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inkykeiji · a month ago
bro, imagine a scenario of Prof! Keigo getting jealous when reader becomes invested and attentive to other professors. ofc the ohso innocent reader didn't mean to make him so jealous (or did they?).
Keigo just hates how he can't control his emotions and how he could be manipulated by reader who spares him only the smallest amount of attention. I'd love to see the scumbag and arrogant professor get a taste of his own medicine. 😈
I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS AAAAAH and don’t you worry anon, in the dark academia fic you WILL see prof keigo get quite a hefty dose of his own medicine hehehehe 🙊 not with other profs tho so!! i wrote u something small that, tbh, kinda veers off into angst and away from your prompt, because i feel like all i write lately is prof keigo being super mean and punishing and wanted to explore him being a lil more vulnerable <3 i hope u still enjoy it tho, and i hope you really really enjoy the main series when it comes out!! <333
tw: student professor relationship, jealousy, lil bit of angst, lil bit of sap | words: 608
Tumblr media
It’s stupid—he knows it’s stupid, knows he’s being a fucking idiot, knows none of it is true; mere fabrications whispered to him by jealousy, crawling through his brain. It’s stupid, but he can’t seem to help it, unable to keep himself from snapping and snarking at you, responding to your genuine questions with sarcasm and regarding you with skepticism when you answer his.
At first, you don’t know what the heck his problem is, why he’s acting so rude, so suspicious, hawk-like eyes observing you carefully, scrutinizing your features as he hunts for lies and falsities.
It’s only when he seethes out an answer to another of your sincere questions, one warm winter afternoon in his office, asking if you’re fucking stupid and conjuring a thin film of tears to shield your eyes and a sharp gasp to claw its way up your throat, looking as though he had physically slapped you, that he realizes just how awful he’s been, something cracking and piercing in his chest with each of your quiet little sniffles.
Because, really, it isn’t your fault. He knows this, too, tries in vain to remind himself of it, but it’s hard when memories—phantom echoes of other professors’ voices—float around his brain in a dense haze, talking about your talent as a scholar, your sweet nature, your surprising intellect and tenacity, voices drenched in pure adoration. It’s not as if they were being inappropriate when they spoke these compliments, either, true and honest in all of their comments, authentic admiration sown into their tones when they discussed how much of a joy it is to have you in a class, what a treat it is to have you visit office hours armed with intriguing questions that challenge their notions and force them to defend their positions, what a privilege it is to teach a student like you.
And he knows they just appreciate you, knows they only respect you as an academic, knows you aren’t fucking any other professors—yet he’s powerless to curb the spikes of envy that tear through his chest at the thoughts, incapable of quieting the wispy ghosts of these sentiments that morph from honour and esteem to horny and erotic as they swirl around in his skull.
Heat seeps into his cheeks as he apologizes in a mumble, as he tells you what’s actually bothering him, eyes fixated on the pen he’s twirling between his fingers, unable to meet your gaze. He half expects you to laugh, because he knows he’s the one being absurd; half expects you to get angry, upset, offended at such a thought—an accusation, almost; a crude misinterpretation of your character—instinctively wincing as the last of his explanation tumbles from his lips, anticipating your reaction.
But you surprise him, just like you always do, with a soft sigh and a gentle grin, climbing into his lap to cuddle against his chest and nuzzle into his neck, fingers tangling in the curls at the nape of his neck as you reassure him that he’s cute, but don’t worry, you’re fine and it’s nice to see him show some natural human insecurity—to know he’s not actually a robot and it’s okay to ask for reassurance sometimes, y’know.
The words ease the tension that’s been building in his chest, heavy and suffocating, and for the first time in weeks, he feels like he can breathe again, body oozing into your touch, more and more and more with each tender affirmation whispered into his flesh and every sweet kiss pressed to his skin and, God, he thinks he might be in love with you.
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inkykeiji · a month ago
Definitely not thinking about professor keigo catching touya and reader fucking in an empty classroom
ooooh fuck anon he’d be downright furious!!!!!!!
tw: student professor relationship, public sex, noncon, infidelity | words: 477
Tumblr media
honestly, touya wishes his phone had been within reach, the moment keigo unassumingly walks through the door into his usual lecture hall to find touya not only fucking his favourite student, but fucking his favourite student over his goddamn desk.
because, really, it’s a sight worthy of being preserved forever: steaming coffee and half eaten pastry falling to the floor, staining his loafers; jaw dropping open for half a second in pure, unadulterated shock, subconsciously allowing appal and devastation to bleed through his features before fierce fury mops it up; voice getting caught in his throat, whatever he was about to say materializing into the most pathetic sound touya’s ever heard—a hoarse little whimper biting the back of his favourite professor’s tongue.
“i told you,” you’re whining out in little huffs, chest stuttering with each pound into you.
you did, he knows, bitched about how you totally do not have enough time to do this before he returns—which is exactly why touya did do it. and he’s sure the absolute delight at getting caught shows on his face—the arrogant satisfaction that his little plan worked stitched into the smug smirk, lopsided and spread across one half of his face; into the little glimmers of amusement, delight, glee that glitter in his eyes with each of the snickers crawling up his throat, with each sharp breath exhaled through keigo’s flared nostrils, with each clench of keigo’s jaw and each moan he fucks out of you; into the raised eyebrow that mocks keigo, that silently challenges him to do something.
and even though you’re acting upset, hissing at touya to stop and body squirming under his big hands, he can feel the way your cunt clenches around his cock, can hear those poorly stifled mewls that you’re so desperately trying to swallow, that keep shattering your sentences and wounding your words anyway, can see the way your lashes keep fluttering, the way your eyes keep rolling, the way your tongue keeps tripping over itself with each ruthless thrust, apologies knotting with muffled whimpers and hiccupped gasps.
touya idly wonders aloud if keigo’s going to be interesting for once, if keigo will play with him this time, slight breathlessness and slapping skin the only indication that he’s railing the absolute life out of you.
but keigo’s above this—which is to say he’s a coward and no fun at all, in touya’s opinion—and refuses to give touya the gratification he’s seeking, despite the rage that’s blistering his chest, that’s burning his eyes, that’s blazing in the words callously spit from between grinding teeth when he tells touya to get the fuck out before he calls the police, voice trembling ever-so-slightly as his gaze meets yours, a fraction of the ferocity fading from his tone when he vows to deal with you later.
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inkykeiji · 25 days ago
is touya-nii one to get jealous over celebrity crushes?
YES. EXTREMELY. and especially after the tomura incident. touya-nii’s confidence took a serious nosedive following reader’s little stunt. and not his physical confidence—oh no, he knows he’s a very attractive man, scars and all; knows women and men and all those in between are unable to resist his sapphire gaze, penetrative and primitive; knows they just can’t help but fawn over his tousled ivory (or inky, depending on where we are in the series) strands and smooth, deep voice—but his emotional confidence, his already rickety faith in himself, in who he is at his core, in his soul itself.
he’s always been a jealous and possessive person—what’s his is his, no ifs, ands, or buts about it—but as i’ve said before, reader’s cheating with tomura really was a harsh slap to the face, a hefty dose of startling reality, serving as a reminder that he isn’t in complete control, that he isn’t invincible, that he isn’t the boss—not exactly, anyway; readers ability to get him to change his ways in an instant with merely one simple action proves so. he isn’t as powerful and almighty as he once believed himself to be.
still, he doesn’t have any celebrity crushes, so why should she? he’s more than enough, isn’t he? what else could she possibly want? what else could she possibly need? the concept of celebrity crushes is completely lost on him—he doesn’t see their purpose at all—and she can expect a whole slew of sulking, snarky comments and snide quips if she ever decides to put something containing her crush on while he’s around.
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inkykeiji · 24 days ago
how would touya react if you were mad at him?
Tumblr media
oooooh such a good question anon thank you!!! well, it depends on which touya we’re talking about! 
tw: extremely unhealthy + toxic relationships, stepcest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
twin!touya fucking hates it. no, like, he literally cannot stand the thought—it pains him, sends sharp throbbing aches spearing through his chest and lumps of agony lodging themselves in his throat until he can barely breathe at all. fights in general really upset him—surprisingly (and extremely unlike his twin), he likes to talk things out immediately, and he is brutally honest—sometimes this is bad more than it is good; sometimes this gets him into trouble—too blunt and bruising with his words. as such, the moment he even catches the slightest whiff of you getting upset, he’s already badgering and pestering you to tell him what’s wrong so he can fix it. this can also do more harm than good, but touya’s incapable of understanding that sometimes, people need a moment to sit with their anger and figure it out themselves before discussing it with others, and he doesn’t like that. he doesn’t like that, because it makes him anxious; and being anxious makes him angry, because he despises the vulnerability that irrevocably comes packaged with it. touya just wants to fix things immediately—to make it all perfect again—and if you aren’t instantly ready to cooperate (in his words) then he’ll be infuriated at you for being ‘difficult’.
touya-nii, on the other hand, gets angry right back at you. not only angry, but furious. how dare you have the gall to get mad at him? he’s sure he hasn’t done anything wrong, and he’s talented in twisting and tangling the situation until it looks like you’re the one in the wrong every single time. he’s manipulative and he lashes out, because he’s agitated and panicked and downright petrified of losing you. of course, this does not excuse his actions/reactions, but it explains his rationale behind them. touya-nii doesn’t know how to deal with feelings; how to deal with weakness and fear and vulnerability, so he explodes instead—a self defense mechanism of sorts. in the end, though, when you’re stuttering through sobs and choking on hitched breaths, he feels like a fucking jackass. and he apologizes. not verbally—never verbally, but in his own way: large, strong arms that encircle you, that pull you against him and cradle you as if you’re made of the most priceless, cherished, delicate material, gentle hushes that escape his lips as he whispers all of the sentiments that say sorry without ever uttering the five letter word. and he knows, he knows he always makes it much bigger than it needs to be—fucking hates himself for it—but he doesn’t know how to stop, and it seems he isn’t willing to learn, either, too set in his ways, too terrified to confront the demons, the trauma, the self conscious issues that fester and rot at the root of his soul.
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inkykeiji · a month ago
Oh to be Professor Keigo's star pupil. Sending an upskirt photo of your different, increasingly scanty, panties each day on your lunch break. Until one day there's panties at all n.n
tw: student professor relationship, implied cheating
the first time it happens, he laughs it off, thinking you’re just being a little playful, just being a little tease, just having a little fun. that he can handle—he has a sense of humour, too, of course, and he thinks it’s cute, thinks it’s sweet, thinks it’s almost precious in a way, the photo holding a paradoxical sense of naughty innocence, as though they’re subtly imbued with an essence of voyeurism, even though he knows they aren’t—and he likes it, texting back a photo of those smooth, large hands you love so much, a pen lazily perched between his nimble fingers along with a caption that reads two can play this game, never expecting it to go further than this.
except it continues to happen, phone vibrating with a new photo every afternoon: those cute cotton panties with the pretty lace trim that he had gifted you, clinging delicately to your flesh; sheer black and red lace that sticks to you like a second skin and leave little to the imagination—touya’s doing, no doubt; expensive satins and silks in ivory and blush, lavish and extravagant and absurdly costly for underwear—definitely from tenko; day after day after day, accelerating from cheeky bikini cuts to teasing tulle to strappy thongs to absolutely nothing at all.
and he can’t help but wonder, are you sending these to the other two men, too? the question sears through his mind, chased by a flash of scalding anger while sharp envy corrodes his chest, consuming flesh and bone as it gnaws away, breathe escaping his lips in little wheezes.
and you—well, you think you’re getting away with it, giggles bubbling up in your throat with each of your professors increasingly irritated responses—a certain type of giddiness that makes you feel heady and powerful buzzing through your veins; a sensation that comes packaged with the knowledge that you have such an intense effect on him—until finally he shatters, phone buzzing with a threat almost immediately after the pantyless photo, reading: that’s enough. you better be outside my fucking office the moment class ends—an order not to be disobeyed.
author note: ooooh he is so done fucking around!!! no more games reader ur really gonna get it now!!! hahaha sorry to leave you high and dry but i’m a tease just like the reader <333 ehehehe no it’s actually because i’m writing something in his office right now so!!!!!! oh my god you know he’d be so fucking furious tho lmao and he’s definitely worked himself into a frenzied panic draped in hazy jealousy for no reason at all (or is it? 😈)!!! but he’s so cruel and stern and he absolutely hates being played with :( unless he gets his revenge, of course :) then it’s fun; then it’s worth it <3
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inkykeiji · a month ago
OK imagine this Dabi fucking you stupid and stopping everytime you get close because he wants you to beg for his cock the problem is you only lay there moaning and whimpering so he stops again "tell me what you want baby, tell me and I will give it to you" he was expecting for you to say "move" or "fuck me" not you making those cute grappy hands that he adores so much and whimpering "kiss me pls" do you think he will turn soft or be rougher? Maybe cute praises :3
oooh good question!!! thank u for asking!! i think it really depends on his mood, but if we’re speaking canon dabi in general, i think he’d get super mocking with it all. i think he’d get one of those shit-eating grins on his face because fuck, baby, you’re so cute—but that isn’t what he’s asking for and he’ll give you what you want after you give him what he wants, pinky promise.
it’s all light teasing and taunting, sharp words cloaked in an innocent playfulness—though you can hear the severity, the promise, sown into his voice and lingering just beneath the surface of that flimsy veil. murmuring against your skin, his lips would brand themselves across your body—everywhere but your own—leaving streaks of gleaming saliva as he drags his tongue along your neck, huffing out a faint chuckle when you whine in protest and wiggle beneath him, trying to fuck him, to go faster, to get further.
i think he’d slow is movements to nearly nothing; either really slow—almost tedious—thrusts, pulling out unhurriedly and watching the way your slick coats his cock, mumbling about how pretty it looks in the light as it glitters, and then thrusting back in, hard and sharp, only to repeat the process over and over and over again, keeping you teetering on the edge in an attempt to incite you, to entice you, to use your words. or, if that doesn’t work, he’d press his hips flush to you, whole cock buried as deep as it can possibly be, pressed tightly against your cervix as he grinds his hips: slow, melodic, rhythmic—almost trancelike—refusing to end the torture until you give him the exact answer he’s looking for. he could keep this up forever, baby, he promises <3
anyway that’s what i think anon c: i think he’d just become really teasing and be a total jackass about it, keeping you on the edge of orgasm until you’re crying, and then finally, finally, it comes out, this delirious begging for his cock, words wet and garbled and full of tears; and finally, finally, he fucks you right, hard and rough and fast, has u creaming all over him at the speed of light, his cock throbbing as it fills you with thick cum only a moment later <3
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inkykeiji · 26 days ago
I’ve always wondered at what moment did touya-nii realize he was in love with the reader? Like was it during argument? Doing something domestic together like making dinner or watching a movie? Or during a rare silly moment?
Tumblr media
this is a very interesting (and complicated) question!!
tw: pseudo-incest, stepcest | words: 515
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it wasn’t all at once. it wasn’t after some profound incident, hitting him with the force of a freight train the way hollywood told him it would, nor was it after a mundane moment shared between the two of them, sweet and soft and unbearably sugary as if it was lifted from the pages of an infamous romance novel.
it was slow, a creeping fog that unhurriedly worked its way to crawl over and cloak his body; until it was clinging to him like a second skin, until it was invading his nose and mouth and slithering down his throat, choking him from the inside out, until it was filling his chest with unfamiliarity, with warmth and flutters and pins and needles, lungs swelling, suffocating, more and more and more until he was sure it was going to burst, until there was too much, until he couldn’t draw in a single breath without some of it rising up and spilling out his mouth.
and it wasn’t delicate, either. it wasn’t light or lofty or lovely. it was terrifying—an unidentified force that he had no control over, that he had lost autonomy to long ago, the moment it began to embrace his body in its dense mist, an unknowable, unfathomable, unsympathetic entity that had efficiently stripped him of his authority in torment and torture.
he had tried to reject it, but it only got stronger, it only grew larger, it only hurt longer.
he had tried to scrub it from his body with coarse cloths and scalding water until his skin was red and raw, bruised and bloody—but it had already seeped into his flesh to marinate in his bones, to infest his bloodstream, to stuff, infect, saturate every living cell with the essence of her.
he had tried to escape it, to push it from his brain, to extract it from the tissues and never think of it again, but it imprinted itself into the nerves and synapses—that private grin she sends his way when their gazes catch in the presence of their parents; that precious giggle he can always manage to pull from her throat regardless of how awful she’s feeling; that pretty gleam that brightens her eyes the moment they meet his own, a sparkle he’s sure is just for him—all branded into the flesh of his brain, irrevocably sown into the fabric of his memory and plastered to the walls of his skull.
and, he comes to realize, there’s not a fucking thing he can do about it.
finally, he accepts it, the day she runs off, the day she proves her autonomy and breaks his own, heavy defeat crushing his lungs and failure bittering his tongue. he loathes the power it holds over him, despises the weakness it instills in him, but he loves her more than the fear and the anguish and the vulnerability, so he endures, he perseveres. because as cheesy as it sounds, as hollywood and romance novel cliche as it is, she’s worth it, and he’ll be damned if he loses her again.
author note: as you can see, the answer to this question is a complex one. he doesn’t really realize it until after her little stunt with tomura, because up until then he’s resisting it, he’s trying to forget it or convince himself it isn’t there, to rid himself of it even as it envelopes him more and more and poisons him oh-so-sweetly <3  
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inkykeiji · a month ago
Thinking about dark academia professor Keigo making you lie back on his mammoth bed and hold your legs up to your chest, spread your pussy nice and wide for him and count as he delivers merciless punishing slaps to your poor pussy. He ignores the tears in your eyes and your pleading sobs for mercy, that you’ve learned your lesson now, that you’re sorry and that you’ll be a good girl. But theres no light in the eyes that you desperately search from behind wet lashes. So you continue to count.
absolutely in love with this, anon, absolutely in LOVE!!! you really captured the genuinely cold, harsh, stern nature that resides underneath it all <3 and you’re right, he’d be fucking ruthless when delivering punishments, no sympathy, no compassion, no warmth whatsoever; if you’ve misbehaved you deserve to get punished—fully punished—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. how else are you supposed to learn your lesson if he goes soft on you, if he allows you to slip away before your punishment is complete? what kind of message does that send? sooo good bb thank you for sharing!! <33
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inkykeiji · a month ago
Favorite type of lingerie to see the reader in of dabi, touya (in the twins au) and keigo?🙈🙈
twin!touya is into chemises + babydolls, especially if they’re sheer or satin. he just thinks they’re so cute and classy. in his mind, they hold a certain sense of innocence to them, being less revealing than other pieces. as such, he likes the teases they give; cleavage, thighs, juuuust a hint of ass—it’s all very attractive to him, and he’ll spend some time admiring you in a piece before finally pouncing; it’s almost like foreplay to him, and he definitely has a nice lil folder full of photos on his phone <3
twin!dabi loves strappy lingerie like corsets and garter belts. there’s something he just finds so alluring about the straps that twist and twirl, about the way they curve and curl and coil around your flesh, about the way they hold up a sexy pair of thigh high stockings. and although you’re an absolute vision of beauty while entwined in them, there isn’t anything he enjoys more than taking them off. he isn’t a man of patience, but he revels in the heady anticipation that comes packaged with the motions of unwrapping, untying, untangling the buckles and ribbons and clasps from your body, like a beautiful present gifted to and created for him and him only <3
keigo is a classic man and loves bodysuits/teddies, especially if they’re red lace. like touya, he finds these to be teasing, but since they’re molded to the curves and contours of your body, they offer a bit more than a babydoll does, and the sheerness of the lace provides an enticing look at what’s to come. his favourite, though, are the crotchless pieces; he lives to fuck you in these, to feel the intricate lace beneath his palms, to watch as eager fingers tear through the delicate material, reducing such pretty things to ruined masterpieces full of shredded fabric and shimmering tears <3
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inkykeiji · a month ago
I love the idea of Dabi keeping his baby pure from the nasty drugs I do!
But corruption kink go brrrrr-
Dabi blowing charges to you to watch you go boneless & giggly in his arms. Feeding you halves of ex tabs with his tongue & leaning back so you crawl over him, whimpering as you relish in the stimulation. Having you suck coke off his fingers & admiring his reflection in your dilated pupils...
i love this idea too, especially the noncon/dubcon that comes along with it mmmm hehehe
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inkykeiji · 14 days ago
The body count thing hurt me so badly 😭😭😭 Can we get he same question but with the different versions of Keigo? Because apparently I like to suffer.
HAHAHA PLS ANON I LOVE U ehehe okay okay <3
Tumblr media
1950s keigo: honestly, given the era, i'd say around 70ish. he's literally known to be a notorious playboy around the town, but he likes to mess around a little with his victims, his targets, his catches before he crushes them <3 he spends a bit of time buttering each of his precious lil birdies up before he snatches their virginity and is onto the next one <3
touya-nii's keigo: 100+. like his best friend, he lost count a long time ago; he’s the definition of a womanizer and tbh his sex drive is so fucking high it’s possible his count is even more than touya’s!! he’s a fiend <3
poison!keigo: OOOH this one is really interesting. he knows bringing girls home upsets his baby sister, and the last thing he ever wants to do is upset the most precious thing in his life (especially after what happened the last time he brought one home), so his actual body count is around 20. he enjoys fooling around, but he just can’t dispel the weird, inexplicable guilt that takes root in the pit of his stomach, acrid and dense and downright corrosive as it spreads to his lungs and heart like some sort of contagious illness after he actually fucks someone. he keeps to oral whenever he can, in a desperate effort to avoid these feelings </3
bmb!keigo: like 15??? he’s so busy with all of his detective work, and he isn’t exactly fond of one night stands—would much rather form lasting bonds and meaningful relationships, even if they aren’t romantic—but sometimes he just has to have them </3 sometimes he just craves having another human close, craves their warm flesh pressed against his, between his palms and between his thighs </3
prof!keigo: HAH. easily over 100. this man is insatiable, and he prides himself on corrupting more students than he did the last year; he’s always trying to break his own record <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inkykeiji · 17 days ago
hi I've been searching all over ur blog and im so confused w the order of the touya-nii univ 😭😭
hello!! hehe it’s exactly the way they’re listed in my AU masterlist! in other words, they go:
i can take you there but baby you won’t make it back
all she want is payback for the way i always play that shit
do i make you scared? baby won’t you take me back
my snowman & me (christmas series set about 2 years after the main series, which is three parts, linked above)
in terms of oneshots, the keigo oneshot is set between part one and part two, the tomura oneshot is just hypothetical but it would be set after part three but before the christmas series, and the two-part natsuo piece is set after the christmas series
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inkykeiji · 2 days ago
do you think touya-nii would ever get a tattoo dedicated to reader? 🥺if so what do you think he would get?
OOOOOH YES ABSOLUTELY ANON ABSOLUTELY!!! hmm i think he'd get something tiny and dainty, and something where he can always see it as well, like on a knuckle or on the top of his hand (since his massive sleeves end right after his wrists, around the place where canon!dabi's staples are on his hands yk)!! i think he'd either get something really simple, like the first letter of her name (never her full name—that puts her in danger; he's a lil paranoid <3) or something that has significance to the two or them, OR he'd allow her to pick whatever she wants (and yes, goddamn it, he will allow a flower or a butterfly if that's what she really, really, really wants) <3
alternately, if she asks real nice, he'll allow her to brand him—either with the soldering iron, or with his knife—her initials on his thigh, since it's only fair, after all <3 he doesn't mind it as much as he thought he would; it makes him feel wanted, it makes him feel needed, it makes him feel owned; like he is hers and she is his, forever <3
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inkykeiji · 20 days ago
How did Touya-nii get involved in drug dealing and stuff? Sorry if you have answered this before I was just wondering about his backstory a little more!! Has he always been a bad boy or was he a good studious kid who fell in with the wrong crowd??
oh my gosh anon thank you for asking this, this is such a FANTASTIC question oh my god!!!!!
so. in the touya-nii universe, rei + enji got divorced directly after touya’s ‘accident’ (burn scars, still not fully ready to reveal to u all how this happened BUT I WILL one day i promise. i have a special piece planned for it). touya was always a troubled child, though. like most of my iterations of dabi + my hc for canon dabi, he’s too smart for his own good, which means he gets bored VERY easily, which means he’s quick to get into trouble of some sort. as a child, he was overly emotional and had a really poor grasp on his emotional control—he frequently had outbursts of anger, sadness, and jealousy, throwing tantrums and breaking things etc. and he has always wanted things to be HIS way and his way only (quite a bit like his father, eh?). so, in a way, he’s always been a lil bad boy or a lil troublemaker. a lot of this stems from childhood trauma.
however, when rei left and took him with her, they struggled financially, even with enji’s support. he hated seeing her struggling, picking up extra shifts and just generally being so worn out and fatigued. it’s his fault, he’s sure of it, and she already does so much for him, already took him away from that monster; she is the only one who truly loves him, and he wants to help. immediately.
so he starts dealing, at the age of about 14/15 (he meets tomura, and begins dealing for his father’s gang). touya’s nothing if not ambitious, and his intelligence paired with how cunning, manipulative and sly he can be is a huge plus. he moves up the ranks of the gang very quickly, and he’s good, great, incredible at his job.
once he gets a taste of it though, all that money, that excitement and exhilaration, that pure unadulterated power, he doesn’t want to quit. why would he, when he’s the best at it?
but that’s basically how he started!! because he wanted to help out his momma 🥺 and we all know he’s a massive momma’s boy <3
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inkykeiji · 5 days ago
Touya-nii with 100+ body count: cool
Touya-nii when he hears you once kissed a boy at an 8th grade dance: *gun out* who was it
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inkykeiji · 17 days ago
Clari! Where would one find fics involving the twins, Touya and Dabi?
hello my luv!!! the ‘official’ fic aka the main series for my twins AU hasn’t been posted yet because i am still working on it!!! <33 however, you can find tons of information on the twins (their tendencies, backgrounds, etc) + little drabbles in their tag! my personal favourites are:
taking twin!dabi to therapy
the twins punish you for rolling your eyes
a trip to the zoo with twin!dabi
the twins react to you saying “make me”
dabi wishes he was as good as touya at aftercare
begging the twins to go out to see a friend on a friday night
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inkykeiji · 19 days ago
What are the twins + reader favorite sleeping positions?? For some reason I find it so cute to imagine their sleeping arrangements in their (most-likly) big-ass bed Touya purchased for the three of them
Tumblr media
LOVE THISSSSSS OOOH ANON I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! (n yes ur right their bed is MASSIVE. like, stupidly ginormous hehehe)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
touya hates being in the middle, because he’s the largest of the three and acts as a human radiator, meaning when he’s sandwiched in the middle everyone wakes up sweating, rousing in the morning and having to peel the crisp white sheets from their moist bodies and un-stick their skin from one another, hair matted and damp, strands glued to their foreheads and cheeks and necks.
for the most part, dabi hates being in the middle as well, because he’s claustrophobic. but every once in a while, he yearns for it, craves it, needs it—needs to be cocooned between his two favourite people, to be surrounded by their warmth and love, their very auras themselves; tender caressing essences that combine to blanket his form with the most decadent affection; the kind that seeps deep into his bones and snuggles up at his core, warming him from the inside out.
but, as such, reader is most often found nestled between the twins. the three of them usually end up an absolute mess of tangled limbs, with one of the twins on their back, reader on their chest with a thigh thrown over their hip, and the other twin clinging to her back, arms locked around her waist. other times, when frigid wind howls and rattles their windows, when snowflakes are hurled against the glass and bare tree branches scrape and twist and twine together, they all spoon each other, each on their sides as they cling to and cuddle the person in front of them. either way, they’re always touching, knotted together with hitched legs and hooked arms and nuzzled faces <3
and sometimes dabi will sleep on his tummy, usually when he’s taking a nap hehe <3
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inkykeiji · 6 days ago
you’ve talked about bmb!reader’s fashion but what about touya-nii reader? is it similar to bmb reader? also how are their personalities different from each other? LMAO THIS IS THE SAME ANON THAT ASKED ABOUT BMB READER’s fashion n shit
OH HEHEHE HELLO BB WELCOME BACK <333 omg these are fantastic questions aaaah anon thank u for asking them!!!
tw: discussion of very toxic/unhealthy relationship
touya-nii's reader's fashion: it is very very similar to bmb reader's fashion, but a little less extravagant (so more toned down, basically) and exclusively in shades of whites, pinks, and purples. very soft and almost doll-like/angelic dresses that are just a hint too short to be considered fully modest (much like those mini-mod dresses from the 60s!! mid thigh type length). she never wears pants. it's like an unspoken rule touya has for her; absolutely no pants allowed. but other than that i'd say that the cut of dresses touya-nii's reader wears are very similar to those that bmb reader wears.
how are their personalities different from each other?
touya-nii's reader thrives on praise and validation. she is so unhealthily obsessed and in love with touya that her main goal and purpose in life is to serve him; to hold him together when he needs it, to cheer him up when he needs it, to be a good, great, the best girl for him. she does everything touya says without resistance (tho sometimes she can get a lil playful, but it's never serious) and only pushes back against him when she feels like their 'love' is in jeopardy (ie finally standing up to him at the party in part two, fucking tomura in part three, etc). that's when her shred of autonomy surfaces, because she'll be damned if she's gonna let him slip away from her, too (match made in heaven, huh?). other than that, she is happy to serve him. she has been conditioned to be this way; her soft and people pleasing nature taken advantage of and her need for praise grossly manipulated to keep her under touya's thumb, to the point where she now finds her own self-worth in pleasing him. in all ways, she has become merely an extension of him; she looks to him for guidance on everything and clings to him.
bmb's reader is more headstrong and opinionated than touya-nii's reader (and that's saying something, because she's still fairly submissive!), and thrives on attention. she enjoys being doted on, she loves being taken care of and is more than content to let Daddy make most decisions for her (not all, but most). in plain terms, she's lazy; and she's happy to allow tomura to make all of these decisions for her. this is perhaps where they differ the most; bmb's reader has actively chosen to give up most of her autonomy to tomura because she likes having those decisions made for her, whereas touya-nii's reader was more manipulated and conditioned into liking it. bmb reader also genuinely enjoys being treated like a princess; and tomura loves having that extreme control over her, so it works out quite well. and she's much more of a brat than touya-nii's reader is, and is prone to throwing tantrums or making impulsive decisions when she doesn't get what she wants!!
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inkykeiji · 15 days ago
Is it normal to feel my heart clench when I think of touya-nii? I know he is not perfect but after all the heartships he had to endure I just want him to be happy
oh my god anon <333
first of all, i can’t tell you how ecstatic i am that you told me this <3 because knowing that you feel so deeply and so strongly for him is such a compliment. seriously, thank you so much <3
here’s the thing about touya-nii (and all of my other iterations of these characters, i would argue): he is a genuinely awful person. he is B A D. he tortures and kills people for a living, he deals drugs, he’s emotionally abusive and manipulative, etc.
but he is human. and no one, absolutely no one, is 100% fully BAD. does this excuse his actions or make them okay? no, not in any way, not at all. but as you’ve pointed out, he has suffered greatly. he has endured abuse as well, for a long time, at a crucial age. he carries around trauma so heavy it cracks his bones. this still doesn’t excuse his behaviour, but it helps the real reader understand him as a person/character better.
additionally, we know he isn’t all bad. he genuinely loves his mother, genuinely loves natsuo and genuinely loves reader, even if his love is twisted and thorny and unhealthy. he still does GOOD things for them, too—pays for his mothers house, her clothes, anything and everything she needs at the drop of a hat, even though he doesn’t need to; does the same for natsuo and cares for him the way he deems a big brother ‘should’; and he really does take care of reader in all the ways she mentioned in my snowman & me.
all of these ‘good deeds’ STILL do not negate is terrible decisions (lmao they don’t even come close to balancing it out, as we’ve all seen) but, as you’ve demonstrated, you can sympathize with him without condoning his actions. you can understand him without defending him; and that’s my goal here, as the author. morality is very interesting, extremely complex and grey as hell, and it’s something i like to explore in my works a LOT. it isn’t as cut and dry as people wish it was. 
SORRY I HAVE RAMBLED ANON JUST AAAAH UR ASK REALLY MEANS A LOT TO ME?????? because i feel like u get it!!!! i want you to feel bad for him without making excuses for him, you know??? he has the potential to change, to repent for his sins and become a better version of himself, but it’s up to him to do it </3 no one can do it for him </3
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inkykeiji · 29 days ago
have you ever gotten off to your own fics?
technically, no, i have not!!!! mostly because a decent chunk of the sex itself in terms of positions and feelings is taken directly from my own experiences with my boyfriend!!! so i mean, in a way, i’ve already gotten off to it and now i’m just writing it down LMAO (*/ω\*) sometimes something he actually said to me ends up in there as a line of dialogue and he feels extra accomplished hehehe. other times a lot of my ideas for smut come from when i’m actually u kno getting off on my own so!!!!! i guess in that way, maybe???
i’m currently writing a cockwarming scene that is literally like, exactly what i experienced because it was SO good and i was like damn i just have to use this somewhere ahahaha (*/ω\*) dunno if i’m just gonna post it as is or if i’m gonna use it in a fic (i’m thinking dark academia hehehehehe)
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