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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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Wisconsin Hunters Kill Over 200 Wolves in Less Than 3 Days
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Watchdog finds G.O.P. congressman harassed staff and recklessly drank while serving as White House physician.
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Texas Drops Its Virus Restrictions as a Wave of Reopenings Takes Hold
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Boy Scouts Will Sell Nearly 60 Norman Rockwell Works to Pay Sex-Abuse Claims
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Inspector General’s Report Cites Elaine Chao for Using Office to Help Family
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We have two badges available for those that participated in the Flash Bingo!  Both are made by @feignedsobriquet, and they are cuuuuuute!


A participant badge for making at least one fill, and a bingo badge for doing a whole card.  If you did one whole card, you can claim both badges, but you do have to claim each badge separately.

We will be working on getting badges out this week, and we are also working on getting cards made for Round Three, so please be patient with us.  The masterposts for the Flash Bingo (a list of the fills you’ve made with links) should be posted by the 5th, and this weekend we hope to be sending out the last of the badges.

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Disney Realizes They Have a Huge Mess with Harmonious at Epcot

Disney Realizes They Have a Huge Mess with Harmonious at Epcot

Some of the following report contains information gleaned from rumors that, while we believe have credibility, cannot be independently verified at this time.
When Harmonious was announced for Epcot, there was a great deal of excitement despite the sad understanding that Reflections of Earth would have to leave. Reflections of Earth was a nighttime spectacular unlike anything else Disney has ever…


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“Be Informed is a pan global information matrix of humanitarians focused on being a positive force for good in the world, helping to support, awaken and empower our global family with resources to become pro-active in creating positive change in the world.

We are part of a global movement of inspired, caring individuals who have an alternative vision for the well-being of humanities future, who do not give our consent to the current plan for a micro chipped dystopian smart surveillance society ruled by the elite 0.001% and dominated by corporations and technocracy.

Knowledge is power. Together, armed with knowledge and strength in numbers we have the power to make necessary changes. The old world is crumbling before our very eyes and a new one is being formed. Will we collectively rise from the ashes of the old world like a glorious phoenix carrying the love and wisdom to create a new transformed world or will we be anaesthetised by our own apathy and allow that world to be re-created for us by those who seek to control and dominate us as before?

All around the world, in exponentially increasing numbers, people are rising up together to demand social change, to create information platforms and movements dedicated to this new vision for a sustainable future based on truly humanistic principles that acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life, and the vital importance of our part in taking appropriate action to make this world a happier, more nourishing and more caring place to share with our fellow human beings and the entire ecosystem on which we depend.”

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hi sorry for not posting fanarts/art, recently i feel like

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RP Recovery Blog for Todoroki Shouto

Shouto canonically has PTSD (even if he hasn’t canonically been assessed for it). This roleplay blog explores that alongside the effects of the post-290 fallout.

𝙼𝚞𝚝𝚞𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚑𝚞𝚛𝚝/𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚗𝚜𝚒𝚟𝚎.

☼ Independent and Selective
☼ Manga Canon Compliant
☼ Personals and Anons welcome

Pages: Pinned | Desktop

Read the About & Rules before interacting

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iGURU! - DIGITAL ONLINE PUBLISHING 24/7 - 3rd March 2021

‘Daily Info… News’ - now available.

To access publications - visit web address -

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Hello everyone!

I already talked about it in another blogpost, that I wanted to set up a patreon (or tipeee) Account to give out the opportunity for early access to the chapters of my doujinshi as a whole.

I chose Patreon:

You will be charged by post, the paid Posts will be the ones with the chapter access in it. ^_^
Beside whole chapters you will also get WIP pictures and videos of the process (not blurred like I use to do on social media). And I also think about polls for things like chapter cover illustration choices or future projects & illustrations (more-of: what to do first)

Later on I’ll perhaps add some tiers for exclusive merchandise.

I’ll put the link in my pinned post as well. ^_^

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[RELEASE] - Musical release; [BIRTHDAY] - Birthday; [PERF]️ - Performance evens [SIGN] - Fan-signing event; [MEET] - Fan-meeting event; [BROADCAST] - Live or pre-recorded televised broadcast; [RADIO] - Radio broadcast; [REC] - Programme pre-recording; [LIVE] - Online live stream; [AWARD] - Award ceremonies [OTHER] - Other.

This schedule will be kept updated. Only confirmed schedules are included. The number of entries will grow as further schedules are announced.

(Last updated: 210303)

March 10

[BROADCAST] SM Super Idol League (SM超级偶像联赛) - 19:00 CST - (Kai)

March 11

[BROADCAST] SBS The Story of the Day You Bite Your Tail (SBS 꼬리에 꼬리를 무는 그날 이야기) - 22:35 KST - (Kai)

March 14

[RELEASE] ‘I Love Catman’ (我爱喵星人) - (Sehun)

March 26

[BROADCAST] Xiumin’s Birthday

Credit: Material not to be redistributed in part or whole without prior permission.

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NASCAR 2021 Daytona 500 Winner Object

NASCAR 2021 Daytona 500 Winner Object

– Photo will cost $120
– Daytona winner was Michael McDowell
I’ve made these photos using ShaRRdY’s Giants Award Frames. I wanted to make these for all the NASCAR fans or and car fans in general. I do not take credit for making the frame but the picture inside the frame.


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Ahhh thank you so much for asking me!! ^^ I am very glad to help you!!! 👍👍👍

I think you may be confused about what attraction means, but that’s ok! Allos never explain, but I will ❤ attraction is a feeling that is directed at a specific person. What you might instead be experiencing is libido/sex drive, which doesn’t need to be directed at anyone, whether you’re allo or acespec. This is one of the reasons why some acespecs might still enjoy sex, as they don’t feel a pull towards a specific person but still enjoy the physical sensations of sex.

I hope this helps :) 💚🖤💜

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Repost Policy

I don’t always mind reposts as they can bring some traffic to me but Please just ask me first. I’m typically friendly and I just want to know where my stuff is at instead of stumbling across it.

Also please make sure have the most direct link to my account on the platform you’re reposting to— someone on insta is unlikely to hunt down my tumblr, but they might click my insta handle!

You dont have to ask for things like icons and headers but I appiciate being credited/linked somewhere.

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