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#ingrid goes west
Goldrush (Taylor Sloane/ Reader)
Tumblr media
Hello everyone!
Venturing out from Wanda/ Leigh to provide you all with, drum roll please... fluff! Taylor Sloane fluff to be specific! Loosely inspired by Taylor Swift's "Goldrush".
Summary: Social media influencer were shallow. You couldn't stand them... So why were you letting this one get close to you?
It took all you had to bite back the groan of annoyance when you stepped foot on the beach. Your little hideaway had been discovered and you weren’t sure if you’d be able to find peace there ever again if it was going to be full of all these shallow ‘influencers’.
“Nothing is sacred anymore.” You mumbled to yourself as you carefully pulled out your vintage Olympus OM-1. Your most prized possession.
As you began to prepare the film a commotion caught your attention. You turned your head to see someone approach a small group of obnoxiously loud people. It looked like the person was asking to take a picture with a blonde in the group. The sight immediately lost your interest as you turned your attention back to your film.
You were scouting to see if you would be using this location for your future photoshoots. That was your priority. Not the obnoxious people who wanted attention.
Carefully brushing away the sand, you wandered over to a manmade trail of rocks that lead out into the serene ocean. The sun gleamed brightly on the water and tinged it with an ethereal glow. A beautiful sight if you slowed down long enough to take it in. You kneeled so you were at eye level with the rocks, aligning the camera so it was could capture the sight, the cold water gently lapping against the soles of your worn-out converse.
Just as you had set up the shot a sharp cough made you jump, almost making you drop your camera into the water. The interruption alone made you clench your jaw in annoyance as you turned to find the source of the sound. Your eyes meeting with the blonde from earlier, a fake smile on her face. It was clear she was one of those ‘influencers’.
Beautiful but empty. An illusion of beauty.
“Can I help you?” You mumbled.
The plastic smile never wavered. “You’re a photographer.” You stared at her blankly, waiting for the question. “Can you take a picture for me and my friends? We’d ask someone else, but you’d probably be a little better.”
“Sure.” You eventually replied flatly, taking the phone she held out. The group arranged themselves against the light, so they’d all be washed out, but you didn’t say anything. That wasn’t your problem.
As soon as you lifted the phone they all stopped bickering and began laughing as if they had just heard the funniest joke . Several peace signs showing up among the group.
Fake, you thought to yourself as you took the photo. You then handed the phone back to the blonde, fiddling with the strap of your camera that was slung across your chest.
The woman immediately handed the phone back to you, making you furrow your brows in confusion. “We’re washed out. Do you mind taking it again, but like… better? Maybe try getting lower.” You bristled at the comment. The charming smile she flashed you was something you were certain got her whatever she wanted.
You almost denied the request just for the satisfaction. “Sure.” You mumbled again, crouching ever so slightly to take the picture again.
“Do you mind getting lower?” She questioned.
Before you could stop yourself, you made a face. “What? Like in the sand?”
“Yeah, that’d be perfect! Thanks.” You bit the inside of your cheek to stop the sarcastic comment that was threatening to fall from your lips. As you kneeled down in the sand you heard her whisper to her friends. “It’s cute, an amateur photographer being able to take pictures for me. She’s probably just nervous.”
The comment made your blood boil. That was the issue with all these influencers. They thought they were god’s gift to the world. That’s why you refused to work with them.
Without paying any attention, you took the picture and marched over to the woman. “Just so you know, I have no idea who you are. Have a nice day.” You said in an overly cheery voice, shoving the phone back into her hands.
The woman sputtered slightly in surprise, but before she could say anything you hurried away, clutching the strap of your camera tightly. You needed to find new places to shoot at.
As much as you tried to avoid all the places that the social media influencers went, you couldn’t help but go to this small café that they had infiltrated. It was on the edge of the coast, close enough that the ocean breeze swept through your hair as you read by the open window.
You had become such a fixture in the shop that the owners had come to expect you at least twice a week. Today was no different as you absently picked at the chocolate croissant that the owners granddaughter had eagerly given you.
Even the little girl had become familiar with your presence (mainly because you let her play with your older cameras when you were around).
Just as you were about to turn the page, the stillness of the café was interrupted by the sounds of exaggerated laughter. You refused to look up, you knew the type. They’d be gone as soon as they got their pictures anyway.
“Excuse me?”
You looked up to see two women standing before you, one the blonde from the beach. You were surprised to see she actually looked a bit uncomfortable when she saw it was you. “Yes?” You replied, placing a finger in your book so you wouldn’t lose your place.
“Do you mind switching places with us? This spot would make a better picture.” The other woman batted her eyelashes flirtatiously.
You couldn’t help but smile in disbelief. “You know what? Sure.”
The squeal that came from the other woman’s lips made you wince. “Perf! Let’s go get our stuff, Tay.” The other woman walked off as you turned to gather your things, it was time to leave. You had a photoshoot early the next morning anyway.
“What are you reading?”
Not looking up, you began packing your things into your backpack. “Middlemarch by George Elliot.” You replied. As much as you were sure this woman was vapid, you didn’t want to be rude. Even if the aftermath of her comment still prickled under your skin.
“What’s it about?”
Curiosity got the better of you as you finally turned to face her, eyeing her skeptically. “It’s about marriage, idealism, self-interest, hypocrisy, political reform… It’s a masterpiece in my humble opinion.”
The woman’s eyebrows raised interestedly. “You sound passionate about it.” You shrugged. It was your favorite book, but she didn’t need to know that. “My names Taylor.” The same charming smile she wore on the beach made a reappearance and you tilted your head in response, not impressed.
“Y/n.” You supplied.
There was a brief moment of silence in the air, Taylor’s smile wavered slightly. “About the beach, I think I came off as kind of a bi-”
“Tay! Let’s take a pic of our coffee. The beach in the background will be adorbs.” The other woman interrupted. “Do you mind?” She asked you, gesturing to the space you were standing in front of.
You pressed your lips together, shaking your head. “Not at all. It’s all yours.”
As you passed Taylor you made eye contact, she looked like she wanted to say something, but you had already walked away. Playfully you ruffled the hair of the owner’s granddaughter on the way out. You were so occupied by the way the young girl eagerly showed you the pictures she took that you didn’t notice the eyes that were watching you with interest.
The movement around you faded as you focused on the controlled chaos that surrounded you, the people all living their own lives. Your fingers itched to capture these unsuspecting moments of beauty. Of the elderly couple holding hands on a walk, of the two friends laughing over a picture they had just taken, of the children playing catch with their dog. Of- your peace was interrupted when someone stepped into your line of vision.
You fought the urge to groan. “Are you following me?”
Taylor raised the bag in her hand, smiling slightly. “No. I was actually on my way home from the farmers market.” You squinted at her slightly, unsure of what that had to do with you. “I think we got off on the wrong foot yesterday.”
“What makes you say that?” Your paused slightly. “Do you think it’s because I’m an amateur photographer that’s nervous to be around you?” You asked with a mocking pout.
Her face flushed. “I didn’t mean to sound so…”
“Stuck up?” You offered flatly.
Taylor nodded slowly. “I swear I’m not… that type of person.”
You chuckled as you began packing your things. “Yeah, for some reason I don’t buy that.” When you stood you noticed how close she was to you. Your breath faltered slightly because you were certain you’d never seen eyes more beautiful in your life. “Why do you care? You don’t even know me.” You grumbled stepping around her.
Her footsteps followed you as she fell into step beside you. “I don’t know, you seem different than anyone I know.” You huffed in amusement. That was probably certain. “Let me show you I’m not as bad as you think I am.”
“You see, as intrigued as I am by that offer I think I’ll pass. I’ve seen your type.” You quipped, glancing at her out of the corner of your eyes. “I have an amateur shoot that I need to get to anyway.”
She groaned. “You’re not going to let that go, are you?” You shook your head. There was a brief pause. “Can I have your number?”
A short chuckle fell from your lips. “Seriously?”
Taylor nodded and held out her phone. “Get coffee with me this weekend and I’ll prove you wrong.”
You had to admit, the persistence was admirable, you’d even say cute. “Fine.” You took the phone and put in your number. “I really have to go.”
“See you this weekend. Same café on the coast.” Taylor said as you turned to leave.
When you arrived at the café you were greeted with warm smiles as the owner offered you a tea, and raised eyebrows when you requested two. You rolled your eyes at the suggestive waggle of eyebrows you received as you walked the teas over to a table in the corner.
Glancing down at your watch, you couldn’t help but frown. 12:05. It was five minutes passed the agreed upon meeting time.
A sigh fell from your lips when another fifteen minutes passed. You mentally berated yourself for allowing yourself to hope she wouldn’t be what you thought she was. Not even a moment later you heard the chime of the bell, indicating someone had entered.
Like a whirlwind, Taylor came rushing in just as you stood to leave. “Y/n.” She hurried over to the table. “There was an accident and they stopped the freeway. Like… completely stopped it. We literally just sat there for twenty minutes. I was supposed to be here at 11:50.”
Despite yourself you couldn’t help but be amused. “Taylor.” Her eyes were still a bit wide when she met your gaze. You enjoyed the authentic emotion she was showing. “It’s fine.”
“I’m not making a good impression, am I?”
You shrugged playfully as you took a seat again, Taylor taking the seat opposite of you. “You could be doing worse.”
Taylor pushed a hand through her hair. “That’s not very reassuring.”
Again, you shrugged. “I never said I was trying to reassure you.”
For a moment she just stared at you then burst out laughing. You couldn’t help but duck your head at the sound. “I’m glad you aren’t. It’s refreshing.” She admitted when her laughter faded away.
“What? Honesty?” You chuckled as she nodded. “I hate to break it to you, but if authenticity is refreshing, you should probably reevaluate the people you surround yourself with.”
Her hands fiddled with the tea cup that you slid over to her. “Yeah, well, we can’t all be contrarians.” She retorted back.
Her words peaked your interest, you raised an eyebrow. “Did you just call me out?”
The smirk on her lips made you fidget in your seat. “How’s it feel to be on the other end?”
You nodded approvingly. “Touché, Taylor... Touché.”
“I read that book you told me about. The Middlemarch?” Your eyebrows raised in surprise. “I liked it.”
For some reason you couldn’t help but feel skeptical. “Did you really like it?”
Taylor nodded. “Yes, I did!”
“Okay.” You accepted her words as you took a sip of your tea. “Why?”
The woman sitting across from you faltered slightly. “Why?” She repeated back to you.
Your brows furrowed. “Yeah... Why did you like it?”
For a moment you watched in amusement as Taylor looked around the café as if it would hold the answers she was searching for. “I liked the characters?”
The response came out in the form of a question and you couldn’t help but feel entertained. “You know, you don’t have to pretend around me.”
Taylor’s cheeks flushed, seemingly bothered by you not believing her. “Okay. I hated it.”
You couldn’t help the boisterous laugh that fell from your lips. “That’s better!” You exclaimed. “Tell me why.”
“It’s just so pretentious and dull. I thought my eyes would fall from their sockets if I had to read another page.” She admitted flatly, her eyes shimmering with confusion when you smiled back at her.
“That’s what I like to hear!” You said encouragingly.
Taylor let out a disbelieving laugh. “What? I just insulted your favorite book.”
You nodded enthusiastically. “I know. It’s amazing.”
“You can’t be serious.” She mumbled suspiciously.
You leaned across the table slightly. “I am, and you know why? Because you’re finally being authentic.” Silence. “Look, Taylor, you don’t have to like this book because it’s my favorite or because it would make your followers think you're intriguing if you did. Ignore what everyone else is telling you to think because none of it matters. The way I see it is, you can lie and pretend to like what everyone says you should like and be miserable OR…”
Taylor leaned forward a bit as well. “Or?”
You smiled. “Or you can be honest and say when you hate something and talk about what you love instead… and be happy.”
Taylor’s breath hitched slightly and for a moment she just stared back at you. “Show me.”
“Show you what?” you questioned curiously.
“Show me how you see the world.”
For a moment you considered her words, your heart racing in your chest. “Well let’s start with this small little coastal town.” The invitation was wordless as you stood and offered her your hand.
Her hand twitched for a moment as if she was silently debating with herself. The smile she gave you when she finally took your hand took your breath away. You rolled your eyes at the way the owners watch you walk out of the shop hand-in-hand.
“Babe.” Taylor whined quietly.
You raised an eyebrow in surprise. Smirking when you finally processed the word. After dating for a few weeks the term of endearment was new. “Babe you say?” You teased lightly.
Her cheeks flushed red. “When I asked you to take a picture of me, I meant with my phone not on film.” She mumbled, ignoring your question.
You decided you wouldn’t comment on it.
Just like you wouldn’t comment on the way she’d develop the film herself just like you taught her. You wouldn’t comment on the way she'd smile when they developed just right. You wouldn't comment when she would say how much better the picture looked on film… And you definitely wouldn’t comment on how endearing you found every single thing she did either.
“Taylor, everything looks-”
“Better on film.” She finished with a playful eyeroll. “I know. You probably tell me that mmm… at least once a day.”
Laughing quietly, you held the camera up to your eye, so you could focus the shot. “Only once a day? I’m going to need to step it up.”
Taylor shook her head lightly, her eyes twinkling from your antics and her lips forming into the beginnings of a genuine smile. You took the shot.
That was an authentic Taylor. No peace signs and fake smiles. The real Taylor was all twinkling eyes and crooked smiles. You had never seen a more beautiful sight.
And when she wandered over to press her lips tenderly against yours, you were sure you’d never felt anything more beautiful either.
Taylor surprised you. And you fell for her. Fast.
Four months with her and you were certain you were ruined for anyone else.
She was something your heart had never expected.
“Babe?’ you hummed distractedly. “Babe!”
You blinked rapidly, refocusing on the world around you. “Yes?”
Taylor’s laugh drifted into your ears and you smiled at the sound. “I was asking if you’ve seen my Eagles shirt?”
“It was hanging on the door.” You mumbled. “Wait. Don’t you mean my Eagles shirt?”
She pecked your lips to avoid answering. “Thanks, babe!” Taylor winked and ran over to the door, pulling the shirt over her head. “Anything on the agenda for the day?”
You began getting dressed. “I have a photoshoot where they’re giving me complete creative freedom. Then I’m meeting with my manager since I have a few more offers to shoot a couple different things.”
A soft noise of excitement fell from her lips. “Everybody wants you.” She padded across the room, her arms draping around your shoulders. “And I have you.”
The smile on both your faces made it almost impossible to kiss, but you didn’t let that stop you.
The movement around you faded out as you looked over your camera, feeding the film into the machine serenely. You had no idea who you were shooting today, but the company who booked you was very eager to work with you and let you have complete creative freedom. Complete creative freedom meant film for you. Not digital. The thought alone excited you. “She’s here. Are you ready?”
You looked up at your assistant after you were sure your camera was ready. “Did they water the rose bush?”
“Yes. I still don’t understand why you wanted a rose bush. We’re in the middle of a desert.” Your assistant mumbled.
“Double vision in a rose bush. An illusion… Because of the dessert. The beauty is an illusion?” You explained, rolling your eyes when you saw your assistant bite back a smile. “Shut up. Where’s this person?”
A small tap on your shoulder answered your question. “Looking for me?”
When you turned around you were met with the sight of a playful smirk on familiar lips. You squinted at her teasingly, hiding the surprise of seeing your girlfriend here. “Are you following me?”
“You’re the infamous photographer that this company was telling me about?” Taylor questioned back at you, feigning confusion.
You sent her a sarcastic smile. “No. I’m just an amateur that’s here to take pictures of you. I’m so nervous to be working with you!” You said mockingly.
Taylor groaned, the act falling away almost immediately. “That was a year ago. Before we even started dating! Are you ever going to let me live that down?”
“Hmm…” You pretended to think, your finger on your chin. “Nope.” You quipped back, popping your lips on the word.
You began walking away, smiling slightly when you saw Taylor fall into step beside you. “Maybe I’m nervous to work with you.” She said softly, taking your hand in her own and pressing a light kiss to the back of it. “After all, everybody wants you.”
“What a coincidence because I will only ever want you.” Before you reached the set-up, you turned to face her, pressing your forehead lightly against hers. “Tell me about something that makes you happy.”
Her soft breath fanned over your lips and the smile she sent you made your cheeks flush. “Well... She hates the sand but loves the beach. She practically lives on the coast she’s there so often. I sometimes need to call her out on her contrarian shit, but… I’ll never find a love as pure as her.” Her words were quiet, but sincere. Authentic. “Tell me about something you love.”
“She loves to sing to songs on the radio even if she doesn’t know the words, she dances like a goof when she’ s drunk, but she claims she doesn’t when she’s sober. Hmm… She steals my clothes.” Taylor giggled, and you couldn’t help but smile. “And more importantly, she’s also stolen my heart.” You mumbled, her lips connecting with yours almost as soon as the word left your mouth.
After a moment you pulled away, noticing your assistant walk up to you both. You turned to face her. “Never mind about what I said earlier. This beauty isn’t an illusion... and she never will be.”
That's all folks! And you all thought I couldn't write happy endings. Well, anyway, I hope you all enjoyed since this is fairly different from what I usually write.
Please let me know what you think because as always, thoughts and comments are always welcome!
P.s. Should I make a general tag list?
(P.p.s. if the Gerri stealers are reading this... rude.)
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abimess · a month ago
A little reward for your behavior
Taylor Sloane x Reader
Tumblr media
Masterlist || Upcoming Stories
Summary: After an unknown (and quite attractive) neighbor moves into the house across the street, Taylor is determined to do whatever it takes to win her over. And you definitely have no objection to this. [3.195 words]
Warnings: smut (+18 only!)
Sooo this is my first attempt at writing dom!characters so please be gentle 😶 let me know your thoughts haha Good reading, everyone!
For this request || Read on AO3
If there's one thing Taylor is sure of, it's that she always gets what she wants.
It has always been this way, and it's thanks to this that she got where she is now. She wouldn't have gotten all the sponsors and followers if it weren't for her charm and manners. So with her new goal it would be no different.
A few days ago, Taylor was returning from her hike when she saw a moving truck parked in front of her house across the street.
Overcome with curiosity, the blonde watched as two men carried some furniture into the house. A few moments later, her jaw drops. Coming out of the house, a woman walks up to the delivery men with a casual smile on her face and Taylor is sure that this is the hottest woman she has ever seen. Swallowing dryly, Taylor watches intently as the unknown neighbor runs her fingers through her hair.
Before the stranger could see the clumsy mess Taylor has become, the blonde enters the house. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Taylor feels her legs fail her at the memory of the woman's figure on the street. Each detail intensifying the discomfort below Taylor's belly that she simply couldn't ignore.
But she needs to pull herself together. With a determined frown, Taylor begins to plan her next moves. She would have you. Whatever it takes.
Taylor started going out for walks in shorter and shorter clothes, grasping at the possibility that you might be in the front yard, coming home or whatever. The blonde also went out at different times of the day, but each time without success, since you apparently never left the house.
Faced with the failure of her first attempt, Taylor was forced to take a more direct approach. So she puts on a casual dress that has a low enough neckline to make her breasts pop up if she makes the right move.
"Hi!" Taylor greets you innocently as soon as you open the door, and she has to hide her smile when she notices your eyes briefly descending to the exact place she wanted them to go.
"Hi." You greet back, a lopsided smile that automatically causes Taylor's stomach to chill. "I'm Taylor, your front door neighbor." She informs, pointing to her house with her thumb and you nod, introducing yourself next.
She then offers her hand for you to shake and you do so, but Taylor leans forward and gives you a brief, light kiss on the cheek, your perfume invading her senses in the same way that hers invades yours. If you were surprised by her closeness, you don't let it show.
"I have something for you." She informs you excitedly, extending a basket toward you and you widen your eyes in surprise, but take the object. You look at the cheeses and wine inside the basket with a grateful smile on your face. "It's just a housewarming gift, no big deal." Taylor says dismissively, but feeling extremely proud of the reaction the gift has caused you.
"No, this is awesome! Thanks." You assure, your eyes meeting hers once again. There is a few seconds of silence between your two before you assume an apologetic expression. "I'd love to invite you in, but I'm kinda working right now."
"Oh, no, it's okay!" She says good-humoredly, disguising her disappointment. "Sorry to disturb you."
"You don't." You reply without hesitation and Taylor smiles, biting her lower lip. When your eyes are drawn to the action, the blonde feels her heart beating faster.
"So, I'm having a party on Saturday night. You should totally show up." She comments, but soon adds. "I mean, if you want to." You giggle huskily and it takes everything in Taylor not to grab you by the collar of your shirt and kiss you. "Sure! That sounds fun."
"Awesome." She comments, a victorious smile on her face. "See you around, (Y/n)." She completes and you nod. "See you around. And thanks again for the basket." You say, briefly raising the item to your chest height.
"Anytime." She says suggestively and you smile mischievously, checking her out, and the blonde feels her body warm under your gaze. With one last exchange of glances, you walk back into the house as Taylor crosses the street, walking towards her house with a smile of accomplishment on her face.
It's Saturday night and several people have arrived already, but none of them is you.
Taylor makes small talk with some of the guests, but all she can do is wonder if you're coming or not. But her expressions soften when she sees you entering the house, your hands timidly inside your pockets.
"You came!" Taylor says excitedly, approaching you, and you greet her with a smile. She places her hand on your arm, giving it a gentle squeeze, as she kisses the corner of your mouth. When she pulls away, she bites back a smile at the sight of your slightly dilated pupils.
"Come, let me introduce you to everyone." She says, holding your hand and pulling you through the house. You don't mind when she entwines her fingers with yours, and Taylor doesn't mind when you don't let go of her hand.
Soon you start chatting casually with some people and the sight of your relaxed self is intoxicating. You laugh, and talk, and with every move Taylor has to control herself not to pull you away from everyone.
But you were interacting too much with other people and Taylor needed your attention strictly on her. She was not willing to share.
So throughout the conversation she leans against you and runs her hand suggestively down your arm, but nothing seems enough and you keep giving priority to the other people you're talking to. That's when Taylor has an idea.
With a purposefully clumsy movement, the blonde spills her drink on your shirt, soaking the entire front of your torso. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry." Taylor says dramatically as you tug the soaked shirt away from your body. "It's okay." You say with a reassuring smile and the blonde has to contain a smile.
"No, it's not!" Taylor says, taking your hand in hers once again. "Come, let's get you some dry clothes." She pulls you into the bedroom and smiles mischievously when you don't object.
You walk into the bedroom, and Taylor closes the door as soon as you do. She walks over to the closet and starts rummaging through one of the drawers. "I have one of my brother's shirts here, it should fit you." She says and, when she finally finds the shirt, she turns to you but she chokes immediately at the sight of you already unbuttoning your shirt.
You take off your shirt, remaining only in your bra, and walk over to her, smirking at the astonished mess she has become. "Thank you, darling." You say almost in a whisper as you take the shirt from her hands, and Taylor feels her whole body goosebumps at the sound of your voice.
Taylor watches you put on the shirt, her mouth going dry and hearing her heartbeat in her ears. When you finish getting dressed, you return your gaze to hers. Taylor's eyes drift to your mouth, and your smile widens.
You lean slightly toward her, and Taylor's breath hitches at the insinuation of your movement. But you stop, and the blonde frowns briefly. "We shouldn't keep your guests waiting."
With that, you turn away from her, walking toward the door. Taylor huffs, displeased, but soon follows you.
It had been a few days since the night of the party and Taylor still felt her body warm with the memory of the moment you shared in the bedroom.
The blonde is standing in line at the supermarket, swinging her leg restlessly. She had to have you. Her desire for you grew as time went on and she couldn't take it anymore. She had enough.
Taylor returns home, and as if the universe has heard her pleas, the person she wanted most appears. "Hi, neighbor." She hears your voice, and the blonde immediately turns to look at you. "Hey!" She greets back, an inviting smile on her face.
"Need help with that?" You ask, pointing to the groceries in her trunk, and Taylor moves her hands dismissively. "You don't have to."
"Come on, I insist." You say, already reaching over and grabbing some bags, and Taylor smiles, biting her lower lip before thanking you.
You carry the groceries into her house and Taylor smiles proudly every time she catches you checking her out. But that was no longer enough, so she decides to tease a little more.
As the two of you take the last bags into the kitchen, Taylor purposely drops one of the items on the floor, bending over next for you to see her ass, barely covered by her short shorts. "Oops." She says as she stands up, unable to disguise the smile that formed as she noticed your eyes exactly where she wanted them to be.
"I'm so clumsy." She says with an innocent giggle. You chuckle, looking down and shaking your head. Taylor watches you intently.
"You've been trying so hard, haven't you?" You ask, looking at her again. Her smile falters, causing your own to widen. You walk over to her slowly and Taylor swallows dryly, her eyes locked on yours.
"Doing all these things just to get my attention. So... determined." You say, running your fingers down her arms. Taylor feels her body tingle everywhere you touch her, her skin burning under your intense stare.
You look at her once more, a smile on your face that Taylor can't quite decipher, but finds both intimidating and desirable. "Take your blouse off." You say, calmly, and Taylor feels her heart beat faster.
A second of hesitation is all it takes for the blonde to remove the garment. You admire her intently, a smile appearing on your face as soon as you see she was wearing nothing under her blouse, and Taylor feels her body shiver under your stare.
With one swift movement, you grab her by the waist and pull her close, making a surprised noise escape Taylor's throat. With your lips brushing against each other, you feel Taylor's chest rise and fall with her ragged breathing and you smirk lopsidedly.
Taylor brings her hands to the collar of your shirt, and with one swift motion, you move your hands down to the blonde's thighs, lifting her up and placing her on the kitchen counter.
A moan of surprise escapes Taylor's mouth, and when her eyes meet yours, you see her pupils dilate and you know you can't wait any longer. You connect your lips to hers and Taylor sighs, immediately corresponding to the kiss and wrapping her arms around your neck.
You bring your hand up to Taylor's neck, pulling her close and giving it a gentle squeeze, and the blonde gasps. You take the opportunity to slide your tongue against hers, and Taylor moans at the new touch.
When air is needed, you move your kisses down to Taylor's jaw and neck, and the blonde sighs, running her fingers through your hair and gripping it tightly. You continue down your kisses, biting the sensitive skin and leaving marks that you know will stay there for a while. Taylor moans with each one of them.
When you reach her breasts, you give a long lick to one, squeezing the other with your hand. Taylor sighs deeply, throwing her head back and arching her body against you, craving for more.
Not wanting to rush the moment, you take your time there, delighting in Taylor and in the sounds you elicit from her. The blonde wraps her legs around your waist, bringing you as close to her as she can get. You grin, nibbling on her hardened nipple and earning a low moan from Taylor.
You move your kisses upward, returning to Taylor's neck. And as soon as you are close enough, the blonde pulls you in, connecting her lips to yours in an intense, desperate kiss.
Wrapping your arms around her waist, you lift the blonde off the counter, carrying her into the bedroom. Taylor doesn't stop kissing you the entire way there.
As soon as you feel your legs slam against the side of the bed, you lay Taylor down on the mattress, laying on top of her next. The blonde straightens up in bed, but at no point does she move her face away from yours. You don't object.
You stand up, and Taylor watches you, breathing heavily. With one swift movement, you remove your shirt. But before Taylor can enjoy the view, you're already kissing her again, and the blonde sighs as she feels your naked torso against hers.
This time the kiss is slow and sensual, and Taylor feels her whole body shiver. With low moans, Taylor runs her hands down your back, your skin shivering at every place her nails scratch you.
You press your knee against Taylor's center and the blonde moans softly as the discomfort in the pit of her belly increases. When Taylor begins to move her hips against your leg to increase the friction, you smirk.
As you move your kisses down Taylor's jaw, the blonde moves her trembling hands to the bar of your pants, trying unsuccessfully to remove them. You smile mischievously.
"Use your words, darling." You say against Taylor's ear, making her entire body shiver. "What do you want?" You ask, lifting up enough to look at her and delighting in the girl's swollen lips and ragged breathing beneath you.
"You're wearing too many clothes." She replies with a husky chuckle and your smile widens. You stand up to remove your pants and Taylor watches you intently. "Lose your shorts." You command and the blonde obeys immediately.
With both of you completely naked now, you lie on top of her once again. You kiss Taylor once more, your tongues dancing sensually together. You move your hand slowly down to the blonde's intimacy and Taylor loosely wraps her legs around your waist.
As soon as your fingers find Taylor's intimacy, hot and wet, you smile mischievously. "Look at you, baby girl." You break the kiss and admire her dilated pupils. Taylor shivers at the nickname. "So ready for me." You remark, beginning to make slow movements on her clit and Taylor closes her eyes.
"I bet you've been fantasizing about this moment, haven't you?" you tease, gradually intensifying the movement on her clit as Taylor's moans also increase.
"Desperately wishing I'd fuck you, weren't you?" You continue the teasing, depositing wet kisses down her neck as you continue the steady movements on her intimacy. Taylor nods weakly, feeling her body heat up to the point of boiling. You smirk, proud of the effect you cause her, and lift your face once more.
"I wanna hear you say it." You say in a soft yet demanding tone and Taylor bites her lower lip, suppressing a moan before answering. "Yes." She replies breathlessly and you smile.
"Well, I'm here now, princess. You don't have to wish anymore." You say, and before Taylor can even think to respond, you stick two fingers inside her at once without warning.
Taylor's loud moan echoes in the room and fills your ears as she arches her back, gripping the bed sheets tightly. You keep a steady rhythm inside her, massaging her clitoris with your thumb as you take your mouth to one of her breasts, sucking and nibbling on the sensitive skin. Taylor breaks down into moans and whimpers, her head spinning frantically with pleasure at all the sensations you provide for her.
You move your kisses down her belly and Taylor holds her breath when your mouth reaches her intimacy. With a long lick of her clit, you suck on the sensitive skin.
It doesn't take long for Taylor's body to break down in spasms, the discomfort below her belly exploding and making her whole body hotter than it already was. With one last loud moan, the blonde pushes your head away, signaling you to stop.
With one final lick you lift your face, a proud smile playing on your lips, but you keep your fingers inside her. As you lie on top of her, keeping your faces at the same height again, you press her clit with your thumb and Taylor trembles intensely.
"Please stop." She whimpers and you smile. "Oh I don't think I will." You say provocatively and Taylor watches you intently, her lips ajar. "You've spent all this time trying to get me here. I better give you what you want, don’t I?" You tease and Taylor's breathing hitches. But considering all the sensations she is feeling now, she knows she has reached her edge.
"I can't do it anymore." She pleads, but your smile widens. "Of course you can, baby girl." You say reassuringly. You kiss the side of her face, bringing your mouth close to her ear. "I'll take care of you." You whisper, and Taylor holds her breath.
You deposit soft kisses down Taylor's neck, moving your fingers slowly inside her. The blonde sighs heavily, her body contracting before relaxing completely.
As you move your kisses up the side of her jaw, you capture her lips on yours. The kiss is slow and sensual, as are the movements you keep inside her, your thumb eventually pressing against her clit. Taylor moans amidst heavy sighs against your mouth, her hands on your neck, stroking your hair at the nape of your neck.
It doesn't take long for Taylor to be ready again, so you increase the intensity of your thrusts, massaging her clit with your thumb as you kiss her more passionately.
Taylor's moans increase in the same way, and she unconsciously moves her hips towards you to increase the contact. You give her what she wants.
The blonde pulls her face away from yours for breath, her moans loud and clear, so close to your ear that it makes your head spin. Taylor runs her hands down your back, her nails digging into your skin from pleasure, leaving marks that you know are going to last for a long time. You smile, and suck on a sensitive point on her neck, making Taylor moan even louder.
With her entire body still extremely sensitive, it doesn't take long for Taylor to reach her limit again. But this time, when she asks you to stop, completely surrendered, you do as she wants.
You finally withdraw your fingers from inside Taylor, your hand completely covered in her juices. You suck your fingers, delighting once again in Taylor's taste, and the blonde watches you intently as she tries to regain control of her breathing.
She moves her hands to your neck, intending to pull you in for another kiss. But she doesn't even have to, because you lean in first and connect your lips to hers intensely. And when you do, Taylor smiles proudly.
She always gets what she wants.
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sapphicshots · 4 months ago
i need you
Taylor Sloane x Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: language, ingrid goes west spoilers
Prompt: would you do one with Taylor Sloane? where her and reader are old friends, but fame changed Taylor (basically what was said in the movie about her living a lie) which made them lose contact and only after the events in the movie she realises that she'd been in love with reader?
A/N: hihi i wanted to get something up i hope u guys like this one🥺🥺 i love taylor sm
Tumblr media
Your phone ringing on the nightstand beside you woke you up from your dreamless sleep.
You turned over to pick it up and froze when you saw the too familiar contact name. It rang out and you sighed, letting your hand go limp as you looked over to your alarm clock. Why the fuck was she calling you at 4 in the morning?
When it started to ring again, you bit your lip and stared at your phone for a few seconds before answering it.
You flopped back onto your pillows and waited for her to say something, “Y/n?” 
You tensed upon hearing the way she said your name quietly, like she was afraid of you, “Why did you call me, Taylor?”
“Ezra and-”
Your grip on your phone tightened, “I really hope you’re not about to complain about him to me.”
“No- no, that’s not it. We’re done.”
“Okay?” Your brow furrowed and you turned on your side. “Am I supposed to care?” It felt a little too harsh, the way you were talking to her, but she hadn’t cared about you in a year, so why would you care about her now? “It’s 4 in the morning, I want to go back to sleep. Just tell me what you want.”
She was quiet for a bit too long and your frustration was growing by the second, “Taylor-”
“I want you.”
“Did you take something?” you scoffed. “Seriously, what’s your problem?”
“I’m not fucking with you, please. I need you,” her voice broke near the end and you were promptly reminded that hearing Taylor cry probably hurt more than anything.
“I don’t know what you want me to say. You’re the one who threw me on the back-burner because I told you what you didn’t want to hear and now that you’re done with him you care about me?”
“That’s not it.”
“Then what is it?” you sighed, closing your eyes, trying to imagine how she looked. She probably was wearing one of her ridiculously oversized t-shirts or one of her giant hoodies with the sleeves that went past her hands. At least, that’s what she wore when she wasn’t pretending to be some Cali babe with her fake hippie shit.
“I didn’t want to be with him anymore, I want to be with you, Y/n... I love you,” her voice was wavering and she sounded serious.
Her words were making your stomach churn and you forgot to answer her, “Y/n, please-”
“Why are you telling me this now? What happened?”
“There was this girl who like- she stalked me. Like, she took photos of everything in my house and she had all of my information written down on her phone and then Nicky found out and she literally fucking kidnapped him-”
“Whoa, hold on, what?” you sat up in bed, now feeling nauseous because something could have happened to her. 
You heard a muffled sob come from your phone.
While waiting for her to be able to say something, you got out of bed and went to your mirror to splash your face with water and fix your hair a little. You wanted to go over. You missed her so much. The integrity you had remaining wanted you to stay home but you would always love her and if she needed your help you would give it to her. She could make it up to you another time.
You sighed and looked at your phone for a few seconds before pressing the FaceTime button and waiting for Taylor to switch it over.
Taylor looked horrible. Well, horrible for her. Her eyes were bloodshot and a little puffy. Her blonde hair was up in a messy bun. She was wearing a hoodie that you gave her two years ago and she had Rothko sitting in her lap.
You looked at her for a few moments silently until her lip began to wobble and she tilted her head down, covering her mouth with her sleeve as she took a shuddering breath.
“Are you alone in the house right now?” you asked tentatively.
You watched her nod before looking back up at you, “It’s just the two of us.” she mumbled, looking down at Rothko and scratching his neck with her dainty fingers.
“I’ll be there in fifteen, just let me grab my stuff,” you sighed, reaching for your phone to hang up.
“Can you stay on the phone with me?” her voice cracked a little. “Please, I really don’t want to be alone.”
You nodded silently and put your phone on your bed as you packed an overnight bag. A big part of you knew you wouldn’t just be staying for one day.
When you were done packing, you grabbed your phone, your car keys, and your house keys before walking out and getting in the car. You put your phone in the cup holder so she could kind of see you and started to head over.
“I’m really sorry, Y/n-” you heard after a couple of minutes.
“Taylor, you don’t have to do this now,” You shook your head as you waited at a red light.
“I want to. I fucked up so bad- you were right about everything. I don’t- I don’t want to be who I’ve pretended to be anymore. I’m tired- exhausted. I just want you.”
You bit your lip as tears sprung to your eyes, her words bringing you back to the countless arguments you had because of the way she’d been acting for the past few years.
“And you were also-” she sniffled and your grip on the steering wheel tightened. “You were right about how- like... I think I’ve always been in love with you. I wasn’t ready to admit to myself that I wasn’t straight so I got with Ezra. But I never really wanted him because you’ve always been everything to me and I didn’t start to realize that until, you know.”
You didn’t really know what to say and you stayed quiet for too long, “Y/n, please say something.”
“I’m almost there,” you responded, even though it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. Your heart was pounding so hard you could hear your pulse in your ears. Her neighborhood felt too familiar and every part of you that had been pissed off at Taylor for the past year was begging you to go back home and forget she called, but Ezra was gone. He wasn’t in the way anymore. She wanted you. She needed you. This was what you’d been waiting for, wasn’t it? 
“Do you remember the gate code?” she asked with a shaky voice.
“Yeah,” you nodded and slowed your car as you reached her house. You heard the call end and you let yourself remain in the car for a few more seconds, taking deep breaths.
You willed yourself to get out and make your way to the gate, punching in the four digit code with shaky hands as Rothko scratched the other side of it.
After closing the gate behind you, you knelt to the ground and pet Rothko, who seemed to be very excited to see you again.
You kissed him on the head and smiled before looking up and seeing Taylor standing in the doorway wiping away tears. You frowned and walked over, letting it settle in that she was actually standing in front of you for the first time in over a year.
She essentially threw herself into you, pulling you tightly against her and burying her face in your neck. Her familiar smell wafted up to your nose and it pulled violently at your heartstrings. You wrapped your arms around her and started to rub her back when she started crying.
Her hands were bunching the material of your sweater and you could feel her nose brushing against your collarbone, “I didn’t think you would come.” she sobbed.
You shook your head and pressed a kiss to her temple, bringing the hand that wasn’t doing anything up to cradle her head, “You know I’d do anything for you.”
Taylor lifted her head to look at you and you couldn’t believe you hadn’t seen her in so long, “Y/n/n, I’m so sorry.”
You shook your head as you wiped away her tears as your own eyes started to water.
“I missed you so much,” she cried.
“Shhh, it’s okay,” you said, pulling her forward and kissing her delicately.
As she kissed you back, you could taste the salt of her tears on her lips. Her hands went up to your shoulders, but it wasn’t long before she pulled away and started to cry again.
You cupped her cheeks and pressed a kiss to her nose, “I’m here. We’re okay.”
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u-nmelodious · a year ago
Tumblr media
Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza at Chuck E. Cheese circa.  2000s
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freshmoviequotes · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ingrid Goes West (2017)
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sleazeburger · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I photographed Aubrey Plaza for this week’s issue of Time Magazine !
Photo: Signe Pierce
Assistants: Tayler Smith + Xan Violet
Location: Standard Hotel in Meatpacking District, NYC
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lunchbot1 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
This image has been going around for a while, but it contained some glaring continuity errors and questionable choices. So I fixed it. You're welcome.
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vanessacarlysle · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen as Taylor in Ingrid Goes West (2017).
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