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I had this picture that wasn’t going good, so I made sure it went really not good, then I remembered that art is fun and doesn’t have to be some super serious experience. I am tired of doing intense studies, so I introduced a little rambunctiousness onto a page.

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Day 30: physical love


Mermaids are experts in seduction and that includes physicality. They often engage in playful ways and sometimes even making it a competition. They love to feel power over humans, and although it’s believe that they seduce males but they prefer to please women. These experiences will often feel like dreams to these women, not knowing if it was true or not, but will return to the see to find for themselves

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Here is a drawing of one of my oc Aery! It’s not my usual art style, because I drew this a while back and I decided to color it! I think I went over the top with all the roses and gold in general. His favorite colors are gold and green and his favorite flower is a rose, so I think definitely showed that in the drawing 😂

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