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#inspiring quotes

you are what you consume.

the food, thoughts, the blogs you follow, the people you listen to and the stuff you read watch and listen, everything makes you you. so think about how you want to feel like and be like. like a princess from the 80’s? someone with all the colors of clouds painted on their hair? someone who is gentle and soft with people? someone who is aesthetically rich in every one of their actions? happy? satisfied? successful? creative? everything?

then make the choice as to what you are going to consume. the people you’ll listen to, the posts which will enlighten you to move forward. the songs which will bring back your lost energy, quotes which speaks to you. clarify your system of input, filter it to it’s smallest fiber and reflect on it. what we hear and observe eventually becomes what we gradually believe in, the subconscious. so consume. consume what you want to be. right input gets you right output.

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Have you ever wanted to cry, and no tears came out. So you just sit there, quietly, and feel your heart break into tiny pieces while everything crumbles around you.

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random small things to start feeling again

  • make a vision board on pinterest
  • press flowers
  • spray some room freshner
  • light candles
  • write your favorite quote on your hand with a soft pen
  • read wholesome memes
  • apply some body lotion/moisturizer
  • change your bedsheets
  • stretch
  • drink warm tea
  • write letters
  • look at stars
  • look at sunsets
  • wear socks
  • take a selfie
  • paint/doodle
  • take care of your nails
  • walk barefooted on wet soil
  • cuddle with a pillow/plushie
  • smile at random people
  • plan gifts for loved ones
  • meditate
  • offer someone a hug
  • wrap yourself with a blanket
  • watch cat videos on youtube
  • create a good playlist
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Let go and let God!

Let go and let God, simple words, but so hard to do. Letting go means someone else or something else is calling the shots or pulling the strings and you no longer have control over the situation. It means that your way of thinking must change and you must become subservient. Letting go and letting God means you have done things for X amount of years your way and the way the world says things can be done in, and now must relearn them in a way pleasing to God, and in a way that aligns with His doctrine, and His desires. Letting go and letting God means fully surrendering to God, His will and trusting in His plan for you. It is knowing that He alone is the only one who fully understands you, who knows you, knows what you need and what will bring peace, joy, love, and fulfillment to your life. Letting go and letting God is a step in denying yourself of the world and all it has to offer and exchanging it for the unseen promise of eternal life.

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Si ya olvidaste mi amor.

Dímelo, dímelo, dímelo.

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life is hard especially putting in 12-14hrs a day but a regret from giving in would be my worst nightmare. there is always another way.

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Best Day

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


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