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#inside job x reader
vrisrezis · 2 days ago
Since ur ask box is open can u do an Inside Job hc/post for Andre and Brett where a new member of the team joins Cognito Inc. n they’re like a total badass and Andre is immediately whipped? thx also I rly like ur other posts for Owl House lol 💖
Glad you like my owl house stuff ah <33
Andre just thinks you’re so cool? There is something about badass’s that really got him in a chokehold 😭 he would almost be too scared to flirt with you at first but he eventually is like “fuck it” and does it anyway. Don’t let this fool you though, the way he feels for you is more than a fling to him and it’s obvious from the way he acts. He doesn’t just make attempts to have sex with you, he also does nice things for you, gets you things he’d know you’d like! He’s also really helpful with any questions you may have about cognito inc.
Brett is such welcoming guy in general, he knows what it felt like to be new at cognito and how nervous he felt about impressing everyone so he tries to make you feel welcomed. He ends up fumbling over his words at first, cause wow you’re really pretty. And it’s like the gang immediately knows what’s going on and interrogate you right away. So much for being welcoming and making you feel comfortable. But, you were a major badass about it and that’s how he knew he was over the moon for you.
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froggy-frogz · 2 days ago
Honestly surprised that someone was doing Inside Job requests. Even though I only could of read one I really liked it. Anyways could you please do a Reagan Ridley x Reader? Like under a scenario in which you were hired and she sees you as competition as you’re a tech genius yourself.
A/N: There's a couple of people who do requests for Inside Job!! Little shoutout to @insidemalewife and @cognitosclowns ajfshkf. I love both of their works, but trust me, there's a lot of good writers that will do Inside job requests 4 you hun <3
When Reagan heard that she was getting another person in her little gang, she didn't think much of it, like, okay, cool. Everyone else was a bit more excited than she was.
But when you finally join the group, she's a bit taken aback, and not going to lie, she's a little, uh, offended? Not particularly at you, but more at J.R. Two techies? Really?
She won't really talk to you, and if you try to talk to her, she keeps it short. She doesn't like what she feels around you, and even if she can hide it around you, the rest of the team can see it.
They've all known her for god knows how long, so someones going to say something. Well. When I say someone I mean Brett.
He'd pull Reagan aside and she'd tell him that she's frustrated and everything else that's happening.
"So you're jealous?"
Oh. Well. Brett really made her think. Was she really jealous of you?
Brett assures her repeatedly that you're both smart, and you're both good at doing your own things. He tries. And it does help.
She tries to talk to you, and to her own surprise, it's not too terrible. She still doesn't like that you're in her department, but you slowly grow on her.
It still does annoy her when someone praises you when she's right there with something as equally as good.
Though that sort of changes when you confide in her that you don't feel as good or accomplished as her. You tell her that you've looked up to her, and everyone's excepting you to be like her, but you don't feel like you are.
This sort of destroys Reagan's own image of you. She thought you were high and mighty about your creations, kinda like she is, but no, you weren't, and hell, you look up to her.
She makes more of an effort to get to know you, and help you out, and she wouldn't tell you because she'd be ever so embarrassed, but she enjoys being around you.
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keylimeimagines · a month ago
brett x reader ? :]
brett my beloved esfj 2w3 malewife himbo, i'd love to write for him <3 (reader is gender-neutral as always, but they are also working at Cognito Inc.)
Brett with a crush would probably be one of the most adorable things to witness, he's either too shy or he's too bubbly around you. there is no in between
Sometimes he's extremely shy and bashful, especially if you're the type to complement him a lot. Simply saying that his outfit looks nice that day may cause him to short-circuit right then and there
But other times, he's extremely touchy and playful with you, with only the slightest bit of shyness to it. Calling you silly nicknames, telling you terrible puns he heard in spy movies, you name it.
This man can and will give you a lot of gifts, edible or not. Normally, it's things he has either heard you say you like and that you want, or things the other said you might like
you can bet that Andre and Myc (when they find out about his little crush on you) will make SO. MANY. SEX. JOKES to the point that Brett will combust (he really hopes you don't hear their jokes)
Gigi would probably befriend you so that she can tell Brett what your type is. plot twist: it's probably golden retriever himbos :)
He's really scared to confess, despite him trying to tell himself it's fine. He's got small cards that has what he wants to say and everything
"C'mon Brett! Get yourself together! It's not like they'll hate you or ruin your already amazing friendship or anything!........oh god how am i going to do this" please help this man he is in a state of panic
If you say you like him too, he'll be in disbelief for a minute, and then he'll already have you in his arms giggling like the cutie he is (if he had a tail, it would be wagging like crazy rn)
plot twist: the crew were watching the whole thing >:) and now they will tease Brett about it (unless he's uncomfortable ofc)
Okay, so dating him is so amazing! He's super sweet and would definitely bring you breakfast or coffee to work when he can! He's memorized your breakfast AND coffee order to perfection, so he's a keeper! but he would probably cry if you did the same thing for him ngl :( i love him sm
the puns and nicknames don't stop though, this time, they are super cheesy and romantic (hopeless romantic brett is my favorite brett) and the entire crew is groaning in metaphorical pain because of it
petnames would probably include 'babe', 'baby', 'honey', 'sweetheart', 'beautiful/handsome', or just your name (but he loves the petnames <3 )
you already know that this man is imagining his future with you, and the amazing things you two might go through. what can i say, he's a hopeless romantic
touch starved as HELL considering that he's been neglected by his family when he was young, so yeah cuddles are needed for this guy (his love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical affection)
he's so warm and soft, so he's naturally good for cuddling (you'll also feel pretty safe considering his strong build)
overall, ily brett and i'd marry him any day <3
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brettsshrimp · 11 days ago
so I've been having many thoughts about like a sweet yet kinda oblivious reader with the group. These are just general ideas but if anyone wants me to elaborate on any let me know:o
cw // drug mentions
• bringing everyone their favorite coffee in the morning and always having little snacks
• when Brett starts working there, you ask what his fav coffee is, and he doesn't think much of it, thinking it's just an ice breaker or smth, but the next day you come in with his fav drink along with the others and he's just,, stunned. like,,, he didn't think anyone would do that since he's knew,, he's just like?????hmsnxj,,
• also having bandaids and wipes along with the snacks in a little backpack or purse
• Brett comes to you a lot with a papercut or some other minor injury and a pout on his face asking for a bandaid. he loves the care that you give, wiping the cut then carefully putting the bandaid on,,, he's soft,, especially after the smile you give him, telling him to be careful,,
• helping Glenn with his divorce therapy if he really wanted to work on his personality after the body switching thing. like helping with listening/ trying not to yell ect.
• when a session goes really well you take him out to dinner, or something he's been talking about wanting lately. even if a session doesn't go as well you remind him that's okay!! progress isn't linear and you're still proud of him!!!
• being shopping buddies with Gigi, and getting your nails done together. Also trying to help with like making media trends, whether it's like memes or fashion, she likes hearing any ideas you have
• Myc and Andre have tried to make dirty jokes and innuendos but they always fly over your head. it used to drive Andre crazy but Myc was always amused seeing your confused face, trying to understand the joke. At first Andre thought you were just messing with him but Myc confirmed that you really just didn't get it
• I like to imagine that one day while you were still relatively new to the job, Andre came up to you and was like what the hell are you on?? since you've always seemed so happy, patient and just? over all bubbly. and you're just like "??? on what??" Andre just kinda laughs until he realizes your serious
• he kinda wonders if you even know more than 5 drugs. I also like to think that at some point he takes the time to teach you how to tell when someone spiked your drink, even if you don't go out much. he just wants to make sure your safe and having a good time<3
• he's also like hey, if you ever decide you wanna try drugs, hit me up! he'll make sure you have a good and safe time,,
• going off the dirty joke point, one time you were trying to learn more about Myc's species and Myc found out, and he was like hey, if you come over to my place tonight, I can show you a thing or two. rather than being flustered or smth along those lines like he was expecting, you just kinda got excited in an innocent way, wondering what he could show you
• he even put a tentacle on your shoulder and there just,, wasn't a single dirty thought in there. it was just you wondering what he could show you, and what snacks he might like hnfhfj
• hanging out with Reagan, listening to her talk about a new invention or something her dad did. or if she's not in the mood to talk/ focusing on her work you're happy to talk about random things
• also bringing her drinks and food, making sure she isn't overworking herself too much
• Reagan tries really hard to keep you away from her dad, even if it's impossible. she doesn't want him hurting you in any way or trying to manipulate you into doing something for him,, she wants to keep you safe from him,,
• doing their nails and hair on (somehow) less busy days. even though Myc doesn't have either, you still decorate him with little accessories so he isn't left out,,
• I like to think Myc and Glenn call you kiddo. Myc uses it more to just tease you while Glenn does it more out of seeing you as a kid he never had(though he won't admit it just yet)
• you and Brett totally get together and plan little surprise parties. like nothing extreme just a little thing for everyone to calm down. like there's everyone's fav food and drinks. even if it isn't a birthday party or Christmas, you get little gifts for everyone, even Brett who didn't see it coming:(<3 (he might tear up a little hnmsdjd,, I love him)
• Myc probably read your mind once while you and Brett were planning a surprise party and totally spoiled it for everyone. he got the cold shoulder from you for a day or two after,, was it a little overdramatic? yeah
• also!! being excited to go to the 80's town too! even if you weren't born in the 80's, or really understand the hype of it like Reagan, seeing Brett be excited about it has you getting a little excited too. you totally dressed up with Brett which made him so happy
• lord have mercy on anyone that makes you upset. if any of them finds out someone hurt you in any way, that info spreads like a wildfire to the rest of the team, and you have to stop them and reassure them you'll be okay before they completely ruin the person's life jsnshk
• they just really appreciate you being there for them and wanna be there for you too:(<3
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insidethejob · 26 days ago
Y/n: We need to get through this locked door. Brett, give me your credit card.
Brett: Here babe
Y/n, pocketing it: Thanks. Glenn, kick down the door.
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littl-gwemlin · 23 days ago
heya!! if you arent too swamped or anything- could we maybe get some in general mutual pining hc's for brett and reader?? or just what hes like when he's crushing real hard, maybe?? again on/with reader buT YEHA THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME I HOPE YOUR WEEKS BEING KIND TO YOU ND YOU'RE BEING KIND TO YOU TOO, sorry if this' phrased weird ghjsgksd--
OMGOMGOGMODNFKJNSFJNDS I have a good amount of stuff I can do with this ask!!
Mutual Pining/Brett Crush hcs!! (Sfw)
Brett being a flustered mess hhh
Brett never really acknowledges his feelings for you until you do something nice for him
He's used to people being generally nice to him, but if you even show him the tiniest but of kindness through even a small favor, he falls head over heels
Brett already does very kind things for the people around him, but his gifts and favors for you get more personal
Like a certain band/show? He will totally get you exclusive merch
Like a specific restaurant? Brett will bring you and the gang out to go get dinner there
He picks up on every little thing you do, and he is absolutely in love
Brett finds himself complementing you more often than usual
If you ever complement him or get Brett a gift, he will completely combust
I'm talking bright red face, stumbling over words, making awkward hand gestures, and becoming a flustered mess in front of you
Brett tries to flirt but honestly cannot get through a sentence without getting nervous on the spot
You too, have fallen head over heels for Brett
You find him attractive and pleasing for all the right reasons, and you appreciate all the favors and kindness he gives you
You both love each other but you never found the words to express any of the feelings you feel
Brett's "flirting" goes right over your head, and your flirting goes over Brett's head too
You make tons of embarrassing encounters which leave you both flustered, so obviously the gang picks up on this quickly
Reagan is mostly disinterested
The rest of the gang is completely invested
If it weren't for Gigi's insistence that you and Brett get together, the gang probably would have just let you both keep continuing the cycle of awkward moments and pining.
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ray-writes-sometimes · 24 days ago
pspsps dating hcs for my favorite ginger himbo malewife who works for the deep state? :D
himbo my beloved <3
Masterlist/WIPs - Rules/Fandoms
brett is absolutely the type to fall hard and fast
he gets distracted thinking about you at work. reagan swears his eyes get literal hearts in them when he looks at you. doodles your names next to each other on classified documents
this man is a helpless romantic you cant change my mind <3
real affectionate guy, expect lots of handholding and kisses!! he loves to kiss all over your face, forehead cheeks nose etc etc (you have such a cute face like how could he resist?)
he just loves contact in general, theres something insanely soothing to it for him!
oh btw brett gets like,, insane bed head. make sure to tussle it <3 (pro tip: imagine the giggle it gets out of him)
hes a fan of simpler dates! they are so much less stressful than bigger things, and really all he needs to have a good time is you! think stay home movie marathon nights, park dates
oh my god- if you steal one of his shirts or jackets? you can keep it as far as hes concerned fjkdsl (you just?? look so cute in it why would he want it back??)
sends goodmorning and goodnight texts with like insane amounts of heart emojis
there we go :3 hope u enjoyed
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cognitosclowns · a month ago
Brett 10000000% gets pegged. Listen. LISTEN. He’s such a sweetie and I love him but guys like that are so fucking easy to dominate. He gets off on you calling him things like slut/whore/etc while you fucking pound his ass with your strap-on, I’m SURE of it
Tumblr media
nsft obviously!! Minors DNI
Honestly I feel like he enjoys praise more than being demeaned? He craves validation + adoration so much that it feels so natural tbh
COMBOS THO?? THAT absolutely slaps - stuff like ‘pretty little slut’ and the like, where it’s a compliment w/ an absolutely filthy insult? <3 he eats that shit up!!
it feels <3 so validating and also shameful? a very complicated mix of feelings that he absolutely <3 loves
He can’t help how much he shakes!! he really doesn’t mean for his legs to do that, it’s just what his body does <3
Just,, a constant rhythm of whine, gasp, whine, gasp - like a metronome.
he arches up into every touch. Every touch. Even if you’re just cupping his cheek, or brushing his hair out of his eyes, he’s chasing after it.
Your chest pressed close to his face, while you slowly roll your hips? he may infact just die
he doesn’t care that you’re dating he feels so shy about looking at them
still gonna bury his face in them when he gets too loud <3
He really tries to be gentle with you but Jesus does he squeeze your hands when he gets close.
His orgasm is less One Big Thing, and more of a very drawn out thing? Sometimes it’s hard to tell when he starts cumming, because he’ll be dribbling all over himself no matter what.
You can usually tell though, because language just kinda Stops??
Like usually there’s a lot of very distinct pleads for something specific, but when he’s cumming?
Listen he’s gonna do his best to use words but it’s mostly just gonna be moaning and crying smnds
he has a habit of crying during sex!! it’s not that he’s not enjoying himself - he just gets overwhelmed easily, and can’t always find the words to tell you how good it feels!!
Afterwards he’s absolute putty in your hands <3 staring up all bleary at you like you’re heaven on earth, vaguely saying words that might be thank-you? Idk you dont really care <3 he looks pretty and satisfied and tbh that’s all that matters
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imlonelyalt · 4 days ago
brett + relationship hcs
warning: extreme fluff
a/n: i was going to add andre because he is 🤤 but i just couldn’t seem to get his character correct
Tumblr media
brett hand ::
- brett would be the type of guy memorize your favourite coffee, or food or anything, and always brings it in along with everyone else’s however if it is your favourite coffee he always give you something extra like a bagel
- brett has so much potential to be a house wife <3 speaking of your favourite food he would always try his best to learn the best recipe (he would go onto sites that claim they make it the best way and 100% believe it)
- he would make a 34 hour spotify playlist full of his songs and yours and listen to them on his way to work or during a conference meeting because he is just like that
- the gang would not hear the end of you
- if you took him on a surprise date to still valley or just pretend to dress up 80s style with him, he would cry (out of happiness)
- he always would join in on your hobbies with you!! if it was one you could share for example : baking! he would love to bake and he would show up in his pink frilly apron with some baking kits that have love hearts on them
- he has no shame, he just thinks it’s cute
- overall, brett deserves the world #brettworlddomination
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yandere-toons · 16 days ago
I love inside job!! Could you do romantic yandere headcanons for Reagan? I feel like if she found someone she really liked, it wouldn't take much for her to go yandere lol
Yandere Reagan Ridley (Romantic Headcanons)
TW: Cyberstalking, Mentions of Incarceration & Death, Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - Trapped in office, surrounded by corruption, low on morals.
Tumblr media
Scarcely a thing that Reagan does is not first deliberated and tested, mentally or physically, with the scientific method. In private where presumably no one can listen to or see her, she rehearses a multitude of conversations that she either wishes or expects to have with her partner in the future. The risk of allowing her excitement to get ahead of her mid-sentence and blurting something that upsets them is too great for the scientist to ignore.
When it comes time to apply what she practiced, Reagan is at a loss for how to approach them and hold a meaningful conversation that furthers the relationship. As a result, early interactions with her tend to be stilted and disorganized, with the scientist either creating an abrupt excuse to leave or falling into an awkward silence until her partner or another colleague ends it.
Reagan wants her partner to have a favourable opinion of her, but thanks to workaholic and perfectionist tendencies fueled by years of neglectful and manipulative treatment at the hands of her parents, her social skills are abysmal. Nevertheless, the scientist is, no matter how much she likes to deny it, desperate for their validation and seeks to attain it through the only mode she understands, her inventions.
Once she becomes more assertive, Reagan does not shed her prickly nature. The conversations that she initiates are dominated by explanations and, at times, demonstrations of her latest creations in hopes that her scientific prowess will gain their respect. A dismissive, or not sufficiently encouraging, attitude towards her accomplishments reminds her of her father, and it is the quickest way to inspire vengeful frustration in the scientist.
Noticing his best work friend's distress, Brett Hand offers to roleplay as her partner to help her grow more comfortable with speaking to them. Reagan opposes the idea of making herself so vulnerable to criticism and making Brett privy to such personal information. She rejects any direct assistance but occasionally asks for his opinion on the effectiveness of a method, and Brett supports what he believes to be a mutual relationship.
Reagan was neither taught nor properly learned how to manage the majority of her emotions in ways that are not self-destructive. Anger leads to brainstorming sessions about framing a murder as an accident, and sadness leads to binge eating and not leaving the couch for days. Envy, such as when her partner voices admiration for the feats of others, is an overwhelming experience that Reagan struggles to process.
The scientist's go-to coping mechanism is marking the offender for an extraction team, thereby condemning them to lifelong imprisonment at a shadow government black site. If the offender is an executive or a close colleague, however, Reagan concedes that they have a certain degree of immunity and settles for acting passive-aggressive and, assuming she can legally get away with it, exceptionally rude.
An unwilling ear is lent in the form of ROBOTUS, who is subjected to rants about failed attempts or people Reagen views as competition. The genocidal robot is apathetic to his creator's troubles and tunes out after a while, but he is inclined to hack into a perceived rival's private files and compromise the integrity of her partner's social media if she baits him with more of the television series Friends.
Reagan develops a profile of her partner, one that is constantly broadening as additional facts and theories are added. Government surveillance and online tracking are exploited to research every action, every piece of information they ever shared with the internet. Analyzing their digital footprint is, to her tech-savvy and borderline paranoid mind, the key to melding their preferences with hers and bonding with them most swiftly and proficiently.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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vrisrezis · 15 days ago
Inside Job req! I headcanon that Reagan as wlw and I was wondering whats your take on her developing a crush on a girl for the first time and being a gay disaster?
yessss <//3 love it love it! Goddd we need more wlw content on this acc we love to see it <3 also while the gender is female, I didn’t use she/her pronouns !
Tumblr media
- Reagan has never really.. thought about romance tbh.. never really thinks that it’s totally weird she has no interest romantically in any guys she meets up with or anything of the sort .. she starts to think she’s just not really into dating .. and then you come along
- it becomes clear to her, but not at first. She in fact doesn’t even realize she has caught those feelings.
- but it’s so obvious, she’s blushing and staring at you like some highschool girl, she does that nervous thing where she plays with her hair or puts a strand behind her ear, all of that bro
- she also gets kinda awkward mid conversation and laughs awkwardly before leaving the conversation. She has a habit of wanting to talk to you so she will talk to you for such a long time even if there’s nothing to talk about lol . Let’s hope you’re a good talker
- also since you totally work with her cuz duh, she actually cuts you slack unlike the others. Like everyone could be high as shit (you included) and she’ll yell at them but not you
- she talks about you a lot when you aren’t around and it’s so obvious she’s into you because she’s not only smiling like a dork but she ends up gushing about you. Mainly talks about you to robotus and Brett but sometimes the others too but they usually tell her to stfu (Gigi will tell her to go on tho)
- “god… aren’t they great…? Such a talented woman..” She says with a dreamy smile, elbow on desk, cheek smushed on her hand.
- she twiddles with her thumbs sometimes when talking to you, she was already bad at eye contact but holy fuck it’s so much worse and she’s even more awkward around you
- she doesn’t realize she likes you until brett suggests she ask you out and she’s like “wait what why would I……. Oh shit…”
- as to which she’s now in panic mode because holy shit she likes girls? Like girls for real and not boys? Has she ever even liked an actual boy? Like really genuinely liked and thought she’d end up with forever and marrying and having kids with?
- she’s also panicked becsuse should she ask you out? Holy shit what does she do? Girl is at a loss
- she really doesn’t wanna fuck things up this time though, no robots to practice on this time!!! She’s just going to ask you out like a normal person would… but should she?
- she ends up saying fuck it and does ask you out :)
- “l-listen I’m really new to the whole … romance thing alright.. I .. especially with another woman.. I’ve never done this before but I’ve never felt this way about another woman before and it would mean everything to me if you’d be mine?”
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froggy-frogz · a day ago
Hi! could u plz write some headcanons for an amab male reader x (jealous) brett hand??
also i love ur writing sm!!
A/N: AHHHH ty anon!!! And ofc- I love especially writing for Brett- Hope you enjoy it!
Brett didn't even think he would get jealous.
When he started dating you, he was fully confident that you, the dude that he's dating, wouldn't ever go off and flirt with all the other very gay dudes at Cognito or just in general, because let's face it, the secret government would be full of gays- Just look at the gang LOL
When you all decided to go to McUltra's though, he thought nothing of the dude who came over to start talking to the group. Though when this random guy turned his attention to you, he got nervous.
It wasn't until you were like, being nice to him that he sort of snapped. Why weren't you turning him down? Brett knows you're a generally nice guy, but even he could tell that this dude was flirting with you.
"Sorry, he's busying tonight. He has plans with me." Brett slips his arm around your waist and this dude didn't know what hit him. Neither does Brett, to be honest.
Everyone's shocked. Brett? Using that tone??? Holy shit-
You have to pull Brett aside and he flat out, breaks down, immediately telling you that he was jealous and that he's sorry but it just made him so so so uncomfortable when that dude was flirting with you.
Honestly, you're either gonna have to laugh because this is Brett- and the way he told you this was just so upset but like, scared? Or you're going to reassure him. Either way, Brett's just happy that despite those nasty little thoughts, you do want to be with him.
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shawtyyandyy · 9 days ago
Reagan Ridley x reader bf/gf hcs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reagan Ridley
Kind of the girlfriend to kick you if you oversleep tbh
Specially if you two work together at Incognito
Will want to try some of her robots on you
Behold, the, "sweater maker robot!" For winter bc she doesn't want you to get cold
If you question her she will say it was an old prototype she built out of boredom, but deep down she is happy when she sees you wearing the ugly sweaters the machine made
Gets in a bit of a shock when you give her a coffee, specially if it id a bought one- did you really went to Starbucks, waited in the line and paid out of your pocket to give her a special coffee? She will want to cry of happiness
All you'll get will be half a smile, her odd way to say thanks
Have you seen Scary movie 2 where Cindy rejects the dude so he understand the friendship thing as the typical cliché male friendship? It's kinda the same
So don't expect for her to randomly throw something at you waiting for you to react on time
And such- bruises r a constant now
God get her father out of that house
He will constantly talk to you about his crazy shit
And will treat you bad, coz you are "stealing the time he has with her daughter"
He won't even let you share the room with Reagan, to the point where if you go visit her you have to keep the door open or he will kick it open
Your nail clipper broke? Just wait an hour and it will suddenly be fixed
I feel like you would be good friends w Brett, since with his appearance on Reagan's life she became more open!!<3
So you would often go out w him as well and you will have matching bffs rings
Brush her hair, coz she has knots
Also showering w her and massaging her scalp??? Yes plz, she will lay back on you and enjoy the peace of the moment
Also a tiny hc of mine but she likes out of nowhere pillow fights, only w u though
She has been working for the past 3 hours on that desk? All you need is being on your pajamas and knocking the life out of her with your pillow, the war has officially begun
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brettsshrimp · 8 days ago
Hi!!! thanks for the welcome!!!<333 it's the first time I've really made a blog just for one specific thing and it's nice hsmbsk I can let my brain be free!! (and I'm sure my friends on my priv twt will appreciate me not rambling about another show msbdksb)
• I feel like he's ticklish all over?? like you've got the neck, stomach/sides and so on, but also places like his palms and around his elbows and knees
• really those places are only if he's in a bubbly/giggly mood and if you rake you nails, or just lightly run your fingertips across them. it'll have him giggling easily
• speaking of, he'll shriek a lot, especially when you run over a more sensitive spot. but it's a lot more of light giggles, him trying to hold off from laughing at first, and eventually he stops. he's got such a pretty laugh:(( like it's just such a hearty laugh,, and his smile too,, hmmerhrjh,,
• even if he's stronger than you, he'll be weakly trying to push you off or pull your arms away
• after you stop he'll be panting and have breathless giggles
• if you hover your hands over him he's gonna get all giggly again, even if you don't actually touch him
• I've been trying to think of hc's for everyone else but the most I can think of is for Reagan
• I feel like she's only ticklish when she's really tired?? like laying in bed and if she's feeling a little playful, she might start a small tickle fight before actually going to sleep,,
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insidemalewife · 10 days ago
Can you do Brett trying his best to be dominant?
(plz i cant cut it off with the read more thing cuz my laptops broke sobs)
"can i… try something?" he asked while fiddling with his fingers. you paused the movie and turned to him, "of course!! what is it sweetheart?" you replied. he fumbled over his words, mumbling, and nervously wringing his hands together, avoiding eye contact. "what was that baby? i cant hear you" you asked while grabbing his hand. brett flushed, eyes flicking to your interlocked fingers.
"do you… do you think I could try being the uh.. the uhm… the one that does like- like the stuff? likewhenwehavesex…" he sputtered out. you smiled softly, gently cooing at him. you grabbed his face and made him look at you, "of course you can! no need to get all embarrassed about it sweetheart".
brett's face lit up with a large grin, "thank you!! oh man i am so excited" he exclaimed while happily shuffling his feet around on the ground. you match his smile, slowly climbing onto him to straddle his lap. his face immediately turns red as he nervously holds your hips. you press your chests together, gently holding his neck, and bring him into a slow kiss, giving him a chance to take over.
his grip on your hips tightens as the two of you kiss. starting to get impatient, brett gently prods at your lips with his tongue, asking for you to part them. you smirked slightly, wanting to see how far you could take this, and you kept your mouth closed. brett huffed and tried again, but to no avail. you kept your lips shut.
eventually, brett had enough and thrusted up into your crotch. you gasped against his lips and he immediately initiated a full blown make out session. you pulled him in closer and moaned lightly into the kiss.
you started grinding down on brett (s very obvious boner lol) which caused him to groan into your mouth. he started getting more handsy, shoving his hands under your shirt and caressing your bare skin.
the kiss started getting more desperate and aggressive, but you both eventually had to part to catch your breath. you could still tell that brett was holding back a bit, so you gave him a gentle nudge. you placed your hands at the hem of his pants and tugged lightly, signaling that you wanted them off.
once he gave you the okay, you sank to your knees and pulled down his pants, leaving him in his boxers. you could see a faint wet spot from how much precum he was leaking. you decided you hadn't done enough teasing and softly mouthed at his clothed cock, sucking where the tip was. brett started breathing heavily and quietly moaned, weaving his fingers through your hair.
you even decided to go as far as kissing down his thighs, nipping at his inner thighs. brett whined but quickly snapped out of it and gripped your hair harder. you moaned as he forced you to look him in the eye and he smiled tightly, "c'mon babe don't tease me.." he said with underlying impatience.
you grinned bashfully and bit your lip as you finally pulled down his boxers. brett hissed as his cock slapped against his stomach, precum dribbling out of the tip. you gently wrapped your hand around it and started pumping your fist.
but brett wasn't having it, he pulled your mouth close to his member by your hair, "suck" he demanded. you felt your groin throb in anticipation. hearing brett be so demanding and passive agressive turned you on IMMENSELY, you could already feel yourself dripping with excitement.
you licked a strip up his cock and enclosed your mouth around the tip, gently sucking on it. you placed your hands on his thighs as you took more and more of him into your mouth.
brett groaned loudly and visibly relaxed. he started stroking your hair and gently thrusted up into your mouth testing the waters. once he realized you were okay with it, he gripped the sides of your head and started shallowly thrusting. as soon as he felt his tip hit the back of your throat he let out an open mouthed moan.
he started picking up the pace and moaning more frequently. just knowing that your usually submissive boyfriend was fave fucking you made you shudder. while brett was busy with your mouth, you snuck your hands down to your crotch to try and relieve some of the pressure.
brett was quick to pull out of your mouth and jerk you up to be face to face with him, "and just what do you think you're doing? who told you that you could touch yourself?" he asked menacingly. you whimpered and attempted to look away from his intense gaze. he pulled you up into his lap and held you by your jaw, "aww c'mon baby.. what happened to my usual dominant (y/n)? where are they now huh??" he teased.
his bare cock brushed against your clothed core and you moaned at the sensation. you tried to chase the feeling by pushing yourself down onto him but to no avail, his grip on you was too strong.
brett smirked and lifted your shirt over your head. he lightly dragged a nail across your chest and tweaked your nipples between his fingers. you gasped and arched your back into the touch, chasing any sort of relief he gave you. he lowered his head to your neck and started nibbling and sucking at your neck, leaving red and purple blooming wherever he touched.
you gripped at his hair and whined loudly, "brett please just touch me" you said desperately. you felt bretts grin against your neck, "but i am touching you baby, what do you mean?" he taunted.
you huffed, "you know what i mean!!" you exclaimed and you threw your head back in annoyance. brett immediately pulled away from you neck and moved his hands down to rest at your waist. "now now (y/n), what's with that attitude? bad (boys/girls) don't get what they want y'know" he replied.
you panicked, "no no!! i'll be good, promise". brett raised an eyebrow and thrusted up into you. you gasped and lurched forward, gripping onto his shoulders. he massaged your hips and demanded, "beg for it then. beg for me to touch you like the good (boy/girl) you are then.
you flushed, "p-please?" you asked meekly, not used to being the one begging. brett barked out a laugh, causing you to blush a darker shade of red. "is that really the best you can do? you basically just wasting my time now" he retorted while trying to seem bored.
you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and pressed your bare chest against his clothed one and pushed your face into his neck. while still blushing like a tomato, you pleaded, "please please please touch me please brett i'll be so good i'll let you do whatever you want just please touch me".
brett grunted and roughly pulled you into a heated kiss. you sighed heavily into the kiss and melted into it, trying to impossibly closer to him. he furiously licked the inside of you mouth as he palmed at your crotch.
you hesitantly pulled away from the kiss to stand up and take the rest of your clothes off before jumping right back onto his lap. you pressed your drenched core onto his cock and he groaned out loudly, bucking his hips up to rub against the warmth. you whined and tugged at his shirt, the only thing keeping the two of you from being completely skin to skin. he quickly pulled it off his torso and pulled you into him, starting to mouth at your neck again as you began to grind down onto him.
brett pushed you onto your stomach and pulled your hips up to be flush to his pelvis. you arched your back and attempted to push back and impale yourself on his cock, but he kept you still. you huffed and whined as you teased the head against your wet folds.
you desperately whimpered out "brett please!! i cant take it anymore please fuck me please please plea-" you were cut off with a yelp as brett bottomed out inside of you. you immediately clenched around him and howled in pleasure as he hissed from the tightness of your hole.
after you were adjusted well enough, brett set a slow pace. hunched over you with one hand on your hip and one next to your head he languidly dragged his cock in and out of you. he groaned as you moaned quietly, digging your nails into the cushions.
brett leaned down and bit your shoulder, practically growling into your ear. you whimpered from the pain but soon moaned loudly, the sensation mixing in with pleasure. "f-fuck brett fuucckkk please go faster please-" you rambled.
he wrapped one hand around your neck and the other one on your hip and pulled you up so your back was flush with his chest. he gently kissed your neck before pounding into you, taking your breath away. "this better baby? you want me to fuck you nice and hard?" brett grunted into your ear.
you quickly nodded and dropped your head back to rest on his shoulder. brett was quick to turn your head and smash your lips together as he kept up his brutal pace. you moaned into his mouth as he pushed his tongue against yours.
Brett moved his hand down to rub at your most sensitive area causing you to push jolt. you gasped into the kiss and arched your back, pushing brett even deeper into you. brett started murmuring dirty things into your ear, like you sound so pretty and you look perfect on my cock.
his words caused you to clench around him, which only encouraged his to fuck you harder and rub you faster. you could feel the knot in your stomach tightening, you wanted to try and warn brett that you were getting close but all you could get out was gargled moans and gasps.
brett changed his angle inside you and began hitting your sweet spot directly and you practically ascended. all of the sensations plus brett being dominant all piled on top of each other and soon enough caused the dam to break.
your whole body shuddered and your legs quaked as you came hard. you let out a long drawn out open mouthed moan as your body convulsed. brett slowed his pace and moved his hand from your throat to your hair, letting you ride out your orgasm.
you whimpered as he pulled out of your sensitive heat and allowed you to sit down. you took a quick glance down and saw that he was still rock hard. you slowly sank down to your knees and sleepily smiled up at him.
he flushed and flapped his hands around "n-no its alright!! i can go take care of myself later you need to rest!!" he blabbered out. you rolled your eyes playfully, "be quiet baby let me take care of you now. you deserve it after giving me the best orgasm of my entire life" you said as you winked up at him.
he blushed harder, but allowed you to touch him. you took the tip into your mouth and sucked hard while you pumped the rest with your hand. brett gasped and hunched forward, gripping onto your hair. your gently dug your tongue into the slit and he let our a loud high pitched moan. you picked up the pace and took more and more of him into your mouth. "(y/n) please im so close fuck fuck im gonna cum-" he sobbed out, weakly trying to push you off of him. you kept up your pace, and he whined.
brett soon let out a loud sob, cumming down your throat. you gently sucked on the tip, wanting to get every last drop of it in your mouth. you only pulled away when he whined and tried closing his legs. you smiled up at his red face and reached over to grab both of your underwear. you threw him his, and put yours on.
once you both were 'dressed' you grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. once you reached the bed, the both of you flopped into it and immediately began tangling your limbs together, white brett pushing his face into your chest and you wrapping a leg around his waist.
you kissed his forehead and whispered a soft i love you into his hair and he replied with a muffled one as well. completely exhausted, the two of you almost immediately fell asleep.
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insidethejob · 7 days ago
Y/n: All I want is someone to love me
Brett: I love you
Y/n, clearing their throat: All I want is someone else to love me
Brett: Wow- hurtful much
Y/n: Brett, we’re literally on a mission where you’re posing as my brother-
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keylimeimagines · 18 days ago
HEY ANON I LOVE YOUR ENERGY AND I LOVE THIS REQUEST!! of course i'll write this one bc im in a brett loving mood and i love him <3
Like i said in my last Brett hcs, I am 100% sure that Brett is touch starved.
He would absolutely LOVE getting things like head pats (like the golden retriever boy he is) and would want long, wholesome cuddle sessions w/ his partner <3
this man is so soft and you will feel safe in his arms. trust me, im secretly his jacket >:)
OH GOD him in a tickle fight with someone would be the best thing to witness. he's squirming and giggling and hes all cute and shit :( his laugh is the best thing ever i just 💗💓💞💕💗💕💓💞💓
and yes the gang does, in fact, have tickle parties. except its everyone against brett (not including reagan bc she doesn't really see the point of it)
MOVIE NIGHT WITH THE GANG AND THE MOVIES ARE BRETT'S CHOICE which is probably just gonna be a bunch of movies Brett watched as a kid.
in the platonic cuddle parties, Brett is smiling so wide and everyone radiates towards him bc he is so warm and comfy :) he LOVES physical affection sm
ever since the gang realized how affection starved Brett is, the make it a habit of randomly giving him complements, telling him things like "good job!", and other ways of affection that makes Brett tear up :(
i love him the skrunkly hes so <33
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ray-writes-sometimes · 28 days ago
pspspsps hey spare headcannons for brett with a crush that accidentally calls him babe instead of brett and then just. fucks off/tries to avoid him for the rest of the day bc they're so embarrassed???? like. lsiten. this isnt related or a request or anything but i wanna bring him coffee and kiss his cheek with a big ole fucking 'MWAH' that makes half of the gang either fake gag or roll their eyes. i wanna be so fucking cheesy with him u dont understand
ur very valid brett deserves the affection!! here u go, i hope this was in the ballpark for what you wanted!
Masterlist/WIPs - Rules/Fandoms
this man is just,, so confused? and flustered at the same time?? like he is BUFFERING dsfjk
he has literally no idea how to feel because there are wildly different reasons you could have done that??
was it just a genuine slip of the tongue that he shouldn't think about at all?
was it a slip of the tongue he should think about because you want to call him babe and it just?? came out accidentally??? he hopes its this one lol
and now you're avoiding him?????
listen i dont really blame you that is an abysmal situation to be in with ur crush but this poor man. he is stressed
honestly it doesnt matter which of you comes to the other first
its absolutely up to you how you handle it once the convo starts
you wanna confess? go ahead i mean he feels the same lmao
or you could just say it was a mistake n you felt really awkward (so, half-truth) and you both continue pining </3
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cognitosclowns · 24 days ago
andre & brett getting a blowjob from their,,, "experienced" partner? 😏
he's been around the block. his trysts could make a list that would circle the entire DC area. he knows what experience feels like.
When you suck him down, right to the back of your throat with,, a frankly unwavering amount of confidence? He knows he's in for a ride.
His shoulders just,, sink <3 the dopeyest grin
it’s the kind of giddiness that comes with anticipation? Half-way between terrified what you’re gonna pull out of your pocket, and simultaneously begging for you to show your cards.
Considering he doesn’t have to guide you, his hands occupy themselves elsewhere!! Mostly rubbing at your shoulders and neck, 
If you give him the A-Ok, he’ll absolutely fuck your mouth!!
He’ll fumble his way to his feet and everything smndsd
Extremely sporadic movements - rhythm is dead, Andre Lee killed it himself
He isn’t really thrusting so much as grinding?? LIke he’ll rarely (if ever) pull out all the way - he’d rather stay as deep as you can take, and just,, vaguely grind!!
Short, hard gasps?? like right at the back of his throat?? 
His eyes are completely closed <3 he will absolutely hold your hand though - two squeezes if you need a pause!!
‘closeclosecloseclose’ is about as much as you’re gonna get to a coherent warning that he’s gonna cum
Usually he expect ppl to spit bc,, His Cum Probably Tastes Like Battery Acid?? So if you swallow,, expect his legs to go Fucking Gooey lmao
His recovery time is usually Stupid Fast but he,, might need a few minutes (and a cigarette) before he’s able to return the favor <3 he’ll definitely stumble you two over to the couch to rest for a bit <3
You thought he was a mess with an inexperienced partner?
Dear God this man is practically praying smdsnd. He keeps both hands plastered,, directly against his mouth. 
It does nothing, but,, he’s trying his best!! He feels shy about making too much noise - he doesn’t wanna make you uncomfortable, or be Too Much, yk?
Every movement you make is met with just,, the most excited reverence. This,, nearly shocked admiration? He feels like the luckiest man alive to <3 be getting a treat like this
His eyes are,, big the whole time, over the brightest red cheeks <3
Language is iffy - you’re definitely not gonna get full sentences out of him while you’re sucking his soul out. Moreso,, A Few Words scrambled in between sobs and gasps!!
(the good kind!! he’s a bit of a crier in bed <3 lots of feelings!!)
His legs shake like jackhammers - you’re definitely gonna need to keep a hand on his knee to keep him form accidentally bonking you
He doesn’t so much thrust into your mouth as he,, writhes?? like his hips will stay Virtually Still (he would hate to accidentally hurt you by thrusting <3) but his top half?? allllll Arching, curling <3
He cums,, extremely fast. Something about the combination of
and Unwavering Eye Contact
Is going to send him to an early grave <3 he barely manages to warn you before he’s cumming down your throat
If you swallow his head’s just gonna <3 dip backwards like he’s been punched smdnsd
Afterwards?? <3 kisses and cuddles. He’s gonna be flustered out of his mind so,, he’ll appreciate a bit of comfort <3
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