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Yup! You get to pick and choose which squares you fill, with the goal of a bingo in the end! If you want a more difficult challenge, you could always ask your followers to choose a space for you! @starkerfestivals

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For the record, anything I reblog info-wise about the protests is tagged with #information. I am trying to tag instructions as #how to. I am also tagging safety info as #safety.

Stand tall, stick together, and stay safe!

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Reminder: check the notes of posts talking about protests, safety tips, and news updates, because there may be additional information in the notes that could be vital to spread.

I dont think anyone at this point cares about “spamming” reblogs or likes. Check the notes. Reblog multiple threads if you need to. Share the additional info that is being given out.

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I know everyone is talking about the chapter 5, Kalim and Jamil’s relationship, etc…

But there’s something that caught my eye after watching translation made by Shel_bb on YouTube…


Grimm is an escape artist!?

At first when I played it, I brushed it off as some typical stupid Grimm thing but now I highly regret that. (I can’t understand Japanese)

The fact that MC didn’t ask anything about it kinda ticks me off but then again, he said that so casually too.

It’s most likely that, if we still remember during our conversation with the Ghosts, the flame cat said something about waking up all alone and hungry. So if he’s a master at escaping, it definitely means he had to steal food and important necessities to live.

Poor baby… 🥺

Mc must be a real blessing to him.

I still can’t get over the fact his plan worked, smart boi.

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1.       If exposed to tear gas

  • Hold your breath and close your eyes to limit exposure
  • As quickly and calmly as you can, try to remove yourself from the gas-filled area
  • Face the wind – the fresh are will blow away the excess gas and prevent it from blowing back into your mouth and eyes
  • Remove contact lenses or wash your glasses if you wear either
  • If possible, rinse your face with cold water – do not use warm water as that will open your pores and allow the chemicals to seep further in, resulting in more damage

2.       If hit by a rubber bullet

  • Rubber bullets can cause anything from soft tissue bruising and swelling to bone fractures, and eye injuries
  • Even though rubber bullets are considered “less lethal” getting hit point blank can be deadly
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible, especially if you get hit in the neck (possible airway damage) and face
  • If the wound is bleeding, apply firm pressure. Use ice for contusions.

3.       In the event of a gunshot wound

  • Get the injured person to safety and call 911; ask other people around you for help as well
  • Stop the bleeding – apply pressure with your hands, or use a dressing or tourniquet if you can
  • If the gunshot is to the chest, use some type of plastic to keep air from being sucked into the wound – it helps prevent a collapsed lung. Remove the seal if the injured person has trouble breathing.
  • Never give the person anything to eat or drink
  • NEVER attempt to remove bullets from the body – they might be stopping internal breathing
  • Do not elevate legs if the gunshot wound is above the waist, as that will cause the bleeding to quicken
  • If the person is not breathing, administer CPR – chest compression should be applied in the center of the chest; you can skip rescue breaths if you’ve never been trained in administering CPR


I am not a physician (I’ve received CPR and First Aid training) or expert on any of these things but am trying to provide a brief overview for people that might be exposed to any of these during protests. If you cannot go out there and protest, please consider donating, signing petitions, and spreading information.

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Let’s talk about this because people keep seeing sponge rounds and calling them 'rubber bullets’, which isn’t the case. It’s also good to know what to look for if you can see reloading happening or be able to identify which weapon can fire what. Pics with types follow:

Sponge Round

(aka Sponge Grenade, aka “big rubber bullet”)

This looks like a large Nerf bullet, usually blue tipped with a black plastic body attached that rests inside casing and may or may not remain attached to sponge tip after firing/striking. The blue tip is roughly the size of a golf ball. (check other pic below)

You may have seen this picture floating around:


A sponge grenade is a riot control weapon, intended to be non-lethal, which is fired from a 40 mm grenade launcher to cause confusion, or otherwise temporarily disable its target. It causes blunt trauma and can break bones.

The projectile weighs about 1 ounce. It is bullet-shaped, with a foam rubber nose and a high-density, plastic projectile body.

It is “less-lethal” round for 40mm grenade launcher styles Minimum engagement range is 30-45 feet, and maximum effective is 150 feet.

If used improperly, injuries can and have proved fatal. Used properly, the weapon is intended to cause no permanent damage. Improper use can result in broken bones, head wounds or permanent damage to eyes. When fired at point blank range, there have been cases of sponge grenades causing death.

Other people have found Foam Baton Rounds, they look like this:


The sponge rounds (as well as the Foam Baton rounds people are finding that look like squat cylinders of grip foam) are designed to be skip-fired, which means they are designed to be shot at the ground in front of crowds and then the projectiles 'skip’ off the ground at an angle to strike crowds and while can be fired directly at a target, their use as effective crowd control comes from the skipping shots as those are still painful but much less dangerous. Firing these directly at a target is supposed to be a situational occurance for dealing with aggressive individuals or to slow a breech, where the chance of harm is considered elevated. Their ability to permanently blind and cause lethal injury when directly fired is well-known. The Sponge Rounds are shot with a velocity of about 90mph/145kph, meaning they’ll travel about 250-300feet in one second. Anything hitting you at that speed is going to hurt, and the closer you are the worse it will be.

Wooden Baton rounds are the exception to these types of rounds, designed to be *only* skip-fired. I have not seen anyone posting those, but they’d look similar to the black foam, just wood instead. Yes, real wood like from a tree.

For reference, I tried to find a fairly common object that would be about the size of the blue Sponge Round (blue tip part) and the larger black rounds :

The mini spice containers are close to the size, and I think it was 60dram commercial Rx pill bottles that were the size of the 3packed Foam Rounds (they have 3 foam projectiles in a single cartridge). You’d think being small would mean something, but again, damage from these isn’t from the material so much as it is from the force. If I threw this little ginger container at your face (and if the last boardwalk games clocked my throw speed right), it would hit you at about 65mph/104kph and that doesn’t sound like you’d walk away without at least a bruise or welt.


Rubber bullets

(aka Not Sponge Grenades, everyone)

Rubber bullets come in different caliber and types. Often the rounds made for use in issued weapons are more like a pellet surrounded in firm rubber, the tips being orange or black instead of the metallic shades standard bullets have. These are much less common today with the choices available.


The more common rubber bullet today are Shotgun-style rounds have a metal casing, inside holding multiple small rubber balls or slightly larger sized pepperballs, both us which spread from the weapon in a shotgun-style scatter blast. They are essentially rubber buckshot rounds. They are usually fired by the same 40mm weapon used for sponge grenades. They can be skip-feed to maximize spread of projectiles, but are more frequently direct fired.


(aka pellet pouches)

Beanbag rounds are riot control weapons that are again fired from 37/40mm weapons or from 12gauge shotguns. These beanbags weight roughly 1.5oz and come in two shapes: one is square and is less accurate, one is teardrop shaped for more accuracy. Due to the nature of this ammunition, it is not accurate beyond 15-20ft and has a maximum range of about 50-60feet. It is recommend to be used in targeted specific individuals, but is also fired into groups without hard targeting which can increase the chance of injury. Because of the distance/accuracy, it is specifically recommended for use in disabling an individual by hitting an extremity (ie, a suicidal person holding a knife would be shot in the arm, someone who is charging but isn’t necessarily a real threat could be shot in the thigh), as close firing at torso and head can result in broken ribs, crushed larynx, facial bone damage, blinding and death.


[Note : If a standard 12gauge is used to fire these, it may be modified due to the charges used and would be painted/partially painted a bright color like orange, yellow, red, etc to minimize confusion over what shotgun fires what. YMMV.]

Most of these rounds are made to fit grenade launching/37mm/40mm capable weapons, meaning that Sponge Round, Baton Rounds, Rubber Multis, Beanbag and Canisters can all be used via the same 37/40mm weapon without alteration between ammunition or having to switch weapons at all. By arming groups with the same 40mm-capable weapon, those groups can fire a large variety of less-than-lethal rounds made specifically for that weapon. Almost none of them are meant to be used closer than 25-30 feet to target due to increased injury & chance of death, and several that are specifically designed to ricochet off the ground into a crowd are instead being aimed directly at heads & torsos.


These look like paintballs, which is pretty much what they are. They’re filled and sometimes coated with pepperspray (common is 5% mix of oleoresin capsicum) or other chemical agents meant to disperse through pain. Rarely they are filled only with water (to surprise or warn) or dye (to mark specific targets). They are usually fired from what are obviously paintball type weapons with a top container feeding balls into the barrel via gravity, then shot out with compressed air rather than combustible powders.


Most regulations stress to avoid the eyes, face, throat and neck as targets at close range, but stress very heavily that the eyes should NEVER be targeted due to risk of serious injury. Considering what we’re seeing and hearing, those regulations are being ignored.

[TIP: Oleoresin is a fatty oil. The best, safest way to remove it from your skin and eyes is with lots of flowing water AND a mild soap to break up the oil. Any oil that washes off into a bowl, bucket or container of water will float on top, so it is important to cleanse with flowing/pouring water which is then discarded. Mild soap like baby shampoo or Castille soap can help, just stay away from anything with mint, eucalyptus or other 'menthol’-type scents!]

Riot Baton

(aka Those Sticks Look Different)

These are hardwood batons, usually 36"/3 feet/1 meter in length, about 1.5in around.


Standard police batons are usually black, usually shorter and usually have a cross piece. They’re about 2 feet long and sometimes fiberglass. Some police carry Asps or other retractable batons that extend when swung. These unpainted rods are longer and more effective for shoving, blocking, keeping distance, etc. They’re too long to wear on a belt and can be too long for someone familar with the shorter baton/billyclub to adapt for close use or striking like they normally would, hence why they’re only issued in certain situations. It seems like most departments train on defensive line tactics and focus on maintaining a line or formation of shield-carrying officers, with the batons used to poke first rather than swing. When they spread out and have enough room to swing or start breaking formation, that’s when they’ve changed from full defense to Fuck You Up mode so keep an eye out for distance growing between individuals who are in an organized formation. They’ll also shift to allow the people with the aforementioned 40mm weapons a clear line of sight, so if you don’t see many of those guns but see gaps in lines, those could be where they’ll step to see the crowd. As always, your mileage may vary on that, but in general, movement of defense = initiation of offense.

Be careful out there, everyone. If you see people being hit in the face/neck with anything (and can do so safely) take pictures or get whatever info you can about the person firing, drop a pin on GPS to find later, note the time, anything that you feel comfortable doing that can help trace back to the officers in the area where you saw the incident. It’s one thing to use measures as their recommended to disperse a violent crowd, it’s a whole other thing to peg the heads of peaceful protestors posing zero risk to anyone or callously perform any unnecessary action where you know the person could be blinded, crippled or killed just because you feel like it.

So again: be careful out there, everyone.

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To give you some idea of how powerful the grip Social Media has over you…

Not very long ago (was it even a few weeks?) Social Media was telling you that anyone protesting was a selfish, stupid, dangerous redneck. Anyone who wanted an end to the shutdown, anyone demanding constitutional government and an end to rule by decree, everyone pleading to salvage what was left of the economy was an ignorant douche bag. They were all stupid just for protesting, going outside and gathering in groups, never mind wanting ridiculous things like a constitutional government! Knuckle dragging, drool soaked ignoramuses, protesters are. Or were.

This is what everyone on Facebook believed. I  personally saw many laughing at protesters, with frequent wishes that protestors contract Covid19! Responding to this malice with anger, I was thrown out of one Facebook group as the lone voice of dissent. And then, none of it happened.

It’s gone. Nobody has the slightest recollection. AND, there’s a complete 180 degree turn:

Taking to the streets in protest is awesome. Now it is. The bigger the crowd the better! Only douche bags would have a problem with it. No, nobody had a problem with public gatherings and protests, especially the people who did. 

It simply never happened.

But, in a short time Social Media will be beaming a new thought into your head, something else for you to independently arrive at along with tens of millions of others online, everyone being spoon fed the same content. Please, be conscious of it. Look for it. It will keep happening. Notice it next time. Be aware as it’s happening. Once you do they lose their power.

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I’m not active much on here but I had to say something.I know today is supposed to be blackout Tuesday but people still need to stay informed. If you have any type of platform to inform people keep updating it. People are still getting hurt and arrested during protest. Blacks lives are still being taken. Use you platform to inform those who are ignorant to the situation or aren’t able to keep up with the situation. If you need anymore information private message me. You can also hmu at my IG @ kelstraphouse where I am constantly updating about the current situation. If you are interested in going to protest I can send you a document that tells you the things you shouldn’t do and what you should do. I can also include multiple links through which you can donate to the cause. It’s type for people to take a stand against the injustice. Please if you have any helpful link or information reblog this with it.

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