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#inspirational quotes
mentalquotes · a day ago
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When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.
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jemstvne · a day ago
Today my teacher said, "you can never be truly happy if you're constantly happy. You will only feel true happiness once you've tasted sadness,". Damn, this just changed my perspective of everything.
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timetraveller1111 · 2 days ago
I would rather fight for my freedom
Than being a slave all day
I would rather trust my intuition
Than watching the news
Who are probably fake
I would rather be myself
Than pretend to be someone else
And if people don't appreciate honesty
Then it's better to vibe alone honestly
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unraveling-heart · a month ago
Understand that relationships are not just love. People fight, people argue. That's a normal part of being in a partnership. If your person leaves you after an argument instead of working it out, then that's not your person. One argument shouldn't kill the love you have for eachother. If it does, that's how you know their intention was never to stay for the long haul.
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