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#int: rosamie mizrahi
kaiamore · a year ago
Tumblr media
                                  TRAINING AREA, 05:04PM ---  Kaia ignored the inquisitive gaze other students were giving her as they walked out of the class because what in the world is she doing there? It would make sense though as her rightful place is either the computer lab or science lab. When the area was emptied out, Kaia finally summoned the courage to step inside and approach the instructor. " Uhm, hi…hello. "   She gave her a little wave then quickly folded her hand back as she realized how uncool the gesture was. " W-weird times, right? " She chuckles nervously and clears her throat, thinking she should just get on with it. " Hi, again, uhm, I was wondering if you think I can sit down in your class and just take notes. " Kaia was just tired of feeling vulnerable---defenseless. " I don't have classes of this sort and I feel like I need something like this. Promise, I won't make noise. Nobody would notice me anyway. "    //  @rosamiesfm​
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