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30 May 2020 | Make no mistake, the Author of Life despises racism and the disregard shown to those created in His very Image and so do I. In the words of the Prophet Amos, “let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.” May we repent of our complicity in injustice, our indifference to suffering that does not strike close to home, our willingness to remain comfortable or hide our faces from oppression, and our failure to consistently seek justice. Lord, have mercy

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Took a walk around the neighborhood today right after the sun set and the air cooled. Everyone’s jasmine is blooming and the smell is so nice!

My internship has this cool opportunity where we can do 15 minute one on one Skype chats with lots of different employees. I picked out who I’m going to talk with today (snagged the last meeting spot for one of them!) I’m going to plan some topics of conversation to make the most of this :)

Pics from my fields and waves notes, and a study session I had outside on my friend’s lawn.

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26.-27.5.2020 / 12:39 (17-18/30)

it was so warm yesterday i couldn’t believe it, and now it’s cold and rainy (my fav weather) i’m getting ready for my swedish exam, it’s all online and monitored via zoom

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25.5.2020 / 19:59 (16/30)

my notes during lectures vs my notes when i redo them afterwards, today wasn’t as tiring as last monday i’m so glad!!! i think it was the energy drink soooooo i guess i’ll be drinking it every monday from now on (i only like celsius)

my current focal points are swedish, the last anthro essay, summer reading and japanese revision

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How to focus when you don’t want to:

  • Write down only three tasks that you want to get done (in order of priority). Then, cover the bottom two and only focus on the first one.
  • Use a timer and set it for a reasonable amount of time (I try to start with 20-25 mins). During this time, don’t pick up the phone, don’t go on social media, etc.
  • Keep a piece of paper next to you and write down any distracting thoughts you want to look at later. Usually I’ll google a topic if I don’t understand it, but since I’m trying to not lose my focus I just make a “Google later” list. You could also use this to keep track of off topic thoughts you have.
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Week 9 of My 2020 Quarantine Challenge!

✨ Sun Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

i absolutely love 50s style dresses because they are the most flattering clothes on me so i kinda wish they came back into fashion so i could wear them and actually find them in shops

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23.05.20 / i mentioned i was working on a “complete character profile” spreadsheet not too long ago and i promise i’d share it so it’s here if you’re interested! also, the revision continues! i compulsively decided to migrate all my notes to a loose leaf notebook so my hands will have to suffer for a while lol. but seriously, i personally retain information through revision best so my brain is thriving and absorbing lots. what about you? what are you up to? hope you have a lovely weekend ♡

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hello!!! firstly, thank you so so so so so so SO much for 4K! all of you are amazing 💕

so to celebrate, I’ll be doing an ask art game!

send me an object, a name, an ~aesthetic~, or really anything to draw, and I will reply with a (digital) drawing of it!

((please note: I am not good at drawing, I need to practice and wanted to have fun with you guys 😋 so don’t expect anything decent 😅))

thank you thank you thank you again 💕

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20 May 2020 | Studying environment is different for the next few days at least because my husband and I were evacuated from our apartment because of two dams failing and historic flooding here in Michigan. I’m definitely thankful to have somewhere safe to stay, but this week has still just been…a lot. Please pray for our community as everyone is trying to grapple with the flooding situation in the midst of COVID. 

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18.5.20 / 10:10 pm (9/30)

have some pics from the weekend ft. my favorite blanket (it’s huge AND soft), mondays are always so vexing because remote lectures take so much work, i was sweating the entire three hours bc we were called to answer questions and divided into groups and pairs so many times and while i love swedish and want to be fluent in it i’m still too scared to use it; also i had to majorly narrow down my anthropology final essay topic and sources

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17.05.20 / i’ve been working on a complete character profile spreadsheet these past few days with all the details and questions i can think of for developing my WIP characters. i really dislike being disorganized and right now all my character profiles are scattered and varied. once i’m satisfied with the spreadsheet, i’ll be sure to post it here! for the meantime, here’s my writing desk and one of my WIP notebooks. happy sunday ♡

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Week 8 of My 2020 Quarantine Challenge!

✨ Sun ✨ Would you rather read minds or accurately predict the future?

i would definitely prefer to read minds because i think that predicting the future would just make me crazy. however, i always think about reading minds and i actually think that the ability to read minds would help my mental health because i know i have a tendency to assume that people are thinking bad things about me when in all likelihood they are probably just thinking about what they want to have for dinner. I’m also personally very interested in how people think

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26/100 days of productivity (17/5/2020)

more of these orange psychology notes… next week we’re changing topics and since i’m lame i colour code my notes by topic so hopefully i be able to change up my posts a bit!! hope you’re doing well 🖤📝🍊

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“Under the orange sun we dance together without shadows.” -IU, eight

I’m still not over this song - it’s still on repeat and they released the acoustic version today which is just so good?? Anyway as for me, nothing much is going on except stressing out about exams, being frustrated at the technology not working during online courses and just trying to stay somewhat on top of things lol I hope you’re doing better ❤

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