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#injured peter parker

Combined two prompts to create this 639 word fic starring an injured Peter Parker, an amused Tony Stark and one solid Harry Potter refference.  

“Hey, Mr.Stark!  Guess what!” Peter had shouted as he ran into the lab after school.

“What?” Tony replied, only half listening.  He’d been elbow-deep in a pile of circuitry and nowhere near being finished with it.

With a smile, Peter had crossed the room and sat down in the chair opposite his mentor.  "The roller skating rink is going to have this crazy retro night with 80’s music and everything.  I finally convinced Ned to go with me.“

"Have you ever been skating before?” Tony then asked, because as much as the kid talked about literally everything, he’d never mentioned any kind of skating before.

“Nope!” Peter had replied with enthusiasm.  "-but it sounds like fun and I have perfect balance.  I’ll figure it out.“

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Since I didn’t write anything new for this year (😕) I dusted off and cleaned this one up from last year.   [Now with better grammar and sentence structure!]

Fourth of July-happyaspie

Warnings: None   Rated: G  Word Count: 3665

Tags: Peter Parker&Tony Stark, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker’s Parental Figure, Injured Peter Parker, Head Injury, Tony Stark Has a Heart… … …

Summary: All Peter wants to do is enjoy the Fourth of July. When everyone else is busy he decides to go out as Spider-man and get the best possible veiw of the fireworks. Unfortunately, this leads to a mid-swing collision that leads to the one and only Tony Stark taking care of an amusingly concussed kid. Thank goodness for his healing factor.

Part 6 of the Tony Stark is a Good Mentor series 

It was the Fourth of July and Peter had no plans.  None.  Ned had gone to the beach with his family, MJ had left days prior to go out of town with her dad and May had been drafted to fill in on an overnight shift.  With nothing better to do, he slipped into his Spider-suit and took off towards the city.  As it turned out, The Fourth of July was the best time to swing through the borough. People were out and about, everyone was generally in a good mood and best of all, after nightfall there would be fireworks.  

At one point, early in the evening, he’d landed in the midst of a neighborhood block party.  He’d danced, won a game of twister, and been handed a hamburger straight from the grill.  After thanking the man who’d been thoughtful enough to offer it to him, he swung off to the top of a nearby building to eat.  It wasn’t how he’d wanted to spend the evening but he was happy.  This was fun too.  

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@betterdcyz​ asked: Adam @ Peter: “Press that against the wound, I’m going to get the med kit.”


HE FEELS LUCKY THAT ADAM DIDN’T SEE WHAT HAD CAUSED THIS. If one more person figures out his secret ID– With a shaking sigh, Peter takes the offered cloth and presses it firmly against the gash that stretches across his chest. There’s a part of him that thinks he really should have just gone home to MAY, though, at this point, his sweet aunt had dealt with enough stress because of him.

“Th– Thanks. Really. I– Y-You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate this.”

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