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this has probably been done but Month For Artists Who Get Overwhelmed By Inktober And/Or Want An Excuse To Boost Their Older Art i call it,

Throwback Throvember

these prompts dont have to be taken literally, & the months can refer to past years as well. the idea is just to reshare a piece of art (could be recent or old) that youve already drawn. if ur in the mood for an extra challenge, redraw some to show off how much youve changed

  1. something scary
  2. a piece from January
  3. a new OC
  4. a piece from February
  5. something cute
  6. a piece from March
  7. your favorite character
  8. a piece from April
  9. an old OC
  10. a piece from May
  11. something emotional
  12. a piece from June
  13. something you were extra proud of
  14. a piece from July
  15. something funny
  16. a piece from August
  17. something big
  18. a piece from September
  19. something nostalgic
  20. a piece from October
  21. something you didn’t love at the time but like better now that you look back at it
  22. a piece from November
  23. something small
  24. a piece from December
  25. an animal
  26. something obscure
  27. something romantic
  28. something popular
  29. a portrait
  30. something personal
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Cats Kingdom. 22

Meanwhile, in the castle, the bored maidens and the enraged king had grown impatient, waiting for the prince to arrive and start the ceremony.

October 22nd, 2020

What a trip we’ve been doing together, I need to thank a lot to every reader who have shown their support on this project, commenting, donating, giving fav, and sharing with friends.

And here you can invite me a coffee, because you know I love coffee!!

I’m planning to check how to print this story on a book when I finish it, and those who invited me a coffee will receive a surprise n__n

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