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#inncorrect quotes

Iida: Todoroki, you need a hobby

Todoroki: I have a hobby

Uraraka: Starring at Deku is not a ‘hobby’

Todoroki: Then why is Bakugo’s hobby starring at Midoriya?

Midoriya:*butting into the conversation* That’s different. That’s his, “I’m gonna kill you after this” face

Bakugo:*From across the room* Plus, the whole world knows I love Kirishima

Todoroki:*who knew none of this*…….

Todoroki: what?

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Aizawa after watching UGDeku be reckless again: If you do that again, i swear i will throw you out that window. Do you- what are you doing?

UG Deku, sticking his head out the window: Checking how high the drop is too see if its worth it.

Yamada: *worried dad noises*

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