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Did I just spend an hour listening to my favourite album and compiling a prompt list just so I could write fics based on it? Yes, yes I did. Here are 115 based off Masterpiece Theatre by Marianas Trench: 

  1. ‘All I want is you.’
  2. ‘But I’m a wreck so what would that do?’
  3. ‘It was all over before the start.’
  4. ‘This is just a part I portray.’
  5. ‘You’re beautiful, can I hide in you a while?’
  6. ‘Don’t make a sound.’
  7. ‘It hurts me to be near you.’
  8. ‘Keep those tired eyes closed.’
  9. ‘I will show you self-destruction.’
  10. ‘I don’t know how it got this way.’
  11. ‘I don’t want to be the bad guy.’
  12. ‘I’ve been blaming myself.’
  13. ‘I thought you wanted me?’
  14. ‘Make me feel like someone else.’
  15. ‘Please just follow me.’
  16. ‘I can’t decide what I’m running from.’
  17. ‘This isn’t what I wanted.’
  18. ‘I can’t keep my filthy fucking mouth shut.’
  19. ‘I wish I could breathe without getting it stuck.’
  20. ‘I want you all to myself.’
  21. ‘Take what you want to take.’
  22. ‘I miss the stupid things.’
  23. ‘Take me home.’
  24. ‘I don’t want to be alone tonight.’
  25. ‘I will run to you till I can’t stand on my own anymore.’
  26. ‘Cross my heart and hope to die.’
  27. ‘I wonder what you’re doing.’
  28. ‘If your heart wars thin I will hold you up.’
  29. ‘I’ll be right beside you.’
  30. ‘Nobody will break you.’
  31. ‘I’m just trying to keep us together.’
  32. ‘I could do worse and you could do better.’
  33. ‘I will hide you when it gets too rough.’
  34. ‘Remember in the backyard laughing so damn hard and no one knew why?’
  35. ‘Sometimes it reminds me of when we used to belong here.’
  36. ‘Every memory comes on when I hear that old song.’
  37. ‘We used to sing the words all wrong.’
  38. ‘Acadia is gone.’
  39. ‘In the dead and quite I will slowly fade.’
  40. ‘Hush now, they’ll hurt you till your heart melts.’
  41. ‘They will only break your heart.’
  42. ‘I’ll wreck this if I have to.’
  43. ‘Can I have your attention?’
  44. ‘You just need me to be stable but I won’t be able to keep it together again.’
  45. ‘Don’t pretty please me.’
  46. ‘It’s not wonder I’m not sleeping.’
  47. ‘Sing me something I need.’
  48. God I wish I could.’
  49. ‘Are you hearing me now?’
  50. ‘Did I ever tell you I’m not lovin’ you best?’
  51. ‘I just need a minute.’
  52. ‘I can’t find my breath.’
  53. ‘I know this isn’t enough.’
  54. ‘Sorry is never there when you need it.’
  55. ‘I’ll hold you above everyone.’
  56. ‘I thought I saw the sign somewhere between the lines.’
  57. ‘Maybe I only see what I want.’
  58. ‘I still have your letter.’
  59. ‘I just got caught between someone I invented and who I really am.’
  60. ‘All that work to impress charming girls out of their dresses.’
  61. ‘I pray at the church with asses in the seats.’
  62. ‘I’d never guess how we ever could have got here.’
  63. ‘Say what you say when the lights go down.’
  64. ‘You know, I thought you were my friend.’
  65. ‘Just stop.’
  66. ‘I think I got it.’
  67. ‘Sorry you’ll never be somebody clean.’
  68. ‘Look around.’
  69. ‘I’m trying.’
  70. ‘Shut your mouth.’
  71. ‘Please sing to me.’
  72. ‘Make it easier on me.’
  73. ‘Somebody’s got to tell me what to do.’
  74. ‘Just wish you would’ve seen me.’
  75. ‘I like to say it’s easy to stay but it’s not for me.’
  76. ‘Slow down.’
  77. ‘The secrets out.’
  78. ‘I swear everything is perfect.’
  79. ‘What you want, what you need has been killing me.’
  80. ‘I’ll do more for less.’
  81. ‘Now I’ll change everything until it’s perfect again.’
  82. ‘I know that I don’t give a fuck about it anyway.’
  83. ‘I will make this perfect again.’
  84. ‘I think it’s better this way.’
  85. ‘This place is a hole.’
  86. ‘I don’t want to go.’
  87. ‘I wish we could stay here forever alone.’
  88. ‘I still love your taste.’
  89. ‘Don’t let him take my place.’
  90. ‘Don’t just sit there.’
  91. ‘Sometimes I wish you would leave me.’
  92. ‘I’m not sick of you yet.’
  93. ‘Is this as good as it gets?’
  94. ‘I could slip into you.’
  95. ‘Its so easy to come back into you.’
  96. ‘I’ll take you back.’
  97. ‘You’re still the best more or less, I guess.’
  98. ‘Don’t you leave me.’
  99. ‘It hurts me to say that it hurts me to stay.’
  100. ‘It might be alright if you go.’
  101. ‘So leave me.’
  102. ‘The quitter in me is better than the both of us.’
  103. ‘It’s hard to take.’
  104. ‘I’m wide awake.’
  105. ‘One more confession.’
  106. ‘I never needed a reason.’
  107. ‘I don’t know how this is wrong.’
  108. ‘They don’t know you like I do.’
  109. ‘I can never go back home again.’
  110. ‘Don’t ever tell me I’m not loving you best.’
  111. ‘It’s better in the worse way.’
  112. ‘I like to push it until my luck is over.’
  113. ‘I wonder if you doubt it.’
  114. ‘If you need to take this out on somebody.’
  115. ‘I don’t know what you want.’
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