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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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[ID: four digital drawings of the protagonists from Infinity Train book 2, each is coloured somewhat messily in a style resembling watercolour and brightly coloured geometric shaped decorate the space behind them. In the first Jesse, a thin Apache teenage boy dances with his back to the viewer. His blue and yellow letterman jacket reads “Pupfishy” across his back and head smiling. In the second, Lake, a teenager with buzzed short hair is made out of mirror or a chrome-like substance. She has a non-binary pride flag wrapped around her shoulders, face paint to match and is smiling proudly. In the third Lake and Jesse’s younger brother, Nate, are dabbing. Nate looks like a smaller version of his brother and has a cast on one arm, a speech bubble shows Jesse off to the side, sticking his tongue out in disapproval. In the final image Lake stands holding a cat over her head, she frowns and sticks her tongue out at it. /end ID]

Seriously considering risking my computer getting about 100 more viruses from bootleg websites just so I can watch this show again. I miss them so much, so here’s some “off the train” content

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I decided to finally draw something with Twin Markers again, and now I´m reminded why I never use them anymore. I have a whole pack of Twin Markers with different skin colours, but none of them were right for Jesse. So I ended up trying to mix different colours to get it right. It´s not entirely right yet, but I was afraid I’d ruin the drawing by mixing even more, so I did some touch-ups in Photoshop to try and fix it. I’m not 100% happy with Jesse’s skin yet, so next time I’m going to test all my markers first to see which colour is the best match.

I still wanted to post this drawing, because I like how the rest of it turned out.

Do not re-post without permission!!

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