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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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“Even though i am young, i am not too young for lifes problems. They come upon me like beasts looking for its old enemy”.

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On the streets

Among the strangers around,

I walk pass many not knowing their story.

All I want is to find you.

I’m waiting at the end of the line.

So hidden, so cold..

How can one be promised a beautiful reunion

When all we have to do is to wait.

So I’ll chase that dream,

As I’m waiting for you.

inspired by 夜伴雨 by 徐明浩(The8 of Seventeen)

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He–o is th– on, one s–


There we go, it should be working now. If you’re hearing this that means I’ve successfully made contact with another universe. I’ve been observing parallel world for some time but this is my first attempt to make contact. My name is Archibald (Anarchy) Shetland. If you have any questions for me write them on the band on this device (preferably with something washable) and the words should appear on my end. I’ll respond to any questions as soon as I get the chance.

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Some games are not for playing, brother mine.

We cannot win,

But we may die.

There is no fun in such a game or even joy.

East Winds is coming,

It could us destroy.

Deep waters are flowing deep in mind.

They are still keeping memories.

Have they survived?

Beneath your heart you’ll find the truth.

And after finding it

You will just lose.

Oh brother dear, I beg you…..stop

It’s not a silly game,

We need give up.

I am little bit inspired these days. The cold east wind is blowing outside, and it’s brought my inspiration back. I’ve always wanted to try creating something like that. 

In my humble opinion Mycroft is a caring brother. If I had one, I would be realy happy.

p.s I’m so sorry guys. English isn’t my native language.

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A request if you can

To take a drive through the green

No definite plan

But to look at things unseen.

Drive under clouds and leaves

When all is color and lush

And see if you can retrieve

What the world wants to hush.

It seems for a moment

When the heavens could pour

That nature filled and bent

Begs for rain and more

With colors ripe and bright

And if you wish with all your might-

You might just get it for ten years more.

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I was coming down the stairs that are located at the end of the building, they were recently renewed so nobody really uses those stares and they make a good escape route.

When I had almost reached the end of the spiral staircase that had been painted white during the renovation, I almost tripped over a book that was invading the bottom step, luckily I was able to react and jumped, thankfully I made a great landing. Once my both feet on the ground I turned around to see the face of the ignorant person that would leave a book in the middle of a step just waiting for an accident to happen, and that’s when my brain went blanc.

There she was. Kneeling on the floor, wide open green eyes, both hands covering her mouth and a horror expression in her face -I am so sorry- she said maybe 4 times before she continue picking her stuff up, turns out she had just tripped and most of her stuff was on the floor for that reason. Without a sound coming out of my mind I rushed to help her pick everything and put it inside her backpack. -do not worry, it happens to the best of us- was the best I could come up with because I still was mesmerized by those eyes, the freckles on her cheeks and her light brown curly hair.

When I finally came to my senses, I realized that she was skipping a class, given the hour she should have been taking a class, just as I should be.

-what are you doing out of class- I asked

-I just wasn’t in the mood to sit and listen to another interpretation of universal literature by Professor Toussaint. – she replied.

-well, I wouldn’t know about him but, have you ever tried to listen the explanation of quantum theory of Professor Beauregard? -

-no, but I´m going to assume is equally thrilling as listening to Professor T- she said to me as she rolled her eyes and gently shook her head -anyway, I was just going back-

-why? – something inside me didn’t wanted to let her go

-there is nowhere else to go- replied while shirking her shoulders.

-that’s a lie, you just not hanging out with the right people- yes, that’s what came out of my mouth, then proceeded to extend my hand as an invitation to come with me. To be honest this whole series of events had me very confused because, normally I avoid any type of human interaction, but this girl, this girl had my whole body bewildered by those eyes.

As soon as she took my hand  we ran out of the building and crossed the street trying to dodge the puddles of water that were left after the morning rain, we walked down to the bus stop and we hopped on the 33 and not once was I questioned regarding our final destination. 

During the whole ride neither of us made a single sound, stillness surrounded us, it seemed that only us where on that ride, from the moment she accepted my invitation and took my hand, we have not let go, but my heart raises when I think that at any moment she could let go. Suddenly, it was time to get of the bus so with the fear of her letting go an all I squeezed her hand twice to notify her that the next stop was ours. 

We were at my favorite place, a small natural reserve in the middle of the city, families come here on weekends to have familiar picnics and relax but being Wednesday noon the place practically empty. The reserve is where I come to get peace, think, get inspired, it is my safe place. The guard at the entrance recognizes me from the distance and waves at me, most of my free time I spend it here so it´s not a surprise to see me, the amazement kicks in when he realizes that I have a friend by my side, because that has never ever happened before.

Once we get through the security post and into the reserve I turn around just to make sure she is still following, I simper at her and kept walking until I reached my favorite spot and tossed the backpack on the floor and lay down right in the middle of a circular formation of trees. 

She was only a few steps away from me and had no problem imitating me and putting her backpack right next to where mine had landed and then lying down on the grass next to me, none of us had said a word so far, it wasn’t uncomfortable being in silence beside her but at some point one of us had to say something, anything. 

As the colors of the sky started changing because the sun had started to go down, I turned my head to be able to look at her – Hi, I am Amelia-.

-Hi, I am Helena- said as she turned her head to make eye contact. We smiled at each other and then got back to contemplating the sky, a few seconds later I realized Helena’s hand was barely grazing my hand, I turned on my side to appreciate her a little bit better and she kept looking up to the sky. The sun was shinning down on her face; it gave her freckles life and made her hair a little lighter. I couldn’t help myself much longer and started playing with her curls and finally caught her attention. She turned on her side, grabbed my hand and held it high as she put her fingers between my fingers, leaned her forehead against mine. We both took a deep breath and closed our eyes. 

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I said: “أغلق النافِذة التي تُؤذيك، مهمَاکان المنظرُ جميلاً.“

So you said: “عليك بالصاحب الذي يساعدك على ذكر الله”


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Life’s greatest happiness is wish fullfilment. To manifest something positive you have to get rid of something negative. Negative/toxic energy makes it harder to manifest positivity. Don’t forget that life is only what you make it. At the end of the day we’re just a number so do what makes you happy live your life the way you want to live it. That’s the most important thing any of us could do.
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