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Empress Cane Styx - Lunastra Insect Glaive

This weapon is very popular! I’ve actually been asked to make this glaive three times now and the kinsect five times. I don’t really use IG in the game much, but is the Empress Cane Styx really that OP? And the Pseudocath is cute and all, but I do hope people will ask me to make the other Kinsects in the future, too.

Can’t really say much about the process of making these… I kinda already forgot how fun it felt when I made this for the first time. Repeating the same sculpture feels more like work, but oh well…

For commissions, you are welcome to drop by my Etsy shop. But please expect longer shipping times because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

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OH MONHUN OCS? If u have a design for the insect glaive I'd love to take a peek 👀👀👀

Insect glaive user! I don’t have a name for them yet, but they’re super bubbly and cheerful, though a bit more interested in raising kinsects than hunting monsters. They’re not the best at hunting, but they’re great at finding their way through unfamiliar territory of the New World. They’re great friends with the bow main, cause they both bond over endemic life and observing various monsters.

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MHWorld | janetto solo Anjanath (Insect Glaive) - 10'00 via @YouTube #mhw #monsterhunterworld #insectglaive #mhwinsectglaive #mhwanjanath #mhworld #mhworldsolo #mhwsolo

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I swapped weapon in Monster Hunter. This always has attendant challenges, as every one of the weapons has its own control scheme with shockingly little overlap. Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun are fairly close, and Sword & Shield and Charge Blade have a bit in common what with Charge Blade being a morphing weapon that can sometimes be a sword and shield.

But my jump was from Charge Blade - arguably the most complicated weapon in the game - to Insect Glaive, its rival in the category.

The two are complex for very different reasons. 

Charge Blade has a stream of context-sensitive commands to allow you to perform all kinds of different attacks for different situations. A lot of your abilities can ONLY be used by canceling out of the middle of a combo using another button.

So if you’re in S&S form your attacks charge up your phial gauge. If you attack until the gauge turns yellow you can press R2+O and it’ll give you 3 phials. If you let it turn red the same will max out your phials. This is good, because phials can be expended to add explosions of elemental damage to some attacks! One of your combos is Triangle+O 3 times in a row. It’ll do a slash, then a sort of punch with your shield, then it’ll swap you into axe mode and do an elemental discharge (releasing a phial and doing that sweet bonus damage).

BUT! If you cancel out of elemental discharge with R2, you’ll swap back into sword mode and do a spinning slash but the elemental phials will be consumed by your shield. Now your shield is powered up!

And if you have charge and you press R2+O to put it into your phials, AND you have your shield powered up, then pressing Triangle during this animation will cause you to seep your sword in the shield’s power and now the sword deals extra elemental damage and won’t bounce off of monsters anymore!


I think I’ve made the point about how complicated Charge Blade is, yes?

Insect Glaive has two main things that make it complicated: the bug and the flying. The bug part is that you are commanding an insect to help attack. You hit the monster with your bug and then it gives you a buff based on what part you hit. You generally want at least one of these buffs (the red) but two or three is better of course. So some of the time you’ll need to be shifting into a sort of ranged control scheme. Button combo to fire the bug, another to recall it. Repeat until you’ve got the buffs you want. Make sure to dodge in the meantime.

The flying is just a basic control/view issue. Aside from having a bug, the Insect Glaive’s other defining feature is that it is designed for vaulting yourself into the air. So, much more than the other weapons, you need to be thinking in three dimensions if you’re playing Insect Glaive. And it’s easy to get confused when the monster’s suddenly below you. And like Charge Blade, you’ve got a narrow window to press one of a few specific buttons or button-combos to perform the aerial maneuver you wanted to do.

Between the fact that I’m not used to the weapon and the fact that I get confused by the animations of myself bounding into the sky, I expect I’ll look like a bit of a dumbass when I get together with my fellow hunters this Wednesday.

…Actually there’s a decent chance I’ll look like a badass. Because that’s what Insect Glaive does best, deserved or not.

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Flaming Teuza - Glavenus Insect Glaive. This one was fun to sculpt because I didn’t have to worry about the symmetry too much. The original commission was supposed to be the Ashen Teuza (Hellblade Glavenus), but it was impossible to put the Orange glow pigment over the whole glaive without affecting the acrylic paint since it has to be applied real thick to make it glow bright.

As usual, the Kinsect was a joy to work on! If I get more free time, I’ll make just the Kinsects.

For commissions, you are welcome to drop by my Etsy shop. Thank you!

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Ahhh, I have to start my mhw files over from scratch! The frustration is real. But, on the plus side, instead of maining with the insect glaive, I’m started to juggle the Glaive and the Long Sword!

Eventually I’ll add the bow and the dual blades into the mix. As I was picking up the bow with the IG on my previous file. Honestly, I’m having fun mixing it up this time around! Maybe that will make iceborne a bit better with some new weapons in my arsensal!

The Sapphire Star will return. And, she will conquer! Gods that sounded less corny in my head xD

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Avidya Scythe - Nargacuga Insect Glaive. No glow in the dark pigments this time around. I also used a real chain because it would be waaaaay too tedious to sculpt the chain with airdry clay.

I haven’t seen Narga’s armors and weapons for World yet. I really hope the designs aren’t too disappointing.

For commissions, you are welcome to drop by my Etsy shop. Thank you.

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