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disastrid · 16 hours ago
I always laugh at people who argue against stuff like universal income with claims like “but people won’t work if they don’t have to!” or worse “innovation is driven by capitalism” cuz uh
it’s just not true. 
People have always been people, and people like making stuff. 
I think of one of the earliest creators of steamboats, a carpenter named Elijah Ormsbee in Rhode Island. He created a steamboat with an engine constructed by local engineer David Wilkinson. It was a collaborative effort, with Ormsbee borrowing parts and even the land on which he built his workshop for the project. His steamboat, called the Experiment, was successful, with trips in Narragansett Bay happening so regularly that tickets were created. 
But ultimately, Ormsbee took his boat apart. The reasons aren’t entirely clear. However I think it’s just as likely as anything else that he did it... just to do it! To see if he could!  He probably read about other attempts and thought, “I bet I could figure it out.”  So he made the thing, delighted his kids and neighbors with rides on rivers and the bay, and then he put it away. Went back to his shop and by all accounts continued work as a respected carpenter in the community. 
This was in the 1790′s btw, at least 15 years before the famous Robert Fulton and his steamboat. 
People like to tinker with stuff. They like to make shit or do things just to see what happens. Work isn’t always exploitative, and it doesn’t have to to be.  In fact, profit motives often squash creativity because people are limited in their time, resources, and energy. 
As often as someone is spurred to make something for profit, there are those who stop creating because they can’t make a profit. 
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"The profit motive driving capitalism is why it's the best economic system for driving innovation that will benefit all of society."
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techplanetlife · 12 months ago
Invisible Rube Goldberg machine👀 Follow @techplanetlife 
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prole-log · 7 months ago
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“Capitalist innovation” is publicly funded. Only the profits are privatized.
Graphic by Fuck Capitalism 2020
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elleaime · 3 months ago
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Remote Control II by Jana Sterbak, 1989.
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ptdenthusiast · 3 months ago
Of Technologies, Healthcare Data, and Convenience!
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While some other industries have its own regulatory and policing challenges when it comes to data collection, storage, and management, the struggles of other healthcare realms could be unique. Could technological innovation take part on developing health systems and wipe out all these possible issues? Changes for the betterment of these other sectors could be underway through these techs! Get to discover these techy ideas from these reads! 
Tumblr media
Efficient data security has always been a huge concern when it comes to data collection in nursing and other healthcare fields. Some other sectors do still suffer from the lack of more meaningful information in order to understand what their patients’ needs are. Generated data might allow staffs to make more informed decisions, eventually leading to improved quality in the industry, overall. Advanced technologies let professionals examine individuals remotely, providing them the care they deserve.
In-depth research and analytics could make it easy to define the efficient problems and sources that call for modification or improvement. Data management is said to represent a bright future for healthcare! Focus on these pages as it uncover the bright potentials of technological modifications on health system’s data recording that could lead to a much faster transactions for patients! 
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probablyasocialecologist · 4 months ago
Apple is a perfect example. In its early stages the company received government cash support via a $500,000 small business investment company grant. And every technology that makes the iPhone a smartphone owes its vision and funding to the state: the internet, GPS, touchscreen displays and even the voice-activated smartphone assistant Siri all received state cash. The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) bankrolled the internet, and the CIA and the military funded GPS. So, although the US is sold to us as the model example of progress through private enterprise, innovation there has benefited from a very interventionist state.
Mariana Mazzucato, State of innovation: Busting the private-sector myth
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pratchettquotes · 2 months ago
Esk, of course, had not been trained, and it is well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you're attempting can't be done. A person ignorant of the possibility of failure can be a halfbrick in the path of the bicycle of history.
Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites
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intelligentliving · 8 days ago
There are various ways people acquire hearing loss, from aging to damage from long-term noise exposure, infection, or an accident. Some are born with it. Also, many different parts of the ear may need healing to fix the condition. In some situations, this is possible, albeit difficult. In many cases,...
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techplanetlife · 12 months ago
Foot-powered washing machine🧺 Follow @techplanetlife
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jaubaius · 8 months ago
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inplayy · 3 months ago
Transactions Made Easier through Digital Technologies?
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The rapid development of digital technology in the twenty-first century is said to have transformed from a vending portal into comprehensive payment processing systems that could frequently integrate with other transaction tools! Could these technological modifications bring advances security and convenience for the public in their everyday lives? Get to discover anything about managing your money virtually and broaden your perspectives from these reads! 
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For the first time in history, a large-scale commercial system could be emerging without the use of intermediaries. Decentralized banking is said to have equipped to fundamentally change the world economy. With coin technology spearheading the front, decentralization is set to bring back privacy, trust, and let individuals create a future where a transparent, secure, public system is in control once again.
So far, decentralized banking applications have been unable to compete with traditional solutions in terms of security, speed, and ease of use. But DeFi is said to produce real, working applications that have already managed to attract billions of potential revenues. Find in these insightful pages more competitive and user-friendly applications for your future use! 
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dionneiles · 3 months ago
Live streaming: A way to digitally interact
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Live streaming is said to be a broadcasting practice that brings audio and video of real-time happenings to viewers over the internet. Live streaming is becoming more and more popular in the professional world. It could help brands and organizations connect with their audience on a deeper level despite the barrier of physical location. This article might carry fascinating facts and exciting information about the potential of live streaming! Now is the time to focus and pave your way using this digital innovation.
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Streaming live events online could be effective and impactful in a wide variety of contexts because it could allow professionals to share in-person events, service promotions, live announcements, online classes, church services, and wildlife broadcasting.
According to reports, various organizations could also use live broadcasts to enhance and maximize direct communication with customers and community partners. Live streaming an event might allow you to reach and interact with more people across the world. Check disclaimer on profile & landing page.
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elleaime · 5 months ago
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Crystallisation Water Dress by Iris Van Herpen
Source :
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