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25.11.20 / i was going through my bookshelf and found this old relic. i remember reading this book in one sitting in 7th grade. i liked it so much it’s one of the few books i took with me when i moved out. i’m obviously feeling extra sentimental today lol. how’s your wednesday? i hope the week has been kind to you so far ♡

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21.11.20 / this penguin parallel text: short stories in japanese is probably my first japanese book purchase so many years ago. thought i would revisit it since today is a “reading day” for me. how’s your saturday so far? happy weekend ♡

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19.11.20 / spot the cat! i made onigiri for my writing session today. how’s your week going? it’s almost the weekend. i hope you’re staying warm and doing alright. take care ♡

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— november 18, 2020

proud of myself for being productive despite not having classes. i finished my some assignments, went through some readings, and submitted my application for an org (which took more time than i thought, hope it was worth it 😅)!! it’s quite exciting. also been quite anxious abt my photog class cos i have no idea what to take a photo of, i hope i figure it out tmrw :/

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17.11.20 / a week or so ago, someone asked me about how to take notes and the first step i mentioned was to simply write key phrases or keywords. i thought i would share these initial notes for a change. as you can see they’re messy and barely legible. but that’s ok because the notes just have to get written before anything else. anyway, i hope you’re having a lovely tuesday so far. let me know how you’re doing! take care ♡

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16.11.2020. extraordinarily overdue life update: I’ve decided to do an extra semester of uni, meaning I’ll graduate early 2022 instead of august 2021. overall it’s the best decision for my grades/résumé and mental health, giving me extra time to take a damn break, get more work experience, and take more relevant seminars and lectures. I hope you’re all doing well xx

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are finals over? nope! but i’m going to pretend they’re over anyway LOL here’s my fourth study tube video (can you believe that! fourth!) for my very first semester in uni~ as always, i hope you enjoy it! best of luck to everyone taking their exams now!

contains: korean finals, englit and polscience final essays, psych quizzes, stats presentations; but also, eating well, walks in the park, comfy hoodies & hand whipped dalgona coffee

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x day two of the #lockdownstudyblr challenge : what are you studying at the moment ?

i’m doing a master in translation so my library is mostly made of translation books, dictionnaries and grammar books. i love it so much, i love translating even for fun, i could do it all day!

fun fact, this weekend i’m a busy bee, working as an interpreter for an event and we’ll be receiving actors from shows like shadowhunters, reign, the 100, jatp. it’s going to be nice!

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12.11.20 / almost done with this practice book. and then i’ve got heaps of grammar and kanji notes to revise. how’s your week so far? another week is almost over. it seems like time is accelerating. not even time likes being in 2020. hope you’re doing alright ♡

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I’ve been MIA this last week because I’ve been studying for an exam, but this productivity method has been so helpful in prep-ing for my exam. With an exam a week or two away, studying isn’t exactly an “urgent” task but it’s important that I actually do it. Using the eat the frog method helped me get practice exams out of the way first thing so I could focus easily on other tasks. It also stopped me from procrastinating and putting off study tasks.

Images are courtesy of the amazing flaticon and all their creators.

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heya! as i’ve posted this morning, i’ve prepared a #lockdownstudyblr challenge for anyone who has to stay inside! i’m lucky enough to go to work every morning but i figured this challenge could help you guys stay productive and help us to motivate ourselves all together! here’s the prompt:

x day one : your to-do list

x day two : what are you studying at the moment ?

x day three : favourite subject

x day four : your dream job

x day five : show your notes!!

x day six : study routine

x day seven : your favourite motivation quote

x day eight : why did you join the studyblr community (explain your tumblr url) ?

x day nine : one thing you want to learn during this lockdown

x day ten : favourite stationery 

x day eleven : favourite book

x day twelve : show us your desk/room!

x day thirteen : what’s your method to be productive ?

x day fourteen : who’s your favourite studyblr ?

x day fifteen : did you reach the goals you set for November ?

i’ve done fifteen days for now, i’ll see if you guys are interested for more if we’re still stuck at home !

the challenge will start tomorrow (12th of November) but you can start whenever you want :)

feel free to tag #lockdownstudyblr and #heyaly if you decide to do it ♥

stay safe and take care !

- aly

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