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I think somewhere, in a parallel world, we made love in a garden of wilted flowers.

Our trembling hand reaching out toward the sky, trying to grasp the last watery rays of a dying sun..

2 hearts colliding and shattering into a million tiny stars

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Do not believe in yourself, lest you want to become the antichrist. Back off Nicolae, I’m working here!

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i saw a few and i can say theyre Not Happy about the latest influx of john winchester hate alfjgadk

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I started lying to you, from the moment I started worrying about you.

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I would rather lose my mind in my passion and what I love than hold my “sanity” being who others want and tell me to be. Do you, whatever that means. Some people may not understand. Who cares? You shouldn’t. Let them judge. Let your passion guide you. Be who you were born to be. Only you know who that is. Only you can decide what that is. Destiny is what you are willing to accept. 

Buy art at to fuel the dream and feed the artist.

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Roleplay with @l7814-tp

(Part 2!)

The hallways remained dark with only it’s faint red lights giving off some ability to even see what’s around him. Everything still appeared as though the count of bodies would never end at any point. Scratching of metal could be heard as the monster resumed down a path possibly leading deeper into the facility. Claw marks were on right side of the wall and a trail of blood was following in the same direction as the marks, indicating it may be dragging someone’s dead corpse along with it.

As they got closer the noises of the beast became more clear, why it did all this there was no hints….

All they could know was that it had some crazied thirst for violence. Either that or it lost it’s mind.

The path soon ended revealing a massive control chamber, the room was almost as big as Concordia. It was even more well lit compared to all the other parts… but despite the large open clearing, the beast was no where to be seen.

“Where… W-where did it go!?”

*L7814-tp said out loud as he went into the room. It was better than the dark hallways, but it still unerves him that there’s still a monster that could smash him to bits in an instant. Luckily, he can distract himself… For only a minute. And for that minute he thought of nothing but the color green. Don’t know why, but he did*

>Hello and welcome to our mutations laboratory! Please wait for a staff member to guide you or if you are trespassing than prepare for a cold dea- ERROR DEFENSE TURRET OFFLINE< the system was cut short and static filled the audio only before the lights flickered once again.

>Oh dear, it seems we are having some technical difficulties. Please stand by while we- bzzt - Hello? Is anyone out there? If you’re hearing this message than that mean something bad has happened. Please I’m begging you whoever you are to leave it’s not safe here when one of our creatures has gotten loose. I- Bzzt -<

“Why do I make stupid decisions all the time!?”

*The bot yelled as he regrets to not get something (not that it would help) to sort-of-maybe defend himself with. Oh, and he regrets following the beast too I guess.

But, he was frozen in place he did not turn around and leave, or even continued forward. He just stood there. Shaking. This is the most frightening thing in his life!*

The speakers rang once again but this time there was no automatic voice, no fear in it, nothing….

“Oh you have no idea how stupid some decisions can get.” A voice spoke over the announcement system. It was deep and there could even be heard a few snarls or growls in the voice. “You and I my friend….. aren’t so different now…”


*He did NOT expect a answer. Dropping his gun, he essentially callapsed into a box. Only his eye and wheel exposed. At this point, with the shaking and being a box, he’s as cowardly as any claptrap unit. He slowly went reverse to the entrance of the room. Assuming that there’s no one behind him. Essentially anything could be behind him because that’s his blind spot. Even though he was frightened out of his mind, he just had to ask-*

“What do you mean by, ‘Aren’t so Different’?…”

The voice giggled at small one’s reaction, it was the same little girl laugh from before. “You and I aren’t so different you know. We’re both into the human killing and vengeance actions. Why do you think everyone in here is dead? They did things to us that can not be forgiven, I was created by their faults and dump choices.” The voice seemed to grow deeper and a bit agitated for a moment before laughter erupted from them. Causing the whole room to shake until their laugh stopped.

“I know about you, L7814-tp. I knew you were behind me the whole time on the way to that room. I’m not blind.”

“How the heck do you even know my name!?”

*That was what was conserning him at the moment. Of course the beast knows he was following it. Why wouldn’t it? He’s louder than most units at times. Or all times.

*But, how would it know his name? He isn’t super popular, he is friends with a Sc4v-tp that was left behind to watch an exit of the abandoned scav base. And maybe have a crush on a unit at Moxxie’s bar, but other than that, he’s not popular among the humans… Nor his clients really. Most of his past clients won’t even look at him and he uses his human name, Livia, so a client doesn’t shoo him off. So, it’s very freaky that this thing knows the right name…*

“Well….” the voice continues. “Let’s just say I was created by things everyone has. No matter how they are.”

The voice sounded like the was starting to more then one speaker in the room.

“I’m just a part of the mind, except it was

"What I’m formed from was so strong it created a completely new beginning. Since I’m a part of the mind I can tell what makes a being scared even guilty.” Another giggle.

“Seeing you coward the way you are now is something that I enjoy. Also the other way I know all this…” the voice began to echo as it continued.

“I’m closer than you think.”

A puff of hot air hit L7814-tp’s back the second the thing stopped talking

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“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”

Oscar Levant

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Louise Fletcher ~ Nurse Ratched
Jack Nicholson ~ Randle P. McMurphy
Will Sampson ~ Chief Bromden

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<div> —  <p>“Arthur Schopenhauer on the Relationship Between Genius and Madness and How Memory Mediates the Blurry Line Between Sanity and Insanity,” by Maria in Brainpickings at <a href=""></a>   </p><p>“I don’t believe insanity is either a requirement or a guarantee for brilliance,” cosmologist Janna Levin wrote in her <a href="">elegant inquiry into madness and genius</a>. And yet the cooccurrence of the two has long <a href="">permeated our cultural mythology of creativity</a>.Nearly two centuries before modern psychologists came to study <a href="">the complex relationship between creativity and mental illness</a>, the great German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (February 22, 1788–September 21, 1860) dedicated to it a lengthy passage in <a href="">The World as Will and Representation</a> (<a href="">public library</a>) — the 1818 masterwork that also gave us Schopenhauer on <a href="">the crucial difference between genius and talent</a>.<a href=""></a>Schopenhauer writes:</p><p><b>“It has often been remarked that there is a side at which genius and madness touch, and even pass over into each other, and indeed poetical inspiration has been called a kind of madness: amabilis insania, Horace calls it.</b></p><p><b>[…]</b></p><p><b>This cannot be ascribed to chance, for on the one hand the number of mad persons is relatively very small, and on the other hand a person of genius is a phenomenon which is rare beyond all ordinary estimation, and only appears in nature as the greatest exception… It might seem from this that every advance of intellect beyond the ordinary measure, as an abnormal development, disposes to madness.”</b></p><p>And yet however enticing the myth of the mad genius might be, Schopenhauer points out that what makes it problematic is the nebulous nature of madness itself and the blurry line between sanity and insanity. In a passage that presages what scientists have since discovered about <a href="">how memory disorders illuminate the workings of the mind</a>, he writes:</p><p><b>“A clear and complete insight into the nature of madness, a correct and distinct conception of what constitutes the difference between the sane and the insane, has, as far as I know, not as yet been found. Neither reason nor understanding can be denied to madmen, for they talk and understand, and often draw very accurate conclusions; they also, as a rule, perceive what is present quite correctly, and apprehend the connection between cause and effect… For the most part, madmen do not err in the knowledge of what is immediately present; their raving always relates to what is absent and past, and only through these to their connection with what is present. Therefore it seems to me that their malady specially concerns the memory; not indeed that memory fails them entirely, for many of them know a great deal by heart, and sometimes recognize persons whom they have not seen for a long time; but rather that the thread of memory is broken, the continuity of its connection destroyed, and no uniformly connected recollection of the past is possible. Particular scenes of the past are known correctly, just like the particular present; but there are gaps in their recollection which they fill up with fictions, and these are either always the same, in which case they become fixed ideas, and the madness that results is called monomania or melancholy; or they are always different, momentary fancies, and then it is called folly, fatuitas.”</b></p><p><a href="">The World as Will and Representation</a> remains an indispensable read. Complement this particular portion with Joni Mitchell on <a href="">therapy and the creative mind</a>, then revisit Schopenhauer on <a href="">what makes a genius</a> and <a href="">the intellectual rewards of boredom</a>.<br></p> </div><span>Inspiration #2</span>
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i’m not ok, thanks for asking

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Prior to her exploitation, she had deduced she needed hard currency and friends.That to be immersed within this human race, such things paid worthy dividendsyet time was not on her side, she would be carbon dust by dawn’s first lighther incineration, the chosen method, ridding the cosmos of the blightthe wise men perceived as actual, for she defied all natures laws,overlooking entirely that she…


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i am officially not ok.

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Bella: me and Michi are getting along perfectly! right, grumpy?

Michi no: I have never been more stressed out in my entire life

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