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Raphael: “Michael, my brother. I can feel and hear every single feeling and word that you speak. I’m not quite the monster you think I’ve sort of become, I’m still much like you, except, if God didnt want war and alliances inside of war hed have never created The Horsemen. This is a Godless universe they are all living in. Someone has to bring upon the end. If War isnt going to physically be here and begin the wars between The Brotherhood of Steel, The Institute and The Railroad, then I have to. Someone has to, Michael. It will be me. I sit in this chapel inside Diamond City right before it’s time to begin planting the seeds. This man and woman next to me on the pew are very confused in what to put their faith in. They have no idea who I am, brother. It’s time. It’s time the Great War began again.

Burn away all the flags brother and begin again.

I love you, Michael. Take care of the universe you’re part of and I will fulfill my duties in this one. Tell Piper I will take great care of her and Nattie. I have their backs.”

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Fear of Depths by  Jacob Geller

Another good video essay.  I think I just found a new channel to subscribe to.  
Videogames discussed include Inside, Dear Esther, and Kentucky Route Zero.  But the video essay actually spends a lot of time outside of games, discussing cave exploration, incidents of people trapped in caves, glaciers, the book Annihilation, nuclear waste disposal, etc.  Surprisingly, the essay also heavily discussed the allure of depths, maybe even more than the fear of it.  

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Big fans of Little Nightmares and Inside.. of gsmes like that. I decided to skip purchasing Darq for Limbo. Tbh i regret it. I regret not looking at official arts ahead. Because your girl is deathly scared of Spiders. I did not know giant killer black spiders would be chasing me Limbo. When it 1st appeared i was already 22mins in.. couldn’t refund on steam. It’ll just be in my library now. I hate it.

Why does it have to be spiders? I was thinking bout attempting streaming again but i have no idea how to edit. Its frustrating. I forgot how to even record the game when i play.. or if i do. But ppls’ ears will bleed because of my screams.. particularly my neighbors. My walls don’t do shit. I wanted to mostly stream for fam though because apparently I’m funny as shit when scared.

But idk for Limbo. The spiders…. Ugh i rather play zelda. And ye.. I’m scared of it. When i hear the ocarina song or the mask from one of the game.. i just freeze. Idk why. It just terrifies my spineless self. I need lessons or really simplistic apps for video editing.

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