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In love with our midnight heron.
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Steller's Lobster ( Hallucigenia thingwithshell ) is an extinct Lobstie-thing described by Georg Wilhelm Steller in 1741. At that time, it was found only around the north pole in the between hell and the moon; its range extended across the milky way during the Pleistocene epoch, and likely contracted to such an extreme degree due to the crabmoleification of deez
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tommy >"<
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Had a friend reach out and say I should watch the lyrical video for "Player of Games" by Grimes, because it reminded them of a collaboration I did back in 2016 called Winters Embrace, which was later published in Gilded Magazine. Inspired me to post the original shoot here again with a side-by-side from the video. Would love to hear what you all think. A huge thank you to Rachel of Yasemin Art, Ryan Pankratz, and our amazing on-set assistant Jonathan Brinlee for making these images possible. :) It’s been a few years but I still remember shoving water bottles up my dress to keep warm. lol Good times. ^^
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Nikita Charushin I love ur art I love ur art I love ur art I love ur art
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Trying to appreciate the scissors I have! Even though I'm always browsing...👀🥺😂
Link to my blog/website: https://crochetml.com/
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The King
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All found family shows have... #the first two are usually dating (insp)
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NICK NELSON + personality colours -> pink (insp.)
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Not really spoilers for ISWM both part 1 and 2 but based on the teaser/trailer for part 2 + "We are Darkiplier" theory from matpat
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Monday Reminder🌸
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Devil's Food(Vergil x Fem!reader)
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Warning: smuttiness, sex, rough sex, oral sex(fem and male receving) porn with almost no plot, devil fucking, DT fucking, monster fucking, unprotected sex, creampie(A large one at that). Word count: 2,010 Pairings: Vergil x Fem!Reader Summary: Reader is a little worried about Vergil when she doesn't hear from him in a week. Turns out, he's trying to work through his own problem. Good thing for him, she's willing to do anything to make him feel better. A/N: Please note, I haven't actually finished all the DMC games. I just have an unhealthy obsession with these damn twins(and maybe a few others). I was inspired by @beneathstarryskies, who wrote me a wonderful DT Dante smut fic for my birthday. I hope you all enjoy, and please be gentle. I'm still trying to get a feel for writing Vergil.
Vergil has always been quiet. But lately, it seems it’s even more than usual. You haven’t seen him in a few days and he’s usually one to make time for you. Even though your relationship is new, you’ve been friends for some time and usually, Vergil comes to you. You think maybe you need to give him space, because even though you don’t always know what’s going on inside his head, you know that Vergil has had a more than troubled past. He needs space and alone time sometimes.
By the end of the week, you find yourself very concerned about your boyfriend. You haven’t heard from him since last week. Your busy work schedule has prevented you from being able to visit him at Devil May Cry. But now that you’ve got some days off, you decide to head over to the shop to see him. You feel nervous and almost a little guilty about not trying to call, but you’ve been so busy and you didn’t think too much of it when this all began.
At the shop, you’re met by Dante. He seems a little troubled himself, but once he sees you, he’s doing all he can to stop you from going upstairs into Vergil’s room. You’re a little upset about this, considering that you are so worried for Vergil. Dante frowns, blocking the access to the stairs.
“Don’t go up there. You could be in danger if you do.”
You scoff, “Don’t be ridiculous, I need to make sure he’s alright. I haven’t heard from him all week.”
Dante crosses his arms over his chest, clearly not caring about what you have to say. He’s not going to let you go upstairs.
“He’s going through something right now. It’s not safe.”
You only know a little bit about the devils, but Vergil had mentioned a breeding cycle once upon a time ago. He did teach you a little about devils, but most of your knowledge is from him or from some of the stuff Dante has explained to you. You’ve never seen Vergil during his breeding cycle, but your relationship(including the intimate parts) is still fresh and new.
“What do you mean? How could it not be safe?”
Dante frowns, “He has been asking for you, but he’s in heat. It could be so dangerous, you have no idea.”
Dante has always been a little protective over you. Ever since you met him, he’s always seen you as the little sister he’s never had. And you thought of him as your older brother, which made the two of you really close. He’s the one who introduced you to Vergil, thinking that the two of you were a perfect match.
You feel guilty. You know that Vergil probably needed you so much, and yet you couldn’t make a little time for him during your busy week. Dante sees the grief written all over your face, and he places his hand on your shoulder comfortingly.
“Don’t beat yourself up, Vergil likes to hide when he’s in heat. He doesn’t like to ask for help, and you know that.”
You sigh softly, “I know. I still feel bad. Maybe I could help him now.”
“He can be volatile. When we go in heat, the need to breed is very high. We can’t always control ourselves.”
You smirk, “It’s okay, Dante. I’m a big girl.”
He chuckles nervously. He knows he’ll never really be able to convince you to stay downstairs with him while Vergil rides this out. So, he moves aside and lets you go up the stairs. He decides to stay in the office, just in case something bad happens. He turns on the jukebox just a little louder, trying to drown out any sounds of passion.
The closer you get to his room, the more you can hear noises. Grunting and growling fills the hallway as you get right in front of Vergil’s door. You press your ear to it, and the sounds are amplified. You shudder, a wave of arousal washing over you, You aren’t sure exactly what you’re walking into, and this both scares and excites you. You know no matter what, you’ll be getting fucked stupid and there’s just no doubt about it.
You knock first, but he doesn’t clearly notice or hear it. Then you let yourself peek inside, and you see him. He’s on the bed, feverish and wild eyed. He’s furiously jerking off, growling your name. As soon as he spots you, he jumps up from the bed and grabs you. You’re pinned to the wall in an instant, shuddering softly.
“I’m sorry, I was just worried about you, and I wanted to make su—”
You’re interrupted by a very rough and bruising kiss. Vergil’s cock is leaking, and he’s grinding his hips against you. He feels extremely hot to the touch, and you know he needs you now more than ever. You’ve just never experienced anything quite like this.
“Didn’t Dante tell you to keep away?” Vergil demands to know, and you whine softly when he nips at your bottom lip.
“Vergil, please. I just want to help.”
Within seconds, you’re thrown onto his bed. You look up at him wide eyed, and he swears his cock grows impossibly hard. There are flashes of blue energy going around in the room, and you’re wondering just how deep you’ve gotten yourself into this mess. 
“You want to help me? You think you can help this?”
He gestures to his cock, which is rock hard and leaking. You swallow hard, and then you nod. You crawl over to him, and he gets closer to you. Without another word, he grips onto your hair and pulls you as close to him as he can get you. His other hand cups your cheek, squeezing them slightly to have you open your mouth.
“Take my cock, sparrow. I need you to help me.”
His voice has calmed down a little, but he still looks so feverish. You comply, opening your mouth for him. Your lips wrap around the head, but he pushes you down so your nose is pressed up against his pubic bone. You whine softly, the vibrations going through Vergil’s cock. He holds you close to him, relishing in the sensation of you around his cock. It helps soothe some of his neediness.
“Good girl. Such a good little girl for me.”
You love the praise he has for you. Usually, he can be a little rough and impatient with you, but even when he’s in heat and using your mouth, you know that he still loves you so much.
It’s not long before you hear him swearing and there’s more flashes of blue light. He pulls off of you just in time, only for a burst of energy to knock you back. Your eyes widen when the blue light begins to dissipate and you're met with the sight of Vergil in his devil form. You’ve never seen him like this, though you’ve heard stories about this form. 
The skin looks so rough and scaled, but it’s the large cock that takes your attention. Your mouth waters as you watch it throb, a luminescent blue liquid leaks out of the top. You swear you can smell a soft peppermint scent, but you think maybe you’re just losing your mind at this point.
“My mate. Mine.” Vergil growls, pushing you onto the bed. 
Already, he was towering over you. But now, he’s enormous. You aren’t even sure how to react to all of this. It seems like you’re growing aroused the more your eyes take him in.
His large hands push your thighs apart, and you tremble softly when his claws drag against you. Within seconds, all your clothing is ripped to shreds. You squeak softly, clutching the sheets beneath you. He pulls you by the ankles to come down to him, and you feel his large cock prodding your pussy.
“Wait, I can’t take you like this. Please, Vergil, I want to help.”
He takes a moment to process what you’re alluding to. He huffs softly, before he bends you in half and lets his tongue come down to lap at your pussy. The first few strokes have you reeling. You can barely form a coherent thought. Your mind is becoming even fuzzier with lust. Never have you felt like this before.
“‘Taste so good. So good.”
You whine when you feel his tongue penetrating you, making you quiver all around the appendage. With a few more strokes of his tongue, you’re coming undone. Whines and whimpers rip from your throat, and you buck against his mouth. Vergil keeps a hold on you, and he continues to lick you from ass to clit as your orgasm subsides slowly. 
Finally, you’re picked up without a second thought. You squeal when you feel him flip you onto your hands and knees. You think about how animalistic this position is, and you can feel yourself growing even wetter. His large hand presses against your back as the other guides his ridged cock to your dripping hole. The head manages to get in, but not much more. You feel some resistance, and you whine.
“Can't do it. Too big. Too fucking big, Vergil.”
You hear him growl, and then with a few more shallow thrusts from him, half of it comes sliding into you. You cry out, feeling the burn of the stretch. It feels amazing, otherworldly even. Your eyes roll back and you can feel your knees growing weak. Vergil holds you up, gripping your hips so he can have the best angle to start pounding into you. Soft whines erupt from you, making him even more aroused.
Already, you feel so close to the edge. You’ve never had anything this big penetrate you. You’re too weak to move, but Vergil keeps a very good grip on you as he begins pounding himself into you. The more he fucks you, the wetter you get. The extra lubrication makes it easy for the rest of his cock to slide into you. When he’s finally sheathed fully inside of you, you hear him let out a loud grunt.
“Good little mate.”
Your heart flutters. Even in this form, he’s got such strong feelings for you. He keeps you in this position for a little longer, but not before flipping you onto your back and pressing your legs up to your chest. This way, you’re in the perfect mating press. You mewl when you feel him begin pumping into you again, and your hand comes down to rub your clit.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” You cry out, and Vergil slams into you even harder.
Your juices begin gushing everywhere as the coil in your stomach snaps. The room is filled with your cries and his loud growling. The smell of you seems to spur him on even more, and you can feel his large cock throbbing inside of you.
A few more thrusts, and he’s grunting. Hot spurts of cum fill you up, seeming to never end as you whine and moan. Vergil keeps a tight grip on you, his cock thrusting into you over and over and over. You swear you can hear him grunting things like “good little pussy” and “my fucking mate. All mine.” but you aren’t sure if your mind is just playing tricks on you. His seed overflows, leaking out of you before he’s even done depositing it all within you. 
Finally, he pulls out of you and roars loudly, clearly aroused by the look of your pussy so full of his seed. A few flashes of blue light, and Vergil is back to his human form. He smirks when he sees the state you’re in. His mind is a little less foggy with lust and he feels like you’ve really helped him. Two of his fingers come down to your ruined pussy, and he does his best to plug his cum deep inside of you.
“I knew you’d enjoy being bred properly.”
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