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Tumblr media
How rare and beautiful it is
To even exist
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Locks, Chapter 5
The med school life is kicking my ass rn, but I feel guilty about not posting, ESPECIALLY on such a Supernatural holiday! Hopefully this little chapter can tide people over a bit.
A Note: “Rocky” throughout the course of this story is a nickname given to a character designed to be a female reader insert, if you so choose. If that’s something that floats your boat, stay tuned for the backstory on how she/you got that moniker. If not, imagine away!
Title: Locks, Chapter 5
Pairing: Eventual Sam Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Dean’s attitude requires attention.
Warnings: swearing, baby angst borne of misunderstanding
Tumblr media
           Dean came out of his bedroom while Sam was getting groceries.
           “Sam’s at the store. If you want anything specific he only left a few minutes ago, you could probably still text him,” Rocky said, still finding crevices in the floor to get flour out of.
           “You let him go alone?” Dean asked.
           “I didn’t let him do anything. I spilled some flour, he wanted to go to the store to get more,” she responded matter of factly. Behind her back, Dean rolled his eyes before rubbing them.
           “Rocky. He’s having invisible slumber parties with the damn devil, we’re being chased by some breed of psycho killers we know virtually nothing about, and you sent him out for flour?”
           “Dean. He’s smart, and he’s dealing with it. I’m not going to treat him like a baby because you’re scared. I’m scared too, but you’re making him feel like a freak—"
           “So now you’re the expert on how I make my brother feel?”
           Rocky turned around to face Dean, leaning on the kitchen counter exasperatedly. “I’m not trying to fight with you. He looks up to you so much, Dean, and you’re acting like he can’t be trusted again. Anyone could see that it’s affecting him.”
           “I can’t believe I’m hearing this,” he replied, making his way laboriously to the couch. His hair was still spiked with sleep, and his old t-shirt was wrinkled; it took the edge off his indignance. “You’re not getting it, ok? I’m laid up, you don’t even know how to shoot a gun, and Sam’s losing his damn mind. It’s enough to try to keep you all safe when we’re at home, and now you think it’s cool if he goes out alone because of his feelings?”
           “What is going to make you less mad at me? We used to be friends, Dean. Now you’re pissed at me all the time—and don’t roll your eyes at me, because it’s not just ‘letting Sam go to the grocery store,’” she appealed, throwing air quotes around the last phrase.
           “Sam’s falling apart over here, I’m trying my best to hold shit together, and you’re undoing all of it. I need you to let me handle this.” Dean rubbed his face. He looked tired, even with the weeks of rest he’d been put on against his will. Rocky walked over to him, brushing the last flour off of her shoulder as she walked. She sidled up next to him, grabbing his hand in hers and trying to catch his gaze.
           “No one is asking you to do this by yourself,” she insisted softly. “In fact, you trying to do this by yourself is pissing everyone off,” she added, smiling when Dean did at the intentional mood-lift. “Please just trust Sam a little bit, okay? That’s all we can do, right? Trust that he’ll tell someone when it’s getting bad?”
           “No, we could keep him safe here until—” Dean started.
           “Until what?” Rocky looked at him knowingly. “You know as well as I do that it might be unfixable. You want him to ride the bench forever?”
           Dean pursed his lips, trying to take in what she had said. “Fine. You win.”
           “Shut up, it’s not about winning,” Rocky laughed, squeezing his hand.
           “But listen, if I’m going to lay off Sam then I need you to learn how to shoot. You’ve gotta work with me here,” he said, looking her straight in the eye.
           “Deeeeeeean,” she whined, pulling away from him to flop back on the couch in protest. “I just don’t like guns, what’s the big deal? You know I can hold my own!”
           “Deeeeeean nothing. It’s enough you want me to let Sam out of my sight. I need to know you’ve got his back if I’m not there, and especially that you know what you’re doing if I get hurt again.”
           She pouted up at him for a long moment, waiting to see if he would budge. When his expression didn’t change, she rolled her eyes. “Ugh, deal.”
           Dean smiled and rubbed her shoulder. “There’s my girl! Next nice day I’ll teach you.”
           “Yeah, yeah,” Rocky said, getting off the couch to head to the coffee maker. “Coffee? When Sam gets back I’m making waffles.”
           “Actually I want to shower first,” Dean replied, laboriously getting to his feet.
           “By yourself?” Rocky asked.
           “Yes, by myself,” Dean responded snarkily. “I have a broken leg, I’m not damn Grandpa Joe,”
           “Could’ve fooled me.” Rocky watched him make his way to the bathroom. “Let me know if you need any help, killer.”
           “Don’t threaten me with a good time,” Dean said over his shoulder, tossing a wink at Rocky before closing the door behind him.
           It was less than 10 minutes later when she heard a muffled thump followed by a frustrated “Son of a BITCH!” from behind the door.
           “You okay?” she asked, walking over to listen through the wood.
           “Uh, yeah, I just slipped,” Dean said. “Goddamnit,” he added under his breath.
           “Want me to go get Bobby?”
           “No! No, don’t get Bobby, he’ll never let me live this down.”
           “What’s wrong, can’t you get up?” she asked, getting a little worried.
           “Yeah, I just, I—" Dean stammered.
           “Spit it out or I’m getting Bobby,” she said authoritatively. She had liked the way Bobby was relaxing a bit here and sleeping in, but if Dean was really hurt he would want to know right away.
           “I’m…okay fine, Jesus. I was trying to get my cast over the tub and now I’m stuck.” The note of defeat in his voice made Rocky thankful there was a door between them; he’d kill her if he saw how hard she was laughing albeit silently. She took a deep breath before responding.
           “What’s the over/under on you getting yourself up?” she asked.
           “I’m gonna say 70/30,” he responded, straining.
           She took a deep breath. “Cover yourself up, I’m coming in.” She grabbed the doorknob and waited a few beats before opening, the jamb sticking from the shower humidity. Dean was lying on the floor like a jackknife, his cast wedged between the toilet and the bathtub while his torso lay perpendicular to the tub. He had snatched his bath towel off the rack and managed to wrap it around his waist even as his other leg was stuck dangling his free foot in the tub. He smiled up at Rocky, his head next to the radiator.
           “Ta da,” he said weakly. This time she couldn’t keep her laughing silent, leaning on the doorframe to support herself. “Yeah, laugh it up. Are you going to help me or what?” Dean said, trying to be stern even as he started to chuckle too. She edged past him to kneel on the toilet, grabbing his casted foot and trying her best to lift it out of its trap.
           “Man, this is really in there,” she laughed. “Okay what if you like rotate your hips a little bit? Then I think I could get your heel out—” Rocky stumbled off the toilet to her feet clumsily as Dean complied and his leg popped free. Dean lay on the floor with one foot still in the tub, his casted leg leaning up against the side of it. “Can you stand up?” she asked, looking down at him.
           “Give me a hand?” Dean asked after trying ineffectually to pull himself up on the tub with one hand, trying to hold the towel with the other.
           “Trying to give me a free show?” Rocky chuckled, making sure to turn her head away as she reached out her braced hands to him. He struggled to his feet in the tub, then very carefully got out without falling. Rocky wiped her hands on her jeans, already wet from lifting Dean on top of the flour remnants from earlier. Dean reached out to her for support as he made small, hopping steps toward the door. She slung his arm around her shoulder and helped him out, her giggling about the ludicrous situation spreading to Dean. She was looking at him as his face changed crossing the threshold out of the bathroom, the smile shifting to hardened neutrality.
           “Uh, hey, Bobby. Sam,” he said gruffly.
           Rocky turned to see Bobby looking confused. Sam stood in the doorway holding a bag, the flour’s label visible through the translucent plastic. He looked like a lost puppy for a half second before swallowing hard and standing up straight.
           “Uh, okay.” Sam said, shaking his head a little. “Hey guys. I uh, I got your flour and some syrup and stuff.”
           “Dean fell getting out of the shower,” tumbled out of Rocky’s mouth. The defensiveness she felt surprised her, but there was something about the way Bobby and Sam were looking at them that made her feel small. She unwrapped his arm from her shoulder and grabbed the crutches Dean had propped up on the wall. He took them and tucked the towel around his waist more securely.
           “I’m going to get dressed,” Dean said, using his crutches to head back to his room.
           “Good goddamn idea,” Bobby murmured. He took a deep breath and looked over to Rocky. She felt like a kid who had gotten yelled at in front of the entire class. Graciously, Bobby threw out a lifeline. “Sam here says you’re making waffles? Sounds great, kid.”
           Rocky let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. She decided to power through the nebulous energy of the moment and pretend it wasn’t happening. “Yeah! Do you like ‘em crispy or floppy?” Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Sam leave the doorway and set the flour down on the kitchen table without taking his jacket off. She didn’t hear Bobby’s answer as Sam picked his laptop up off the kitchen table and walked toward the back of the house. “I thought you were going to help,” she said to him as he passed her.
           “Right. I, uh, I forgot I have to look something up. Sorry; if I finish I’ll come back,” Sam said. Rocky tried not to let the disappointment show on her face.
           Bobby helped her with breakfast, telling her cute stories about what he and Rufus had gotten up to on cases before she knew either of them. She loved hearing them, and it seemed to help Bobby process a bit of the grief of losing him. Besides, it provided a welcome distraction from the weirdness of the early morning. Neither Sam nor Dean came back before Bobby called them for breakfast.
           Thankfully, the meal passed without incident. In an hour everyone was full and happy, making plans to watch a Borne Identity marathon on TBS that night. It was as though the oddness had never happened.
Thanks again for reading! If you liked it, check out my Masterlist or send me a request!
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First Class Love Languages
Anonymous asked: YOU MENTIONED LOVE LANGUAGES 👀👀 would u maybe be interested in giving us ur headcanons for the firsts' love languages? 🙏🙏🙏 (imagine those w zack fair puppy dog eyes)
Pairing: Sephiroth x Reader / Genesis x Reader / Angeal x Reader / Zack x Reader
Warnings: None
A/N: ahaha I was really hoping someone would ask me about this. I loved this request so much!! thank you, I hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Sephiroth - Quality Time
Personally, I don’t see Sephiroth as anything else other than quality time. 
I don’t believe he would really find much enjoyment out of physical touch or words of affirmation. Maybe acts of service? 
But I can clearly seeing his love language being Quality Time.
He’s the kind that, even though you may not see him often, he really enjoys being around his significant other
Every moment with his S/O is special and he could really ask for nothing better.
Honestly, it’s somewhat like therapy to him, it’s an escape from his real life duties as being the top SOLDIER. 
The lovely thing about this love language is that it has range as well
From sleeping together to shopping together to simple domestic things, such as making breakfast or watching a show together
He cherishes these peaceful moments, they really do mean the world to him
Even if he can’t really describe it properly or express it, he does love these moments a lot.
When he comes home from long long missions, he will retreat to his apartment with you and not leave until he’s absolutely satisfied 
Maybe it’s not that healthy, but try telling that to the top SOLDIER.
Tumblr media
Genesis - Words of Affirmation
Genesis craves words of affirmation. 
Even if it’s a simple “good job today” or “you look great in that coat,” he loves every bit of it
He’s probably heard a lot of down-talk from either the scientists or himself, especially since he was deemed a “failure.” 
I believe that him clinging to Loveless was an attempt of placing himself in a situation where he could be a hero
While it worked for a bit... Eventually, he twisted it so badly that he became the villain.
Another instance would be that he seeks approval from his peers
He wants to be like Sephiroth, he sees Sephiroth as his mentor as well as his friend
While he’s fairly competitive, that doesn’t mean that he hates Sephiroth
Doing this, he believes he can receive something like good praise from him, or maybe even Angeal
When his S/O compliments him or praises him for anything, he soaks it up like a sponge
Expect him to absolutely melt because of your words alone because every praise is music to his ears. 
It might stroke his ego a little bit too, but the likelihood of it getting out of control is slim
Tumblr media
Angeal - Acts of Service
Angeal 100% loves doing acts of service. 
Granted, most people whose love language are acts of service are typically on the receiving end, Angeal prefers to give
He’s naturally selfless and responsible, he’s also a humble gentle giant
To me, it only makes sense that he’ll want to spoil his S/O.
He’ll happily make every meal for you, give you massages, brush and play with your hair how you like
All because seeing you happy and satisfied leaves him happy and satisfied.
Now, just because he prefers to be on the giving end doesn’t necessarily mind receiving it either. 
Surprising him with meals or helping him randomly with chores definitely speaks volumes to him
Especially if he’s stressed
When work gets hectic, or he’s busy with missions, these little things makes him feel tremendously better 
Angeal really enjoys the idea of an equal relationship, and is willing to do whatever is necessary that makes that possible
Tumblr media
Zack - Physical Touch
Zack is definitely a unique one among the first class SOLDIERs.
He isn’t the traditional stoic or cool type that we see in AGS
Rather, he’s much more... puppy-like, if you will
Energetic and generally happy, his love language isn’t necessarily limited to just one language
However, I believe that Zack’s love language would mainly be physical touch
The smallest touches will easily make him melt 
This goes from kisses, cuddles, hugs, to gentle taps, lingering touches, hand holding, the works
He especially loves feeling his S/O massage his scalp
He always wants to hold his S/O’s hand. 
Eventually, you and Zack had to agree to simply hold pinkies in public after Angeal scolded him for “unprofessionalism” (insert air quotes)
(Like that’s even a thing. Surely Angeal’s just jealous of his super cool S/O)
Anyways, as long as Zack is in your arms, he’ll always be content.
He’s just a super cute puppy always ready for cuddles
Also, you already know he’ll be using those puppy eyes to be getting more cuddles 
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The Truth & Irony of The Creators’ Pro-Maiko Comment: Is Maiko a childhood sweetheart OR a tumultuous headache? 
This is Post-1 Pro Maiko. Next is Post-2 Maiko Critical. Read both for the whole pov.
!!! These posts are academic and thorough. I am tired of one-sided half-baked ill-intentioned arguments, so I will properly argue both sides. And no, these arguments are not for the fooking ship wars; they’re for understanding the discourse. I do not condone demonizing characters, story, or fellow fans for the sake of shipping. Let’s respect others’ preferences. If this offends you, leave and be at peace !!!
PRO : A Childhood Sweetheart
One sunny afternoon, I encountered this post quoting a positive creators’ comment about Maiko which i’m too lazy to confirm its validity. Seeing its response, I think it is a very apt description of Maiko’s appeal.
The Creators: “I know in the fandom maybe this isn’t everyone’s favorite couple, but to me it’s really sweet, they grew up together and they’ve had a crush on each other since they were kids. And really horrible stuff happened to Zuko and their country was doing some horrible things. But I think it’s really cool that once these external conflicts were out of their way, Zuko and Mai were finally able to really be together.”
Let’s get one thing straight: i loveee the childhood sweetheart trope. Really, it’s my jam. I’ve consumed so many stories of that trope by now from the great to the good to the trash. The trope would generally follow this formula:
Childhood Moment. They don’t necessarily have to have any feelings/affection/love in their childhood, but they would have that meaningful moment(s) with each other that, they may or may not immediately remember but, the narrative will show/tell as important to the love story.
Separation. They will get separated for a period of time because [insert reason].
Reunion. They will get reunited again, and that’s commonly the beginning of their love story.
Love Perseverance. If the story is a happy ending, the couple will weather years of separation, changes, circumstances, and growing up to ultimately complement each other and fall in love. The end.
In a glance, Maiko fits the trope so, *deep breath*
Let’s break down what the quote claims to be the appeal of Maiko.
PART 1: These parts of the quotes are obviously true.
Their childhood history: “They grew up with each other.”
Their separation: “And really horrible stuff happened to Zuko and their country was doing some horrible things.”
Their reunion: “once these external conflicts were out of their way, Zuko and Mai were finally able to really be together.”
VERDICT: they’ve got the basic parts of the trope down. Huzzah!
PART 2: “they’ve had a crush on each other since they were kids.”
Evidence on Mai’s crush:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Evidence on Zuko’s crush:
Tumblr media
VERDICT: The quote is wrong to atla canon, lol. It seems the ‘creator’ forgot to show Zuko’s side of the crush.
But don’t fret! like i said, they do not need to have feelings for each other since childhood. What’s more required for a childhood sweetheart story is this…
PART 3: Did they have a meaningful childhood moment that the narrative show/tell as important to their love story?
Evidence of childhood moment:
Tumblr media
Is it important to their love story? …well, to be fair, the argument can go both ways. 
(1) The narrative shows it as Maiko’s origin story. (2) It exists in Zuko’s childhood memory. (3) It’s memorable to viewers. (4) Childhood Maiko do not directly speak to each other/ has disjointed communication and their moment is notably physical, which can be indicative of their grown-up reunion.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Firstly, it more so establish that Zuko is self sacrificial and protective, further affirming that his jumping in front of the lightning in finale is more because of his nature than *cough* romance.
Secondly, what we know for sure is that this moment establishes Azula/Ty Lee/Mai/Zuko dynamic, which is more relevant to the foursome’s arc in The Beach episode. In comparison, it is less explicit and less important towards Maiko’s arc or subplot. 
VERDICT: …it’s up to you
PART 4: ‘Tis the last part of the quote
“And really horrible stuff happened to Zuko and their country was doing some horrible things. But I think it’s really cool that once these external conflicts were out of their way, Zuko and Mai were finally able to really be together.”
According to the quote, there are 2 external conflicts relevant to their relationship: 
1- “HORRIBLE STUFF HAPPENED TO ZUKO.” I think we can all agree that the entirety of book 1 and 2 are all horrible stuff for Zuko. Maiko happens during Zuko’s regression arc in book 3, which is simultaneously the lowest point of his external conflicts and the highest point of his inner turmoil. The fact that Mai and Zuko could so simply be reunited as a couple despite of years of separation and growing up attest that their relationship can stand through time. Therefore, the quote proves true.
2-“THEIR COUNTRY WAS DOING SOME HORRIBLE THINGS.” This is basically the entire atla. But voila, despite everything, they ended up together post battle, aka post external conflicts. Therefore, the quote also proves true.
And yes, they’ve had disagreements on all kinds of matters. Yes, they’ve had their fair share of turbulence, makeups and breakups. But the couple always gets together when conflicts are out of their way.
FINAL VERDICT: Maiko prevails! Mai and Zuko ultimately find their way back to each other. In that sense, Maiko qualifies as a childhood sweetheart trope.
All in all, Maiko’s story embodies the heart of the trope that despite of unfavorable circumstances, despite of separation and changes and growing up, a special kind of childhood love can persevere.
So it fits the trope, but how good of a story is it? Next, <POST-2 CON : A TUMULTUOUS HEADACHE>
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Updated Masterlist 7/12/2020
*Shinsou, Bakugou and Hawks are not included in this masterlist bc they have their own, click on their names to get there!
💌 inbox is closed for requests 💌 
you’re always welcome to come say hi! talk bnha (or anything really) to me! 🌟🤠
fluffy SFW requests only please 🧸
at max 3️⃣ characters per request, if you go over, I’ll just pick and choose who I want to write for
no very specific OC’s but Quirks and or personality traits you want me to include are a-ok
reader is usually written as fem but just tell me what you prefer in your request and I’m happy to accomodate it
requests are not necessarily completed chronologically, I write what immediately inspires me at that moment
I don't write poly, SMAU's, matchups (outside of events), NSFW, or A/B/O
Fics / Scenarios: story-style, usu longer, take more time to crank out,  
Headcanons: emoji bullet points, my go-to if unspecified
👑 = popular
💖 = personal favorite
🔥 Todoroki ❄️ (50)
Tumblr media
^^ by ridleey, original post linked here
a todo doki doki doodle 👑💖
Happy Birthday, T doodle 💖
Fics / Scenarios / Related Work
crush comes home late from internship (+Bakugou💥) 👑💖
meeting the family 💖
foreign!s.o’s birthday
s.o is an big All Might stan 💖
the type of person they’d fall for (+💥Bakugou💥, +🍊Sero🍊) 👑💖// the boys explain what it feels like having a crush 👑💖 // “lmao i’m dying” but he takes it seriously 👑💖
being jealous that his s.o likes Zuko 💖
You’re Perfect 💖
lyrically inspired: Death of a Bachelor 💖
staring at him (+Bakugou💥, Midoriya🥦) 👑
dealing w/ jealousy (+Fat Gum🍡, +Bakugou💥) 👑
*friendly neighborhood hero crush!Reader (OC insert, Endeavor’s sidekick, a mess) 💖
s.o comes from a long line of heros in America (+💥Bakugou💥 +🥦Midoriya🥦)
s.o is a fan of Endeavor
having a moment w/ his crush that’s interrupted (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +💥Bakugou💥)
All Might’s daughter!s.o
reacting to Mineta stealing his s.o’s clothes while they were in the shower (+🖨Monoma🖨, +🥦Midoriya🥦) 👑
skater girl!s.o
fem kpop idol!s.o (+💜Shinsou💜, +💥Bakugou💥) 💖
asking his crush to dance (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜) 💖
s.o burnt themselves w/ a laptop charger (+💥Bakugou💥, 💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
bath time w/ his s.o (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
s.o who naps all the time (+🌟Hawks🌟, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
s.o who’s groggy and incoherent in the mornings 💖
beach day
bunny Quirk!s.o who looks up to Miruko (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜, +🥦Midoriya🥦) 👑
roommates w/ their s.o (+💜Shinsou💜, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 💖
s.o has a service dog (+💥Bakugou💥, +🥦Midoriya🥦) 👑
first kiss (+ 🦈Kirishima🦈, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑💖
shy s.o whose bangs cover her eyes (+💜Shinsou💜, +⚡️Kaminari⚡️)
best friends to lovers (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑💖
surprising their long distance s.o with a visit (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
🅱️ positive, incorrect quote
forgetful crush (+💜Shinsou💜, +⚡️Kaminari⚡️)
asexual s.o (+🌻Tamaki🌻, +👽Mina🍬) 💖
drawing shapes on their back (+💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
seeing their s.o dressed up as All Might as a baby (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑
nap date w/ his s.o (+💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
Catra/Cat🐱Quirk!s.o (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑
he’s a sleepy cuddler 👑💖
touch-starved!s.o (+🌻Tamaki🌻, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
s.o has chubby chipmunk cheeks (+💥Bakugou💥, +🖤Dabi🖤) 👑💖
finding their crush’s planner and seeing that they keep trying to confess (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
Rei calls his s.o “petal” (v short)
cat sitting for their s.o (+❎Shindo❎, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑💖
dealing w/ spiders (v short)
TodoDeku love triangle (v short)
Ty Lee!s.o (+💥Bakugou💥) 👑
Ty Lee!s.o w/ a toxic “Azula” friend (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜)
🌻 Tamaki 🌻 (35)
Tumblr media
full doodle 💖
Fics / Scenarios
crush on a childhood friend (+💥Bakugou💥, +🥦Midoriya🥦) 👑💖
I’ve Been In Love With You For Years (+💥Bakugou💥, +🥦Midoriya🥦) 👑💖
fluffy make out session 💖
"Bunny" 💖
Kiss Me 💖
lyrically inspired: Swimming in the Moonlight 💖
beat down by hw (+Hawks🌟) 💖
Artsy!Reader (+🌟Hawks🌟, +🖨Monoma🖨) 👑💖
crush paints his nails (+Shinsou💜) 👑💖
shoulder touch (v short)
finding out his crush likes him back
can’t look his crush in the eye after fantasizing about them (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑💖
crush misunderstanding (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
s.o in a coma
bunny!s.o + petname “bunny”
on anesthesia (+🦈Kirishima🦈)
Mirio and Nejire trying to set him up with his crush
s.o sitting on their shoulders to get something (+💜Shinsou💜, +⚡️Kaminari⚡️) 👑
Bat Quirk s.o (+🖨Monoma🖨, +⚡️Kaminari⚡️)
bubble tea dates w/ their s.o (+🌸Uraraka🌸, +🖨Monoma🖨)
1-A setting them up on a date w/ their crush (+⚡️Kaminari⚡️, 🍊Sero🍊) 👑
punk aesthetic soft personality!s.o (+⚡️Kaminari⚡️, 🍊Sero🍊) 👑
quiet and sarcastic s.o stands up for them (+💜Shinsou💜, 🌚Tokoyami🌚) 👑
first kiss (+🦈Kirishima🦈, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑💖
“look at my ass look at my thighs” TikTok s.o (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
Miruko Quirk!s.o throws hands with a snake (+💥Bakugou💥) 👑💖
fallins asleep with their s.o when a spider comes down from the ceiling (+💜Shinsou💜) 👑
Fairy Quirk!s.o (+🌟Hawks🌟, +🎤Jirou🎸) 👑💖
asexual s.o (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +👽Mina🍬) 💖
defending his s.o when someone criticizes her appearance (+💥Bakugou💥)
Catra/Cat🐱Quirk!s.o (+💥Bakugou💥, +🔥Todoroki❄️, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
Flower Quirk!s.o
chronically ill!s.o (+💜Shinsou💜) 👑
touch-starved!s.o (+💜Shinsou💜, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑
taking care of their s.o on their period (+🍊Sero🍊, +❎Shindo❎) 👑💖
comforting their s.o after a bad day (+🍊Sero🍊,+🌟Hawks🌟)
Hamiltrash s.o (+❎Shindo❎, +💜Shinsou💜, +🌟Hawks🌟) 💖
🖤 Dabi 🖤 (23)
Tumblr media
Fics / Scenarios
Stuck With You 👑💖
lyrically inspired: Gorgeous 💖
telling his s.o his past, headcanons 💖
cheering up his depressed darling 💖
super supportive, mom™️ s.o (+🌟Hawks🌟) 👑💖
soft bed sharing cuddles 💖
s.o patching up his wound 💖
dressing in his clothes to impersonate him
character songs
s.o being pissy bc of Zoom
Marceline Vampire!s.o (+🌟Hawks🌟, +🖤Dabi🖤)
Cat Valentine!s.o
Alladin AU (+💥Bakugou💥)
s.o is out of town for 3 weeks (+💥Bakugou💥) 👑💖
crush on a femme fatale!reader (+💜Shinsou💜, +💀Shigaraki💀) 👑💖
s.o dyes her hair pink (+🔪Toga🔪, +💀Shigaraki💀) 👑
waterbending!s.o (+🩸Toga🩸,+💀Shigaraki💀) 👑💖
fem!kpop idol s.o (+🩸Toga🩸, +💀Shigaraki💀) 👑
s.o’s Quirk makes other Quirks malfunction (+🌟Hawks🌟, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑
s.o has small hands (+💜Shinsou💜, +💀Shigaraki💀) 👑💖
playing dead to prank their s.o (+💜Shinsou💜, +💀Shigaraki💀) 💖
Venom Quirk!s.o (+🌟Hawks🌟) 👑
Fox🦊Quirk!s.o (+🌟Hawks🌟, +🥦Midoriya🥦) 👑
thicc but somehow hecka healthy!s.o (+🌟Hawks🌟, +💥Bakugou💥)
s.o has chubby chipmunk cheeks (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑💖
❎ Shindo ❎
Tumblr media
a doodle 💖
Fics / Scenarios
Bus Buddies 👑💖
Green Isn’t Your Color 💖
“Yeah my boyfriend’s pretty cool, but he’s not as cool as me.” (+⚡️Kaminari⚡️) 👑💖
I Do Bad Things When I’m Jealous (And I’m Jealous A Lot) 💖
lyrically inspired: Pure Love 💖
matchup for me by Sophie
self-shipping tag game 
taking care of their s.o on their period (+🍊Sero🍊, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑💖
dreaming out loud about their s.o (+🥦Midoriya🥦) 👑
cat sitting for their s.o (+💥Bakugou💥, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑💖
at home salon day w/ their s.o (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +💥Bakugou💥) 💖
a cat named Yoyo 💖
“spread your legs” for cuddles (+💜Shinsou💜) 💖
Hamiltrash s.o (+🌻Tamaki🌻, +💜Shinsou💜, +🌟Hawks🌟) 💖
🥦 Midoriya 🥦 (27)
Tumblr media
^^ by kikuhikou, original post here
Fics / Scenarios
I’ve Been In Love With You For Years (+💥Bakugou💥, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑💖
It’s Okay To Have Scars Y’know 💖
lyrically inspired: Dream Boy 💖
staring at him (+Bakugou☄️, 🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑
first time using the b-word (v short)
short s.o (+Bakugou💥, +Kaminari⚡️) 👑
s.o comes from a long line of heros in America (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +💥Bakugou💥)
can’t look his crush in the eye after fantasizing about them (+💥Bakugou💥, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑
having a moment w/ his crush that’s interrupted (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑
meets his future s.o after she gets transported back in time, (+💥Bakugou💥) 👑
reacting to Mineta stealing his s.o’s clothes while they were in the shower (+🖨Monoma🖨, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑
“Someone Gets Hurt” (+💥Bakugou💥, +☀️Mirio☀️) 👑
innocent s.o who’s into clubbing (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
crush on a childhood friend (+💥Bakugou💥, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑💖
s.o cries because of how lucky they are to have him, (+💥Bakugou💥, +🖨Monoma🖨) 👑💖
bunny Quirk!s.o who looks up to Miruko, headcanons (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑
letting him be the big spoon 👑
s.o has a service dog (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
surprising their long distance s.o with a visit (+🖤Dabi🖤, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑
“look at my ass look at my thighs” TikTok s.o (+💜Shinsou💜, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑💖
seeing their s.o dressed up as All Might as a baby (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑
Fox🦊Quirk!s.o (+🌟Hawks🌟, +🖤Dabi🖤) 👑
his crush is Recovery Girl’s successor
Would You Be So Kind?
their mentor gives them a pep talk about confessing to their crush (+💥Bakugou💥, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
dreaming out loud about their s.o (+❎Shindo❎) 👑
naming his child after All Might (v short)
TodoDeku love triangle (v short)
at home salon day w/ their s.o (+❎Shindo❎, +💥Bakugou💥) 💖
🖨 Monoma 🖨
Tumblr media
Fics / Scenarios
Strawberry Glow 💖
crushing on a girl who’s quiet at first but bratty when you’re friends with her 💖
lyrically inspired: Easy 💖
Artsy!Reader (+🌻Tamaki🌻, +🌟Hawks🌟) 👑💖
reacting to Mineta stealing his s.o’s clothes while they were in the shower (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 👑
s.o cries because of how lucky they are to have him (+💥Bakugou💥, +🥦Midoriya🥦) 👑💖
Bat Quirk s.o (+🌻Tamaki🌻, +⚡️Kaminari⚡️)
bubble tea dates w/ their s.o (+🌸Uraraka🌸, +🌻Tamaki🌻)
seat change sits them next to their crush who talks smack under her breath (+💥Bakugou💥) 👑
crush kisses him to shut him up 💖
⚡️ Kaminari ⚡️
Tumblr media
^^ by kikuhikou​, original post here
short s.o (+Midoriya🥦, +Bakugou💥)
s.o plays the ukulele
s.o with a really loud laugh (+🦈Kirishima🦈, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
Tangled AU (+🐱Aizawa🐱, +🌟Hawks🌟, 💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
general relationship things
being best friends
s.o sitting on their shoulders to get something (+💜Shinsou💜, +🌻Tamaki🌻)
Bat Quirk s.o (+🖨Monoma🖨, +🌻Tamaki🌻)
1-A setting them up on a date w/ their crush (+💜Shinsou💜, +🍊Sero🍊) 👑
punk aesthetic soft personality!s.o (+💜Shinsou💜, +🍊Sero🍊) 👑
shy s.o whose bangs cover her eyes (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +💜Shinsou💜)
forgetful crush (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +💜Shinsou💜)
“Yeah my boyfriend’s pretty cool, but he’s not as cool as me.” (+⚡️Kaminari⚡️) 👑💖
one hell of a pickup line 👑💖
🍊 Sero 🍊
Tumblr media
crush loves a plushie that they don’t know is them (+💜Shinsou💜, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑
crush on a poc transfer student (+💥Bakugou💥, 🍊Sero🍊)
playing with their crush's hair (+💥Bakugou💥, 💜Shinsou💜) 👑
spring cleaning with their s.o (+🎤Jirou🎸, +🦈Kirishima🦈) 💖
1-A setting them up on a date w/ their crush (+⚡️Kaminari⚡️, + 💜Shinsou💜) 👑
punk aesthetic soft personality!s.o (+⚡️Kaminari⚡️, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑
the type of person they’d fall for (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑💖
insomniac!s.o (+👽Mina🍬, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑
taking care of their s.o on their period (+🌻Tamaki🌻, +❎Shindo❎) 👑💖
their s.o gets easily distracted / fascinated by bugs (+💜Shinsou💜, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑
comforting their s.o after a bad day (+🍊Sero🍊,+🌻Tamaki🌻)
lyrically inspired: She Looks So Perfect 💖
🦈 Kirishima 🦈
Tumblr media
s.o with a really loud laugh (+💜Shinsou💜, +⚡️Kaminari⚡️) 👑💖
dating Bakugou’s younger sister 💖
spring cleaning with their s.o (+🎤Jirou🎸, +🍊Sero🍊) 💖
on anesthesia (+🌻Tamaki🌻)
first kiss (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑💖
💀 Shigaraki 💀
Tumblr media
crush on a femme fatale!reader (+🖤Dabi🖤, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
s.o dyes her hair pink (+🩸Toga🩸, +🖤Dabi🖤) 👑
waterbending!s.o (+🩸Toga🩸,+🖤Dabi🖤) 👑💖
s.o has small hands (+🖤Dabi🖤, +💜Shinsou💜) 👑💖
playing dead to prank their s.o (+🖤Dabi🖤, +💜Shinsou💜) 💖
🩸 Toga 🩸
Tumblr media
s.o dyes her hair pink (+🖤Dabi🖤, +💀Shigaraki💀) 👑
waterbending!s.o (+🖤Dabi🖤,+💀Shigaraki💀) 👑💖
👽 Mina 🍬
Tumblr media
crushing on bakugou’s sister
amusement park date
s.o who has an atittude but is soft around them (+🛍Yaomomo🛍)
asexual s.o (+🌻Tamaki🌻, +🔥Todoroki❄️) 💖
s.o is Tamaki’s sister
spending time w/ their s.o during a thunderstorm (+🎤Jirou🎸)
insomniac!s.o (+💥Bakugou💥, +🍊Sero🍊) 👑
🐱 Aizawa 🐱
Tumblr media
celebrating his s.o’s birthday (+🏅All Might🏅, 🍡Fat Gum🍡)
short s.o (+💜Shinsou💜)
Tangled AU (+🌟Hawks🌟, +⚡️Kaminari⚡️, 💜Shinsou💜) 👑
a John Mulaney video that makes me think of him
🍡 Fat Gum 🍡
Tumblr media
dealing w/ jealousy (+🔥Todoroki❄️, +Bakugou💥) 👑
celebrating his s.o’s birthday (+🏅All Might🏅, 🐱 Aizawa 🐱)
🎤 Jirou 🎸
Tumblr media
spring cleaning with their s.o, headcanons (+🍊Sero🍊, +🦈Kirishima🦈) 💖
Fairy Quirk!s.o, headcanons (+🌻Tamaki🌻, +🌟Hawks🌟) 👑💖
spending time w/ their s.o during a thunderstorm (+👽Mina🍬)
🌑 Tokoyami 🌑
Tumblr media
their quiet, sarcastic s.o stands up for them (+💜Shinsou💜, +🌻Tamaki🌻) 👑
his s.o comforting him after losing control of Dark Shadow at training camp
🌸 Uraraka 🌸 
Tumblr media
bubble tea dates w/ their s.o (+🖨Monoma🖨, +🌻Tamaki🌻)
☁️ Nejire ☁️
Tumblr media
Practice Makes Perfect
☀️ Mirio ☀️
Tumblr media
“Someone Gets Hurt” (+🥦Midoriya🥦, +💥Bakugou💥) 👑
🛍 Yaomomo 🛍
Tumblr media
s.o who has an atittude but is soft around them (+👽Mina🍬)
disaster lesbian!crush
☁️ Shirakumo ☁️
Tumblr media
relationship headcanons
🏅 All Might 🏅
Tumblr media
celebrating his s.o’s birthday (+🍡Fat Gum🍡, 🐱 Aizawa 🐱)
setting up an at home prom for his daughterl
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nostalgiaruinedme · 6 months ago
Hey I love your fics and writing style and well since I've been meaning to start writing fics I wanted to ask you if you have some advice you'd give.
Ohhh advice? Sure, I can do that! I shall bestow all of my knowledge upon you now, but you gotta look below the cut. Shhhh, it's a secret~
Okay really I just knew this was going to be a really long post and didn't want to clog up everyone's dash lol. ONTO WRITING ADVICE
I kind of live by these rules in writing:
1. Know the rules before you break them 2. ANYTHING can be inspiration 3. Remember the doll 4. Use your resources 5. Don’t hold yourself back 6. Practice 7. Enjoy yourself!!
1. Know the rules before you break them
Pay attention in English class (or whichever class for the language you're writing in) and learn the grammar!! I don't always have perfect grammar in my fics and sometimes I consciously choose to ignore grammar rules to make it more impactful, but you HAVE to know the rules before you break them. Study those grammar lessons! Learn how to use the fun punctuation, like semi colons and em dashes and en dashes and all that good stuff. I know they're scary, but they're a lot of fun too.
ALSO PLEASE USE PARAGRAPH BREAKS IM BEGGING that's like, a HUGE problem I see with a lot of new writers. Paragraph breaks are not optional!! Change 'em when the main topic of the paragraph switches or when a new character is speaking. Overdoing it with paragraph breaks is better than underdoing it, I promise.
2. ANYTHING can be inspiration
Have you ever played Story Cubes?
Tumblr media
If you haven’t, it’s essentially this game where you roll the cubes, they each land on a different image, and you gotta tell a story that uses all of those pictures. Some are literally just a question mark or a speech bubble and that’s what you have to use. Me and my siblings used to play the game a lot. And you know what? Some of those stories are the most creative ones we’ve ever come up with. When I say anything can be inspiration for a story or a character, I mean ANYTHING!
I based my Donnie design off of the vintage globes and journals I have in my bedroom.
My little sister threw a pillow at me and it inspired a funny scene I wanted to write in another fic
I designed two OCs off of Mars and Pluto and an ENTIRE 40,000 word fanfiction based off of a space documentary I watched
My NaNoWriMo story last year was based off of the concept of shadows and how cool I thought it’d be if they could talk
Me and my friend made an entire dystopian original story commenting on our world today. It was first inspired by a crack self insert Death Note RP we had at 13 years old. Not kidding.
Literally anything can be inspiration. Challenge your mind!! The best ideas come out of completely ordinary and unexpected opportunities, in my experience. You don’t need one of those super detailed and crazy expensive prompt books (though they are fun) to write a great story. Use music, use a color, use the sky, use your favorite food, use anything! Just find inspiration!
3. Remember the Doll
Remember Mulan?
Tumblr media
We never got to see the Huns destroy the village and we didn’t get to see them kill anyone there either. But by showing that doll there, the animators took an entire battle full of death and destruction and summed it all up in one, heartbreaking moment. You don’t need to spend ten pages writing about how horrifying the bad guy was and listing everything he did from start to finish, nor do you need to write an analysis on why she’s bad. All you need to do is show one or two very meaningful ways they impacted the world... and you can do that with something as simple as a doll lying on the ground in a burning village.
Because the doll is there; the little girl is not.
There’s a quote that sums this up really well, and I have it written on the dry erase board by my desk.
“You don't write about the horrors of war. No. You write about a kid's burnt socks lying in the road.”                     - Richard Price
And adding onto that, try to write more about what’s there, not what isn’t. Mulan didn’t say ANYTHING about the girl in that scene, but by showing what was there, it told us a story about what wasn’t. Focus on what is in the scene and it will tell your reader about what isn’t.
I do think writing a balance is good though, so I try and keep it around a 3/1 ratio of what is there vs what isn’t. Remember this is art though, not math; you can change the formula as you please just to make it feel right. It all depends on the scene and what you want.
4. Use Your Resources
You know how, in the artist community, there’s this sort of stigma around using references? And some artists have to make posts reminding others that there’s nothing wrong with using references and you even should use them?
It’s the same concept in writing!
There is NOTHING wrong with looking to other writers’ work or keep a thesaurus constantly open or bookmarking a reference page of other words to use than “said”. Nothing wrong with it at all! When I write, I always have two tabs open: my writing document and thesaurus.com. I have a folder on my computer bookmarks of ways to describe a smile and a body language dictionary. Before I write fanfic, I watch a “best moments of *character*” compilation video on Youtube to remind myself of how they speak. I watch fight scenes from The 100 or Avatar or Marvel while I write my own battles!
There are SO MANY resources out there for you to reference. Use them! And if you need some to start with, shoot me an ask. I have a ton.
5. Don’t Hold Yourself Back
One of the scariest parts of writing is the thought of “what will people think?” Creative writing is EXTREMELY personal, and you’re going to find a lot of you inside your work, including the thoughts you didn’t want anyone to know about. 
People will discover how often you think about love. People will discover how dark your mind can get. People will discover the morals you hold that even you didn’t know about. They’ll discover that the person you swore you’ve moved on from is still on your mind. They’ll discover that the pain you swore you got over still hurts you.
“you can tell the deepest truths with the lies of fiction”                     - Isabel Allende
This thought scared me a lot, and still does. I’ve let go of and forgotten about so many story ideas because they were just a little too personal. I could write it and not publish it, but what if someone still sees? Writing, like all art, comes right from the heart and reveals a lot about a person. That paranoia of being known kept me from writing so much.
But I promise you, your most powerful stories are going to be the most personal ones.
I wrote Hated Resemblance based on my thoughts about myself, and I wrote Dagger From the Mirror based on thoughts about myself too. A lot of it is dark, most is painful, and all of it is scary to show the world. But I wrote it anyways and it’s created something pretty amazing.
Hell, even now I’m wondering if I should post that lil anecdote, but I think it’s the best way to make this part of my point stronger. See? Writing about things that affect you is the best way to make them impactful, even for something as simple as advice.
And even if you want to write about light and happy stories- you’re still going to have to get personal.
This all got pretty deep but my point is this: Don’t hold yourself back. Write what you feel you need to and it don’t worry about what anyone will think. Don’t hide that one sentence because you’re scared who will read it because you’re scared to be known so deeply. Add it in even when it’s scary. 
That’s something I’m still learning how to do, and it’s a slow process that has taken years... but it’s worth it, I promise.
“Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open.”                     - Natalie Goldberg
6. Practice
I started writing in 1st grade. I’ve written regularly since then, and this is my word count every month this year:
Tumblr media
Most of that is fanfiction. Some are just random thoughts, some are really thought out posts or answers to your questions, and some are made up of original stories. That total words written number is since November.
You don’t have to write this much every month, I promise, I just don’t really have any other hobbies lol. My point is that practice is really really really important. Write a paragraph or even just a sentence every day. You’re gonna improve so quickly, I promise.
“Write every day. Writing is a muscle that gets stronger with use.”                     - Abbi Glines
But take breaks too!!! Don’t overwork yourself. Burn out is a real thing and you shouldn’t force yourself to write just because you’re scared you don’t write enough! Write at a pace that’s comfortable for you. There will always be writers out there who write more than you and even more writers who write less than you. That’s okay. Everyone has a pace they’re comfortable with, and you just gotta find yours. As long as you’re writing consistently, the numbers don’t matter too much. 50 words a day or 5000 are both good!
7. Enjoy Yourself!!
You’re here to have fun!
No matter what you’re writing (angst, romance, fix-it, AUs, hurt/comfort, fluff, ANYTHING), remember that fic writing is supposed to be fun!! You’re not getting paid to do this. On one hand, that sucks, but on the other hand it gives you the amazing opportunity to write literally whatever you want! Find projects you’re enthusiastic about, meet other writers, do collabs, make playlists for your story, create over powered OCs for the hell of it, ignore plot holes and write without regard to canon, or write the most realistic and in-depth canon-compliant book ever. Create the most self indulgent story you can think of! 
Have fun. This is your story and you get to write the rules. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
Oh yeah, and one more thing. Be proud of yourself. You can get all of the comments and feedback in the world, but if you’re not proud of what you wrote, it’s gonna be hard to look back on it with joy. Be proud no matter how many reads it gets—you made it!
“I think I did pretty well, considering I started out with nothing but a bunch of blank paper.”                     - Steve Martin
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kenzie-ann27 · a year ago
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My Obnoxiously Long Analysis of Danny Torrance and Richie Tozier
I have thought about this particular analysis for a while, and this has been a really fun thing to write, but at the same time, I feel like I am missing a large part of the story because I am struggling to figure out why? I know these characters are connected in some way, that part is obvious, but I am unsure of the significance. Why are these two characters so similar yet so different? This isn’t a case of the Stephen King self-insert where every male lead is an author but grew up in a weird place and lost a family member that causes him great distress even in his adult life (looking at you, Bill Denbrough and Gordie LaChance). The case of these two characters is different, as their personalities and lives are so different as to not have them be carbon-copies of each other, but at the same time they share so many traits and they have this connection that is interesting to me (though not as interesting anymore, thank you so much, Mike Flanagan).
First, I will talk about the gifs, since I think that’s probably the best place to begin. That quote by Dick Hallorann is so, so interesting to me because it directly relates back to It. Towards the end of the book, Richie recalls a very distinct moment when Bill killed a mosquito that was on the back of Richie’s neck, and he talks a bit about it and how bugs were often drawn to them (though he uses pheromones as an example). Leeches are also mentioned quite descriptively in It as well, them being Patrick Hockstetter’s fear and what kills him in the book. The other gifs are mainly a visual comparison, as I think that the way those two moments were carried out was pretty interesting. I was going to make another visual comparison with the weird cloudy eye effect that both films utilize very well, but that part in It: Chapter Two with Richie does make me pretty uncomfortable. In both movies, essentially, characters’ eyes get clouded over when they get into someone else’s head: Danny Torrance does this to Rose the Hat, while It does it to Richie.
To start off, both Richie and Danny grew up as only children in a family where they had close relationships with their parents despite them having a hard time understanding their children. They both felt closer to their mothers, as their fathers were often busy with work; both Maggie and Wendy seemed to ensure that Richie and Danny grew up with strong moral values, and both of the children were affected greatly when their mothers died. As children, they are forced into an environment where they deal with a supernatural evil, though they are not in any real danger unlike other characters until the end of the story (when Jack chases Danny and when Richie and the other Losers fight It for the first time); all other times, they mainly see things that make them aware of the danger that is present. Notice that with Richie, unlike the other Losers, is not physically affected by It really at any point. This is very different from how It works with the others because that danger is still there even after the event has passed. The blood in Beverly’s bathroom is still there even after she leaves and goes back. But with Richie, in the park, he is able to make the danger go away, he puts those glasses back on and everything goes back to normal (the others physically run away from the danger, but Richie is psychologically running away from it by telling himself it isn’t real). Anyway, this event stays with them long after they’ve grown up and moved far away from the place where the trauma occurred: Richie moved from Maine to California (Chicago in the film) while Danny moved from Colorado to Florida (later to New Hampshire). They then, turn to drugs and/or alcohol, which is said in Doctor Sleep to sort of repress the ability to shine and keep those negative past memories at bay; Richie seems to lean more towards drugs than alcohol, and vice versa for Danny. When they are 40, they are drawn back to the place where they were mainly abused as children and are able to use their abilities to destroy the evil thing finally before returning back home to their pets and their co-workers that they have weirdly close relationships with and all is good. That's essentially their main stories, but I'm also going to talk about a few specific connections that I think are cool to see.
Both Danny and Richie use their hands as the main source of their shining abilities. This is not obvious with Richie in the movie, but it is for Danny with him and Tony. However! In the book, Richie's main goal in life as a child is to become- of all things- a ventriloquist. You know, a person that uses their hands a lot like how Danny does to make it look like Tony is more than just a voice. Speaking of voices, that's Richie's main thing. Who is to say all those voices aren't like Tony in that they're a personification of the shining? (more on this below) This is also a connection between the two because neither of them is particularly good at doing voices, they essentially still just sound like themselves; this doesn't mean that those voices don't represent other people, though, even if they do come out of Danny's and Richie's mouths. The whole hands thing also works for the other members of the Losers Club, with each of the Losers relying on their hands for their jobs, just like Danny, who, in Doctor Sleep, is mentioned as being a janitor before becoming an orderly at a hospice (I would classify him more as an unregistered nurse, as he does say he’s had medical training). Hands and arms in general play huge roles in these two stories, which I think sort of puts the nail in the coffin of this argument. As a child, Danny Torrance gets his arm broken by his father, which is the moment when he starts talking to his imaginary friend/personification of the shining, Tony. While nothing huge happens to Richie’s arms in the book or movie, I would go as far to say (I am aware this goes off-topic, but bear with me here) that in the hierarchy of who shines the brightest of the Losers, Eddie is up there since not only does he get his arm broken twice in the book, it’s also what causes him to die because he gets his good arm bitten off and he bleeds to death. Eddie in his final moments is so strange to me, and I think the reason why that is is that he physically cannot shine. His only arm left is broken. Of course, It would want to take that away from him because it’s aware that Eddie has the ability to kill it.
Both Danny and Richie rely on the guidance of an old (dead) friend to keep them on the correct path. For Danny, this is Dick Hallorann, as he appears in Doctor Sleep to guide Danny to return back to the hotel. For Richie, this is Stanley, as a memory of Stan keeps Richie from going back home.
Both Danny and Richie are able to form a connection with the dead/dying. For Richie, he's mostly connected to those who have already died, while Danny seems to help more with people who are dying. I mostly noticed this in It after realizing the voices of people (rather than original characters) Richie seems to do more often- Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, and Pancho Vanilla (based on Pancho Villa, the Mexican general)- are all people who have died before 1958. I like to imagine that this is just Richie flexing with his shining ability and him being able to form those connections with those people by taking their voices and making them his own. Notice that in the book, “voices” is usually capitalized, as if it represents something a lot more important than just a kid doing an impression.
Both Danny and Richie have confusing relationships with others, specifically their bosses. This is more a personal thing rather than a fact, but I have realized that these characters do have rather strange relationships with others. With Danny, he meets Billy after taking a bus to New Hampshire, and Billy gives him a job and a place to stay. They become fast friends, though I mainly attribute this to their shared ability to shine (yes, of course, I’m going to mention that Danny often sings along to YMCA while working). Danny eventually tells Billy about what’s going on with the missing kids, and Billy is just unusually calm with the situation and agrees to go with him to Idaho to find Bradley’s glove. With Richie, however, I would say the strange coworker comes in the form of Steve, who is his manager in both the book and the movie. Obviously, if you have never been to my blog before, I really like Steve. He’s a fun character to look at not only because of the way he interacts with Richie but because I am willing to bet that that’s who Richie ends up with (at least, in the movie, since that was the plan in the 2010 script). Like Danny with Billy, Richie wants to tell Steve about the crazy stuff that’s happening, if he remembered what happened at all. I know this isn’t really a good explanation for the comparison between Danny and Richie, but I feel like their relationships with Billy and Steve are just really interesting and something that stuck out to me in the books and the movies.
Of course, now, I feel like I need to justify all of this. I need to come up with some reason why these two characters are connected and why I felt the need to write all of this garbage. And for the longest time, I didn’t know why. I didn’t know why these two characters stick out so much in this universe.
And then I rewatched It: Chapter Two.
Richie sticks out the most in that movie because of the way he acts is so different from the others. He feels distant, almost. From the minute I see him on screen I am able to look at him and say “that’s Richie”, but at the same time he feels so different to me, as someone who has looked at this character for a long time to try and dissect him. In his opening scene, for one, unlike all of the others, Richie gets a moment on stage where he stares out blankly and he hears these voices, memories from his past (I don’t remember the exact things they said, but essentially they were the voices of himself, Stanley, Eddie, and Henry). That sticks out to me so much because he is the only character that that happens to, even after he drank a glass of bourbon like a minute beforehand (of course, this also can sort of be explained as the shining is dulled by alcohol, not always taken away completely). To be honest, all of the Losers tend to turn to alcohol when faced with stressful memories throughout the movie. But it wasn’t until later that I realized that Richie was seen differently by the Losers. In the Neibolt House, I feel like the Losers tend to somewhat overreact when it comes to Richie after being attacked by the spider-Stanley (like… when Eddie broke his arm, most of them were focused more on Pennywise rather than helping Eddie). And later after Eddie got stabbed, he looks to Richie as if Richie is going to help him.
This goes back to my hierarchy statement before, but essentially, what I’m getting at is that Richie shines the most. Like… Danny Torrance levels of shine. That’s why they are connected. It’s shown in Doctor Sleep that those who shine the most tend to connect to each other, so who’s to say that Danny didn’t know about Richie? In my hierarchy, by the way, I would say that the order of who shines the most would be: Richie, Stanley, Eddie, Beverly, Bill, Mike, and then Ben. Of course, this would bring up the issue of “if Richie shined the most, then why didn’t the Turtle talk to him instead of Bill?”, and that can just simply be put down to the fact that Bill is the leader. That came to be not because of his shining, but rather simply because of the way he looked; the other Losers (I believe it was either Eddie or Richie) mention that they look up to Bill, mainly because he is taller and stronger and more handsome. Why would the Turtle go to Richie for help with this when Richie has been running away from himself his whole life? Bill was the logical reason because he could lead them in a way that Richie never did.
Overall, I feel like both Richie and Danny have these super similar qualities that are hard to ignore. I love both of these characters, so writing this long piece of garbage was a lot of fun. It was also fun to rewatch these movies and see that there is just this big connection that is there for fans of the books, so I am dying to see where it goes. It feels like they are waiting for The Dark Tower to bring them together with the mentions of the Turtle and Ka and space and all of that, but I feel like a whole new story would be really interesting as well. Plus, you know, I am dying to see a teenaged Abra trying to explain to shining to Richie.
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marvel-lous-things · 3 years ago
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First off:
Thank you all so much??
When I started using this blog like,,, 8 months ago,,, I thought I'd peak at 2k. But then y'all just had to go and prove me wrong huh?? ok.
I guess I'll just have to repay you in shitposts. Smh.
In all honesty, though, I've had so much fun with this blog and it's all cus of y'all?
I've met and made friends with some amazing (however slightly messed up sksjsks) and utterly lovable people, gotten over my self doubt to an extent that I posted fics without immediately deleting them, received so many nice anons, found a community of absolutely brilliant folks who share my skewed sense of humour,,,
Damn. This list could go on and on.
Welp. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to cover it but:
I'm doing two things for my follower milestone!!
1) I'm introducing a tag!!
From now on, I'll be tracking #marvellousthings (because I'm an uncreative binch) so if you tag any of your posts as the aforementioned, you can bet your socks that I'll see it, like it, maybe reblog it :D etc etc.
So,,, Go wild, frens.
2) a creative challenge!
Ok let's face it, the "trans Peter" tag deserves a lot more love than it's getting right now.
After Tumblr user transpeter was bullied off this website by terfs, the tag's been depressingly empty, ya know?
I miss the warm feeling I got from interacting with the happy community, and reading posts by people about how the headcanon made them feel validated!!
Unfortunately, now, it's only shitposts and the occasional ask (which is great, but I want so much more??)
And that's where it stands. Trans!peter is a cute lil headcanon that needs your creativity and imagination to be kept alive.
So, that's exactly what I'm aiming at.
I want you (yes, you!!) to:
➡️Write a fic
➡️Draw fanart
➡️Write headcanons
➡️Make photo/gif edits
➡️ make Moodboards
(basically, I just want to bring the tag back to life ya know)
Rules (for writing challenge):
Peter has to be trans (o dam didn't see that one coming)
But the fic doesn't have to revolve entirely around his identity
A paragraph or so acknowledging it would be mighty cool!!
Bonus points if he's written as Bi-derman and aggressively Gen Z
Actually no bonus points but I will love you forever ??
Reader insert fics are an underutilized source of creative expression and are therefore highly encouraged
Use appropriate tags and trigger warnings
Discussion of transphobia (internalised or otherwise) is a-okay, hell, even appreciated, but please be respectful ❤️
Use a "read more" link after the first 200-300 words, please!
(Similar rules apply to headcanons, minus the word limit and the read more rule)
Rules (for fanart/edits/mood boards)
Include the trans flag in your art!
Whether it's as a colour scheme, background, t-shirt, cap, badge, or anything else is entirely up to you
Don't post stolen art, please!!
Finally (and this applies to all of the above):
Don't write/draw/edit anything nsfw
Don't even try to submit anything that has anything to do with st*rker
Actually don't submit anything involving a relationship between Peter and an adult
Make sure you tag your posts as #marvellousthings so that I can see them
Oh yeah and you need to be following moi, of course
Deadline is Christmas! I hope that gives you guys enough time!
Make Extra sure you tag me in your posts too! (As in: @me)
It would be heckin nice of you to reblog this post 💗
That's all.
Have fun, don't set anything on fire, and raise this adorable headcanon from the dead, my dudes ✨
(I'm tagging a few mutuals, feel free to ignore though 💗)
@the-not-so-ketogenic-kid @marvel-or-not-to-marvel @asaelia @cosmic-disasters @avengvr @accurate-incorrect-marvel-quotes @windexnoises @are-you-shuris @its-ya-boi-demon @anxieteaandbiscuits @my-babies-are-ash @gumgamug @spiderboiii @demi-god-witch @nonbinari-goat @just-a-marvel-fan @mysteryavengers @lesbiansassemble @ironmanstan @underoosstark @gabrielthepisces @loki-the-pan-icon @loki-against-onision @rosiebrie @hopenichole @time-to-spleen @pietropeterimagines
PS: all challenge-related posts and asks will be tagged #transunderoos so feel free to blacklist!
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thranduilsperkybutt · 4 years ago
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ThranduilsPerkyButt’s 8,000 Follower Challenge
Oh my gosh, darlings! We’ve reached 8,000 followers! Out of this world, I know! I never expected to get this many followers, but here you all are, and I cannot express the warmth it brings to my heart to know that you enjoyed my stories enough to follow me. Thank you, truly! I’ve been kind of obsessed with challenges as of late, so I decided to try out making my own challenge, maybe, and see how it goes. It’s my first ever one that I’ve made myself, so I get if no one wants to write the prompts lol, but hopefully some of you do!
|  Rules & How to Sign Up  |
You don’t have to be following me, but that would be rad if you were. :)
You can write anything! Smut, crack, fluff, angst, smangst, smluff, flangst, etc.! Whatever! I just wanna’ read it! And, in the true spirit of my multifandom blog, you can write from any fandom you want as long as it is a fandom from my fandom’s list (found here), and any character(s) you’d like from that fandom!
Only reader inserts, please! There must be a “reader” character (A.K.A. “you” or “Y/N”). No OCs. Sorry!
You can choose multiple prompts, because I’m going to let the prompts be open. That means they’re all free game for everyone! Feel free to use them as you see fit!
You can change the prompt’s pronouns (he/she/we/they/etc) to fit your fic, but nothing else can change! The prompt has to be included in your fic in some way.
See a prompt you like? Great! If you want to join, send me an ask that includes the prompt(s) you’ve chosen so I’ll know what list(s) to put you on. I won’t be accepting people any other way than through my ask box! You don’t have to tell me what character/fandom you’re writing for, but you can if you want!
Please include the character/fandom above your fic when you post it, as well as any and all warnings that could be associated with your fic. If it is over 500 words, please add a -keep reading- cut!
Be sure to tag me (@thranduilsperkybutt) in the fic as well as mentioning the prompt(s) and that this is for TPB’s 8,000 Follower Challenge.
Tag your fic with #thranduilsperkybutt and #tpb8000followerschallenge
If I don’t ❤︎like❤︎ your fic within 24 hours, feel free to send me a link via IM because most likely I didn’t see it! I wanna’ read all of these and give credit where credit’s due! My like will show up as my main blog (megmeg-chan) liking your post! When I reblog it on TPB, I will unlike it. (I will also reblog it on my main & include it in a masterlist I’ll make when the challenge officially closes.)
The deadline for all fics to be in is two months from now on January 1, 2018, so you should have plenty of time! If you need an extension, please message me! I’m pretty lenient, so we can totally work something out!
Alright, then! There are 30 quote-like prompts beneath the cut! They’re pretty random and I just wrote up whatever came to mind that I thought could possibly inspire cool fics. I will reblog your fic if you choose to write one, as well as make a masterlist for all of the fics once the deadline comes.
|  Prompts  |
1.    “I’m in love with you! Why are you acting like that’s a crime?”
2.    “Maybe if you didn’t eat everything you came across, we wouldn't be in this mess!”
3.    “If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you shouldn’t stick your hand anywhere that you can’t see. This isn’t an Indiana Jones movie and I’m not sticking my hand in there!”
4.    “Are you going to help me bury this body or what? You were all ‘ride or die’ before.”
5.    “Did you do any work while I was gone? Or were you just sitting here playing Fallout 4 all day?”
6.    “Yeah, he tried to take over the world, but I’d still be down if he asked.”
7.    "I can’t believe that this is happening. I thought I was gonna’ be a virgin forever!”
8.    “For once, I’m not completely terrified of letting you take the lead on this. Either I’m getting used to your shenanigans or I’ve completely given up trying to stop you.”
9.     “You spent $300 dollars on movie tickets in one weekend? What?”
10.    “Why is there a life-sized cardboard cutout of Gordon Ramsay in your kitchen?”
11.    “I leave it with you for one day and my computer is whirring so loud that it sounds like it’s going to explode. Please don’t tell me you went on any shady pornsites.”
12.    “If you play that song one more time I am going to throw your phone out the window and the aux cord with it!”
13.     “Look, Professor, I know the paper was supposed to be due today, but you see, it’s a long story...”
14.     “I love coming over to your house. I mean, your dog is so welcoming.”
15.    “Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and fuck my brains out.”
16.    “You get me and that kind of scares me, to be honest.”
17.    “Hey, I know I’m calling you late, but I’ve had a bad night that resulted in me actually considering eating at Denny’s and I need you to pick me up.”
18.    “Did you seriously just say ‘your mom’ as a comeback? In 2017?”
19.     “I really hope my future soul mate is doing great right now, because someday I’m gonna’ need someone to help me emotionally get through that shit you just pulled.”
20.    “You... found my tumblr.”
21.    “You can’t just go around bashing people’s heads in when things don’t go your way! You’re going to run out of people at some point!”
22.    “I tried so hard to keep myself from falling for you. At the beginning, I even told myself, ‘You are not going to fall for him,’ but here I am, madly in love with you and regretting every minute of it, because you’re completely incapable of feeling the same for me.”
23.    “Don’t just say you love me. I’ve had people say that to me before, and you know what? People lie. Show me that you love me.”
24.    "Let’s get out of here. Go someplace else that’s far away, okay?”
25.    “Can we never speak of this again?”
26.    “If there’s one thing I learned from tonight, it’s to never trust you with the keys to my car again.”
27.    "I don’t want to be anywhere other than right here, right now, with you.”
28.    “How’s my favorite customer? You getting the usual?”
29.    “Alright, that’s it! You’re taking a break. Put down the textbook, I’m going to show you something.”
30.    “You don’t even realize how you sound right now, do you?”
I hoped you liked some or at least one of them, darling! (^.^”) Let me know if you want any!! <3 xx
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