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larry-archives · 4 months ago
Songs // Canciones
Recopilaciones de mp/post sobre canciones.
Cc: @larrieshomelat - @yourhabit28 - @greedy-queen - @braveflowervol6 - @onlyforthekings - @brixgolden - @braveryhslthome - @bottomharrykingdom - @alivingfire - @skepticalarrie - @halo-the-brave - @wifeylouis - @larrybears - @buzzerlarrie - @happieasa -  @hazlouquitefinished - @lornasaurusrex - @quietasides - @thehltwoghost - @ishipmutualrespect - @bluewinnerangel - @metal-eye - @lsunflowerhome - @28fallenhabits - @andreakedavra - @letstalkabouttheindustry - @louismyantidote - @louciernagas - @bluerainlarrie - @ialwaysknewyouwerepunk - @alarrylarrie - @twopoppies - @nauticalleeds - @hazzabeeforlou - @strangenewfriends - @femstyles - @genuineconspiracy - @sunflower-home - @aliensyndrome - @sunflowrsix - @jalboyhenthusiast - @goldenmemories 
Something Great
Steal my girl 
strong, happily, alive, something great, through the dark, steal my girl, fireproof
Pequeño análisis de perfect
Home (con varios links en ingles y español) // Home-Canciones de L&H las cuales hacen referencia al hogar.
if i could fly - @veroamore91​
love you goodbye // X
no control, medicine
Louis Tomlinson escribe canciones de amor Queer sobre experiencias Queer: parte 1
Stockholm syndrome
Home (links) // home-iicf // tagg: iicf - home - @tellmethisisnotlove
strong //  Parallels between STRONG
ready to run
love you goodbye // X // X
no control, medicine
Steal my girl -Perfect Now
strong, happily, alive, something great, through the dark, steal my girl, fireproof
Louis Tomlinson writes queer love songs about the queer experience.
We made it // DIRECTOR’S CUT: WE MADE IT // Too Young & We Made It
too young, we made it y el posible stunt lyric en always you
Always you
Perfect Now // X
Only the brave //  Only the brave LGBT // Only The Brave
Louis Tomlinson escribe canciones de amor Queer sobre experiencias Queer: parte 2
habit, always you, we made it, too young, perfect now, defenceless, only the brave
Miss You // miss you
Coacoac // COACOAC // copy of a copy of a copy
just like you // (X) // (X) // (X) // Just Like You
kill my mind
Shawshank Redemption and DLIBYH MV parallels
history-fearless-just like you
Perfect Now // Steal my girl- Perfect Now // other
Director’s Cut: We Made It - Analysis
X - X  // only the brave
coacoac blanca nieves // coacoac //  copy of a copy of a copy
Only the brave vs Copy of a Copy of a Copy
miss you // X
Sign of the times
Carolina Stunt Song Masterpost // Carolina
Only Angel // only angel
Kiwi // other
ever since new york // Ever Since New York
Women // other 
FTDT // from the dining table // From The Dining Table 
Golden MV //  GOLDEN
watermelon sugar 
ADORE YOU // other
Cherry - @veroamore91 // Cherry // other
To be so lonely - @veroamore91
sunflower vol 6
Canyon Moon // Canyon Moon
Tpwk MV interpretación // TPWK ES UNA CANCIÓN LGBTQ+ // tpwk
fine line 
Medicine // X //  no control, medicine
meet me in the hallway 
scott // scott-only angel
Caroline //  carolina
Only Angel
Sweet Creature
X // ever since new york
Women-She-Girl crush-tbsl
Fine Line Masterpost:
fine line is gender bc i say so
Golden // Golden-Home 
WS // X // X
adore you
Cherry // cherry
Lights up // x
To be so lonely
canyon moon
Enigmatic Symbolism Of Ocean/Ship/Star 
quiet. they’re having a conversation. - @dracostwink
Línea de tiempo de canciones larry y lo que nos dicen sobre la evolución de su relación
Larry songs timeline & what it tells us about the evolution of their relationship - @lwtiswonderundersummersky
Harry's albums vs louis' playlists part 1 - part 2 
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excen-tricos · a month ago
Las noches fueron hechas, para decir las cosas que no puedes decir por las mañanas.
Artic Monkeys - Do I wanna know
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crystalwren49 · 2 months ago
Here is a Narumi Momose appreciation post because she's my baby and I love her so much ok?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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beautifulespanol · 8 months ago
15 ways to express your opinion in spanish !!
A mi juicio = In my opinion
Es importante que = It’s important that
A mi modo de ver = In my opinion
Desde mi punto de vista = From my point of view
Francamente = Frankly
No es sorprendente que = It’s not surprising that
Es un tema que me confunde = It’s a topic that confuses me
Es algo que me preocupa = It’s something that worries me
Es controvertido = It’s controversial
Lo más importante es = The most important thing is
Me da igual que = I don’t care that
Si no me equivoco = If I’m not mistaken
No estoy de acuerdo con = I don’t agree with
Estoy a favor de = I am in favour of
Es una actitud que comparto yo = It’s an attitude that I share
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luisonte · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
E verdá
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andystudieslang · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Apunte super sencillo :) espero les guste!!! . Buen día!! . #study #studying #studyblr #studygram #apuntes #apuntesbonitos #notes #notetaking #notestagram #aesthetic #lettering #handwriting #languages #languagelearning #idiomas #english #ingles #brain #brainstructure #grammar #stationery #students #bujo
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sarah-smile13 · a month ago
Me acaba de llegar la muñeca de Esmeralda, la pedí hace unos meses, no saben lo feliz que estoy :').
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crystalwren49 · a month ago
hello my darling, ¿could you feed me with wotakoi sexuality/gender hc's?
I have been thinking of these the whole day but i just have gender fluid Kō and Koyanagi 😞
Of course honey! I would absolutely like to do this 💖
Wotakoi characters sexuality/gender headcannons
A/N: this are what I think they could be, please be respectful and also, if you don't like the LGBT+ community, please don't put hate comments below. Thank you!
This girl gives me such a bisexual vibes somehow.
Plus she discovered she's bisexual thanks of Koyanagi.
So I'm going to tell you how it was because I need to write it.
"So, what's your sexuality?", Koyanagi asked when they were just hanging out on Narumi's bedroom.
Narumi.exe stopped working.
"Uh, I think... straight maybe?", she said a little confused about it.
"You aren't sure, don't you?", Koyanagi realized.
"I mean, I like boys but... I don't know, there are so many pretty girls out there like you... I-I mean, it's not like I want to date with you or something!"
Koyanagi laughed.
"It's okay, you don't have to be afraid of who you like", she said in a sweet voice. "If you like girls too, it's okay. In fact, I like girls too. They are so attractive. But I also like boys, you know?".
Narumi smiled and Koyanagi put a hand on his soft cheek.
"I'm so proud that you finally discovered your sexuality!".
Getting back where we were, she identify herself as a female.
She/her are the pronouns she feels comfortable with.
As you said, she could be such a gender fluid one.
But she likes to identify as a female mostly.
Any pronouns will be okay, mostly she/her but she won't get mad if you use others.
I mean, she gives me that vibes since the first time.
Identifies himself as a male one.
Kind of straight but he also could be asexual.
I mean, he's so focused on videogames, he doesn't think about his sexuality so much.
He/him. He doesn't think about it so much.
We all now this man it's a straight one, so fucking straight.
But he's a nice guy so he respects others sexualities of course.
He/him, he gets a little bit mad if you use other pronouns because it's his nature. But don't worry, he will forget about that easily.
Identify as a male.
Yep, gender fluid.
He/her/they. Doesn't say anything if you use wrong pronouns because she's so shy.
Kind of pansexual.
This boy right here gives me such a pansexual vibes too.
Identify as a male.
He/him, but he won't get mad if you use wrong pronouns at the first time or something like that, I mean, it's Naoya, such a cutie.
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andystudieslang · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Good morning people!!! Les comparto un apunte algo viejito jeje pero muy informativo 🙊 espero les sirva un poco. . Les cuento mis penas: desde ayer me duele mucho el dedito gordito de mi pie 😞 y no sé porque. Aparentemente no me lo lastimé, simplemente amanecí con el dolor 😢 espero pronto sentirme mejor keke . . Cuídense mucho! . #study #studying #studyblr #studygram #apuntes #apuntesbonitos #notes #notetaking #notestagram #aesthetic #lettering #handwriting #languages #languagelearning #idiomas #english #ingles #modals #grammar #stationery #students #bujo
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maite-asheil · 4 months ago
Jhola chicos aqui les vengo a traer ya las ultimas paginas que se hico este comic ya , la razon por temas de interarccion con el grupo ya no se va a hacer mas capitulos de este comic perdone pero si ya es el "final" de este lindo proyecto que fue y me encanto mucho estarlo por que con el paso dek tiempo un grupo que esta haciendo proyecto es que duran un tiempo y ya no sigue mas o hay grupo que aun se mantienen activo , pero el caso es que ya no esta tan activo como antes ya mas con la intaraccion con las chicas , pero apesar de todo la pase muy bien me ayudo mucho a animarme a subir dibujos mios sin tener que sentirme avergonzada de mi misma por hacerlo , pero bueno en fin , el grupo termino y haora talvez empiza a subir mis dibujos aqui , gracuas por su gran apoyo lo aprecio mucho
Hello guys, here I come to bring you the last pages that this comic was made already, the reason for issues of interaction with the group will no longer be made more chapters of this comic forgive but if it is already the "end" of this cute Project that was and I loved being so because over time a group that is doing a project is that they last a while and they no longer follow or there is a group that is still active, but the fact is that it is no longer so active As before, more with the interaction with the girls, but in spite of everything I had a great time it helped me a lot to encourage me to upload my drawings without having to feel ashamed of myself for doing it, but hey anyway, the group ended and maybe now Start uploading my drawings here, thank you for your great support I appreciate it very much
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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megamia0106 · 6 months ago
Each flower is a soul that blooms in nature. Gérard de Nerval
Ecuador is a tourist place that we must visit at least once, to distract ourselves and have a good time with the family.
Tumblr media
Cuenca is one of the most visited city. Its Historic Center was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Cuenca's architecture has always stood out for its uniqueness and beauty. Cuenca is surrounded by four rivers, which gives the city a calm and picturesque air.
Tumblr media
The park is located in the beautiful city of Cuenca, which has animals such as llama, rabbit, ducks, fish and more. In addition to seeing its nature.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Located in the city of Guayaquil, it is an urban regeneration project of the old Simón Bolívar Malecón, where you can enjoy the great monuments of the history of Guayaquil, such as the Rotonda Hemicycle, museums, gardens, fountains, shopping center, restaurants , bars, food courts.
Tumblr media
4.- PUYO
Pastaza and Puyo have extraordinary tourist attractions. The further we go, the more we acquire a deeper and more global vision of what the Ecuadorian Amazon offers natural and tourist resources.
They have ecological walks, observation of wild animals typical of the Amazon, rivers and waterfalls nestled in the humid tropical forest, as well as modern installations of artificial waves, swimming pools and slides, dammed rivers in the form of dams, etc.
Tumblr media
It is the name by which the waterfalls found in the canton of Girón, in the city of Cuenca, are known. This Girón waterfall is made up of three waterfalls, each of which is more difficult to access.
Tumblr media
Salinas is close to Guayaquil and has large beachfront condos, markets, and upscale restaurants. Salinas has a privileged situation, having a mild and dry climate.
Tumblr media
Finally we have Isabela, a very interesting place is the wall of tears and it is a wall that was built during the Second World War by inmates who were in the place.
Tumblr media
Thank you for seeing you come here, we wish you a happy day, afternoon, night for viewing this brilliant blog.
With you jeagers
Tumblr media
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larry-archives · 7 months ago
Recopilación de timelines de larry, créditos a quienes correspondan. 
Documento google, 2010-presente... muchas cosas mas -@alwxysgxlden
cuando se conocieron? - @greedy-queen
TIMELINES 2010-2020 - @haroldcomehome
Larry masterpost 2009- 2020 - @lifeisshortlove
Líneas del tiempo - @happieasa
We live together deal with it - @yourhabit28
TATUAJES MASTER POST  - @lifeisshortlove
LARRY TWEETS ESPAÑOL - @onlyforthekings
2009 desmentido - @greedy-queen
2010 - @larrybears // 2010 - @dlbyhlt
Dusty Styles & Ted Tomlinson - @happieasa
Susan Boyle & Frankie Standford parte 1 // parte 2  - @happieasa
rbb&sbb - @caprispace
Timlines. (hay tmb en ingles) - @greedy-queen
Larry timeline (youtube y el documento google, del primer link) // 2018 - @larrieshomelat
Leed 2011 - @happieasa
Dallas 2012 - @louismyantidote
Orlando 2014 - @caprispace
2015: X - @caprispace // Uptown Funk - @larrybears // uptown fuck - @larrieshomelat
2016:  top 10 de 2016 - @habithlarry // 2016 - @ificouldflymp3
2017: top 10 de 2017 - @habithlarry
Larry on Tour (LOT 2017-2018) - @larrybears
Timeline stunts&barbas mp - @greedy-queen // timeline barbas/stunts - @lifeisshortlove
Youtube: - @Vivi Wattpad
Wattpad: - @vivi-nevermore 
ORIGINAL TIMELINES - @bulletprooflarry
when did they meet? - @greedy-queen
2010 - @lookslike-wemadeit
Louis and Harry at Leeds festival 2011 - @alarrytale
larry timeline - @vallarry
Timeline 2010-2020 - @wesharethatreallyy
Dusty Styles + Ted Tomlinson  - @whenhazzametlou
Frankie Sandford + Susan Boyle (in 2010 – 2012) - @quietasides
The connection between Belfast&Wellington - @whenyouknowyouknow
2015 - @nauticalleeds​
2016: jamaica - @sslarrysettingsail // .x. - @ificouldflymp3
2017: top 10 of 2017 - @ificouldflymp3
2018: TOP 10 OF 2018 // .x. //  x   - @ificouldflymp3
2019: top 10 of 2019 - @queensgaybeach1d​ // .x.  - @rosesau 
2020: .x. - @darkrainbowlouis
part 1 // part 2 // part 3
Full list of Tour Dates
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