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#insects cw
ojibwa · a month ago
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anyways woolly bear caterpillar appreciation post <3
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ectoberhaunt · 3 months ago
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Ectober Month 2021: Trick VS Treat
The moment you've all been waiting for! Here's the calendars (yes calendars) for Ectober Month!! Posting begins October 1st. Please tag "Ectober Month 2021" and "Ectoberhaunt 2021" as well as either "Ectoberhaunt Trick" or "Ectoberhaunt Treat" For the last week of the event, please also tag posts with "Ectober week 2021" since it's a collaborative set of prompts with @lexosaurus and co!! If you have any questions about this event, please refer to this post on our blog!
Banishment Rites (The prompts!)
Trick vs Treat
Scream vs Laugh
Mutant vs Cryptid
Goo vs Glitter
Ouija Board vs Fairy Circle
Witching Hour vs Twilight
Abyss vs Swamp
Splatter vs Poison
Cape vs Mask
Mummy vs Doppelganger
Maze vs Doors
Scythe vs Tarot
Void vs Candlelight
Mimic vs Music Box
Curse vs Blessing
Bloody Mary vs Stingy Jack
Jump Scare vs Found Footage
Flytrap vs Spider Lily
Blood Magic vs Cosmic Horror
Full Moon vs New Moon
Host vs Relic
Theft vs Favor
Condemned vs Ruins
Nightmare vs Sweet Dreams
Headstone vs Boo!
Autopsy vs Pumpkin
Burial vs Cobwebs
Insect vs Rot
Echo vs Circus
Summoning vs Crow
Insomnia vs Blood Moon
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theartofamart · 6 months ago
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Good morning, how are you? I’m Doctor Worm 🪱🪱🪱
[ID: a drawing of Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The portrait is from the waist up and she is on a black background. She is smiling and cocking her head to the side while crossing her arms. Her head is circled by a warm pink glow and a semi-translucent earthworm, giving the appearance of a halo. Around the worm is written, “They call me Doctor Worm. I’m not a real doctor, but I am a real worm.” End ID.]
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snarp · 5 months ago
me: ...hang on, I'm recording an important creature...
Mom: Oh, my gosh!
me, overlapping:'s incredibly weird...
Mom to Dad, overlapping: Look at this bug, here! It's got white fuzz around the bottom...!
Dad, quietly: ...I'm scared of it.
Mom: That is so strange!
Dad, changing the subject: Now, there's some shelves here -
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girlboss-annabelle-cane · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Perhaps the itch has always been the real me, and it was the happy, smiling Jane who called herself a witch and drank wine in the park when it was sunny. Maybe it was her who was the maddened illusion that hides the sick squirming reality of what I am.
#Jane Prentiss did nothing wrong

please click for better quality
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ojibwa · 23 days ago
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Tumblr media
it is just me and my best friend (his name is Little Man) against the world
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nyehilismwriting · 3 months ago
Wait... how many legs do they have? (and arms and wings?)
the short answer is 8 limbs. i was kinda keeping their descriptions under wraps but now i've had to reshuffle some things due to chapter two being beastly so imxa isn't appearing until chapter three which is FINE. it's FINE i'm fine. but a lot of people have now asked, so i'm gonna put a generic alien description under the cut.
it got long. i'm sorry i just have a lot of thots. i'm not going to include images, but if anyone wants refs I have this pinterest board - not very accurate biologically but the vibes are there. also, quick cw for body horror stuff on there, to be safe.
if you want more specific refs, i recommend looking up praying mantises, orchid mantises, twig snakes & vipers, which are the species a lot of this stuff is based on.
the typical individual has six limbs - two arms, two legs, and one set that can be used as both; they are capable of walking quadrapedally and bipedally, depending on the situation
the hindmost pair of limbs is the longest, digitigrade, capable of folding up alongside the torso
the second set of limbs is closer to human arms, with advanced touch-reception; these are used for fine motor skills, manipulation of objects, and sensory input, with nerves throughout the tissue. they end in hands, with clawed fingers
the third set of limbs are a set of large, chitinous claws, used to grab and immobilise prey (think mantis claws) - they are extremely strong, but lacking in precision and fine motor skills, and are typically carried folded close to the torso. the nerves don't extend far into the structure of these claws, meaning injuries here often go unnoticed. blows from these limbs are often lethal to smaller prey, and are strong enough to break bones and cause internal bleeding
the wings consist of a fine membrane suspended between the torso and a prehensile cartilaginous structure - they can't be used for flight, but instead are used for communication, with body language playing a major part in social interactions
they also have thin, whiplike tails
Appearance & colouration
their skin is scaled, with thick ridges of keratin-like material across the torso, the back, and the head
they come in a range of colours, with younger individuals tending to paler and more muted; base colours can be black, white, green or brown, with markings (most commonly stripes or speckles) in pastel shades of pink, green, or blue - as they develop, these colours get bolder and the markings more defined. full-grown individuals usually have jewel-tone markings, as well as an iridescent sheen to their skin
likewise, their eyes usually start off white or milky blue; as they grow, they can differentiate into brighter colours, oranges, reds, and greens being common. their pupils are keyhole-shaped, which gives them binocular vision
they have snakelike heads and necks, with extensible jaws & backwards-slanting teeth
they have long, forked tongues
closed circulatory systems (cold-blooded)
semi-arboreal - good climbers, good swimmers in fairly shallow water
some regenerative properties - they're able to recover from wounds that would be fatal to humans, but it requires a hibernation-like state, during which time large parts of their internal organs get cannibalised to provide regenerative tissue. often not considered worth it
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felixcarlucci · 10 months ago
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Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.
JURASSIC PARK (1993) dir. Steven Spielberg
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