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#inside job andre
sorry-but-no-sorry · 23 days ago
“I’m not just a drug guy you know, I speak Latin :(”
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mcgolittle-draws · 11 days ago
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.. .. .. ꒰🇪🇸꒱ E s p a ñ o l ೃ
Jsjsjsj amo a esos dos, son mi dúo favorito de la serie, se merecen toda mi admiración 🥺💕💕👊🏻.
*cof cof* también los shippeo *cof cof*
.. .. .. ꒰🇬🇧꒱ E n g l i s h  ೃ
Jsjsjs I love this two, they are my favorite duo of the serie, they deserve all my admiration 🥺💕💕👊🏻.
*cof cof* I also ship them *cof cof*
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nfxtuated · 19 days ago
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finally had time to drAWWWW AAAAAA you have no idea how much i wanted to draw this weeked I'm glad I had time to do so today
I wanted to work on my sona's 80's outfit and fjdkajfkal I'm so happy with how it came out aaaa it was so much fun to do <3 I used one of Madonna's outfits from the 80's as a reference <3
I have more ideas so I'm gonna be uploading often (hopefully fjksdl) specially now that I finally made an art tag for my stuff
Also I found out I love drawing Andre, he's so much fun to draw, he's officially one of my favs also yes A.T./I'm Japanese
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froggy-frogz · 22 days ago
Not to be NSFW but uhh 😳😳
Brett and Andre getting pegged by their s/o headcannons mayb ??
If u don’t wanna do this I understand !!
A/N: I will definitely write this lmao. There's no way, looking at these two, that they don't like getting pegged. Again since this is nsfw please read at your own discretion.
Oh boy. Uh, sorry to tell you but 8/9 times out of ten, Brett's going to get pegged/topped when you two have sex. Like. He's just like that.
He's really shy when he first comes to you and asks. Like, spurting and his entire face, from the neck up, is bright cherry red.
The first couple of times, he's going to be so awkward. He doesn't know what to do. Please help him. Sweet boy hasn't done that much sexual stuff.
Lube. Oh God please have a lot of lube. He will need it. The first challenge is getting him ready and prepped but once that's done and over, Brett's actually more excited than nervous.
You're not even halfway into him and he's a moaning, weak mess. He doesn't know what to say or do because he's just ruined. You haven't even touched him either.
Please be gentle with him. Brett's one to prefer gentle sex then rough ones. He also likes it when you hold his hand to when you fuck into him.
He also enjoys sitting on your lap. Chances are, Brett's going to be taller and broader than you, so this might be an issue, but he's going to help you make it work.
Once you're fully inside of him, he's going to become a begging, whiny mess.
If given the chance, he'll ride you, and it's the prettiest sight. He's going to let out the prettiest moans and when he says your name it's godly.
While you're fucking him, please praise him, he loves it. Can't get enough of it. Call him a good boy, tell him he's doing a job, literally anything and he'll cum quick
He won't ask you. It's just not something that he'll really think about saying to you. He's too shy too. If you do go to him and ask he will agree to it, but you're going to have to bring it up.
He already has an assorted collection of dildos and surprisingly enough, straps to choose from. Almost like he hoped you would ask.
Andre's more straightforward and since you've asked, will ask now. Very casually.
Like, "Hey babe, care to get the strap out?"
He's still going to be a bit shy and going to need a lot less lube than Brett. It's a lot easier to get that shit in him because well, he's got a load more experience than Brett.
It's about half and half with if he wants you to be rough. Sometimes he wants to go all out, sometimes when he's in that mood, a really gentle, sweet mood, he'll want you to be soft with him.
In my previous post, he has really loud, pretty moans and whimpers, and if you angle just right, or hit the right spot, he will come undone. Like that. He'll most likely cum on the spot.
I can see him having a slight hair kink, so feel free to pull his hair.
He's a lot kinkier than Brett, let's face it. Brett's very vanilla and Andre's as kinky as they come.
You can tie Andre up, bite him, call him your slut, he will not care. He's not one for pain though or seeing you in pain. That's where he'll draw the line.
After a while, he'll get bigger and bigger straps for you to use. He probably has a size kink, just look at him.
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sorry-but-no-sorry · 19 days ago
Reagan: you were stabbed, do you remember anything?
Brett: I think the ride to the hospital?
Reagan: that wasn’t an ambulance, I drove you
Brett: but I heard a siren ?
Reagan: that was Andre
Andre: i’m sorry! I got nervous
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insidemalewife · 10 days ago
Imagine just Andre holding you. Like your both just laying in bed and the sun hasn't come up yet and you feel his breath on your shoulder and the weight of his arms around you. Am I making sense?
i hear you loud and clear jjsjjssjsjdkfmfmm
no because early morning sleepy cuddles are SO FUCKINF GOOD 💥💥💥💥
i feel like he's the type of person that just groans and mumbles while waking up?
"baby get up we gotta go to work" *various groans and mumbles*
probably sleeps in just boxers so you can feel the warmth radiating off of him </3
gives ur back and neck kisses SOBS
god i just wanna cuddle him I can't
he'll pull u in close and hold you tight grumbling out a sleepy "good morning" 🤩🤩
hes absolutely not a morning person. definitely more of a night owl, so your always stuck with making him get up.
but what if HES waking you up??
maybe you just wanna stay in bed and cuddle all day but have shit to get done? he'll try his hardest to get you up with kisses and little nudges.
you'll just furrow ur eyebrows and roll over on top of him. you'll straddle him and wrap your arms around his neck while digging your face into his neck.
how is he supposed to get you up when you're being so cuddly with him!! whatever plans you had he's already canceled and is content with cuddling you and feeling the weight of you on him.
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nfxtuated · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
I tried really hard to make a fake ss AHAHAH but i can't help but fall into my own style most of the time
anyway I had so much fun drawing @caucusboi 's sona with mine after he showed me his 80's outfit <3
His fake ss are fucking amazing I honestly don't know how he does it
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