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So i had to download more than 5 gmod animations, since not all of them had any battle/attacking related animation. And the downloading took about 2 hours in total.

Then the transitions, it wasn’t that bad, but what takes so long is that i add every single other touch to the transiton to make it smoother. And in total of transitions (from what i remember) is about 89 transitions or so. Adding another 3 hours or so.

Then me typing the description and linking all the videos took 25 mins.

So this took me 5 hrs and 25 mins in total :)

Like with no breaks.

This premiered on my channel today, so yeah all credits to the gmod animators.

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Character Bio for Relink Southsea


Age: 15

Race: Inkling?

Preferred Gender: Female (they/them)

Ink Color: Green

Tentacle Color: Brown

Family: Surink Southsea (Twin Sister)


Though they have the freshness to be quite popular, they prefer to be left alone?

They seem to be WAY more preoccupied with their sister, Surink.

I once heard them mumbling about having friends, so they can’t be THAT lonely.

I wonder where they are from though. They never said.

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Hello! Welcome to the first post of this ask blog!

Here’s the rules:

  1. No inappropriate asks please! Even if you send them, I will NOT answer!
  2. (This one is for me: I will use my old tablet to answer your asks! It’s a self imposed challenge.)
  3. You can send ask events! And they will last to a maximum of ten asks. Though you can ask for them to last for less if you want!
  4. Also, up to three events can happen at the same time! Though, if you ask for more, they cannot happen until the first three events expire. Then, up to three more can happen again. (Doesn’t mean that three WILL happen at the same time tho!)
  5. Please don’t harass me if things don’t go how you expect. I’m not you, so I don’t know HOW you want stuff to happen. I’ll do stuff how I would like them to happen… Sorry if I sounded too stern. But I have to place this here.
  6. Also if I don’t post in a while, please send me messages! Knowing myself, I will forget to update.
  7. If anything else needs to be added, I’ll add it in the future!

I hope you guys have fun asking me stuff!

Oh! If you see this post and want to ask stuff, go to this post’s origin, and you can see the characters!

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Soooooo…. I’m not dead!

I just have been doing a ton of things for a while.

I’ve been thinking…

I wanted to do an ask blog!

Not just any ol ask blog though!

I’m going to do a phone/tablet ask blog!….

Lemme explain… Basically, I’ll open a blog and ONLY use my tablet to answer them!

NO EXCEPTIONS! Of course, I’ll use my PC, tho only for setting up the non phone version of the ask blog.

Yeah, it’s going to be quite interesting!


  • I will open an ask blog based around Splatoon. Ok?
  • Characters will answer in character.
  • You can make an event happen for whatever amount of asks. Max: 10 asks!
  • Events can happen at the same time! Max: 3 though!
  • Nothing too lewd and no fetishes.
  • Don’t harass me if I don’t do it quickly enough! (Tho I’ll try to answer at least one each day!)
  • If I don’t do yours, don’t worry. It’s going to happen! Just be patient and don’t harass me!
  • I’ll ONLY USE MY TABLET FOR DRAWING/ANSWERING! So don’t expect the art to look epic.
  • … that’s it for now!
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