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Ko-Fi commission sketch for @emarl_ on twitter of their Inteleon oc.

Thanks a bunch!

If you want a life drawing sketch of your character hit me up on Ko-Fi (link in profile) I’m taking finished commissions too!

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4Chan never fails to crack me up


>Imagine thinking these Starters weren’t made with “Childlike Wonder” in mind

>Imagine thinking that there are Children who don’t DREAM of one day becoming a Talented Musician, an All Star Athlete, or a Clever Secret Agent.

>Imagine unironically thinking these 3 are “Souless”

>Imagine thinking being Anthro means being inherently sexual

>And on Top of all of this Imagine unironically complaining about these 3 being “Deviant Adult Furry Fetish Fuel” when this is the same franchise that gave us:

A Dominatrix Pokemon


A Playboy Bunny Pokemon


And a Harem Pokemon


But somehow THESE guys are the problem???


Yeah that couldn’t be me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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