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#inked thoughts

It means I will only accept things that I can, and let time heal the heartaches that I have. It means doing things out of my own will, and not for other people’s happiness. It means that accepting myself even though I am still lacking. 

Prioritizing myself is drinking coffee in the morning, even though my parents say not to due to hyperacidity. It also means getting mad at my lover when he doesn’t understand my sentiments and divert my attention just to get out of the situation. It’s me saying sorry to the things I am sorry. it’s me walking away when I can’t handle it anymore.

They say sacrificing yourself for the sake of others is noble. But also remember that by sacrificing yourself, you’re living for other people. Prioritizing yourself is not selfish. At each moment, remember that the most important person in the world is you. So take care of yourself and be happy.

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