philosophybits · 3 months ago
Those who are lovers of wisdom should be inquirers into many things.
Heraclitus, Fragments, B35
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macrolit · 10 months ago
I must intreat your patience — your gentle hearing. I am not going to question your opinions. I am not going to meddle with your belief. I am not going to dictate to you mine. All that I say is, examine; enquire. Look into the nature of things. Search out the ground of your opinions, the for and the against. Know why you believe, understand what you believe, and possess a reason for the faith that is in you.
Frances "Fanny" Wright (1795-1852) Scottish-American writer, lecturer, social reformer
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askinquiry · 3 months ago
Who's the strangest and/or best customer you've had in your library?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Inquiry: "I think I'm the only pony who's seen her, maybe she only comes by when I'm working though...
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lazyyogi · 2 months ago
Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.
Tony Robbins
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mcflurgel · 7 months ago
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“For 13 years I wait for you. For 13 years, I play Inquiry for you, in hope that I could reach out for you."
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ask-shutter-ghost · a month ago
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I’m posting this a little early, but it’s Easter week so close enough XD
Thanks to everyone who participated in this group pic! 
From left to right: Flux ( @whirlwindflux ), Aerial ( @aerialaim ), Jasper ( @ask-narratordoe ), Doe ( @ask-narratordoe ), Borealis ( @ask-narratordoe ), Inquiry ( @askinquiry ), Flora ( @askinquiry ), Dream Catcher ( @askinquiry ),Daisy ( @askdaisydandfriemly ), Rose ( @askdaisydandfriemly ), Shutter ( @ask-shutter-ghost ), Void ( @ask-shutter-ghost ), Flux ( @whirlwindflux ), and Aerial ( @aerialaim )!
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wondertainmenttoys · 8 months ago
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Disclaimer: Any resemblance to individuals, entities, hive minds, organizations, events, happenings, and/or calamities, whether they be real or fictitious and/or alive, dead, yet to exist, active, inactive,  etc. is entirely coincidental.
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theoptia · 17 days ago
I have noticed your reluctance in sharing your precise age, may I ask why that is? I also never share mine, so it got me curious about what reasons other may have for doing the same.
A few different reasons but the most important being privacy—I have not (and will not) share my age nor my legal name(s). I like to keep my professional (esp. my license, research) and private life concealed from prying eyes. If I can thank my adolescent, naïve self for anything… it’s for never being forthcoming about either. My digital footprint is virtually nonexistent legally.
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royalsimoneriksson · 14 days ago
I love Omar with all my heart, but the little shit has been teasing us with the damn album for months now! WE NEED IT NOW 😭
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vermillioncrown · 2 months ago
I'm really enjoying LXC's frantic thought process like. He KNOWS Wenhui isn't in love with JC. But then what the fuck is she doing?? Obviojsly she couldn't have predicted JZX's embbarrassing shoujo boyfriend confession and exit so she could t have lost her ribbon on purpose but DID she lose it on purpose??? But no why would she do that, she's a gremlin but she wouldn't be so casual with her future just for a prank....Fuck, IS she in love with him??? Like she CAN't be. But is she???
"lans do fall in love fast but wangji has always been the most passionate of the three of us... it's not like her"
"but how could she have predicted this type of outcome? ...then again, she always seems to be thinking 10 steps ahead of everyone..."
"but that's her future? what would be the point? if she wanted to get married and feared a lack of prospects, didn't she know she could come to me, her dage?"
"she makes good points and they seem sincere, but this is so uncharacteristic"
"when did she have opportunity to know of jiang wanyin??"
"oh tian-a, what if she is in love? even infatuation - of course, being as sheltered as she is - what if others take advantage of her naivety? clever as she is, she hasn't much opportunity to meet other cultivators outside of gusu..."
"how am i going to tell shufu?"
"thank the heavens and earth that i don't have to hide another sibling's affections for someone"
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oylmpians · 3 months ago
Will we ever get the the poly phantom of the opera writing???
i mean, maybe when I'm not drowning in school work. y'all can have another snippet though. this one is just me figuring out some dynamics.
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philosophybits · 9 months ago
He who really wishes to know something, and not merely to have a philosophy, does not rely on logic and is not allured by reason. He must clamber from summit to summit, and, if necessary, hibernate in the dales. For a wide horizon leads to illusions, and in order to familiarise oneself with any object, it is essential to go close up to it, touch it, feel it, examine it from top to bottom and on every side. One must be ready, should this be impossible otherwise, to sacrifice the customary position of the body: to wriggle, to lie flat, to stand on one's head, in a word, to assume the most unnatural of attitudes.
Lev Shestov, All Things Are Possible
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macrolit · 11 months ago
We readily inquire, 'Does he know Greek or Latin?' 'Can he write poetry and prose?' But what matters most is what we put last: 'Has he become better and wiser?'
Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) French essayist
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askinquiry · 2 months ago
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Part 2! Got some familiar faces milling about! DC’s Hearts and Hooves is off to a rough start, and from the looks of it, Inq’s isn’t going too well either.
Part 1
Part 2- you are here :D
Part 3 
Part 4
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basil221b · 8 months ago
Best way to hide a body? Hypothetical situation of course hahahaha
Hypothetically you should not reveal such things should your summations lead to unsavoury outcomes.
What I mean is: were I to answer you, such things could be used to some awful advantage. Or, used as leverage against myself. Neither, of which, are preferable.
-Basil, of Baker Street
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michaelbogild · 7 months ago
Our perception of the future is largely our perception of the past. We can never see beyond that which we have not therapeutically explored, intellectually understood and emotionally expressed.
... And therefore I recommend psychoanalysis or at least a habit of reading books that will somehow illuminate what you have gone through and how you have come to see yourself and the world as you presently do.
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ask-shutter-ghost · 2 months ago
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Rose Moon: Are you really going to be heading into a dangerous place alone? What if more than one being is there that could harm you?
Whirlwind Flux: Bolts at the ready!
Narrator Doe: Um . . . Hello? Is there something I can help you with? Is everything alright? . . . How are you in my mirror?
Lucia the Vampire: Come join us in our castle in Everfree Forest . . .
Indigo Skies: I’m here to help!
Caffeine Hazard: Need some coffee for energy?
Sageling Phoenix: Greetings, my child. What is the issue?
Inquiry: Wouldn’t it be exciting if lightning were to strike right now?
JetStream: Shutter, what happened? Can I help at all?
Twisted Gravekeeper: Here to grant your wishes.
Dream Baker: Aaaugh!!!
Shutter Ghost: Great, they can hear us. Could you explain what’s going on? You tell it better. 
Rapid Stream: I’ll try. So I was foalknapped a long time ago, by a place called Workhorse Industries . . . I remember . . . s - something about making “the ultimate equine,” a pony stronger than alicorns or Discord . . . And I remember I was a failed experiment. They injected me with some kind of raw magic. Eventually I met Shutter - that’s another story - but I still keep tabs on Workhorse Industries. They just foalknapped another pony. I think . . . I think they’re ready to try the experiment again. This would be their fifth try.
Mod Mittens: Holy frames, Batman! Finally got all the animation for this part done! :D
Don’t worry if you didn’t have a chance to appear in this! Your character will still be able to interact in future pages of the comic :)
Horse Anatomy Reference by iStock Photo
Animation by Animated GIF Maker
First | Previous | Next | End
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wondertainmenttoys · 8 months ago
Does Doctor Wondertainment count as a little mister? I feel like that would be a very intense game of hide and seek.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
We can imagine that it would be a very intense game of hide-n-seek!
Have a Wonderful day!
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theoptia · 2 months ago
what's one colour that hold a lot of significance for you? positive or negative?
White, specifically for it's symbolism. Jung interrelates color theory to our psychic contents and its alchemical quaternity (nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, and rubedo). In alchemy, nigredo (black) is our initial state and associated with the unconscious—"in which death reigns," per Jung. Follows is the albedo, the whitening, the purification (nigredo is seen as the symbolic equivalent of the descent into Hell, whereas the albedo the ascension into heaven).
"Mixing other substances in the flask, the blackness of the matter eventually disappeared to make room for a whiteness called albedo. This sudden inversion of colors was a sign that the work was going in the right direction. Albedo was usually portrayed in the form of a White Eagle, Dove or Swan. It was also associated with silver, and the moon. The whitening was compared to the coming of dawn after a long night, and embodied as a white Virgin. This was a moment of rejoicing, of hope; it was a proof that darkness would not last forever." — Jo Hedson, The Four Stages of Alchemical Work
Where the unconscious is black, the conscious is white (or light), and in theurgic psychology is, "an experience of awakening and involves a shift in consciousness where the world becomes more than just an individual's ego" (Thom Cavalli, Alchemical Psychology). During treatment, Jung encouraged his patient's to create mandalas, which are circular drawings used to create a graphical representation of the self. These can appear in dreams and visions or can be created spontaneously by drawing.
"The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the Self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to put it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnate in man." — Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, and Reflections
In Jung’s commentary on The Secret of the Golden Flower he explained one of his own mandalas, "In the centre, the white light, shining in the firmament; in the first circle, protoplasmic life-seeds; in the second, rotating cosmic principles which contain the four primary colours; in the third and fourth, creative forces working inward and outward. At the cardinal points, the masculine and feminine souls, both again divided into light and dark."
"...the white light symbolizing absolute truth. And here are the four functions, the four fields of colour, and then the four gates to the world." — Carl Jung, Dream analysis: Notes on the seminar given in 1928-1930:
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royalsimoneriksson · 27 days ago
www instagram com/p/CcykgajMUGg/
Thanks anon! 🙏 how cute!
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