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thoughtkick · 21 hours ago
Nothing is quite as beautiful as someone who has survived losing everything and still has a tender heart.
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thehopefulquotes · 22 hours ago
as you get older, you realize that you’re not always right and there’s so many things you could’ve handled better, so many situations where you could’ve been kinder and all you can really do is forgive yourself and let your mistakes make you a better person.
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perfectquote · 17 hours ago
And I knew it. That’s the worst part: I knew it.
Marguerite Duras, The North China Lover
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quotefeeling · 5 hours ago
you will never be too much for someone who can’t get enough of you
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resqectable · 9 hours ago
Find meaning. Distinguish melancholy from sadness. Go out for a walk. It doesn't have to be a romantic walk in the park, spring at its most spectacular moment, flowers and smells and outstanding poetical imagery smoothly transferring you into another world. It doesn't have to be a walk during which you'll have multiple life epiphanies and discover meanings no other brain ever managed to encounter. Do not be afraid of spending quality time by yourself. Find meaning or don't find meaning but "steal" some time and give it freely and exclusively to your own self. Opt for privacy and solitude. That doesn't make you antisocial or cause you to reject the rest of the world. But you need to breathe. And you need to be.
Albert Camus, from Notebooks, 1951-1959
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nightlyquotes · 21 hours ago
She did not need much, wanted very little. A kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cosy bed, and to love and be loved in return.
Starra Neely Blade
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thoughtkick · 16 hours ago
I am not actually tired, but numb and heavy, and can't find the right words.
Franz Kafka, from a letter to Felice Bauer, c. November 1912
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thehopefulquotes · 15 hours ago
Forgive yourself for accepting less than you deserved - but don’t do it again.
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perfectquote · 22 hours ago
If you get that gut feeling that something isn’t right about a person or situation, trust it.
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quotefeeling · 13 hours ago
The truth is that monsters are real, and ghosts are real, too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win.
Stephen King
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resqectable · 5 hours ago
And I wondered if a memory is something you have or something you've lost.
Marion, from the film Another Woman
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nightlyquotes · 17 hours ago
You said you didn’t want to lose me but you weren’t even trying to keep me.
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thoughtkick · 8 hours ago
I'm attracted to the extreme light and the extreme dark. I'm interested in the human condition and what makes people tick. I'm interested in the things people try to hide.
Johnny Depp
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thehopefulquotes · 19 hours ago
The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself. Never stop exploring, learning, experiencing, and becoming a better person each day.
Mo Seetubtim
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perfectquote · 7 hours ago
One day you’ll laugh so much that you’ll forget you have scars.
Benjamín Griss
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quotefeeling · 20 hours ago
Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.
Albert Einstein
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resqectable · 20 hours ago
Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.
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nightlyquotes · 22 hours ago
Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.
Paulo Coelho
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thoughtkick · 22 hours ago
Accept yourself as you are. And that is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture. From the very beginning you've been told how you should be; Nobody has ever told you that you are good as you are
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thehopefulquotes · 6 hours ago
You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
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