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So the 3D graphic banner is driving me up a tree but all my discussion work for the week is done ✔ caught up on a couple other little projects too, and deciding on new colors to paint my room✔ excited it's autumn as well!
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euesworld · 2 days ago
"You are truly an inspiration to me, you make me want to be a better person and that is priceless cause a lot of people hold you down instead of lift you up.. so that has a lot to do with why I love you so much. You are always there, holding my heart and offering kind words to me.. just thank you for that. I don't know anyone else like you and you are so special to me for it, for many other reasons too but that is what I am thinking about right now.."
You are the most important person in my life so don't you go anywhere - eUë
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mydailybookquotes · 3 hours ago
“Stay alive for the people you will become. You are more than a bad day or year. You are a future of multifarious possibility.”
-Matt Haig
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islamqalbii · 3 months ago
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lovelybluepanda · 3 months ago
Happiness is contagious. I realized that the reason why i picked up several interests and hobbies was because 95% of the time, someone was happy about them.
I started reading Harry Potter because a classmate was always hyped up about it.
Cleaning and organization is more interesting because Marie Kondo is always happy and she teaches you how to do stuff.
Cooking was an obsession in middle school for me because Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver were always excited on their shows and loved giving tips to the camera.
Crocheting fascinated me because our neighbour was always delighted to talk about it and show how to do it.
I got more serious about history and nutrition because 2 friends always have that aura of pure bliss when they talk about them.
Whenever you want to learn something new or pick up a new skill/hobby, find someone delighted about that hobby in particular. 1) you know you learn from someone who knows their stuff because their heart is there and 2) they make you feel just as happy as they are about that topic.
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hunnydivine · a year ago
What makes someone a Muse
“A muse is someone who emits energy out that inspires everything is around them.”
You’ll never see a woman who sparks inspiration looking outside of herself wondering how to be, what to be, or how to act. She knows that she is a one of a kind individual and is true to herself.
“A muse is someone who learns to define herself.” 
She doesn’t compete to be like anyone else and is serene in being everything that she is.
She deeply treasures who she is to the core. Whether she be reserved, quiet, cheerful, warm, cold, fiery, sweet, shy, loud, extrovert, or introvert.
Uniqueness is what makes her irreplaceable! No one can carbon copy her when she’s has worked internally and externally on becoming her greatest self.
She doesn’t let society’s beauty standards, trends, social status or money define her. SHE DEFINES HERSELF.
“A muse carries the energy of abundance.”
Think of when you acquire money, how do you feel?
For a moment you may feel infinite or on top of the world. That’s because money causes that emotion of abundance but, when you are naturally in that energy you naturally attract money into your life. “You are what you attract.”
Abundant Energy -  bliss, joy, beauty, laughter, mystery, creativity, inspiration, luxury, pleasure, plentiful, healing
When a muse has this energy she becomes magnetic and alluring. She attracts people from all over wondering how she can be so comfortable within’ her own skin. That makes people want to be around her more because she is influencing and inspiring them.
Last but not least, A muse never looses sleep over people who don’t see her worth.” Period.
If someone refuses to see her value, she has the attitude of fuck em and keep it moving.
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creedhameed · a month ago
Tumblr media
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stevieweevie71 · 2 months ago
Video #love #inspire @nickiminaj #nickiminaj #money #bills #cashapp #dumb #broke #stupid #paypal #employment #getajob #job #work #employer #employee @amazon (at BWI Business District)
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frawth · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
credit - more here
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mydailybookquotes · 8 months ago
“Read, read, read. Never stop reading. And when you can’t read anymore, write.”
-James Baldwin
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abrighterspark · 3 months ago
isn't it crazy how the world works? everything seems to point you in a direction, so you take it you fail it you look for direction again, and repeat isn't it crazy to think our lives are mostly routine built from habits built from mindset? you fake it you fail it you look for new habits again, and repeat and eventually something gets stuck: something wrong, or something right but we can choose to take it and make it what we want it to be; we can choose to aim for the light and trust we'll be landing somewhere bright
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lovelybluepanda · 4 months ago
How to get into the "productive" mindset
Thanks to this pandemic, many of us had (and still have) to stay at home. The universal result was/is that people can't make themselves to work. That might just be me though but I want to share what helped me get into the mood of getting things done.
Avoid pajamas. I have my clothes divided into 3 categories: pajamas, normal clothes that i wear around the house and clothes to go outside. Pajamas make me slow and sleepy (probably because I associate them with sleep) so changing into something else helped.
Wear shoes or/and perfume. I do both of these when i had classes to attend. I usually wear perfume when i go out and the shoes give me the vibe of "ready to interact with people" so i noticed that if i wear them, I'm more engaged and focus better.
Do things around the same time. If you try to eat healthier, work out, work on your thesis etc. try to do the activity around the same time daily. If you postpone it, you'll keep postponing it.
For my followers with depression, make a list with the basic things you need to do. I'm not talking about school tasks, but personal things like eat 1 healthy meal, brush your teeth, change your shirt etc. You either get in the mood for doing things for school or you don't. However, your health is your priority when you don't feel like doing anything. Taking care of yourself when you can barely function is productivity.
For the autistic, ADHD, anxious etc. followers, if you don't accomplish something one day, that's okay. You can do it the next day first thing in the morning. By actively accepting that you couldn't do something, you don't pressure yourself into thinking bad of yourself which leads to avoiding tasks.
Talking about difficult tasks, do you ever start something and your mind tells you things like "this is hard", "let's postpone it", "why do we gotta work out" etc. Actively say the otherwise. By actively, i mean don't thinking "I'll ignore it", "I'm just pesimistic", "maybe I'm right" or telling yourself quotes from Pinterest. I mean that you should explain to your own thoughts in a kind manner why you do that. Examples:
I look ridiculous working out. => This is practice. The more I'll do it, the better I'll be at it.
It feels terrible. => That's because I'm not used to it. I'll get better with time.
I don't like how the arms look like. => That's why i work out, to tonify them.
(the examples are from my workout routines)
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