
He was with a group of other passengers at the point who’d also been completing their last lessons and whatnot, so he hid his number and told them he must’ve had another lesson or something, but he’d catch up with them later (y’know, like a liar)
The issue is, even though he kept trying things to fix his number, trying to figure out new lessons, doing the opposite of old ones, helping out other passengers, it just kept getting lower, and spreading (like with you know who’s group), and as he later realized, somehow his number breaking like that had changed his connection to the train/the pocket dimension it was in and he’d not only started gaining abilities that could alter and/or outright damage the worlds inside carts, eventually developing into the ability to modify himself in various ways as his connection between the two realities corrupted even further, he’d also stopped aging.
By this point he’d have already gone through multiple teamups with solo/groups of passengers before finding out how much time had apparently passed outside, and his number would’ve long since begun covering the majority of his body, not enough he couldn’t hide it, but enough he needed full to wear clothes that provided a lot of skin coverage, but with this discovery it’d be enough to finally push his number into covering all of him, and also breaking him in the same moment.
Whatever’d happen he’d end up driving whatever team he was with away, and most likely permanently taking over and corrupting the environment of the cart he was in, and possibly also it’s connection to the train and mini-universe itself.
I pretty much just have this idea of some ageless, reality warping, and highly unstable passenger who’s covered in glowing red, constantly changing numbers (cycling especially rapidly whenever he alters the reality of whatever environment he’s in in a particularly dramatic moment, or modifies himself), and terrorizes the inhabitants of the train, and while not actively trying to kill passengers, more than willing to torment, terrify, and toy with whatever passengers he comes across out of a hatred for the fact he still can’t leave, while collecting whatever items, landscapes, and even creatures that he either might have old memories of, or just interest him which he drags back to his corrupted cart to create some sort of hall of memories/comfort-esque ‘new home’ seeing as how he’ll never return to his old one
Basically, big disturbing antagonist with creepy powers, a flair for the dramatic, and a bit of mental instability that came about from having to contend with the fact he 1) will never return home, and everyone he knew is probably dead, 2) is stuck in a weird surreal train dimension of outright terrifying at times mini-worlds in every cart that come in every flavour of whatever random combination for a setting you can think of, and are filled with countless sapient, but entirely non-human beings, many of which are less than friendly, and all of which you can never escape no matter how many carts you go through, and 3) has to come to terms with the fact he’s practically lost his own humanity in everything except form, and even that is entirely up to his own desires (and also because it’s what he’s still the most subconsciously used to regardless of how he temporarily changes it), and has resulted in a tendency to lash out both physically, and verbally with the same vitriol he felt about the situation he was forced into before he began to lose it entirely.
In other words, very cruel, scary antagonist at this point, but not entirely irredeemable if you can somehow actually get through to him in a way that settles at least enough of his fractured psyche that some of his old self pulls itself back into the forefront.
#infinity train#infinity train character idea#character idea#character idea I gotta write out fully sometime#I'll try and clean this up into something coherent sometime just needed to lay the idea out in a post somewhere at least#in all honesty infinity train is a fun show but it doesn't exactly pull my interest in as much as other shows#it's plots just kind of loose and all over the place even if it's coherent enough to tell what's going on#I also prefer when there's consistent MC's over new ones every season#not that I dislike how it's being done just not my usual cup of tea#which is also why the fact that this idea has been sticking with me for as long as it has is an odd one#did not expect to get a character idea my brain'd get invested in enough to keep from a fandom I'm never really going to be a part of#like this guy's been bouncing around since mid season-1/early season 2#tho that scene with you know who from the trains favourite group of murderish vandal children was what cemented the idea fully#sure numbers came before it but the idea that they gave you powers the higher they got flipped my brains creative switch all the way on#especially with the idea of what kind of differences there would be in powers if the numbers weren't going up from 0 but down#and so I of course had to start going the eldritch abomination reality altering monster man route#it's mostly centered around the thought of how reaching 0 means your connection to this pocket universe is pretty much cut#so if your connection reaches the point where it was supposed to be cut but then somehow skips over it#what does it mean when you're still stuck there but technically not connected to it any longer#and what does that mean for the connection to the dimension you should now be in#and I went this means you're connection to both is now so screwed up the reality your in is no longer compatible with you and vice versa#but because your also still a part of it neither its or your existence can reject the other and they also can't properly incorporate either#and because of this conflict reality around you starts pretty much tearing apart at the seams#now whether you can benefit from this tearing much less control it'd be another thing but in this case I'm saying he can#with the... mental fragility that came with being forced to acknowledge what was happening to him he pretty much ended up in the perfect#mentality to adapt to the newfound abilities his impossible existence had spawned as if they were just basic instinct#the minimal training he had in using them at their much weaker when his existence was not as altered by his screwed up connection#(i.e. a negative number that didn't cover all of him and constantly altered)#also helped his mind and body adapt to them as he fractured
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monatorasart · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi everyone!!! Been working hard upgrading all of the stickers and now they’re fully restocked! Also new stickers will be up too!!! All available in my Etsy shop.
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d0ds6 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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dulcechica2014 · 13 hours ago
So for some reasons i added Ezekiel (Total Drama) to a sibling trio with Kipo (Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast) and Hazel (Infinity Train) for my headcanon, i mean after all the crap Zeke been through and he deserves better.
Trio name: human-mutant siblings
So here the thing, i gotta make a fanfic about how Kipo met both Hazel and Ezekiel for this summer, but it's a short fanfic of 4 chapters.
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cartoonbee13 · 13 hours ago
I have a question about your Amphibia Infinity train au
When Anne goes home, are the Plantars coming with her or something else happens?
The only reason they can escape was Marcy accidentally activating the Night program as one of her "improvements". Turns out when someone you trust tells you to push a button labelled passengers only, you do it.
The activation is destabilizing the number portals and all other systems. Andrias wants to control this amazing power too achieve its purpose to take over the train and harness it for himself.
The glitches caused by the ice temple car's magic making things worse. The plantars and Anne incounter said car on their way back from the newt car. In this au Sasha and Marcy will visit the fire and plant temples later on then in cannon.
All of this code distortion leads to Anne and the Plantars landing on top of a car instead of in the playground.
In short by their return to the newt car the code is a mess and the ice temple magic only makes it worse. The Plantars can then leave with Anne and not remain on the train.
Thanks for the ask and remember I'm always open for questioning.
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