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riseabovedefeat · a day ago
In case you needed to hear this today:
You are not alone.
You are strong.
You are beautiful.
You are worthwhile.
You deserve good things.
You matter.
You are important.
I care.
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thinkpozitiv · 2 days ago
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Bad days build better days.
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stationarcadia · 2 days ago
Drink some water! Take a break from staring at social media if you've been scrolling for a while and just take a couple minutes to look outside. Relax and breathe for a bit. It's a good day to take some time to just notice and appreciate living.
Hope you all out there are taking care of yourselves!
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thinkpozitiv · 8 hours ago
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Acceptance is always the key.
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skittles-rainbow-cat · 9 months ago
saying “i love you” is so freeing though, like your best friend does a silly dance in the parking lot so you say “i love you” or your partner says something rly dumb but it makes you laugh so you say “i love you” or one of your parents brings you some of the food they cooked so you say “i love you” it’s so freeing and pure and human so maybe we should say “i love you” a little more often
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theycantalk · 2 months ago
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dream big
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chibird · 6 months ago
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Thanks for stopping by for tea with our positive bunny friend! ☕ We can be so critical of ourselves and not even realize, so sometimes we just need someone on the other side of the table to tell us what they really see.
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