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nrhartauthor13 hours ago
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Entwined 馃挒 @pearls slipping off a string #nrhart
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catarinehancock3 years ago
1. it's not always loud. it's not always obvious. the poison doesn't always hit you like a gunshot. sometimes, it seeps in quietly, slowly. sometimes, you don't even know it was ever there until months after. 2. love is not draining. love is not tiring. this is not how it is supposed to be.聽 3. apologies are like band-aids, when what you really need is stitches-- they don't actually fix anything long-term. soon enough, you'll be bleeding again, but they will never give you what you really need. 4. this is not your fault. you did not turn them into this. this is how they are, how they've always been. you can't blame yourself.聽 5. there will be less good days than bad days but the good days will be so amazing that it will feel like everything is better than it actually is. your mind is playing tricks on itself and your heart is trying to convince itself that it made the right choice. 6. they do not love you. they can not love you. this is not love.聽 7. you're not wrong for wanting to run, so do it.聽聽 8. you will let them come back again and again before you realize that they only change long enough for you to let them in one more time. 9. it's okay to be selfish and leave. there is never any crime in putting yourself first. when they tell you otherwise, don't believe them. don't let them tear you down. they want to knock you off your feet so that they can keep you on the ground. 10. after, you will look back on this regretting all the chances given, all the time wasted. you will think about what you know now, and what you would do differently if given the chance. part of you will say that you would never have even given them the time of day, but another part of you, the larger one, will say that even after everything, you wouldn't have changed a thing. and that's the part that is right.
10 facts about toxic relationships (what i wish i鈥檇 known) -c.h. // instagram: (via @poeticaffinity)
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jgreyblog3 years ago
Everyone says I'm never happy, but honestly, what is there to rejoice in? I am trying so hard; I keep trying but it's always a failure. It's the thorn in my flesh. I am my harshest critic, and greatest skeptic.
j. grey, excerpt from my life
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nrhartauthora month ago
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The way she deserves #nrhart #nrhartquotes
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anatomy-of-an-abigail3 years ago
Beautiful girl, learn to be lonely learn to be alone give yourself space to rage against your solitude and then also to find comfort in it listen to your soul as it whispers tiny, essential things and when you come out of your self-imposed isolation surround yourself with the people who do not drown out that quiet whisper
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