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#inside job myc
mcgolittle-draws · 11 days ago
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.. .. .. ꒰🇪🇸꒱ E s p a ñ o l ೃ
Jsjsjsj amo a esos dos, son mi dúo favorito de la serie, se merecen toda mi admiración 🥺💕💕👊🏻.
*cof cof* también los shippeo *cof cof*
.. .. .. ꒰🇬🇧꒱ E n g l i s h  ೃ
Jsjsjs I love this two, they are my favorite duo of the serie, they deserve all my admiration 🥺💕💕👊🏻.
*cof cof* I also ship them *cof cof*
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brainrotlesbian · 8 days ago
Inside Job characters as memes I found on my phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
J. R:
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sorry-but-no-sorry · 17 days ago
I woke up too early for this but I looked up inside Job’s name meanings and how some really fits their characters
Reagan- ‘little King’ Rand wanted her to rule over the company, like a parent who wants to live their life through their kids, like a mini him.
Rand- “shield” protecting himself through Reagan, manipulation and blackmail
Brett- “Breton/from Brittany-ain” is it me or are his parents really twisting the knife on this one ? (I mean considering in public he’s someone else’s kid)
Gigi- can be a diminutive of Luigi “famous warrior” Myc assumed her name was Luigi Luigi
Myc- “One who is like God” practically immortal, potentially gave knowledge to sapiens, an ass, egocentric, slept with almost anyone etc etc. Myc is Zeus in disguise minus the lightning
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seniorloser · 16 days ago
Gigi: oooooh boy who got you feelin' like this???
Andre: totally called it.
Brett, blushing and crossing his arms: it's- it's nobody. I've just been thinking ya know?
Reagen, jokingly: oooh pretty dangerous there. Don't think to hard you might pull something.
Brett: DX Noooooo
Everyone: WHAT
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punkenby · 21 days ago
I kin Andre because I too wanna fuck a highly sentiment mind-reading mushroom
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somethingscarlet13 · 11 days ago
Reagan: And what’s the one main rule we have?
Andre and Myc: Don’t dare Brett to do stupid stuff 
Reagan: And why is that?
Brett: *With his head stuck between the stair rails* Because I have no regard for my personal well-being 
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pippipfrootloop · 3 days ago
i made the funny shroom man human and
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i just think he is neat
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froggy-frogz · 21 days ago
tbh i hc that andre has a pet leopard gecko,,, just cuz they’re such low maintenance yk? and he won’t get grossed out when feeding it insects 🤜
A/N: Yo! That seems pretty accurate, I won't lie. I think he'd find them interesting, and not going to lie, he'd probably find it funny when he feeds it insects and it just eats it upright. This post did give me an idea so hope yall enjoy Inside Job pet hcs :P
Inside Job Pet HCS
[+Reagan, Brett, Gigi, Myc, Glenn, JR & Rand]
Cat. She has a cat. Like I don't see her with any other pet. She just loves cats.
She might either get like a sphynx cat. I can really see her getting one, just because I also see Rand having an allergy to fur, and growing up it was the only cat she could get.
If not a sphynx, she'd probably get a ragdoll/russian blue.
Reagan would not be serious when naming her cat, but also she wouldn't name it something like Cheerio.
Probably would settle for something like naming after Telsa. I think it'd be funny. Or a complete 180 and name it something like Mochi.
Dog person right here.
My first thought was a golden retriever. Cause LOOK at him. He is one so it'd make sense, right?
After a bit more thought, he'd either get a small/medium-sized dog. Not sure why, but I feel like a smaller dog would fit Brett pretty well.
So either like a bull terrier, a pit bull, or even like a chow-chow.
If he gets a pit bull, he's naming it either Pitbull or "Mr Worldwide". Just watch him do it.
If he doesn't he'll probably do one of those cheesy names or straight-up name his dog "Ted" or something.
Bird. She loves birds. Finds them so pretty.
She's going to get a lovebird. She thinks they're so pretty and thinks they match her so well.
Will get the most giant cage for her single bird. You just know that she's going to fill it with all sorts of toys and little bird wheels and hell, even a pool.
Or complete 180, she'd get a tiger.
No explanation here, she's just very rich, hot, and probably famous and she thinks having a tiger would fit her personality.
Myc shouldn't have a pet. Like. He would scare the poor thing. I don't think whatever pet would know or even understand what he is.
Probably would get a fish. Thinks they're funny-looking. He would name his pet something cheesy. It's not above him. He will name his fish Goldie if given the chance.
Or, just for shits and giggles, I could totally see him getting a capybara. Hey, it is legal in some places to own one.
He'd just find it so funny to bring it and show off his pet to the gang and watch them be like, "Wtf????"
German shepherd.
Like, I can see him getting one 100%.
Glenn probably has PTSD so his german shepherd is a service animal.
If he doesn't want a service animal, he just has the pet for company, because hell, he needs it.
He wouldn't want anything scaly or something that's high maintenance. Or hell, he'd have someone take care of his pet when he's not home. He is part of the .01% after all.
He'd probably settle for a dog.
I see him getting a chihuahua or a poodle. Not sure why. Hell, not sure why he'd have a pet but something small would be preferable to him.
He's not legally able to own a pet nor should he.
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jellynacey · 7 days ago
This is a MycDre safe space <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Human Myc designed by my beloved @cokecayin <33 check them out
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salt-cashew-side-blog · 13 days ago
Add him to "questionable cartoon assholes I'm attracted to" category
Tumblr media
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vrisrezis · 6 days ago
some myc platonic hcs please? 🥺👉👈
- first of all, he is a clingy mf! Yeah, you wouldn’t believe it but this asshat loves attention and it’s why he’s such a dick all the time. The meaner he is, the more he likes you!
- now, while I imagine myc is into everything in between, he’s totally flirting with you all the time if you’re a girl or feminine aligned even if he’s not genuinely interested, tbh he’s just being a dick on purpose lol! He does it with Reagan too dw
- we know when he touches somebody he knows what they’re feeling, he does this with you often and you think he’s just tryna read your mind or some shit, but he actually does it cause he cares in a weird way? He usually does this when he makes a rather risky joke and wants to make sure he didn’t offend you or upset you at all.
- yes myc is a dick and “doesn’t care” about anyone and “hates” everyone, but this couldn’t be further from the truth he is a dirty liar
- trust me when I say he will plan somebody’s funeral if somebody were to hurt your feelings (or anyone part of the gang tbh!) he cares a lot about it you guys deep down but he always has a good excuse as to why he doesn’t care lmao
- yknow this guy could use a hug, nobody really hugs him or shows him an ounce of affection. He’d really like it if you did show him some love :) sure he loves sex and probably has sex like all the time but he could use some just good hugs and just being fluffy and shit even in the platonic sense man
- he will listen to you vent anytime, he’s pretty quiet compared to other times where he won’t shut the fuck up, which in his own way is showing he is listening and cares <//3
- would love to smoke with you sometime and just relax if you’re comfortable with it, he won’t force you but is also kinda like “awww Cmon you know you wannnaaaa” but again he won’t actually force you, he’s not that much of a dick.
- he’s totally be clingy if he allowed himself to be, instead just stands close next to you usually instead.
- also if you were to ever fight with somebody you know he on your side for it bro! He will fight any mf for you and get the gang to join too <3
- the guy is sweet when he lets his guard down okay, it’s just… it takes time .. a lot of it .. but he will realize you’re trust worthy eventually
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kickshaw5 · 14 days ago
I'm fnally drawing Transformers again. For this.. one lucky time. Inside Job is kinda taking over my brain rn.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fanartandvents · 23 days ago
I don't know what they did to make Myc so enjoyable as a character but I ADORE his character so much
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