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Just a cottagecore cat Credits via Twitter: @Alythuh
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home office.
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Rainy day.
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Joshua 1:9- "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Mod S🕊
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Kim çizebilir senden başka senin yaşamını.
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faceless series / @
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Killer Queen Eve Polastri. (illustration by prianikn_ke/Patreon)
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The elaborate costume balls of the postwar period, where people revelled in newfound joy, gave Christian Dior the inspiration and opportunity to create sumptuous gowns. These fantasies, whether extravagant or coquettishly restrained, combine ingenious draping with intricate embroidery and lavish ornamentation with luxurious materials. @dior loved ball gowns because, as he once said, “The evening is the time when you escape from the realities of life.”  
Balls of the period typically had an imaginative theme. For example, the artist Christian Bérard organized the “Panache Ball,” under the auspices of Lady Diana Cooper, Ambassador of England, for the benefit of The Marie-Thérese dispensary in Malakoff, where the most elegant heads in the world were decorated with every type of feather, including birds of paradise, ostrich, osprey. The “Ball of the Birds” followed, where gorgeously plumed masks lent an air of mystery to a pretty face. The Enchanted Garden ball gallery features “masks of mystery” by Dior milliner Stephen Jones (@stephenjonesmillinery).
Plan a visit to Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams if you need any glamorous inspiration for your holiday season and New Year.  
Installation views, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, Brooklyn Museum, September 10, 2021–February 20, 2022.  (Photos: Here And Now Agency)
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Getting to take walks when it's colder out and you just need a hoodie and sweatpants is great. I'm just glad my stupid knees aren't locking up anymore.
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A Elejah One-Shot: Inspired by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
- Heavy Smut Warning ⚠️-
Her wings fluttered angrily in the wind as she stood at the top of the mountain over the vast wasteland. Filled with unoccupied forests, and the sky with white dense clouds along with the sun edging below the horizon, thus making the sky pink and purple.
She was on Earth.
He couldn't do this to her. He just couldn't.
Klaus wasn't an irrational man by any means, everyone looked up to him as if he was their light, their guidance.
He was.
Klaus was their God, their ruler. However, he miraculously banished her out of Heaven and onto the Earth.
The planet with the high and low terrains was considered as a prison to Angels like her, unless-
She couldn't finish the thought. She refused to.
There were only a few humans God created that were formed from Adam and Eve. The population was growing, but in reality; compared to the vast wastelands outside of Garden of Eden...they were truly alone.
She was seething, anger began to boil deep down in her stomach. Her fingers curled into tight fists, cutting into the skin of her palms with the blunt tip of her nails. Betrayal began to eat her from the inside, as saltiness began to prickle her eyes. She forced the feeling back, locking it away. She couldn't afford to feel the emotions.
Klaus, the God betrayed her. She was his right-hand Angel, and he had swore to her that he would never send her to prison.
What a lie.
What was an Angel called when they were exiled to the vast wastelands, but still had the wings on their back. Elena wondered, huffing as she narrowed her gaze at the darkening sky.
Elena didn't know how long she'd been stuck in her prison. It could have been days, perhaps hours, or even years. She couldn't be certain since time wasn't relevant.
"Well, this is a pleasant surprise." A low masculine voice drawled behind her.
She froze, her lungs stilled with air as her eyes widened. She forced her wings to beckon back into her skin. The scenery before her became blurred when her mind drifted away as her fingers uncurled to release the tension she had inflicted upon her palms.
She knew that voice. No one could ever forget the voice who ruled Heaven for the longest she could remember. Even though it'd been centuries since he'd fallen.
The meshed dark green below her formed back into trees as the world pulled back into focus, and Elena nearly snarled before turning to see the man standing under a tree as it casted a shade which made his slightly hidden facial features more haunted-like.
"What are you doing here, Elijah?"
It had been five centuries since she had last seen him.
For he was a man, a long time ago. A God with white wings etched onto his back, feathers ruffling in the wind.
The eyes used to be soft, more human, pale skin along with long hair; color of soil, and two braids were weaved on each side of his head.
He was handsome, with a jawline so sharp that could cut through anything, but he was a God. He was supposed to be handsome.
He and his brother, Klaus ruled the kingdom together for decades until he committed a sin. Even as kings, there were laws to abide by.
And he broke every one of them.
Klaus had no choice but to send him into exile, ripping his wings off his back and stripped his titles as a king and a God.
She was snapped out of her reverie when a soft chuckle filled in the empty wilderness before the mountain where she stood.
It echoed around them, the sound wave bounced off the tall trees and it echoed slightly in her head as if his presence filled every corner in her body she hadn't touched.
"I heard that you were sent into a temporary exile, I'd figure I wouldn't mind paying a visit to an old trusted friend." He said, dark eyes crinkling in amusement.
Hearing his voice caused her to stiffen, muscles froze in place as revulsion rolled through her.
It wasn't his voice per say; however, his voice used to be angelic when he was a king, but now it roughened along with time who was not kind to him at all.
She refused to give him the satisfaction of appearing phased by his otherworldly appearance.
Six hundred years ago, his back was bare with red inflictions around the skin where his wings were severely torn from him. His dignity was gone, and his pride was hurt.
Lord Elijah now had short suave hair with loose strands fallen over his forehead. Inky dark pools of red seeped into the white of his eyes, making his irises dark as his soul. Slightly raised veins were extended from the bottom of his eyelids. And a deep embedded scar ran across from the side of his left eyelid to the end of his jaw.
He did not have the scar when she last saw him, he had a few remaining features left of his humanity shining through. His eyes were the last piece of humanity to go that was destroyed as time went on.
Of course, he was still beautiful, but he was inhumane. Like he had erased his former identity as a God.
That was five hundred years ago.
She narrowed her gaze at his looming figure hidden by the shades of the woods. "Am I?" She asked curtly, staring at him in disbelief before continuing. "If I recall, you refused to talk to me for centuries. How am I to be an old trusted friend?"
He tilted his head as the shadows moved, swirling along the trees as if they were in a mating dance as the sun began to hit below the horizons.
His shadow receded as he stepped out into the darkening spot where the sun wasn't casting the light.
She knew she could see his features when he was hidden, but it wasn't as prominent compared to him standing a few feet away from her.
For she was standing where the sun was illuminating at, whereas he preferred the darkness.
The scar ran deeper than she had realized, practically embedded to his past. She knew where the scar came from, for she heard the tales about it from his brother.
"It has been centuries since we've last spoken, Elena." He spoke softly, his lips curling at one side. "You know God wouldn't allow an interaction between Angels and the fallen." His voice adopted a mocking tone when he referred to his brother's title before gesturing between them. "Out of fear for his army to be prone to such sin, he knew they're to be easily corrupted."
She bristled at his mentioning of the army, referring to her as one of them. She gritted his teeth as she observed him, refusing to take the bait. She knew what he was trying to do, to provoke her enough to bridge the space between them on the mountain.
"That is because your brother knows you too well. He's afraid of you corrupting the souls and leading them astray, it constantly sends him into a state of paranoia. If you hadn't done what you did, we wouldn't be in this predicament." She hissed, her eyes flashing as her fingers curled into fists once again.
His lips curled wider into a form of a smirk. His pupils were discerning: endless abyss and inhuman. It was the perfect face for the monster that possessed them.
She did not consider him as a monster, although her comrades would beg to differ. He was still beautiful, but demonic in his own rights. A perfect myth for the humans to sit around the bonfires and tell the story of the monster who haunted the weakness and the loneliness.
He took a step, causing her to take a receding step. His eyes flickered to her bare foot, then meeting hers with equally sadistic amusement.
"It astounds me that you could remain naive after all this time..." he trailed off, "after what we have been through."
She nearly growled at him, but she had to remind herself that he was not Elijah. At least not anymore.
He continued as if he didn't see her glaring at him with hostility in her eyes. "Niklaus is a fool. Had been and always will be," he released a scoff. "For that, it'll be his downfall. We've established these laws together, and one atrocity made, he sent me in exiled so easily as if I wasn't his brother." He hummed, eyes glinting as they leveled with hers. "I never thought I would see the day that it would be you on this Earth. It is curious, indeed. You are nothing but loyal to the cause, standing behind the fool."
She just stood there, fuming as she glared at him. Refusing to answer him, and Elijah knew that. He eyed her stance then heaved a chuckle. She only bared her teeth at him in response. Which earned her a smile in return.
The scar twisted along with his lips when he smiled, eyes crinkling at the ends which made her shudder. She was not used to the way he looked, when he was exiled six centuries ago; he had some angelic status, and they were all gone except his eyes by the time she saw him a century later.
"What did you do to have earned his punishment, I wonder?" He hummed once again, his eyes were intense as he eyed her.
Feeling like she was beneath his scrutiny, she turned away from him. "It is not your concern, Elijah. It hasn't been your concern since you fell." She forced her teeth to catch her bottom lip to stop revealing any more information.
When she turned back to him, to eye his presence, she nearly turned back around before she could launch herself at him in anger for his expression. A grin grew wild on his face. All the time they have been comrades, she respected him because he was her king; but he was also her friend, and he never looked at her like that.
A mocking expression, it was the kind she'd ever seen. She loathed it, and somewhere deep down, she hated him because he was never like this to her. He was much more-
Don't think about it.
"Now, that is a lie." He murmured, "because it is my concern."
She refused to listen anymore, for she was afraid she would fall into Elijah's clutches, soul poisoned by the sweet lies and painful truths he could murmur against her ears. She refused to turn her back on Klaus despite the betrayal.
"I will ask you one more time, Elijah." She hissed, tired of this game. "What do you want?"
She then stiffened as his eyes grew cold and hard, a grin was still etched on his face. As if he was a predator, which he was.
"Many things."
Elena couldn't respond, a lump formed in her throat as she tried to swallow, but it refused to soften. Her eyes only landed on the trees behind him, and couldn't bear to look at him anymore. His eyes were the worst whenever she peered into them, even before then. She could still recall what their color had been, it was the color she would see when gazing at the trees.
A deep, unfathomable brown, only brightening when the sun'd hit them.
She then steeled herself before casting a disbelieving glance at him. "You were a king, a God, Elijah. You ruled right beside your brother for eons, and somehow you became the fallen." Then her voice grew mocking, "I wonder why?" She was curious, but she didn't want to know why because he left her when he shouldn't.
His eyes flashed at her, making her bite down her bottom lip until the skin caved in underneath her teeth enough for it to bleed.
"You have no right to question me." Cruelty bled into his depths. "Especially not when you're here, suffering until you are to be freed." Gesturing towards her and around them before walking to close the remaining distance between them until he was hairsbreadth away from her. "With that errant tongue of yours, that is why you are here." His features shifted along with his smile that was growing on his lips, "maybe it is not what you said." He whispered gravely, eyes lightening in sadistic amusement.
She refused to answer, in fear of giving herself away because he had always been able to read her which was why he'd come too close to the truth for comfort.
"You are a terrible liar, with that heartbeat of yours. You must've said something or refused to say under his all-knowing scrutiny." He smirked before reaching out, clasping her wrists with his large hands.
She flinched in response, "this isn't any of your business," she all but snarled, wanting to hide her shame away from his prying eyes. "What I do, whatever misdeeds I commit, they are none of your concern and will never be."
Elijah stilled before her, his fingers tightened around her wrists almost the point where her bones were grinding. "I see," he said too softly. His eyes pierced her. A searching quality to the invasion, and she refused to coward under his harsh gaze.
She almost wished she hadn't said what she had said, if only to have never seen the look that flashed in his eyes.
He'd looked at her as if she'd wounded him. Had he forgotten he'd hurt her, centuries ago when he'd turned his back on her?
It irked her, even now. The sight of his gaze, wounded and cold at her own harsh but honest words. He had no right to make her feel guilty for hurting him when he'd reaped what he sowed.
She gasped when he jerked her wrists, making her body slamming into his, and she felt his hand releasing one of her wrists to move towards her long hair. Unease began to bubble in her stomach, and she felt his fingers curled in her strands before pulling her head back. Her eyes widened at the closeness of his face in front of her as her neck strained under his strength.
However, it did not hurt.
She looked at him, searching in his hardened gaze. Only to see the hunger in his eyes. She swallowed inaudibly, refusing to acknowledge him like this even though her cheeks were burning with mortification.
There was a low thrumming sensation heightened at the little distance between them, and she nearly shivered at the seeping heat that added to his hunger. More feral and possessive.
The way he used to look at her when he'd been a king.
Even centuries passed by, nothing had changed, but everything hadn't remained the same either.
For he was freed to do what he wanted to do. What he wanted to take right from the start. It was something she had refused to acknowledge for a long time. For why she stayed hidden all the time, a reason why Klaus promised her she would not be exiled to Earth.
He knew. He knew. He knew.
She wanted to laugh and cry.
Klaus only kept her as his right-hand Angel because he trusted her not to stray from the light. Every now and then she would recede to the thoughts of his brother, and when Klaus had asked her a question. Of loyalty, her mind caved into the darkness while she looked at him with a straight face.
Only he knew she was lying to him, and had broken his promise.
She closed her eyes, away from Elijah's scrutiny. As if she was defeated, and in a way she was.
For six long centuries, she had hidden herself. Hoping the time will pass to the point where she could not feel anything anymore.
What a lie.
Six centuries hadn't changed. Just like the sun and the moon hadn't changed in its phases.
She only moved her hands to rest at her sides after Elijah released her other wrist. Sharp inhale of breath, her chest barely grazed his when she felt his hand grazing her robe. His fingers tightened around the back of her neck after he slid down away from her strands.
"Do you remember what you last said to me before I fell?" He murmured, sliding his fingers along the curve of her fabric from the shoulder to her chest, making her eyes shot open, landing her gaze on his face. Her breath caught in her lungs when his thumb caught a loop that was holding her robes together, and she quivered when she felt the loop giving away the latch which undid the other loops that were holding from the top to the bottom.
Her mind reeled as the robes slid off her shoulders, gliding down her arms, and it pooled around her feet, exposing herself to the dark sky. She inhaled sharply underneath his gaze as his eyes flickered down her body.
She could've stopped him, but she didn't.
He may be a monster, but he was a gentleman. He had always been gentle with her, and that was the truth she refused to consider.
She did recall the times, but the past was painful for her to remember. Especially when it came to him. The days were filled with warmth and laughter as it filled the silent corner of Eden.
She may have buried her memories of him a long time ago, but it would seep through the cracks of her psyche every now and then. The memories that nearly broke her.
How could she forget? When he was all she used to think about.
Her eyes snapped to his body when he took a step back, releasing her neck to reach down and unclasp his robes. His hands then reached out to push the fabric away from his broad shoulders to reveal his pale skin in the moonlight.
She then quivered when he stepped closer to her, hands grazing the curve of her bare back making her shudder underneath his heady gaze. His eyes devoured her bare skin, leaving none of her flesh unexplored.
"What did you say to me then?"
She swallowed, inhaling slowly. "If you were ever lonely, you could always play a game or two with me when no one is watching until you're bound to your duties again."
She gasped when one of his hands slid upward and curled into her hair before he yanked her head back, forcing her to arch her spine and jut her chest beneath his gaze.
"And you told me that you would do no such sort."
His mouth descended, crushing his lips to hers with a force. Feeling like he was embedding himself to her lips to the point where she would only think of him for the days to come. He kissed her as if he'd waited centuries to taste her.
Maybe he had.
He slowly released her lips, cupping her jaw with the curve of his palm before trailing hungry kisses down to the curve of her neck.
"but for me, you'd make it an exception." She breathed into the cool air.
He lightly bit her skin with his teeth before releasing her neck to gaze down at her.
"And I've always had." He purred, growling softly before her vision spun. She felt the dirt underneath her skin as she landed on her back.
He was hovering her, hands on each side of her head, his body was between her opened legs, but refusing to touch her. He eyed her with pure unadulterated lust. "We would play games that lasted into the night, when no one was watching." He stared at her before moving his head downward until his nose grazed the curve of her breast causing her to shiver. "The last time we played a game, you wanted me to chase you until I caught you. Only I never did," he whispered into her skin before closing his lips around her nipple causing her to gasp.
She then arched her back into his devouring mouth as he used his tongue to lick, sucking as he went. Her hands ended up pulling away from the ground to his hair, her toes curling when one of his hands moved away from the side of her head to trail his fingers down her body, igniting goosebumps along the way. She jerked her head, slamming against the dirt when she felt his fingers brushing against her folds between her thighs.
He then parted her folds with his index and middle fingers before rubbing his fingers onto the bundle of nerves causing her to cry out. He withdrew his head away from her breast to observe her with dark eyes. She keened as his breath brushed across the skin of her lips as his fingers were toying with her, flicking and gliding over her with precise strokes.
"Just get over with," she hissed between her teeth as she glared up at him, trying to stop quivering under his fingers.
His lips curled into a cruel smirk, "no." He breathed into her lips, edging closer to her face. "If I wish to bide my time to find what makes you sing, inch by glorious inch, then I shall. If I wish to have you here for days with my flesh between your legs, I will." A finger forced itself inside her before she could brace herself, stretching her beyond than her imagination. Her lips quivered, a bead of saliva streaming down the corner of her mouth.
Her back bowed, her nails digging into his scalp for purchase, for anything to hold onto when he kissed her for the second time, tongue diving between her lips.
She then whimpered when a second finger joined the first, when his tongue did not stop, stroking along the movement of his fingers.
The pressure continued to build inside her, pulsing now in time with the frantic beats of her heart. It was maddening, It was choking her.
A third finger pushed into her as he stroked her walls with his other fingers. Elena cried out, her head jerking, and her body convulsing beneath him when he set a brutal pace, thrusting his fingers inside, only to pull out. Then start over again and again. The pressure continued to build, coming ever closer to her undoing. When Elijah curled his fingers inside her and withdrew from her lips. she wasn't ready.
The pressure exploded, and dragged her under. There was a rush, the sound of water splattering, and her own gasps filled the air.
She opened her eyes to see his face, only to see his fingers glistening under the stars, under the moonlight. She could only watch as he slid the same fingers that'd been inside her, into his mouth without taking his eyes off her and a self-satisfied gleam in his gaze. "You tasted divine." He purred after releasing his fingers.
His hand returned to the same spot next to her head, he peered down at her with an unreadable expression before shifting his lower body. Her eyes widened when she felt something hot, heavy and pulsating grazing her folds.
"Beg me, Elena." It was a command.
She glared at him, hatred began to boil her veins. "No." She said resolutely, eyes flashing. It was humiliating, having to give in to her feelings.
"Beg, because this is the only pleasure you'll ever get. Only I can give you," he growled, his veins under his eyelids darkened as he arched over her.
She exhaled sharply. "please, fuck me." She then felt his cock nudging between her folds as he shifted his hips once more.
She refused to crumble, "fuck. Me." She hissed, refusing to beg as violence made her blood sing for vengeance.
He chuckled before pushing into her, and she moaned when her walls stretched around his cock. He continued until he bottomed out inside her.
He was too big, too thick. It was unexpected, but her walls accommodated around his cock until the pain resided.
She didn't dare complain, however. She kept her mouth shut. His hand made its way between her legs, soft and gentle. She cringed, tried to pull away from it, but he found her clit despite her efforts and began to circle around the nub. She swallowed back her moan, refusing to give him the satisfaction.
"It's too late for you to stop making noises. Unclench your jaw, sweetheart. I want to hear you." It was punctuated with a thrust that brushed against the wall of her womb, and she jerked in surprise. She whimpered and moaned, her insides clenching around him. His fingers were rubbing her clit with each thrust, the wet squelch of his fingers and his cock as he slid into her brutally filled the empty wilderness.
"That's it, just like that." He breathed, one hand sliding away from the ground along with the other away from her clit to her hips. Curling his hands around her thighs as he sat back on his knees, moving them until her legs were sliding against his waist, ribs, and hitching them higher to her shoulders as his fingers reached to her ankles. He adjusted his position to where he was somewhat hovering her, but still had control over her legs.
It caused his thrusts to go deeper, beyond than her dreams were ever made of.
The slap of skin against skin assaulted her senses, she couldn't escape it, couldn't resist when her vision came in and out of focus, but still, she took it, legs arching and hips moving against his, allowing him better access when he moved closer to her.
As unrelenting his thrusts were, he was giving her pleasure.
"You don't know how long I've imagined taking you this way, making you feel the same way you made me feel." He groaned, fingers tightened around her calves. Elena's head spun, her breaths stalling in her lungs. "You, who had had the audacity to turn your back on me after everything I'd done."
Elena choked back a noise. Incredulous filled in her veins as she looked at him. "Everything you've done? Elijah, your fall from grace had nothing to do with me."
He released her legs until it fell onto his broad shoulders, sliding towards his waist instead, "don't lie to me, Elena." He growled, his shoulders stiffened as he descended towards her face. "It had everything to do with you," his lips suddenly landed on the curve of her neck to lift his lips to reveal his sharp canines which she felt raking across her skin lightly before biting down into her skin none too gently causing Elena's vision to go white from the agony. "Or did you think my dear brother punishing you was a coincidence? That you had been temporarily exiled because you had lied to him about your intentions with me?" He hissed after withdrawing from her neck, hips breaking into even more brutal pace.
Elena shook her head, tongue thick with her denials and refusals. She was drowning, the pressure was now an insistent prod in her navel. She was so close.
"He wanted to know if you were capable of luring me here, onto Earth to have him stand here, to kill me like he should've when he had his chance."
She clenched her eyes, refusing to acknowledge his words, a small dose of fear filled her being when she realized he had touched the truth.
"What did he say about emotions, lovely Elena?"
We do not feel, and we do not care.
She did not realize it slipped through her lips, until she felt him making a noise of approval.
"We do not feel, and we do not care" he rumbled into her ear, before raising his head away from her neck, reaching for her wrists. "He's wrong you know, we do feel." It was punctuated with a harsh thrust of his hips as he growled. "And we do care." His fingers gripped her wrists tightly as he continued to thrust into her heat causing her eyes to roll backwards into her head.
Angels weren't supposed to feel anything; in their eyes, emotions were a weakness. They did not feel and they did not care.
For that, she hated him. For what he did, for what he made her feel.
Once upon a time, she was all starry eyed at his dazzling smile. Stolen blushes at his affectionate eyes, and she was irrevocably in love with him before he'd fallen.
The mountain began to rumble beneath her, she could feel the Earth surface splitting open slightly enough to feel the jagged edges pressing into her skin.
She peered up at the sky. It was like staring into an endless abyss with white tiny cracks amongst them as the stars stared down at her.
She could only close her eyes in resignation as the agony instead of pleasure ripped through her. It traveled from the lower part of her back to the shoulders. Tearing herself apart internally as she shook in his arms, for she knew what it was.
She was being ripped away from Heaven, becoming an exile as God stripped her of the wings and her soul.
She fell.
"Elijah," she hissed, attempting to scold him but failed when she laughed as he chased after her. She could feel his hands reaching out to tug her long hair when he was close on her trail.
The leaves danced on her skin as she ran through the garden of Eden, tickling her as if she belonged there, and she would've loved to be in the garden for eternity, but she wanted to play a game.
Once she managed to reach the land by the tree, she then knew he was only letting her win intentionally.
She slowed down, grabbing the dark green robes to brush off the leaves that managed to get snagged on. "You're supposed to catch me." She turned around with a wide grin growing on her face to look at him.
He gave her a softer smile, brown eyes twinkling before reaching out with his hand to brush out loose strands away from her face.
"If I catch you, then the game will be over."
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it’s been awhile
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God does not call us to rest seven days a week with our head in the sand.
He calls us to make an impact wherever we are.
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My bathing suit for this summer, might possibly get another style but I honestly love it! It’s out of my comfort zone but I feel so incredibly comfortable in it. 🥰🙌🏼❤️
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faceless series / @
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Dialogue Prompt
“Chess strategies are just a weak ploy to make weak nerds stronger.”
“You’re just salty that ‘brute force it’ doesn’t work on a chess board you can’t flip.”
- Mod Kat @hacked_prompts on Instagram
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Cecilie Bahnsen
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