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#inside job magic myc
mcgolittle-draws · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
.. .. .. ꒰🇪🇸꒱ E s p a ñ o l ೃ
Jsjsjsj amo a esos dos, son mi dúo favorito de la serie, se merecen toda mi admiración 🥺💕💕👊🏻.
*cof cof* también los shippeo *cof cof*
.. .. .. ꒰🇬🇧꒱ E n g l i s h  ೃ
Jsjsjs I love this two, they are my favorite duo of the serie, they deserve all my admiration 🥺💕💕👊🏻.
*cof cof* I also ship them *cof cof*
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ignocubo · a month ago
Inside Job Preference #1
< What They're Like As A Partner >
it's not you, that's just the way she is
the most affection you'll get from her is her legs in your lap or her leaning on your arm if she's really tired
usually puts work before the relationship but does try to involve herself in things that you find important
doesn't like hanging out with you at her house bc of her dad
will want to go to your house a lot if you live alone
dislikes talking about the relationship with her coworkers
gets aggravated when they bring it up anyways but it's kinda funny to you
idk i feel like dating reagan is like being her best friend except you get to know more about her personal life
you know he needs constant validation soooo
he's a pretty basic partner lol
very supportive of your interests and quirks
likes doing stuff for you like cooking and taking you shopping
his love language is definitely acts of service
surprisingly he gets jealous easily because he's worried you'll meet someone and end up liking them better
anyways, expect lots of exercise in the relationship
he finds it romantic, don't ask why
if you work at cognito inc he finds every opportunity to work with you
he'll come to you whenever he gets injured and kindly ask for help even if you have no medical experience
if you don't work at cognito inc he feels bad that he can't tell you about his job and why he has to work unpredictable, typically long hours that cause him to miss more dates than he can count
he'll probably find a way to make it up to you though
or he'll just try his best to get you a job at cognito inc as well
i don't have many head canons for dating her
she likes showing you off
so that means you'll most likely be one of those couples that takes a ton of selfies together
i think she'd be a little demanding at times but not to the point that it aggravates you
her love language is gift giving. you get a gift almost every week, sometimes multiple days throughout
she doesn't make a big deal of asking you for things though
is probably more distant than reagan at times because she loves partying
but if you call her for ANYTHING she'll be there in a heartbeat
Magic Myc
first of all, yes that's how his name is spelled, i hope this doesn't become a big thing in the fandom where people misspell it as 'mike' for some reason
anyways, i may be biased but i feel like he'd be the best partner out of these four
gives great advise, you know, when he cares about your problems
likes making you laugh and has spent a lot of time deciphering your sense of humor
is very touchy feely but i feel like that's expected considering what type of alien myc is
isn't as flirty in public as you think he would be
after it's made clear that you two are a couple, he saves the couple stuff for alone time
kinda lazy? like most of time the dates are just y'all sitting on the couch and watching seinfield
i've never watched seinfield but i feel like myc would like either that or rick and morty
after a certain point in the relationship, myc wants you to be his designated 'milker'
i mean it's a two-person job but he wants you to be one of those people, always
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caleb13frede · a month ago
I am so in love with Inside Job, so much so I had to make fan art of my favourite character. Love this mushroom dude.
Tumblr media
Seriously, Myc is amazing.
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salt-cashew-side-blog · 7 days ago
Add him to "questionable cartoon assholes I'm attracted to" category
Tumblr media
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thehmn · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love when a show has a cast of younger characters and the older, more experienced generation that came before them. The older generation is always entertaining and Inside Job got the most entertaining oldies.
JR has come to be my absolute favourite. Between him moving his employees’ pensions to his own account to buy a Bond villain’s evil lair, buying a dating app to blackmail the users, always carrying a sword for human sacrifices, being a sub, getting gangbanged by Illuminati people, repeatedly throwing himself on his knees in front of everybody in desperate situations, having a very diverse group as his top people and appointing a part asian woman to be his successor, you get a picture of a fun loving, power hungry, bottom bisexual man who cheated, murdered and slept his way to the top with zero shame but also happens to be all for equality. He’s an absolute treasure.
Take note: if people are unsure if your character had sex with the main character’s dad and/or Oprah you’ve done something right.
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mandareeboo · a month ago
Jeff Bezos dying was top notch but we can’t sleep on this beauty of a gag either.
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izogii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A glimpse at a small few of the many designs I did on Inside Job- many more I wish I could include but these were a lot of fun! :) 
Will try to include more soon, but these were a few of my personal favorites! 
Showrunner: Shion Takeuchi Art Direction: Jeffrey Thompson Character Lead: Nooree Kim
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zukks-dummy-mansion · a month ago
Hey nerds, took a couple of screenshot from the intro that I thought looked cool/ interesting/ maybe even Easter egg-ish.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Should be chronological order. There where a few frames with text that I don't want to include in this. Might get into theory territory.
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ignocubo · 29 days ago
Inside Job: Myc x Fem!Reader (Part One)
Summary: Myc and (YN) are exes. After a bad fight, JR suspends them from the team.
⚠️Warnings: profanity and inappropriate context⚠️
🌈 Color Code:
Orange: Brett
Pink: Gigi
Orange/Red: Dolphman
Purple: Reagan / JR
Green: Andre
Blue: Myc
Light Purple: Reader (You)
“Guys, you won't believe what I just- woah!”
Brett ducked just in time to avoid a thrown coffee pot. It shattered on the wall behind him, which led to him noticing how trashed the meeting room was. Standing in the middle of what looked like a hurricane aftermath were two of his coworkers- Myc and (YN).
“Why won't you just admit that you're still obsessed with me?”
“Obsessed? Ha! I'd say don't make me laugh, but just like an orgasm that's something you could NEVER make me do!”
Myc gasped dramatically, dropping a glowing tentacle on top of (YN)'s head.
“You love my humor and you haven't been able to get off since the breakup!”
Brett made a nervous facial expression as (YN) slapped the tentacle off of her head and began to throttle Myc.
“What's going on in here?”
“Psst! Brett!”
Brett spotted the rest of his coworkers huddled together under the table and subtly snuck past the arguing not-couple to crouch beside Reagan.
“Reagan, what's going on?”
“Myc made another shady comment about his old relationship with (YN) and it set her off.”
Brett flinched as Myc was slammed on top of the table, nearly splitting it in two.
“They're not going to kill each other, are they?”
“Oh, no, no. ...Maybe.”
Gigi pulled out a compact mirror and used it to view the fight.
“This is the most aggressive (YN) has been since her solo mission in Atlantis. Back then, she killed over 270 merfolk, so I say there's a chance she might actually finish off Myc this time.”
“Oh fuck you, Gigi!”
Brett wrapped his arms around his knees, listening as (YN) and Myc's fighting got louder and more destructive.
“...are you sure we shouldn't do something?”
“Trust me, you don't want to get in the middle of this fight. And that's coming from someone who's default mode is 'argumentative'!”
“Dolphman is right. Besides, it's not like either of them have actual weapons.”
A loud mechanical sound filled the room. Everyone peeked their heads from under the table. (YN) was standing on one side with a crossbow and a hand grenade while Mike was on the other side with two machine guns and one of Reagan's "Literal Laser Pointers". Andre sucked air through his teeth and Gigi shook her head.
“Way to jinx it, Andre.”
“I'm sorry!”
The doors of the meeting room opened, JR casually walking in with a thermos and a thick file under his arm. When he saw the state of the room and the standstill that his employees were in, he unscrewed his thermos, took a sip and then spit it out.
“What the hell is going on here?!”
“Nothing, boss. Just having a friendly dispute between coworkers.”
“Friendly my ass! You two, drop the weapons. You four, get out here!”
Everyone did as JR asked, grumbling the whole time. Once everyone was lined up in front of JR he looked around at the floor then shook his head.
“Unbelievable. This is the seventh time this office has been damaged by you all. The seventh time!”
“Actually, it wasn't all of us this time. Just (YN) and Myc.”
“Correction, just (YN).”
“Classic Myc, never taking responsibility for his actions and instead blaming everything on me.”
“Oh wow, and they say I'M a hypocrite-”
“No, they say you're a piece of fungal shi-”
“Enough! The seven of you are supposed to be my top employees. Not a bunch of over-emotional teenage females!”
Reagan scoffed and crossed her arms.
“Okay, I'm not even going to explain how misogynistic that comment was. And in (YN)'s defense, Myc did start it.”
“Oh yeah, Reagan? Well in my defense, I wouldn't have had to start it if she hadn't ended it!”
Everyone shut up, staring a JR as he took a few deep breaths. Once he was done, he looked at (YN) and Myc.
“You two clearly have issues to work out. Until I see some progress, you're both suspended from the team. Andre, Dolphman, clean this mess. Reagan, Gigi-”
JR tossed the file to Reagan.
“Solo mission. Have it done by Friday.”
Everyone who had been given a task nodded and walked away to get started. Brett watched (YN) flip off Myc before storming out of the room. Myc left as well, going the opposite direction.
“Sir, what can I do?”
“Ah, Brett. I have a very important job for you. I want you to counsel (YN) and Myc. Their vendetta is getting out of control. I swear if I have to fill out one more HR report...”
“So you want me to... get them back together?”
“I don't care. Get them back together, brainwash them, make them wear an oversized shirt if you have to. Just stop whatever happened here from happening again.”
Brett grinned and saluted JR.
“You can count on me!”
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ilovemydogc · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
random inside job icons
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kiralimee · a month ago
Tumblr media
I've been thinking, what if Magic Myc had a disguise like a reptiloid.... Well.....
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