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flayote · a day ago
Tumblr media
nice stretchy leather 😁
having good stretch is important both for taxidermy tanning and soft tanning. for taxidermy, the skin needs to stretch as much as possible to fit onto the correct sized form and prevent any shrinkage. for getting soft leather, more elasticity allows you to break it more effectively so you end up with more supple leather. 
the type of tan you use influences the elasticity of the skin (synthetic taxidermy tans are typically best in this regard since they’re formulated for allowing good stretch), but some species’ skin is also just naturally more elastic than others so they won’t all be able to stretch THIS much. however, the most important thing you can do to ensure you get the stretchiest skin possible is flesh it well and shave it thin. some animals, like this female mink, already have pretty thin skin that doesn’t need much thinning, however it is still important to remove all excess tissue and membranes, as those membranes can prevent it from fully stretching and the softening oils from fully penetrating.
here is a good example of how much more a fox leg stretches before and after the membranes are removed. it may not seem like a crazy difference, but that extra centimeter or so of width to the skin could be the difference between having oddly skinny stick legs and natural-looking, anatomically correct legs if you were to mount it!
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svtsource · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💎 #GUESS_THE_CARAT ROUND 3: Match the CCs to their gifs! 💎
And... Round 3 comes to an end :( but fret not! It is guessing time!! It may be harder... what can we do? All of our CCs are so talented. Can you guess who giffed what?
Creators - Part 1: @ohoshi  @scoupsy  @chowonsang  @spoopy-boo  @chawoongs  @xuseokgyu  @dokyom  @miingyu 
Reblog this post and leave your guesses in the tags! When you’re done, you can guess the gifs in Part 2~
Results will be posted on 19th Oct, 12am KST. Have fun! ✨
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hel7l7 · 2 days ago
I just realised that I haven’t talked about this on here. But I’m inpatient again, so I have a little less time and headspace to make and post art. And this also affects the print orders. (It takes a bit longer for me to ship them.) 
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senjuushi · 2 days ago
can we get a full a/b/o breakdown for all of the guns (new ones included)?
I don’t know quite what you mean by full breakdown, but oh well! o3o I’m just gonna infodump a bunch of fun stuff and hope y’all are satisfied. Prepare for lots of words. As in, almost 3,000. This got very out of control...
. . . 
F (Omega)
In my A/b/o stuff, Omega instinct is to be taken care of. F has gotten exactly none of that. He’s the kind who’s gotten the “Omegas are helpless, horny bitches who only want to be fucked” mentality forced onto him— along with the exact kind of treatment you’d expect to follow. However, the sexual treatment has been so thoroughly blended with pain and abuse that the two have gotten all kinds of mixed up. F associates Heats and Omega needs with being used and abused, tortured, and made to suffer. He naturally craves a lot of caretaking and gravitates to anyone his instincts think can supply it (especially Eins), but of course, is always kept away from those people and treated cruelly instead. 
Belga (Omega)
Honestly, Belga is all kinds of stupid about what his dynamic even means. No one’s told him much of anything about being an Omega beyond that he “wants” to get fucked by people because of it. He’s mouthy, aggressive, and wild— not at all the cultural standard of a sweet Omega to take care of and spoil, and even though he’s pretty ignorant about what he’s “supposed” to be, there’s still a part of him that feels bad and wrong. He tends to slip into half-conscious fantasies about being babied, especially when his Heats come around. However, he’s also extremely ignorant, including sexually, and doesn’t really know anything beyond that Alphas always seem to want to stick their dicks in him. 
Mikhael (Alpha)
He’s a miserable, broken Alpha whose dynamic really doesn’t make things any better for him. Overall, Mikhael doesn’t act like an Alpha at all, especially in the sense that he’s not at all concerned about the wellbeing of others. A lot of this is just suppressing his instincts, since all he’ll ever get from handlers is tormented every time he shows he cares. His Ruts absolutely wreck him and cause a lot of physical pain, so overall, Mikhael really wishes he didn’t have a dynamic at all. Sure, no one uses him, but everyone also reminds him that he’s a weak, ruined failure of an Alpha who no one will ever want. He gets lost inside his head and tries to block out everything around him.
Ninety (Omega)
This baby does not have a good time. He’s a tiny, weak Omega who’s incredibly easy to push around and abuse, and that’s exactly what happens. He’s constantly in a state of fear of everyone around him (Alphas and Betas especially, but even other Omegas) and fully expects to be hurt just because that’s what Alphas do, right? While his instincts to be cared for and coddled still remain, they’ve been heavily twisted into Ninety believing that things like that are just stupid fantasies. His Heats are miserable, especially when they up his need for nutrients and leave him shaky and weak. Getting fucked but never given what he needs makes him frantic, so he associates Heats with being uncomfortable and in pain. 
Ghost (Omega)
There are few things more cruel to an Omega than locking them away and forgetting about them. Ghost has had things happen to him that are absolute torture to his dynamic, and the effects show. He’s painfully needy, desperate for any kind of attention, and yet, pathetically shy and guilty for wanting it. His Heats make him sick— and usually more desperate to be cuddled and nested than fucked. People have used him before, and between the mutilation down there and the fact that he naturally doesn’t get very wet, he’s been called useless a lot. Usually, he’s just locked up and ignored until he stops being “troublesome” and making his handlers have to look after him while he’s vulnerable. 
89 (Alpha)
The main thing that’s been drilled into 89′s head is that he’s not a good enough Alpha for anyone to want. He’s naturally pretty submissive, and especially on his Ruts, the instincts to have someone to take care of and be close to actively wreck him. He’s the type to cuddle pillows just to feel somewhat secure. He’s heavily isolated and constantly reminded that he’ll never have/doesn’t deserve a partner. 89 is incredibly insecure about his status as an Alpha, believing himself to be useless at it, and attempting to block out all instincts because it’s not like they’ll ever be worth anything. Even so, he’s desperately lonely and longs for someone who will accept and love him. 
Eins (Alpha)
He’s very much your “typical” Alpha, at least in terms of military stereotypes. However, this doesn’t exactly help him. Because other soldiers, including superiors, feel threatened by his sheer presence, Eins is usually “kept in check” through cruel means. Since they’d make him “look weak”, he’s kept on suppressants and such so he only has mild Ruts, if any at all. If he shows any signs of having a cycle, even the instinctive ones, he’s punished and rebuked for it. And because of this, his instincts have been very much stifled. Eins is hardly aware of why he sometimes wants to make the people around him feel safe, but it’s highly confusing and strange, and he knows his superiors don’t like it. 
Fal (Beta)
As a Beta, Fal has a bad time. When he’s in Heat or showing any Omega-like tendencies, he gets called whiny, bitchy, slutty, and overall compared to F like crazy. His Ruts are a little better, but they mostly involve him getting buried in work just to be cruel and forced to work through them without showing anything wrong. Fal is grateful that he’s a Beta instead of an Omega, but he still hates the constant back and forth that his dynamic entails. He’s always strung-out and tense because he doesn’t know what’s coming next— and dreads Heats and Ruts alike. His cycles, instincts, and needs make him feel weak and pathetic, so he viciously suppresses any and all instincts. 
Kirsch (Beta)
He hates being a Beta. Why couldn’t he have been a cute Omega who everyone would love and spoil? His Heats and Omega-like tendencies are the good ones. Those are when people fuck him and hold him and tell him how sweet he is, even though it never lasts for long. When he’s in Rut, though, Kirsch is miserable. Not only is he ignored, his “sick in the head” habits die a vicious death. He gets weird instincts to take care of people and please them, and the slightest displeasure directed at him leaves him sobbing. Regardless of the cycle, his sex drive is off the charts, making it even worse when he’s neglected during the “unwanted” cycle that makes him “bad”.
Hokusai (Omega)
Despite being an Omega, he’s hardly aware of any of the usual effects of that. As in, he’s kept on the highest grade of suppressants possible without killing him, so he’s basically exempt from cycles, periods, and Omega everything. The scientists want him to be “convenient”, so he’s just not allowed to have them. The closest to sexual use he comes is being clinically forced to orgasm as part of experiments. Hokusai doesn’t really care, either. In his mind, he basically doesn’t have a dynamic and considers himself something of an exception. However, if/when he does have Heats, they make him weird. All of the missed ones hit him at once, leaving him half out of his mind. 
Love1 (Omega)
There’s nothing about him that seems like an Omega, so he doesn’t really get treated like one. Since he’s not good for sexual use (and better for other things), his dynamic usually just gets ignored. However, cycles wreck him physically even more than usual... and he’s typically made to wait them out with as little indulgence as possible so that nice things aren’t “wasted” on him. Heats literally make him sick, and yet, he’s not spared from torturous levels of arousal even when he’s in excruciating pain from his broken body not cooperating. With Like2, he tries to act more like an Alpha or Beta and baby his little brother. Even though the other hates it, Love1 wants someone to be sweet to him. 
Like2 (Omega)
The exact opposite of Love1, Like2 gets used. He’s cute and pretty and eager, so he’s constantly in use, even when not in a cycle. A needy, whiny, Omega who requires a lot of spoiling and attention, he’s way too easy to torture with neglect and cruelty. Like2 winds up a lot more sensitive (both physically and emotionally) during his Heats. His body starts breaking down on him pretty frequently, he’s an emotional wreck, and his sex drive is all-consuming. However, his tolerance for discomfort is also painfully low— usually leading to him begging to be fucked just to take some of the awful feelings away. He likes being an Omega because, in his mind, it gets him what he wants. 
Mauser (Omega)
For the most part, Mauser is not happy with his dynamic. It makes him feel less capable of protecting his Master properly... and he wishes he had the “correct” caretaking instincts to be the ideal servant. However, his nature as an Omega and regular Heats give him another good way to serve his Master; in the form of being used. Mauser sees no problem with basically being the toy of whoever owns him and complying to any use desired of him. Even so, his Heats make him weak and needy no matter how hard he tries not to be, and he’ll always regress into a state of barely functional misery. Deep down, he longs to be coddled and taken care of, but he considers that bad. 
Parume (Beta)
Honestly, Parume is quite content with being a Beta. He gets things easier because he can both fake being cute like an Omega and still have the inherent resilience that comes with being an Alpha. He frequently pretends to be an Omega— to the point where a lot of people around him think he is one. That said, his cycles are still very much not fun. Parume gets weaker whenever he’s on them and he despises it. His Ruts aren’t that bad, but his Heats leave him desperate to be coddled and taken care of. The sexual needs make them even worse, as he has things to contain and hold back that he usually never has to think about. The temptation to give in to his urges is huge. 
Muku (Alpha)
He’s another one who’s very, very confused about what his dynamic entails. Since Muku thinks of himself as only good for killing and cruelty, he’s completely unaware that it’s in his nature to look after people. When he gets instincts to be soft, they confuse him and never quite click. Even when in his cycles, he’s ignored. Ruts are something he’s learned to just tune out and not pay attention to, even when his body is rebelling to the max. People fuck him sometimes (because it’s fun to “use” an Alpha), which really only confuses Muku more. Despite having a functional knot, he’s never figured out that he could use it. He’s just learned to exist in a state of misery and unsatisfied instincts. 
Marks (Beta)
For the most part, he hates his dynamic. Marks wishes he was an Omega so he could be cherished by Master and treated like something precious... but he’s still somewhat grateful he’s a Beta. Kind of. It’s easier to protect Master that way, and he does like the instincts to take care of them. His Heats and Ruts both get him teased and tormented because of how needy and full of longing he becomes. While he’s never been used sexually, people have tortured him by tempting him with the prospect only to take it away. Marks desperately wishes that a kind Master would make use of him— regardless of which cycle it’s during. He wants to be whatever his Master wants, no matter what that is. 
Like Two (Omega)
He despises being an Omega, mostly because no one will take him seriously. Like Two wishes he was a strong, capable Alpha who people would be afraid of... not look at like they want to use and wreck him. He aggressively overcompensates when it comes to his dynamic, constantly trying to appear tougher and more Alpha-like. His instincts drive him absolutely insane. Every time his stupid brain starts hitting him with the urge to be babied and coddled and loved, Like Two trains until he’s almost sick. He can’t stand feeling so weak and needy. He suppresses his instincts to the point of it being seriously unhealthy for him and to the point of being psychologically damaging. 
Herme (Alpha)
He’s the picture of what everyone expects an Alpha to be. Herme would be fairly well off if it wasn’t for the fact that, just like Eins, he’s intimidating enough that people want to keep him in check. Despite being a fairly even-tempered Alpha, he’s often treated cruelly for no reason other than to assert his handlers’ dominance. This includes a knot piercing, which is the single biggest point of shame he has. Herme usually ignores and suppresses his instincts altogether, but despite seemingly being immune to them, he’s really just giving himself a build-up of problems that will explode later. He tirelessly works through his Ruts while not paying them only mind, no matter how miserable they are. 
Arisaka (Omega)
As an Omega, Arisaka has seen some very bad things. He’s been used and abused to a point where his blank nature has been made a lot worse by it. He’s so empty inside that he hardly even realizes his instincts anymore, save for rare, uncomfortable moments where he aches for comfort and care. However, Arisaka is also convinced that he doesn’t deserve anything of the sort. His Heats leave him helpless and basically non-verbal, unable to do much more than lie there and take whatever people want to do to him. Sometimes, he’ll find himself crying without really knowing why. He tends to stick close to Murata, especially when he’s close to his cycles, for some semblance of protection. 
Springfield (Omega)
He’s an incredibly delicate Omega who needs a LOT more care than he ever gets. Springfield tries his best to be self-sufficient and not make trouble for people, but his instincts mean that he’s a weak-willed mess who caves to everyone and constantly struggles with longing for affection and care. His body is wrecked enough that Heats leave him basically bedridden— and extra miserable on top of that. The frantic arousal scares him even more because he knows how much being used hurts. Springfield usually wishes he was a different dynamic so he wouldn’t be so inconvenient, and so he wouldn’t have to live with the frustrating, endless ache for someone to love and coddle him. 
Siegblut (Beta)
His dynamic gives him issues, and a lot of them. As a Beta, he’s not considered to be as strong, commanding, or capable as an Alpha, but he’s also not able to be as pleasant and desirable as an Omega. Outwardly, Siegblut will insist he’s fine as a Beta and just as good as anyone else, but internally, he fluctuates between wishing he was an Alpha and (much more shamefully) an Omega. His Heats and Ruts both destroy him. Ruts make him needy and clingy with anyone who shows him even the slightest affection, and Heats leave him spiraling into humiliating longings for and fantasies of being loved. Either way, he’s massively ashamed of how easily he submits to being used. 
Gras (Alpha)
He’s a vicious, lustful, unpleasant Alpha who’s a lot needier than he wants anyone to know. Despite putting on a persona of being a charming, suave Alpha who wants nothing more than to look after those weaker than him, there are layers underneath that. The most immediate of which is his rabid lust for sex... and especially physical contact. And yet, underneath his awful side, there’s a part of Gras that aches for softness and someone to love and take care of. That part is much too vulnerable for him to acknowledge, though, so he smothers it by spending his Ruts fucking and being fucked, and refusing to care. Of course, there’s no way he’ll be able to suppress his needs forever... 
Murata (Beta)
He takes a weird amount of pride in being a Beta... for some reason. Murata has a bad tendency of looking down on the other dynamics, seeing Alphas as foolish and ruled by their instincts, and Omegas as weak and helpless. However, he’s not immune to his own cycles and instincts any more than anyone else is. Murata’s Ruts make him strange. He loses his snarky, unpleasant edge and becomes far more submissive and indulging to others, especially Arisaka. Meanwhile, his Heats leave him muddled and confused, as well as incredibly frustrated with himself for his body’s reactions. Since no one wants to deal with him, he’s left to wait out his cycles alone with no comfort or relief. 
Hachikyu (Alpha)
Like 89, he gets a lot of being told he’s too pathetic to ever be wanted as an Alpha. And Hachikyu has internalized it completely. He’s convinced that he’s weak and useless, and that no one would ever want him. When his ruts come around, he holes up in his room and goes ignored, wallowing in misery and self-hatred while snuggling anything remotely soft to try to fill the void. He feels shamefully pathetic every time, but his instincts are strong enough to take over. And of course, his sex drive makes him even more miserable. The more he thinks of having actual intimacy with someone, the more worthless and alone he feels. Would he have been any better off as a Beta or Omega? He thinks so.
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hualian · 2 days ago
Hii! I just found out that the English translation of mxtx's novels can be pre-ordered now (don't ask.. I've been living under a rock lol) . And I have a few questions 😅 if you don't mind clearing my confusion. I saw that, for example, heaven official's blessing has 8 volumes and it costs around $20. So does that mean that the complete novel is divided into 8 parts? And if so, the whole story would take till 2023 to get published? And when I pay $20, am I paying for just the first volume or all 8 volumes? (Bcoz if it's just for 1 volume.. the whole novel will cost about $160 .. without the shipping costs and that's just 🤯 but what do I know.. so yeah pls clear that confusion while we're at it). Sorry for the silly questions but I wanted to make sure. Please do let me know. Thank you.
Hi!!!! YES we're finally getting official and physical English translations of svsss, mdzs and tgcf 😭😭 I don't mind at all!! These are not silly questions :")💖
Yes you are correct :D according to the publisher's website, these are the number of volumes/books expected from each series:
SVSSS: 4 volumes
MDZS: 5 volumes
TGCF: 8 volumes
Since tgcf is the longest mxtx book (with over 200 chapters) it will have the biggest number of volumes. I'm not sure how they're planning on splitting up the story arcs but yeah between December 2021 and March 2023 is when the entire story will be complete and out for release.
All of the volumes are available for preorder at $20 yeah so you're right, it would out to $160 in total, minus shipping costs 😭 it does end up being quite expensive bUT it's definitely worth it, considering the novels (at least the first volume of each series) will be coming with a few colour pages, illustrations, special guides and more!
I hope this helped clear up confusion 🥺 let me know if you have any other questions 💖💖🦋🦋🦋
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uhhbananafrappe · 2 days ago
Uhhh c-could you link me the pages for your Myth Monsters? I seem to have lost them-
They are all in my pinned post (near the bottom, check the section labeled Myth Monster Stuff), but I can do that, sure! Designs Descriptions What are Myth Monsters? Frans
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nctnews · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NCT 127 The 3rd Album Repackage
‘Favorite’ Album Detail (CATHARSIS Ver.)
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his-craft · 3 months ago
Any tips on how to absorb and retain what you've learn during research since there is so much information?
Any thoughs on information gathering technique and your preferences?
(e.g. handwritten vs digital, draft vs directly doing a grimoire/BoS, one grimoire with all the info vs multiple grimoires, dividing info by subject or by source, etc.)
Wonderful question dear!
How to Take & Organize Notes on Witchcraft
Use what works You'll find with things like if it's handwritten or digital, it's going to entirely depend on the person. Be practical. Be realistic. What are you actually going to use? What is going to help you personally learn? This practice is like 90% studying, especially when you start. You want to make it easy for yourself.
Don't worry about a grimoire I've tried to make a grimoire TWICE now and it just becomes information that's not true, that I longer agree with, or that I won't use. We have reference books for a reason.Those aesthetic correspondence lists won't get you far, I promise. Focus on practical notes. Focus on notes about what you're actually doing. If at some point far down the line you feel you can organize that into some kind of long term grimoire, go for it, but as a newbie doing research? An aesthetic reference book is not what you need.
Use a binder I have yet to see someone mention using a binder for this and someone not go "Oh that's genius! I'm gonna do that" it's also what I use. Wonderful, simple tip. You can exchange out sheets if you don't like them and keep them in an ideal order. You can add new sections as you please. It's ideal.
Focus on a few topics It can be easy when you start to get really overwhelmed and make long lists of things you want to learn. That will come. For now so you can manage it and actually remember, focus on two or three topics at a time. Maybe pick something practical like warding and a couple topics you find really interesting. Remember, keep it fun and easy for yourself because you'll need to do a lot of it.
Highlighters! This might seem boring, or like duh, but seriously. If you've got a wall of text because that's how you had to or prefer to write it and there's something in there you really want to memorize or reference highlight it up. I also have a bunch of different colored highlighters, and when I'm taking notes for reference I like to highlight by very specific color for later. So for example if the usage of an herb is friendship, I highlight that in pink. I have a list of the colors, and what they mean. If I need all the herbs for friendship I have notes on at my finger tips I just flip and look for pink.
How many books to have, dividing, ect
This is going to vary by person greatly so I'm just going to explain how I do it to hopefully inspire you. I have a big binder that's split into two sections. The first section is a grimoire I don't use and will be redoing at some point. Since all the info just kind of came from my brain from studying over time it's more practical to go by topic so I just arranged the topics in the order that made sense to me . Mostly basics first, more advanced and detailed stuff later. The second section is more a book of shadows/journal/recording mad scientist experiments type thing. I've got spells I wrote, sigils I designed, divination readings, intuitive feelings/weird experiences, stuff like that in there. That makes up the majority of it and that's what I would focus on. Reflection is so helpful for perfecting your craft. It is divided by chronological order currently so it's just a mess currently. At some point I will probably even divide that second section into groups too. The spells and sigils will likely become part of that grimoire I'll eventually get onto making. Then maybe I'll have a separate tarot journal. Something like that. You might prefer having 5 separate books, organizing by source, or something else. This was just to spark your inspiration, ideas and preferences.
Details I would recommend keeping in all notes:
Any thoughts, things to fact check later, ect
Notes ideas for things like spells:
Type of spell
The time/day/moon phase you did it
Everything you used
Steps/the order you did it in
Any words/chants used
Any substitutions made
Additional notes/thoughts
I hope that helps & addresses all your concerns! The examples you gave were super helpful for getting my brain going 💕
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astudyofastrology · 2 months ago
Pallas in Astrology
Pallas Traits
Use of Wisdom Critical Thinking Intuition Pattern Recognition in Human Intelligence Problem Solving Ability Creative Intelligence Strategy Contemplation Use of Reasonable Aggression to Fight Negotiation Skill Desire for Fairness Strength and Belief in Oneself Politcal Involvement Father/Daughter Relationship
People Ruled by Pallas
Intellectual Women Masterminds Negotiators Politicians
Return to the A Study of Astrology Masterpost
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dissociacrip · 5 months ago
for the 100th time: "neurodivergent" includes mental illness and other psychological conditions, not just neurodevelopmental or neurological conditions.
the actual coiner of the term emphasizes this themseves in this post:
Neurodivergent just means a brain that diverges.
Autistic people. ADHD people. People with learning disabilities. Epileptic people. People with mental illnesses. People with MS or Parkinsons or apraxia or cerebral palsy or dyspraxia or no specific diagnosis but wonky lateralization or something.
That is all it means. It is not another damn tool of exclusion. It is specifically a tool of inclusion. If you don’t want to be associated with Those People, then YOU are the one who needs another word. Neurodivergent is for all of us.
so yes, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses "count" as neurodivergent. it's not synonymous with "neurodiverse" and "neurodiversity."
please stop misusing this term or spreading misinformation about it's definition because the person who literally created it has been sick and tired of that since 2015.
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svtsource · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💎 #GUESS_THE_CARAT ROUND 3: Match the CCs to their gifs! 💎
And... Round 3 comes to an end :( but fret not! It is guessing time!! It may be harder... what can we do? All of our CCs are so talented. Can you guess who giffed what?
Creators - Part 2: @soonhoonsol  @jaemtens  @xuboowoo  @wonhuis  @hwiyoungies  @woozi  @julyprince  @iiasha 
Reblog this post and leave your guesses in the tags! When you’re done, you can guess the gifs in Part 1~
Results will be posted on 19th Oct, 12am KST. Have fun! ✨
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not-from-erebor · 19 days ago
Dwarfism 101: Some Misconceptions
Being of small minority with minimal representation, the average person will have a lot of misconceptions regarding my life as a little person. I want to take the time to address some of the more common misconceptions I come across, and they are as follows:
"You're just short" Yes, dwarfism obviously results in a shortness of stature. But to chalk it up to simply being short is an oversimplification that completely overlooks both the side affects of the disability as well as the social and medical discrimination that LPs face. I've known many short people, and though their height poses the occasional challenge, they don't experience anywhere near the same lack of accessibility and discrimination I face with dwarfism. Not being able to reach the top shelf is not the same as not being able to reach the kitchen counter.
"You're little, so you don't need to eat as much" This misconception was especially prevalent in my childhood - the notion that I didn't need to eat as much as my able bodied peers. It was detrimental to my own body autonomy and image, and would later influence an eating disorder. I have the same organs, muscles, and fat stores as any able bodied person. I digest, burn off, and process food in the same way. Simply having a smaller body does not mean I eat any less, and not experiencing growth spurts doesn't mean my appetite didn't grow as I aged.
"You shop in the children's section for clothes" Contrary to popular belief, children's clothes don't fit me, a full grown adult. I have curves and fat and wide feet. Some LPs are able to shop in the children's section, but Achrondroplasia dwarfs like myself have wider bones - not to mention my being plus size. Instead, I shop in the regular adult section and sew any adjustments needed - i.e. shortening pant legs and sleeves. I have been known to find the occasional pair of shoes in the boys section though.
"Dwarfs only date other dwarfs" Incorrect! Interabled relationships happen all the time, whether it be an LP with another disabled person, or an LP with someone able bodied.
"You must LOVE 'Little People Big World'" Believe it or not, a documentary about the lives of other little people doen't spark much interest for me. It's like assuming an able bodied person would like a show about being able bodied - they already know what it's like. I enjoyed the show as a child, since it was rare to see LPs on television, but as I grew older I lost interest, especially when their marriage imploded.
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persephonesgh0st · 9 months ago
if you’re just on tumblr for “free porn” and you’ve never supported a sex worker in your life and never plan to, please get off of/stay off of my blog 🙂
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warandpeas · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Infographics About Work (That Are Simply True)
commissioned by Toggl Track
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kny111 · 2 months ago
David Nield   25 JANUARY 2021
No one has yet managed to travel through time – at least to our knowledge – but the question of whether or not such a feat would be theoretically possible continues to fascinate scientists.
As movies such as The Terminator, Donnie Darko, Back to the Future and many others show, moving around in time creates a lot of problems for the fundamental rules of the Universe: if you go back in time and stop your parents from meeting, for instance, how can you possibly exist in order to go back in time in the first place?
It's a monumental head-scratcher known as the 'grandfather paradox', but in September last year a physics student Germain Tobar, from the University of Queensland in Australia, said he has worked out how to "square the numbers" to make time travel viable without the paradoxes.
"Classical dynamics says if you know the state of a system at a particular time, this can tell us the entire history of the system," said Tobar back in September 2020.
"However, Einstein's theory of general relativity predicts the existence of time loops or time travel – where an event can be both in the past and future of itself – theoretically turning the study of dynamics on its head."
What the calculations show is that space-time can potentially adapt itself to avoid paradoxes.
To use a topical example, imagine a time traveller journeying into the past to stop a disease from spreading – if the mission was successful, the time traveller would have no disease to go back in time to defeat.
Tobar's work suggests that the disease would still escape some other way, through a different route or by a different method, removing the paradox. Whatever the time traveller did, the disease wouldn't be stopped.
Tobar's work isn't easy for non-mathematicians to dig into, but it looks at the influence of deterministic processes (without any randomness) on an arbitrary number of regions in the space-time continuum, and demonstrates how both closed timelike curves (as predicted by Einstein) can fit in with the rules of free will and classical physics.
"The maths checks out – and the results are the stuff of science fiction," said physicist Fabio Costa from the University of Queensland, who supervised the research.
The new research smooths out the problem with another hypothesis, that time travel is possible but that time travellers would be restricted in what they did, to stop them creating a paradox. In this model, time travellers have the freedom to do whatever they want, but paradoxes are not possible.
While the numbers might work out, actually bending space and time to get into the past remains elusive – the time machines that scientists have devised so far are so high-concept that for they currently only exist as calculations on a page.
We might get there one day – Stephen Hawking certainly thought it was possible – and if we do then this new research suggests we would be free to do whatever we wanted to the world in the past: it would readjust itself accordingly.
"Try as you might to create a paradox, the events will always adjust themselves, to avoid any inconsistency," says Costa. "The range of mathematical processes we discovered show that time travel with free will is logically possible in our universe without any paradox."
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mdzs-language-fest · 8 days ago
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MDZS Language Fest is officially a go!
This is the official post to announce the beginning of MDZS fandom’s multilingual fest that we did an interest check for a while ago. Back then the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive, so we are hoping that as many as possible join and enjoy this event! To achieve this, we also appreciate signal boosts through reblogging this post ^^ 
What is happening?
This is a fan fest aimed to celebrate the linguistic diversity of the Mo Dao Zu Shi fandom here on tumblr
The point is to create original content in a form of your own choice: gifs, graphics, edits, fanart, fanfic, video edits - your pick! All types of content are welcomed! 
Tie your creation to a language you feel connected to. It can be your native tongue but it can also be a language you studied or a language you just feel calling for you! (Any language is welcome, including and especially Mandarin and Cantonese! English isn’t excluded but we wish it to not be the focus here)
The event runs for a week from November 22nd to 28th so prepare to be ready then! 
How do I join? 
Follow the event blog and reblog this post so that as many as possible may take part in on the fun 
Use the tag #mdzsmultilingual21 preferably amongst the first five tags of your post so that we can catch your creation and reblog it to this blog
Mention the language(s) you used in the caption of your post and preferably provide an English translation for everyone to enjoy
You may post as many creations as you want for each day! We are not going to limit your creativity
What if I don’t have any ideas? 
We offer you daily prompts that you can use as inspiration! Here you go:
Monday 22nd: red, mythology, rich and poor
Tuesday 23rd: orange, family, slow and fast
Wednesday 24th: yellow, grief, exciting and boring
Thursday 25th: green, friendship, old and young 
Friday 26th: blue, joy, dead and alive 
Saturday 27th: purple, romance, steady and unsteady
Sunday 28th: black & white, flowers, deep and shallow
Using these prompts isn’t required. You can use as many or as few of these prompts as you like for each day; we would only be happy if you let us know in the caption of your post what prompts you used if you decided to use them at all! Also, schedule your post to be posted on the date of the corresponding prompt so that it’s easy to connect.  
Feel free to also mix and match prompts between different days etc. and then post accordingly. These are merely ideas that we wanted to throw at people to see what might happen. 
Any do not’s? 
We will not tolerate stolen/reposted content or claiming someone else’s creation as your own. 
We also won’t be reblogging any NSFW content to this blog during this event (Though everyone is of course free to create some if that’s where your mind goes! Links to plainly instigated NSFW posts are fine) 
An exception to this rule is explicit fanfic, as long as the explicit content is behind a link to a different site, for example Ao3. (For the detailed rules concerning fics we reblog, please have a look at our FAQ / mobile FAQ)
If you have any other questions, please refer to our FAQ page (mobile FAQ) or if even that doesn’t help you, please drop us an ask! We are happy to help you ^^
A big thank you to @wangxianbunnydoodles for her help with the characters depicted in our icon!
A list of everyone who told us during the interest check that they wish to be tagged once this event launches:
@venwe @evolutionsbedingt @non-binarypal7 @prettyboynikishiina @saya1984 @wrrms @faceheightknifefight @cricketcat9 @niobefurens @lhaewiel @narriaa @nillegible @tacksofbrass @dual-domination @graceflute @flamevbirdv 
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