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#inside job netflix
kouchthe · 2 days ago
Something I dont see people talking about or drawing enough is Reagan's underbite
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fyeahinsidejob · a day ago
Brett, plucking flower petals: She loves me.
Brett: She loves me not.
Brett: She loves me
Brett: She loves me not.
Brett: :(
Reagan, handing him a flower: That's not true. keep going.
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ss-cryingbug · 7 hours ago
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the best friendship I've ever seen
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nfxtuated · 2 days ago
🚓 OC in a prison uniform
🎭 OC in another OC’s typical attire
For the first one she's wearing one of SCP's class D's uniform 👀 the number in her uniform has a meaning that I will be uncovering when I start publishing the comic for her backstory
And for the second one, thought it'd be fun to see A.T. with @bournforthedead Em's outfit - how did she get them? who knows, but she likes them <3
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ratfromh · 18 hours ago
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yknow wouldn’t it be funny if after the events of episode 5 cognito took brett as an opportunity to study the way the human body reacts to an overdose of nostalgia max so they just put him in a tube time to time to watch the state of his body🏃🏃
(not a ship post)
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dreamerbluesky · 22 hours ago
I totally see Brett having a crush on Reagan long before she notices she had one for Brett 💖
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sodapxps · a day ago
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OK INSIDE JOB OC HI here’s my lil fish person 🐟
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magyckian · a month ago
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The weirdgirl rep we deserve
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deridar · a month ago
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Tumblr media
I wanna hug them 🥺
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cowboylovin · 19 hours ago
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Uhh uhmm uh inside job oc :]
More stuff underneath lol
Mateo is the head of the Celebrity Development Department where they, yknow, make celebs
The deep state figured it would be easier to just make celebs instead of making sleeper agents or smth idk loll
Mateo was artificially made in the same labs but just to cultivate more humans <3
He suffers from chronic pains so you mostly see them in a wheelchair but they can use a cane if they need to. Their eye is just some anomaly from being made in a tube and it never fully formed properly
Idk thats everything for now I hope u like them <3
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fyeahinsidejob · 2 days ago
Brett, Andre, Gigi, Glenn, and Myc: [Goes to Reagan's Lab]
Brett, gasping: Oh, my god.
Gigi: You're breath-taking, Reagan!
Glenn: Yes... You look breath-taking!
Andre, nodding: Mhm!
Reagan: [In her usual outfit but dirtier than usual, evidentl that she hasn't gotten a shower for God knows many days with hair messed than usual and her legs hairy supporting her raccoon eyes thats now puffy and a deep scowl on her face]
Reagan, sighing: What do you want?
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ss-cryingbug · a day ago
Tumblr media
she's a God, I feel nervous about posting not-undertale drawing because that's not what my audience wants to see, but if you have some free time please watch this Netflix show, I fell in love with this
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ratfromh · 23 hours ago
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“What makes you think i’ll help you horny idiots?”
silly little redraw from ep 10 cause i thought it’d be funny🕺🕺🕺
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alice-jem · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Source: Twitter
It supposed to be like this, y'know..
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