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Dear White People Who Hate Us,

Of course, every white person does not hate black people, but for the ones that do, we see you. You let us make it with nothing, not even the smallest infraction. You abuse your authority in the most trivial situations. Our lives are less important to you than those of animals, yet we are abused and slaughtered like animals. We are hated, because the hate is like a family heirloom. You don’t know where it derived from, but you know you have to keep it, because your great-great grandfather owned it. It’s passed from generation to generation, even though you don’t understand it. We are being killed and punished for being resilient, dynamic, strong, fierce, abundant, intelligent, magnetic, unique and unbreakable. We are being killed because our existence makes you feel invisible and insignificant, because we are born conquerers. We are not feared, we are despised and hated for persevering, no matter the adversity. We are hated because we are innovative, creative and creatures of extreme improvisation. You haven’t been able to survive without us; from raising your children, to cooking your meals, cleaning your homes, stealing our ideas and us building empires that your families have reaped the benefits of. You hate us because we survived slavery, torture, rape and family separation, and now we live in your neighborhoods, drive the same cars you do, attend the same educational institutions as you, hold the same careers you do, eat where you eat and drink from the same fountains as you. What’s so wrong with that? We did/do it all while being tired. You hate us, because even in the face of death, we are able to multiply and continue fighting. You hate us, because we can’t be destroyed. But most of all, we are hated because you need us and you hate that. We didn’t create this hate, you did; yet we are being sacrificed daily for it. The only thing black people hate, is that we are hated, mistreated, slaughtered, falsely accused and devalued constantly. Stop hurting us, stop making our lives hell and stop killing us. WE MATTER TOO!

Treka L. House

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and it’s not all beautiful,

I hope you still find threads of good.

I hope you find

entire years of life that you made it through

even though you never thought you could

So much has changed

since that photograph was taken,

and you are still worthy of love,

no matter who came in and out of your life,

or made you feel you were not enough.

You are still worthy of love.

And if you find your heart is aching

for days you can’t get back,

and it’s hard to see the beauty in things

that fell apart and didn’t last,

let these feelings remind you:

you have known

what it means

to know love in this life.

There is still time for your heart to heal.

As long as you are living,

you are not out of time.

I know you can’t go back to those days,

but I hope you can find meaning

in this very moment, all the same.

So when you spend time with your photographs,

I hope at least some of them remind you:

even if you can’t go back to how things were,

you can still find where Light poured through.

- Morgan Harper Nichols

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